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Why Are You Confused?


Your confusion and frustration comes from not being on your intended path. You are chasing goals that are not in alignment with what you came to this plane to do. It is this blind struggle that causes you to feel lost.

Your soul knows there are plans in place and it may be putting some pressure on you to open up to your higher self. Your constant mind loops are interfering with the guidance of God and spirit. It is like you living your life as you wish when there is another life waiting to be lived in your subconscious. It doesn’t lie dormant. It pops up and tries to get your attention. Your soul may be saying, “You’re supposed to be over here.” You know there is some type of conflict but you don’t fully understand what it is.

This ambivalence gives you feelings of unrest, irritability, confusion and being unsettled. The peace that you find through meditation is your temporary alignment with your spiritual self. As soon as you allow your self will to be foremost again, you lose the serene connection that you made. This could be a trigger. If you continue to practice mindfulness you would be able to maintain that sense of peace for much longer. Then, your intended life would be brought to you and changes could be made to your life direction.

This positive direction would be cyclical if you were to see when you have diverted away from your life chart and make adjustments to again find that peace and serenity. Watch for the clues that you are lost again and regain your chart. It is a part of daily self-care. You would lose those uncomfortable feelings of frustration and be grounded with a firm connection to God and spirit.

Finding and maintaining your chart would change the course of your life. You may miss some of your more ego-based, impulsive needs, but the contentment will be a reward in itself. Your mind would follow the word of God and you would feel your purpose. You would be fulfilled with the thoughts, emotions and actions of being in alignment with God.

You may look at others around you and recognize the same pressures that you used to react to. The daily drama would escape you and everything will seem possible. Stress would be replaced with purpose and positivity. You may even lose the lust that you have for material things and money. Having no more than what you need may be enough.

It is all about perspective. Did God send Jesus here to build mansions and amass immense wealth? No. He sent Him here to heal others, bring ideas of peace, encourage forgiveness and give you the knowledge that there is so much more after this earth life.

Modesty and moderation. Leading through words and actions. Looking upon others with love and the desire to heal them. Unconditional love and the absence of judgment. Giving of yourself to those less fortunate. These phrases are you. They are the foundation and essence of who you are. Did you believe that We were describing Jesus? Yes. You are a child of God and you are here for the same purpose.

Do you find this comforting or unsettling? No part of those phrases are difficult or impossible. It is all possible and your connection with God and the Universe will be secure. No more confusion. No more struggle to find your path and maintain it. No questions about who you are and why you are here.


Why It Matters

Bringing back all the pieces of your soul is how you move forward in grace and become your genuine self. You spend a lot of time listening to things outside of yourself. Much of what is in the news is intentionally inflated. Others want to tug on your emotions and bring you into alignment with their agenda. How much of your day do you spend following someone else’s ideas?

This matters because you will not find your genuine self by following someone else’s path. It may look attractive or even profitable but, it still isn’t yours. Being grounded and centered is essential to aligning with God and spirit. Collecting and polishing your own soul will bring about some life changing directions that you want and need. Your chart is your responsibility. No one else will take as much time to ponder and embrace your life goals.

Bringing yourself back into alignment will bring expected life experiences to you. You may very well rejoin your chart and make progress for God. Stress, upheaval and conflict touches you when you are not on your path. It seems difficult because it is. Taking steps that are not your own is like fighting a strong current. You are going uphill instead of downhill. Your life of fate, synchronicity and self-actualization has been replaced with following someone else’s drum.

Life matters. You have experiences to relish and contracts with others to complete. What seems attractive to you may actually be part of the hype of materialism, prejudice and popularity. This is not where you belong. Connecting with your true self-will bring more value and completion to your life. All of those loose ends are not actually important after all.

Where do you find yourself? In the calm, serene stillness. Rhetoric is distracting and artificial. This is a time of intense American politics. You show interest and have expectations. Even if you will not vote or do not hold politics in high regard, this is still an expectation. Why bring this up now? Because it is very difficult to find God in politics.

Some candidates profess to believe in and promote God. This is not actually true. Why? Because everyone has made decisions about what they find spiritually accurate. One may align with some values and yet be completely off the mark in other religious beliefs. They modify their stance to increase their popularity. Money has a lot to do with who is successful in politics and who isn’t.

This arena is an excellent example of what not to do. We ask for you to follow God and spiritual teachings. We don’t use the word religion because even that brings about expectations. View your own life as a series of sampling. Find value in other belief systems and test them to fit with your soul or not. No one direction will answer all of your questions. Organized religions are much like political parties. The platform has been developed over time and is intended to give your life rules to follow. Your life has been orchestrated thus far. Even religious freedom has rules.

Prepare to make your life matter. Open your mind and allow many genuine and supportive beliefs to enter. Resist any urge to simply “follow.” We want your faith to be individually tailored to you. Keep what aligns within your soul and release what doesn’t. Your current beliefs will change over time. Maturity lends itself to self-actualization quite well. As you age and become more flexible, certain thinking begins to make more sense. Being able to allow others to find their own truth is a goal of your life. Even you need to avoid dogma.

We guide you and provide direction. You are free to decide what you hold to be true and what does not resonate with your current self. This is true love. We love you so much that your happiness is our happiness. Once you have found this to be true then you must also give this same gift to those you love.

Be the objective observer. Sit back and find life interesting and fluid. View politics as a means to govern society and NOT a means to bring religion to everyone. Even the most outspoken religious candidate has to pay the bills. They respond to their handlers, public opinion and party leaders. Their belief system is for sale and cannot be trusted.

Why would spirit get into politics? Because We wish for you to follow your soul. Government is necessary but your enlightenment is infinitely more important. There is no marriage between your soul and politics. Allow them to remain separate.

Your Life Purpose

What is this earth life all about?

Trial and error.
Growth and maturity.
Love and contentment.
Starting from one level upon your path and continuing on to a higher level.
Growing closer to God.
Finding more forgiveness and much less judgment.
Building up the next generation to be much better than the one before.
Finding undeterred faith.
Teaching and learning.
Finding that spiritual success outweighs material success.
Being your authentic self.
Find other Beings of Light and not just the religious figures you are accustomed to.
Caring for your elders and for youth.
Learning to forgive without hesitation.
Accepting illness and conflict as causes to grow and become more enlightened.
Building economic stability for our generation and the next seven.
Accepting that Mother Earth is as devoted to your success as God and Heaven.
Transforming challenges into spiritual growth.
Protecting the environment while building the infrastructure for future generations.
Reverse global warming and saving countless animal populations at risk.
Raising children, whether your own or those in your family and community.
Curing disease and developing immunizations for the most common afflictions.
Building a bridge from you to spirit.
Accepting your eternal life as a learning, maturing soul.
Fulfilling your contract with others in your soul group.
Losing your ego desires and needs.
Behaving as ONE with the Universal Consciousness.
Learning from history and guarding against repeated human mistakes.
Identifying the dark from the light without making exceptions for truly evil deeds.
Being open to other religious views and unfamiliar Beings of Light.
Avoid dogma regarding any topic or belief system.
Be centered and grounded to commune more closely with God.
Be responsible for making the world better at home and extending outward.
Offer common kindness to every human in any state of need.
Teaching others experiences of your path and support them on their own journey.
Accept religion has advanced due to increased knowledge and understanding.
God loves all of us without care for skin color, religion or primary language.

Many people are focused upon their life purpose and what to do to be more spiritual. This is a list to keep for reference. Your life is not mysterious. It is one life in a long series of lives with goals and experiences charted within them. “Being God, for God” is much more simple than you make it out to be!

We Shall Inherit The Gold

When We tell you that you will inherit all the gold you may have thought We were speaking about money and wealth. In fact, the Gold of which We speak is actually the Light of God. This seems to be a good time of year to answer some important questions about faith, belief and God. We wish only to assist you in finding your own TRUTH and having more spiritual-based information will help.

1. God does not answer all of your prayers because you have asked for things that are not intended to be present in your life or it is too soon to grant your wish. Being objective about what you pray for and you may figure this out for yourself.
Are your wishes over-the-top? Unrealistic? Not practical? Then they do not blend with the current fabric of your life. There are likely many more lessons to be learned. You will not zoom from A to Z without learning the steps in between. This is not realistic or beneficial for your time of learning here on Earth. If you wished for all of the blessings and wealth of Heaven you wouldn’t have come here instead. You came here for the entire process. The Gold you seek is at the point in which you accept and love God and bring him into your life.

2. Put your words into action. You may talk a benevolent and spiritual game but your true opinions and actions reveal a much dimmer reality. Many “enlightened” people continue to be prejudice, angry, controlling, manipulative and abuse substances. These are not the actions of God. You may keep the people around you in the dark about your true behavior but you cannot fool God.
What are your reactions to people of different races or ethnic origins? Do wish others well in this world but only if they are caucasian and middle class? Do you have fewer instances of acceptance if others are poor, minorities, practice a different faith, or live in other countries? Do you make broad statements about certain cultures? Do people find less forgiveness from you if they speak a different language?
This is not the way of God. Others are available for absolution just as you and your close loved ones are. Your judgement has no place in the Gold of God’s Love.

3. Honor not only your children but also the children of all cultures. Children are your future. It is not in your power to diminish the value or future possibilities for the children of the world. Just think about you and your peers negating 90% of the world’s children because of their ethnicity, faith and primary language. Why would such a world of “discounted” people be successful?
Liken it to your core family. Let us consider that you have 5 people in your “family.” Then according to your dismissal of part of the world population, We make 3 of those people ineffective, unhealthy and beneath deserving of respect. That seems pretty harsh. Which family members have you set aside and what does their life amount to now?
Rather than the entire population of earth acting and being successful in accordance with God, your “judgment” has doomed many people to be inconsequential or even a deterrent to success. If you devalue the children that are unlike your own, how is YOUR world a better place? God’s Will is to cherish and support all children for they are the future. What mistakes you make now may be corrected and the entire population may ascend together, as brothers.
Will you gather your Gold after having dismissed the value of most of the people around you?

4. Trauma is not damnation. Serious injury or abuse may happen in any life. It is not your path to give up and propagate darkness afterward. It is your responsibility to cope, assimilate your experiences and rise above them.
Far too many people “indulge” emotional and physical pain. “If it weren’t for ________ I would be successful and happy.” No! This is not God’s way. “Because of pain and misfortune I have overcome this darkness and thrive in God’s Light.”
Each life is marred by darkness. The only pristine life is on the Other Side. You have come into this incarnation to experience pain, misfortune and mistakes. There would be no need to live on earth if you were not meant to be challenged in many ways. Cancer, rape, murder… are not the end of you, ever. You are meant “to learn” and “to teach” by experiencing these and many other difficult things. Your composure and wisdom has more depth and meaning after having gone down these roadways. You will impart great consciousness on your close family and friends, as well as acquaintances and strangers, that need to hear your message. “Yes, this is a difficult time but I have found God in ______________.”
There is not one thing that is ever intended to turn you away from God. The Gold you seek is found in the trials of darkness that you ENDURE in God’s name.

5. Many people of great stature are such because of the faith they have embraced throughout their earth life. Through many difficult and stressful times they have found their strength and made their way back to emotional health. They did not surrender their strength and allow themselves to be completely overcome. Through difficult times they have found the lessons and embraced the contrast that opposition has brought to them. They may have not found the Light through the entire ordeal but that is not the point. The goal is to rise again and find God throughout it all.
This ascended human leader has acknowledged that life is a teacher and so are you once you have found yourselves standing again. Being ONE with God and spirit is not available for the few. This great honor is available to all of you.
Being knocked down in life is expected. To rise up again with greater strength is expected as well. Each of you has this potential. You must only find the way. Gather others of like mind and pursue great emotional and physical strength together. Many have suffered many difficult things and all of you have learned from them. By forming a support system together, you may share notes and rise above what you were not able to gather at the beginning. The complete picture may only come to you as you commune together in your faith in God.
Going on life’s journey alone is never better than gathering supportive and inspirational people to travel beside. The Gold of God’s love is never held beyond your reach. It never was bars or coins of gold. It has always been the loving shower of golden light that God bestows upon you as you seek Him and the knowledge that flows from Him.

There is no Gold of more value than God Himself. Each human life is worthy of this love. Live, pray, experience and teach the value of each human life. As your heart grows with acceptance and understanding, you become the spiritual leader that will guide many to the Golden Altar of God. This is your goal in life. “Be God, for God” and everything that you see will turn to gold.

There Are Some Concerns

We understand that many of you visit this site and ponder what it is we bring to you. We certainly appreciate your attention and wish only to educate you about ascension to a higher level of existence and self-actualization.

Some of our words seem to either miss the mark or cause you some concern or confusion. It may seem too “new agey” for you. What do we mean when we ask you to be “open?” Just how do you become centered, cleansed and cleared? Is meditation really necessary? How do we “envision” healing and manifesting our desires?

Many of you are more comfortable with church-related activities such as reading from scripture and saying a prayer. Some of the more forward thinking activities don’t resonate with your more modest comfort level. This is ok. We don’t wish to push you into feeling uncomfortable. Our greatest wish is to keep your attention so that we may teach you about how to succeed in this life and advance your soul.

We ask you to consider what you know to be true in a church-related environment. You believe and pray to God. You have not seen or heard God directly but yet you still believe in HIM. This is a leap of faith, but since you have known about God since childhood you tend to not resist HIS elusiveness. It is similar to believing in ghosts. There is not much difference between the two except one is mainstream and the other is suspect.

Your prayer is directed to the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. Did you ever consider what is exactly meant by the Holy Ghost? It is the unseen part of you that is Divine. This is abstract as well. Are you able to touch your Divinity? Can you hold it in your hand? No, yet it is a popular belief in organized religions. Or perhaps you are so conditioned to pray to the Holy Ghost that you have not questioned it in many years, if at all.

Your belief God and Jesus is also a case of “envisioning” beings who are not in physical form. You have been envisioning many things for a lot of years but perhaps you may not associate it with what we are trying to teach you. The only difference in your ability to believe in these deities is your familiarity with this concept. Had your grandparents and parents spoken of spirit guides, animal totems, fairies, the Mother Gaia…you would also not balk at expressing “faith” in them.

We ask that you be open-minded about the topics we bring to you. We are not kooks or psychotic beings. We have come from God and we have arranged our energy together so that we may serve a purpose to you. We speak to your guides and we offer what seems to be most needed to you in order to raise your awareness of spiritual matters.

Our methods have been tried and true for some time now. We have guided your parents and your grandparents and many more generations back. We try our best to speak in words which will clarify what we are sharing and your ability to understand.

Our experience is that humans become focused on material things and money. The density of your realm leads to a muffled sense of fate and purpose. It is common and you are not unusual. We merely hope to bring you back to your original intention when you charted this life.

This action of beginning again on a spiritual road is threatening to you. So many years have passed where you have been comfortable in chasing the dollar that pressing you to accept a more faith-based route makes you defensive. It feels unnatural to meditate, pray and rejoin your life chart. This is foreign. You believe that money, education, career and material possessions are the goal of your life. Opening your soul to God is not considered success. People may think your weird.

This is ok and we completely understand. We will gently open your perception to what is truly unknown and yet blissfully enlightening. You have believed in the intangible for many years. Our guidance is no more unusual than this. See God in your mind’s eye. Envision and speak to Jesus as your brother who passed before your birth. Grasp the miracle of your own Divinity. These are all unseen yet true.

We will guide you to the opening doors of possibilities. Your existence has much more magic and glory than you may now realize. Trust us. Have faith in us. We have known you on the Other Side as you have existed as your soul. We also know you now. We know how to guide you and we would never cause you any harm. We love you as we love ourselves.

Success is following your chart and bringing love to all others. You may have a common existence yet be spiritually wealthy. The possibilities are known because you have already written them!

Puzzles and Fairy Tales

Puzzles and fairy tales exist in everyday life. Without these dynamics life would get boring and stagnant.

Puzzles are not really mysterious at all. They are just situations that we haven’t fully understood yet. We look at these situations with objectivity but no feeling. They may continue to puzzle us if we don’t allow for more layers of experience to be involved. It may seem flat and out-of-place.

Some of us walk away and never find the true meaning of the puzzle. We don’t allow our senses to fully comprehend the circumstances. We look at it a few times then throw our hands up and move on. This is problematic when the puzzle involves your emotional relationships with others. You may give up too soon and leave someone feeling misunderstood or alone.

You’ve begun to view things in an intellectual way and have closed off some of your more sensitive qualities. This is not God’s Way. In order to love someone you are expected to engage them more personally. Why do we distance ourselves from those closest to us? Perhaps out of self-protection. Maybe we have been hurt before and we resist being emotionally harmed again. Maybe we’re stressed. Our worries and responsibilities consume our attention and we react to life on cruise control. We may not realize that our distance is leaving someone feeling unloved.

We also may have not learned to be intimately close to someone. We have learned to manipulate others and avoid any close contact. You may go through the motions. Others in your life believe that you love them and are interested in their thoughts and feelings but this is facade in favor of your own needs.

God’s desire is for you to engage those closest to you in loving, caring and accepting relationships. The habit of tuning people out is not what Christ would do.

Solve the puzzles. Get closer, not further away. Make a genuine attempt to understand who you love. Start knocking down the walls and make sure to check both sides of any situation. You have as much to do with the distance between you as they do. You have decided to stop listening and understanding. They may be weaker, more fragile, less accomplished, less educated, and have fewer healthy coping skills. Or… you are the one with more limitations!

Love is a universal language. You came to the life to ascend to a higher existence. That goal includes healthier and more fulfilling relationships. God did not send us here alone. We are social beings and this “coming together” IS one of your life goals.

Fairy tales have less to do with a healthy, well-adjusted life than you may realize. The fairy tale is what you believe would be the ultimate existence. Money, wealth, prestigious family, several homes, successful businesses, flashy cars, physical beauty or prowess… This is NOT what you have written and certainly NOT what God wants for you. Soul growth is essential to this earth life. There is no other reason to be here if you are not expanding your existence.

You may have lost your way. Know that God intends for you to know love, self-love, romantic love, and family love. Also, love for humankind, Heaven and earth.

The fairy tales are not real. The puzzles are. Make a goal to come closer to your loved ones each day. Don’t distance yourself and continue to care about how they think and feel. Building those walls around you not only keep others out but they also keep you in. This is NOT God’s Way.

Incoming Advancements

There is a palpable lull in the activity in our world. There have been many powerful and unsettling events recently and it is nice to relax a bit.

There are monumental forces pushing energy toward positive outcomes like a bull dozer for good and positive results.

We are approaching some substantial breakthroughs in medicine. There will be a giant leap in research for some chronic, long-term illnesses like asthma, heart disease and treatment-resistant infections.

There will be a boost to cancer research by way of chromosomal identifiers and substances that will break the cycle of growth for cancer cells. It will take a few more years to make this interruption in growth available in treatment form.

Why now? We, on the Other Side, have specific openings during which we may pass on some important discoveries that we have made on your behalf. We are not allowed to forward them to you completely because you still have growth cycles that we must abide by. If we healed and cured everything there would be no need for you, as humans, to research and develop treatment on your own.

Your goal is to grow and develop according to plan. Skipping any steps will not provide the full experience that humans require to expand. It would be unfair of us to cut short your growth.

We also provide breakthroughs to different people around the globe. It is far more beneficial for you to coordinate your efforts in research and development because this helps to override barriers between cultures. Science need not have any boundaries. It does not matter where the pertinent information comes from. What is important is that you utilize all resources to help and heal all humankind.

We are nearing the end of an era. You will find a large amount of information regarding all areas of human life will erupt. This will be the mechanical boost that you need to arrive in 5D. It is likened to us building a ladder for you to access greater amounts of enlightenment. You will need the strength and energy to thrust into that higher realm. Lower energy forms will likely miss the boat. Which is good because that will broaden the gap between the Light and the dark.

To those of you who strive for growth and enlightenment, it will feel like you are aboard a speeding train. You will sense the power beneath you and the rush of energy past your face. You will not be able to slow your growth as long as you remain in the vortex. If you step outside of the funnel of God’s power your life will slow immensely; almost to a standstill. Resist the urge to slow your momentum and stay positive. Goals will set themselves and be acquired without effort. It will feel as though prosperity and good fortune are handed to you continuously.

Actions for your benefit will occur without your thought or intent. Everything you need will come to you. You’ll be surprised by all of the gifts which are tailor-made just for you. At first, you may not even realize how much you needed it, but then it will make perfect sense and you will offer gratitude. Wishes will be granted without even making the wish!

Remember that this energy is for your highest good. It may not be a new home, new car, your own successful business… It may be forgiveness, healing, gratitude, hard work, a new level of ascension… These gifts will be for your soul growth and may not seem like gifts at all, at first.

Keep to the Light. The dark will also experience an influx of energy as well. Stay to the familiar and resist fulfilling ego needs or selfish desires. The darkness would love to reach out and snatch you from grace. Invest in your personal protection. Surround yourself in White light. Stay grounded and centered. Flush all muddy colors from your being and make certain to fill yourself back up with vibrant, healthy colors.

This wave will be noticeable. You may even look at some lower beings and see the swell in their strength and might as well. People who are negative and disruptive will increase their abilities. They may cause accidents, crimes and physical harm to many more people. They will grasp for other’s money or belongings. They will manipulate people to perform their negative deeds. They may band together to cause chaos.

You may wonder at their power. Hopefully you will remember this post and realize what is happening. Keep your distance and protect yourself.

Only the Light will win out. The dark will spend their energy and deflate very soon. The Light Bearers will continue on. You will increase in numbers and strength. The glory of the next dimension will catch your breath. You will be safe and you will prosper. Aligning with God has never been more important.

Go with grace and we will see each other again. With all of our love.

4 Steps to Surf the Wave!

This is truly an auspicious time. We are coming upon the alignment of planets, the winter solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar all at once!

How do we prepare? By more closely aligning with who God wants us to be! This is the best opportunity to use all of the incoming cosmic energy to boost yourself into an immense spiritual evolution!

Who does God want you to be? Always remember that it has nothing to do with material possessions or monetary wealth. The only avenue that this type of “success” would be advantageous is if you give to charity or in some way benefit others. Then this type of wealth is spiritually powerful. If you plan on keeping all of your monetary wealth to yourself then it is not considered a lofty goal.

When you evaluate your life try your best to put it in a context of how much you help or give to others. Again, self-enrichment is good as long as you assist others as well.

It is fairly common for some of us to feel off-balance or irritable. There is a massive crunch of solar energy pressing down upon us. Use prayer (1) to ask for assistance in effectively utilizing this inbound energy. Meditate (2)to regain or maintain your chakra alignment and cleanse them of muddy or dark energy. Repeatedly ground yourself (3) and bathe in bright White Light (4)! 

Using these 4 simple steps will increase your feelings of connectedness and stability.

Continually check yourself for how you feel and if you are displaying symptoms of misalignment. Discover for yourself what your own cues are. Do you become irritable, lethargic or sullen? Do you feel sad or angry? Does it feel like everything seems to be working against you? Then it is time to ground, center, and open back up to God. Take the time you need to infuse yourself in bright White Light.

Good self-care will help you to navigate this truly complicated and inspiring time in our existence. The more stable and confident you feel , the more you will be able to help those dear to you. This is a win-win situation!

Imagine yourself as you sat down to write your life chart. You planned to be here on Earth during this high energy cycle. You did NOT write, “I will become so frustrated at work that I may lose my job,” or, “I will alienate all of my loved ones because I am not capable of utilizing this cosmic energy for positive change.” “I choose to respond to change by becoming sullen, angry and depressed.” These statements definitely would not have God’s approval.

Imagine more accurately that you wished to use this energy as a springboard for positive change and true charity. This is a challenge not an ending. Set some goals! Make them positive, hopeful and helpful. Give more love to yourself and others. Be spiritually successful and give your insight and guidance freely to those who continue to struggle.

See how many positive and inspiring goals that you can come up with! Then decide how many you would be able to accomplish! Then set about achieving as many as you can between now and the end of the year!

Try new and different things. Invite someone along and share in the beauty of this magical time!

Remind yourself to accept and utilize this inbound energy for positive change. Recognize when you become less inspired and use the 4 steps above to regain your composure.

As a whole, we are transcending from selfish, isolating goals to awe-inspiring, collective goals. It isn’t about “just me” anymore. This transition is much-needed and wanted. We are beginning our journey to global brotherhood and a more beautiful gift for the holidays could not be imagined.

God loves us very dearly and it is time to embrace  this new age with love and inspiration.

Your Treasure, or Mine?

Treasure is purely subjective. What one person values, another may despise.

What do you treasure now? Have your priorities changed over the years? Do you smile when you think about what you used to value?

Remember always that we are here to learn and grow. We may focus on money, but there are truly more important things that are involved in a happy life.

What makes you feel fulfilled? What do you have or what have you done that makes you proud? Aside from money, what are your goals?

If you were to list from 1 to 10 all of the things that describe you, what would be on that list?

Do you get the hint? Your goal in life, prior to incarnation, rarely has to do with being wealthy. There are lives that were charted to include financial wealth but there is always another purpose for it.

Are you able to be wealthy and not cheat others in business? Does wealth bring about addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling? Are you a good parent despite your wealth? Are you able to give your children vast wealth and have them mature without addictions or unscrupulous behavior? Do you give some of your wealth to charity? Do you  degrade people because you know they want some of your money? Do you respect your spouse or hold your financial stature over them? Have you donated money to develop new or improved technology?

The different life directions involving money are endless. There is always a secondary goal to wealth when you charted this life.

In fact, many people may be very happy and fulfilled without any substantial amount of cash at all!

As you mature you will learn that true wealth has more to do with good health, family, children, close friends, a loving partner, and fulfillment.

If you are blessed to have money on top of what is truly important then look to see what you may improve in the life of others. Charity is always a goal of our earth-lives. We merely forget that somewhere along the way.

Once you pass to the Other Side you will be instantly reminded of your initial intent for this lifetime. Guaranteed that it had nothing to do with selfishness and greed.  

Review your life as it now stands. Make changes in accordance with God’s Will. Do what promotes your happiness and the well-being of others, as well.

Imagine your life chart written in gold and on display for all others to see. Love, honesty and good will are written there. Conspicuously absent is greed and self-absorption.

It is OK to lose your way now and then, but please realign with your higher purpose as often as possible. Just imagine what beautiful and wondrous things you intended to do when you came here!

No one is judging you. Find your way again when you realise that you have gone astray. There is always time for being positive and happy. Take your mind off of “I need” and “I want” and wonder instead about how you may make things better all around.

In the end, God will welcome you home, always.

Go Forth in Grace

(I recently received a comment from someone who does not have issues. They are happy and have a happy family life. They appreciated the content here but didn’t resonate with it as well as others may. We are all at different places in our lives and some of us have outstanding issues and many do not. We are all welcome here.

Even if we have problems in our lives the “good news” content applies to us as well. I am so pleased to get so many comments. It truly makes me light up!


Grace is what we gain when we are at peace with the direction that our life is going. Grace walks up beside of us and takes a place at our right hand. Grace stays with us through the journey as long as we  allow it.

When we fret or worry, grace may not be felt as intimately as we usually might. Worry takes us out of our balanced state. We look at situations but may not get the full value as we would if we were closely connected to grace.

Grace partners closely with faith. The happy man with the loving family has plenty of both. We face many challenges and obstacles in life. How we get through, has everything to do with perspective.

We may even be blissfully happy if we have very little money. It is all about your perspective. You have what you need. Your house is not a palace but that’s ok too. Do you have food on the table and hot water to bathe with? Wonderful! 

The struggle is when you do not have all that you need. You may feel the pressure of life more severely if you have little food or few clean clothes. How does one survive when faced with these circumstances? Grace , faith and perspective.

We grow strong through hard times. It is the losses that help us to appreciate the successes. People endure losing a loved one or getting a serious illness. Through this we find the celebration of wellness and having those we love around us.

It is a process. The happy person did not come to be happy without surviving some challenging times. The celebration is sweeter when we have had to work for what we have. Gathering all the things you need in life is a journey.

Age doesn’t always matter. People are happy at any point in their life. It is about perspective not maturity. How many times were we wonderfully happy and someone had to bring us back down into the grey by pointing out how miserable we should be? How unfair!

Keep your cool. Life is about learning. Look at every situation as a opportuntiy to learn, grow and become stronger. Even if you are that happy person. Keep your positive attitude and share it with others.

We all take turns in life. At one point we are the student. Other times we are the teacher. The situation will present itself when we are ready to experience it. We all came into this life to learn and to grow. It is a process. What we once unwaveringly believed we may no longer feel as strongly about. Growth and strength may shift our focus and teach us that something wasn’t as important as we once thought it was. 

We are at various stages in our emotional growth. We are all ok. It isn’t a race it is a process. Everyone has so much to share. We need the happy people, the sad people, the well and the sick. This is the opportunity that this life presented to us.

Stay on your path. Find lessons in every situation. Travel with grace, faith and perspective. We will come back together in the end.

With God’s Ever Present Love,