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Angels May Go To War

You have made so much progress in facing terror and being open to the practice of God. Are you a bad person because you smiled when the Paris terror leader died? No, not necessarily. Did you have a hand in it? Likely not. It is ok to view the world through the observers eyes. But, what would a faithful person do? Send love. Praise God. Pray for peace and resolution.

Did it occur to you to flood the city of Paris with White Light and angels? Perhaps this is where We will begin our discussion. There have been many wars and sadly more wars to come. Will death come to American soil? Yes. The next time you have to face this type of evil be positive and proactive. This may seem like a passive means to deal with violence, but what else would God have you do?

Be safe and make sure you know where you are going and who will be there. Make sure people know where you are. Do your best to avoid any criminal activity or areas where such incidents occur. Be alert and observant.

Surround yourself with White Light always. Ask God, spirit guides and angels to protect you from harm or injury. Give them permission to act on your behalf. Use any protection exercise that resonates with you and don’t allow this protection to falter.

Now, send angels into battle. This is done through prayer and envisioning it. Send legions of angels. Surround a site with angels facing the commotion and an outside layer of angels facing the surrounding community. Flood the area with God.

Why is this the best way to respond to any threat? Because there is an increased likelihood of a peaceful resolution. None or a limited amount of lives will be lost. There will be less trauma to the area and an influx of first responders and law enforcement. The best possible outcome with God involved.

This works anywhere. Movie theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, religious buildings, hospitals, schools… Life still unfolds but the power of God brings about more optimal results.

Then, do not forget the victims, their families, the community, or even the first responders, law enforcement, legal teams and judicial proceedings. Be vigilant about sending love and Light to the situation. Sometimes a trial can take years to occur. Why not be considerate of everyone involved and boost your blessing every so often. People don’t stop being harmed after a specific amount of time. The effects may be lasting and possibly permanent.

Send angels. They are never put out or annoyed by your request. They wish only to serve mankind and make all matters better. You will not drain them of their Divine energy. This would be impossible. The Universe is unlimited and so is God, Jesus and angels. By sending love and hope you also receive love and hope. This is an awesome deal.

Perhaps you think this perspective is passive. You may feel like anyone would be able to take advantage of you if you offered peace instead of anger and violence. What is life about? Who are you here to emanate? Your life chart is written in the name of God. Vengeance and violence are not “of God.” Many books and foretelling of religion have spoken of death, sacrifice and violence in the name of God. This is not so. Many of these historical events were brought about by someone interpreting the word of God. This has happened for many reasons but usually to bring about some circumstances which the interpreter prefers or is commissioned to support. Many people have died in the name of God but this has not been His own doing. We will revisit this topic at a later date.

Please understand that you are love. You are a healer. You are an instrument of God. Send any turmoil or crisis White Light, love and angels. You need not go to war, but angels will gladly march into any battle and bring about the most positive outcome possible. Their legions are majestic. They fill any space with the vibrant colors of healing, justice and peace. Anyone would bow to their glory. Their mere presence is breathtaking. Be proud that this humble response is your doing. You are far above the darkness of violence, as you should be.