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Your Loved Ones Are Near

You are truly loved and blessed. All of your ancestors are near you at this time of celebration and enlightenment. The holidays are the perfect time for them to visit. Everyone is in a good mood and there are many family gatherings for them to attend.

When you gather together and reminisce about your loved ones that have gone on, you are actually responding to their loving presence. They gently stay near to you and enjoy all of the excitement just as they always had.

What is even better is that loved ones that were not so joyful in life have likely changed their view about their own life and their loved ones, so even they are enjoying the festivities. Much changes in the way of depression and physical pain after crossing over. There is the more profound possibility of joy and forgiveness now that they have spent time in the Light.

Share your memories of life with the ones near to you. Speak highly of your ancestors and put old conflict to rest. We all deserve forgiveness especially at this time of year.

Hold your loved ones in high regard. Honor those who have come before you and made your life possible and more fulfilling. We learn from all of our own mistakes and this is true of those who have passed as well.

Celebrate! Give thanks! Take the high road in all of your festive gatherings. Bring only Light with you when you come together.

There is PEACE in God and in forgiveness. Amen.

Makah Win


Out Of Fear and Shadows Arise a Holy Union

This is a divine day. Everywhere we look people are busy and happy. There are things to be done and parties to be attended. We share a common bond in many things. One such thing is a holiday.

There are many who fear this day above all others. Many look for darkness and depravity as the inspiration behind this day.

Fear not! This is a time of soul-searching and introspection. We do not praise the devil on this day we speak to loved ones passed. We look to learn what they have learned from life and death. We speak, in all earnestness, to learn what they would liked to have learned prior to death.

This is a time of communion and thanksgiving. We will honor those who have come before us. There have been many souls who have thought to make us better and more whole by having lived their lives before us.

There have been inventors, physicians, beauticians, florists, painters and builders. There also have been school teachers, chefs, factory workers and stay-at-home mothers. The list of ancestors goes on and on. They have all come here before us to lay the groundwork for our success.

How much in our lives has been improved by those who lived before us? All of it! We do not have to learn and relearn every step to live our lives. We are able to follow in the steps of people who have already found the answers for us. Then, as we learn, we will better the lives of our descendants!

This is not a fearful day. This is a day to pay homage to our loved ones passed. See fit to love, laugh, honor and celebrate.

This is NOT a day of darkness. This is a day of pure love and Light. Give thanks for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa. Honor uncles and aunts and best friends. Give thanks for teachers and healers and artisans. Our complete and holy lives are made possible by those who walked these paths before us.

Love for them means love for ourselves. We will give our best efforts to those who follow along in their lives.

Go With God, Amen. Makah Win