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The Blessed Journey Within

Finding God does not take a trip of a thousand footsteps. You merely have to look inside to find HIM.

Why do you feel that faith is something that you find somewhere? Your soul has all of the necessary information on God and life that you will ever need. Looking outside of yourself may be a deterrent to finding those “truths” that you know exist.

You don’t live life inside of yourself. This would accomplish nothing. You must balance what happens around you and what is in your soul. To initially find your faith you must touch upon it where it resides in your God Center. This is in your solar plexus or the area behind the tip of your sternum.

Often advice comes suggesting you follow your heart or what you have determined to be factual in your mind. These two energy centers may not give you the most accurate information. Emotions cloud much of the information that spirit may provide to you. It is this fact that skews your guidance.

Emotions will keep you actively involved in negative loops of thinking and behavior. If you are in an abusive relationship will you leave and get safe if you follow your heart? No. You will likely stay because you love that person. You love them enough to keep forgiving them over and over again. What does your mind say about this? Whatever you choose to tell yourself. Your self-talk may be keeping you in this relationship as well. “I love him, he will change, and she made a promise this time… I know she will change for me.” Either your heart or your mind has not provided you with truthful information.

You will be chasing emotions for the rest of your life but this will not get you anywhere. The truth is in your God Center. Touch your fingers to the lower portion of your sternum. Be still and meditative if possible. Find that truth that is there. To know you have successfully made a connection to your true self you will feel a sense of calm and knowing.

This knowledge is based in truth so there is no emotion attached to it. This is also a good state to be mindful. In this inner connection you find truth and stability that you may have not known before. Emotion makes you run here or there, become upset with what is and mood swings from euphoria to desolation. This is not spiritual health. This is being a slave to your emotions.

Have you found that you haven’t made any real progress by following your emotions? If you make decisions by what mood you are in, there is no authentic motivation. These decisions may leave you feeling empty, lost or alone. You may also feel like you never get ahead. It may be like climbing a mountain of fine sand. You have images of never reaching the top.

Your chart is in your God Center. Your guides and God are there too.

If you find your mind whirls with chatter, who are you actually listening to? Most of the time it is your own inner voice. Occasionally it is a guide or other Divine being. Sometimes it is a ghost or earthbound spirit who offers you useless or upsetting information. There are darker beings that may invade your mind but that would take a skilled seer to discover this. NEVER go to someone who has no training or background in dealing with attachments or nefarious spirits. This will only deepen your struggles.

Information given to you that is frightening is not a spirit guide. Genuine guidance from spirit guides is matter-of-fact. They are verbally blunt and expressionless. This emotionless exchange is true. You always have to remember how you felt the moment you received the information. Why? Because you will add emotion, fear, excitement, dread, hopelessness… It may be helpful to write it down so when your mind or heart begins to add layers of nonsensical information you may reconnect with how you felt when you originally became aware of the information. Weed out the mind/heart interference and remember what the genuine message was.

Receiving genuine guidance may not make you very popular. You tend to become matter-of-fact as well. Things make sense and seem obvious. You have a direct line to what your intuition states from this life and perhaps a few others. This unquestionable “knowing” may irritate those you deal with. They may feel that you are uncaring or a know-it-all. They may also mistake your mental strength and stability as some type of personality disorder. You really want people to know that you love them and offer support, care and nurturing. You are not an emotionless robot so do not present yourself as one. This is one caveat. Remember to offer love and support because when others are still dealing from their heart or mind they will not comprehend your God Center directness. Find truth but remember how to love.

Have you known spiritual leaders to seem arrogant or lofty? This is that caveat that we make reference to. You may have profound faith and dedication to God but still seem unapproachable or distant. This really doesn’t help you or anyone else. Life does not occur in a vacuum. You need information from within AND still participate in life. This is one of your life goals.

To be lofty and above all others will make your soul group connections diminish. You will seem to travel in isolation. You may only communicate with others who have your same lofty beliefs. Then what good are you doing for your loved ones, family and community? Be a real person with a direct connection to God. Remain humble and stay connected to loved ones. Be aware that they are still dealing in terms that you have found to be ineffective and obsolete. They still deserve your love and attention. If they cannot deal with you on your spiritual level then choose to send them angels, pray for their well-being and jump in with help where and when you can.

Don’t be a silo in a world of too many silos. Use your knowledge and awareness to help everyone along. Send love, hope and healing to all others. You are not going to break bread with them or allow them to live in your guest room but a thoughtful prayer and blessing is awesome. There are struggles throughout this world. Send something positive to these places or situations. Many spiritual beings will offer that LOVE is always the answer. Embrace this and see where it takes you.

Love is truly in your God Center. Self-love, love of others and love for all Creation does not just reside in your heart. The entirety of “your” truth is in your God Center and real life will flow from there.


Angels May Go To War

You have made so much progress in facing terror and being open to the practice of God. Are you a bad person because you smiled when the Paris terror leader died? No, not necessarily. Did you have a hand in it? Likely not. It is ok to view the world through the observers eyes. But, what would a faithful person do? Send love. Praise God. Pray for peace and resolution.

Did it occur to you to flood the city of Paris with White Light and angels? Perhaps this is where We will begin our discussion. There have been many wars and sadly more wars to come. Will death come to American soil? Yes. The next time you have to face this type of evil be positive and proactive. This may seem like a passive means to deal with violence, but what else would God have you do?

Be safe and make sure you know where you are going and who will be there. Make sure people know where you are. Do your best to avoid any criminal activity or areas where such incidents occur. Be alert and observant.

Surround yourself with White Light always. Ask God, spirit guides and angels to protect you from harm or injury. Give them permission to act on your behalf. Use any protection exercise that resonates with you and don’t allow this protection to falter.

Now, send angels into battle. This is done through prayer and envisioning it. Send legions of angels. Surround a site with angels facing the commotion and an outside layer of angels facing the surrounding community. Flood the area with God.

Why is this the best way to respond to any threat? Because there is an increased likelihood of a peaceful resolution. None or a limited amount of lives will be lost. There will be less trauma to the area and an influx of first responders and law enforcement. The best possible outcome with God involved.

This works anywhere. Movie theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, religious buildings, hospitals, schools… Life still unfolds but the power of God brings about more optimal results.

Then, do not forget the victims, their families, the community, or even the first responders, law enforcement, legal teams and judicial proceedings. Be vigilant about sending love and Light to the situation. Sometimes a trial can take years to occur. Why not be considerate of everyone involved and boost your blessing every so often. People don’t stop being harmed after a specific amount of time. The effects may be lasting and possibly permanent.

Send angels. They are never put out or annoyed by your request. They wish only to serve mankind and make all matters better. You will not drain them of their Divine energy. This would be impossible. The Universe is unlimited and so is God, Jesus and angels. By sending love and hope you also receive love and hope. This is an awesome deal.

Perhaps you think this perspective is passive. You may feel like anyone would be able to take advantage of you if you offered peace instead of anger and violence. What is life about? Who are you here to emanate? Your life chart is written in the name of God. Vengeance and violence are not “of God.” Many books and foretelling of religion have spoken of death, sacrifice and violence in the name of God. This is not so. Many of these historical events were brought about by someone interpreting the word of God. This has happened for many reasons but usually to bring about some circumstances which the interpreter prefers or is commissioned to support. Many people have died in the name of God but this has not been His own doing. We will revisit this topic at a later date.

Please understand that you are love. You are a healer. You are an instrument of God. Send any turmoil or crisis White Light, love and angels. You need not go to war, but angels will gladly march into any battle and bring about the most positive outcome possible. Their legions are majestic. They fill any space with the vibrant colors of healing, justice and peace. Anyone would bow to their glory. Their mere presence is breathtaking. Be proud that this humble response is your doing. You are far above the darkness of violence, as you should be.

Why World Terrorism?

As we look around the globe and take note of the terror attacks that have occurred, many people may wonder what is in the charts that this type of event may happen?

There are many people who come into life for the purpose of being a martyr. Throughout history there have been these tragic figures that many people may be aware of and may align with emotionally. A martyr is only effective if other people care about the plight that they have endured. Their tragedy may be left unknown if their story doesn’t pull at the heart-strings of others. Some martyrs do not actualize their place in history for many years where as others are well-known immediately. This is the plight of the martyr. They came into this life and knowingly sacrificed their lives in order to pull at the emotions of people around the globe.

Some martyrs know in life that they will not live to be old. They have a sense that their lives are perhaps not completely their own and they are at the mercy of fate. Others have no knowledge ahead of any death by radical/extreme/terror means.

The purpose of these tragic lives is to pull all of humanity together to grieve and behave as one. The loss of these lives have to be felt across all lines of age, ethnicity and gender. If we believe that lives were lost but we do not sympathize with them, we will not accomplish the intent of the action and related deaths. There will be no heartfelt response if we don’t feel like this could have been us or our loved ones.

You or your loved ones could have been in Paris at the museum, concert venue, restaurant, movie theater… This has to be possible in order for you to call out your grief, outrage and desire for accountability. We each had to feel the loss. We must be able to place ourselves into the situations of the victims so that the world population will unite and understand that we are NOT safe and this very well could have been us or our loved ones.

God cannot move you to extreme emotions without the events touching your deepest emotions and fears. The purpose is to stand against things that are truly wrong and unjust. Vengeance is not preferred. Proactive political movements, positive demonstrations and becoming organized against such evil is optimal. God has never professed violence, even against heinous violence. Many such events have occurred over many decades of human life. Organized, positive and broad-sweeping responses are the goal. How do we get to these results? By being so incensed by this violence that we are moved to action.

The altruistic goal is to be distressed by each death and injury. God does not wish for you to only grieve for Caucasian lives lost. Or, Christian lives sent into turmoil and pain. Or, only those who first lived in the US. The goal is to feel the loss of every life, without discrimination.

There are acts of terror all over the globe but why have we been so outspoken about the actions in Paris? How many other lives ended on Friday the 13th? How many in 3rd world countries or in a civil war? There is an imbalance in our own minds. We come here, to this site, to understand the inner workings of faith in God. Where are our own tears for terror deaths in countries or regions that we do not associate with? This is the point. This is our own God asking us to value all human life and band together to end such senseless suffering.

Love reaches all lives and all families. Resist the urge to value one life lost over the other. We are all in this same situation and we could all be impacted by terrorism in some way. Be kind, loving and just. Send out love to all hearts that have been broken.

We all have our own grief. Some more than others. Do not personalize this loss in terms of who they were, their religion, their ethnicity, or their status in life. Reach inward and grasp the grief that you carry and understand that it is the same emotion and loss that families all over the world are feeling. You are that very same parent, sibling, co-worker, friend, college mate… It is the same love and it carries the same value. No one should suffer from terrorism. Simple.