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The Fear of Open Doors

More doors are opening. Spirit senses that we are fearful of these new possibilities at first. We react as being surprised. Then, we slowly come to accept the opportunity of change and a new, true direction. Then, we either slowly proceed to a new outcome or we respond in fear and resistance and return to our old ways.

It is as if spirit are the parents of a small child beginning to walk. They eagerly await our first step and excitedly encourage our next step. The momentum builds as we choose to walk and then run. We are surprised and happy as is our parents, our spirit guides.

The possibilities never go away. We are able to make those journeys whenever we wish. What stops us? Why do we persist in our materialistic ways? Here are some possibilities:

1. Fear- Whether it is the fear of change, of the unknown, of walking alone, or of making a mistake. Fear keeps us in our monotonous cycles. It is less stressful to stay in our current habits rather than shaking up our lives.
2. Challenging- It feels like swimming upstream to make changes to our lives. It requires a conscious effort to make the change and to remind yourself to stay with it. If you are not vigilant you are likely to return to old habits without even realizing it.
3. Unpopular- Change is not a popular thing. Everyone resists your efforts to change. Family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers prefer that you remain predictable and reliable. They are not comfortable with change so they actively encourage you to avoid it.
4. Roles- Everyone in your life counts upon you to play your role. The dynamic is shaken when you attempt to choose a different role. Others need you to be the doting mother, the caregiving daughter, the problem solver at work… There are also negative roles that others want you to keep. The alcoholic spouse, the abusive son, the distant grandparent…Whether it is positive or negative, others in your life do not want you to change roles. You may be trying to improve your life and the lives of those around you but this is not a welcomed activity. They don’t want you to “rock the boat.”
5. Long-term goals- It is so easy to feel like you’re making changes and nothing is getting any better. You’ve become honest, sober and steadily employed but there still seems to be chaos and upheaval. It may be more challenging to maintain the changes than it would be to revert back to your previous lifestyle. You will likely need new friends. You will need better communication skills and problem-solving techniques. You’ll also need improved money management, spirituality, healthy hobbies, improved appearance…

Change for the better requires more than just changing how you feel and what you do to take care of yourself. It may begin to feel like one challenge after another. And it is! The benefit is those doors that are opening for you as you heal. It is the ease of life when you have found your true path and you are faithfully walking upon it.

God gives you the support and encouragement that you need. It does get better. No one ever tells you that you feel 100% wonderful after a divorce. Or healthy and vital right after a major surgery. Healing takes time. Keep moving in a positive direction and recognize the presence of God and spirit. Continue to make improvements in your life. Optimal health and spirituality feels amazing!

Set some reasonable goals and work toward attaining them. Recognize that every positive step brings more health and vitality to your life. Your energy improves. Your coping skills are effective. You have a good support system. You realize that God provides!

Investigate those open doors. Walk through them with confidence and excitement. Resist the influence of your own fear and the negative input of others. This is your life and you are responsible to reach your predetermined goals. Success feels good. We came here to overcome all challenges and barriers to find God and our true self.

As you make progress you will recognize the synchronicity of grace and good health. This state of mind is its own reward. More Light, more love, more God. Amen.

The Colors of Your Mind

What do the colors of your mind mean? Do you have a “favorite” color? Do you find that you tend toward certain color choices and blends? Are there changes in your color preferences as you age? What color car do you drive?

This all represents the differing stages of life that you are in.

Imagine a color wheel in your mind’s eye. What is the dominant color? Do you have emotions surrounding these colors?

We will review some of the meaning behind some different colors.

Red is strong and athletic. Usually favored by someone who is stable and reliable. Red people are attached firmly to the earth and make good financial providers in a family situation. A red aura indicates strength and agility. You love routine. 

Green people are loving and nurturing. If you have others that you provide care for then you are likely a green-centered person. Most commonly a parent but other care-giving situations also apply as well.

Green includes love, good health and healing. You may have suffered from emotional or physical illness but when you exude green this means that you are recovering from that illness state.

Green also includes a love of nature. Do you tend to plants? Do you go for walks in nature? Are you knowledgeable about elementals such as fairies or sprites? Do you gravitate toward crystals for health and healing?These habits tend to originate from green auras. 

Blue is creative and talented. Music is a very strong blue trait. Being artistic and well written are common. When you are busy, do you tend to sing or hum? Your aura is probably blue.

Blue people love to dance and flow. They seek water and dress colorfully. They don’t like to be held down and love work where they may be creative and independent. Rules are for everybody else.

Blues want to hug and keep up to date on your life. They avoid structure and will drop in on you on the fly. Your blue aura keeps your social calendar full!

Pink is fun and flirty. You enjoy being whimsical and bright. Love is your most enjoyable state. You like who you see in the mirror and smiling comes very easy.

Purple is very spiritual and devoted. You know God and you work to make your life close to what God would wish for you. You often question if you are on your path and you may be very harsh on yourself if you feel you have wandered from your life’s purpose.

Those with a purple aura see themselves draped in the robes of Godliness. They seek a higher purpose and may be harsh critics of those who are not on the spiritual path.

They communicate with spirit and often find themselves drawn to be psychics or mediums. They are very willing to tell you just how to make changes in your life, as well.

People with a purple aura return home and exist in close proximity to God. They have invested much time and effort into becoming their higher self.

Yellow is fun and mutable. They change their personality right before your eyes. They love to laugh and be entertaining but then tire of the limelight and seek solitude until their next performance.

Yellow people love to nest. They put a lot of effort into their homes and want others to enjoy all of their hard work. They may invite you over to see their nest and gather a multitude of compliments.

They spend a lot of time perfecting their public persona, then express how much they need to change or be different. The yellow aura person is never done creating themselves and they love when other yellows join in the fun.

Beware of the convoy of yellows. Sure, you will have a good time but you will then need some time to recover!

An orange aura represents someone who is steadfast about who they are but yet feel imperfect just the same. They are always a work in progress. They will change the color of paint on their walls a few different times.

They want you to appreciate them and yet feel like if you do, then you don’t know what you are talking about! Just try to figure them out! 

Oranges love their belongings. They take time to choose and decide, but once they have made their decision, they keep some things for life.

You may think they are moody. They give you a different face each time you greet them. Oranges are like fireworks. They dance, sing and blaze brightly. Then, they crumble and fall to earth and blend in with the surroundings.

There are so many colors that people may be. There are stunning and bright colors as well as dark and dismal ones. It is not difficult to imagine what the darker auras mean.

Now you realize that we all change as we grow and mature. Our auras change with joy and with illness. Some of us may shift through colors quickly and some of us more slow and steady.

It is also obvious that we want to be in the brighter more lively colors and avoid being grey or darker. Browns represent illness or turmoil.

It is possible to be a muddy yellow or brownish-blue. The brighter and clearer your “color” the more positive and healthy you are feeling!

This is but a small slice of what color choices may mean to you and others around you. Have fun trying to figure some of this out. Don’t take anything too serious, it isn’t meant to be a challenge. This is just a small part of who you present yourself to be to the world.

Love God and above all, love yourself.



What You Didn’t Get To Say

Do you still have lingering grief? Have you noticed that the rebirth of Spring brings along some left over feelings of loneliness?

Even if your loved ones have been gone for many years, we still miss them at certain times of the year. Any words of appreciation or good-bye may still be said, for many of your loved ones passed are still thinking of you as well.

It is NEVER too late to say good-bye.

When you find yourself thinking about someone who has passed, it may also be that they are with you at that same time. Perhaps your longing is actually triggered by their visit.

There is no need to argue against this because he or she did not believe in the afterlife or ghosts. We may all change our minds about many things once we have left this Earth…again.

Uncle Joe never believed in God. Well, now he does because he dwells in the House of God. Grandpa Earl always said that loved ones in spirit was utter nonsense! Now he knows better!

People are able to change their minds after death just as we are able to change our minds while in life. Talk to them. Hold their picture or remember them in detail and send them a Hello! Let them know that you love them and you miss them still.

Offer some type of honor. Light a candle, bake their favorite bread, set out the needle point that they had given you…

Also remember that they may be capable of complete forgiveness. Whatever you had done in life that they did not approve of, they may understand more now about how you felt and what caused you to decide what you did.

Maybe. It is also possible that they are living on the Other Side and they hold the same opinions and grudges that they always did. Sometimes we don’t change much after leaving this Earth plane. Sadly, in this instance they have denied themselves a chance to advance and grow closer to God.

What is important is that you clear your heart and soul of barriers and judgment. Your life will be much more productive if you release the negative feelings that you have for anyone in spirit.

Show your maturity and soul-growth and forgive all others. Hope is possible now that your loved ones passed, may have found peace.

Forgive their judgment and stubbornness. The Light may find them in good company and they want only what is best for you. It is possible that they have looked back on their lives and have now seen a better way to have interacted with you.

It is truly possible. The best approach would be for you to meet them halfway and offer your forgiveness to them. If they do not join you at that center point then that is Ok too. What matters most is that you have unburdened your heart with regard to them. You have shown them a boundless ability to love and they may seek to reconnect with you at any time of their choosing.

These acts speak well of you. You are making better, more enlightened decisions and your soul will prosper because of it.

Honor your loved ones who have crossed over. If you are thinking of them they may also be thinking of you! Don’t worry if they left and you were unable to make amends with them. After leaving this plane they may have found absolute forgiveness for you and others as well.

They may have already made a fresh start with regards to you and your relationship with them. It may be nearly impossible to keep a grudge when you are surrounded by Light and Love!

In the spirit of Spring, start anew.


What Does the Super Moon Have to Say?

Some very wonderful, enlightening things!

1. Lay your soul bare. Speak to the moon as if it is your most trusted friend. Let all of your wishes and dreams be carried by the universe to the moon so that it may keep your secrets and give you blessings in return.

Just by saying your secrets out loud you will experience a great cleansing. Do not hold back. There is no shame, fear or editing of your thoughts. This moon is full of love for each of us and she wants you to “begin again,” now. 

2. Get back on your path. The super moon wants you to find that one true path again. She recognizes that we all stray from our true destination for various reasons. It seems this year has us straying even more. Why? Because of the increased solar energy that is washing over us and the Earth.

There are so many enlightened possibilities that have bombarded us and will continue to do so throughout this year. Never forget that 2012 is a monumental year in our Earth existence. There are many sources of energy that have been brought to us and we may have veered from our paths because of the increased pressure.

Pray, meditate and seek direction to come back to your life path, now.

3. Look for love. We have turned inward again. Whether it is distraction or self-preservation, we have not noticed all of the wonderful people and events in our environment.

Are we done hibernating? I believe so. Now is the time to see how many wonderous and beautiful people have entered our circle of existence.

Spring is the perfect time to give and receive love!

4. Clean up the clutter. There are so many objects in your life that the Light cannot fully embrace you. Some things may be thrown out and other items donated. Now is the time to do it.

The Earth is being flushed with energy for growth and renewal and you have too many distractions. Make time and space for your communion with God.

 The super moon will give you the added boost to get these things done. 

5. Plant and tend to existing vegetation. The amount of joy in your life may be increased 10-fold if you increase the amount of plants that you nurture. 

After you have done your gardening, don’t you notice the peace and tranquility that comes over you? This is your attachment or reconnection with Mother Earth.

The super moon gives strength and energy to all life while she is present. You may increase your attachment to Heaven and Earth with her help.

6. Trust. Have faith. Let go and know that you are cared for and protected by all of our Earth guides, including the moon.

Sit and watch as she takes over the skies. Connect with her and feel the strength she brings. The energy she gives to us may be used in many differing and positive ways. 

Embrace her in complete faith and feel the gift of love that she envelopes you with. 

7. Look to the moon as your trusted friend. She has watched over you for many a lifetime and she holds only love for you in her heart. She has known you for a millenia and she has not stopped supporting you, even once. 

Use this time of your closest connection to her as a time to let go of negative energy and to heal your body, mind and soul.

The moon has never let you down. Her Light is always there for you to behold. It wouldn’t feel like home without her.

Blessed be this enlightened time and close connection of universal love,


When Someone Dies Suddenly

There are many instances in life where we lose someone suddenly. It may be an accident or something darker. We are left struggling to make sense of the loss. We have had no time to prepare, as we may if an elder passes or someone with a terminal illness.

It may seem very surreal. We have trouble coming to terms with it. We often expect to see that person as usual. Any moment they are going to walk through that door, just like always. Disbelief is very strong. Our minds dull in an effort to allow us time to process the loss.

We allow ourselves a suspension of the customary pain of grief. Eventually, we move toward the acceptance of the death and follow through with our customary rituals. These steps are governed by the religion or spiritual beliefs of the person who passed.

At some point the loss becomes real. No longer in disbelief, we mourn.

We from the Other Side see your pain. We understand your emotions of loss and sorrow. We stay beside you, as we always do, to provide support during this difficult time.

There is very little that happens in your human life that was not charted by you. Even accidents or other sudden deaths. This was designed for involved people to deal with loss and tragedy as a means of learning.

Even children who die  are following their chart. If we are a parent or other family member, we also charted that we would suffer this loss in order to learn from it. Losing a child seems more tragic than losing an elder. We experience more emotion and we often view the loss as senseless. It teaches us many things and faith in God is number 1.

When we lose an elder we experience a more expected loss. When we lose a child is when those close to the child are tempted to lose faith in God, Angels, Jesus or any other deity which they look to for guidance. There is a more challenging debate that we go through in our own mind. We don’t understand why this had to happen. What God would take the life of an innocent child?

Some turn away from God when the loss seems senseless. They may embrace God again or forever stay estranged. This is a powerful learning experience.

When we lose adults or elders we may turn away from God as well. It depends upon how mature we are and if we have accepted that God is with us even when tragedy strikes.

Dying is natural and expected. Death from darker causes teaches an even more profound lesson. Have you lost someone to lung cancer? If yes, do you still smoke? Have you lost someone to a drunk driver? If yes, do you still drink and drive? Have you lost someone to a drug overdose? If yes, do you still take illegal drugs or prescription drugs in excess?

These losses are designed to teach you about the pitfalls of life. How many times have you learned these hard-fought lessons to only change your mind and return to your dysfunctional habits? To truly make meaning of your loss would be to learn the lessons and make positive and proactive changes in your life. Then, if possible, to speak to others so that they may learn from your loss and make those positive changes for themselves. 

A larger topic would include someone losing their life due to domestic violence, gang activity, murder, suicide, mental illness, recklessness…We won’t pursue these topics until a later time. 

Remember that we are ETERNAL.  We come to this earth-plane repeatedly to grow and learn in a wide variety of ways. Embrace this life. Learn the lessons that loss is meant to teach you. Carry those lessons with you as you care for yourself and your loved ones. Pray to make sense of sudden loss and look to God for support and guidance.

There is a mirror in your room of life experiences. in that mirror are the lessons taught to you throughout your life. See the weathered lines on your face? It looks as if you have traveled for many miles and learned many things. This is the truth. This is but another lesson that you welcomed into your life experience.

Learn and grow stronger. Avoid the pitfalls of grief and loss of faith.

We gather around God for life’s most difficult lessons,


Pan For Gold

Look for life’s beauty in every pan of water. Marvel at how much you have and how much you have been given.

Life may sometimes seem harsh or unforgiving. We feel down or unloved. It may be hard to see the better times or a happy ending to any of our stories. If our concern is short-lived it is easier to hang in there. However, there may be hardships or turmoil that last a year or more. It is then that we need to resist the urge to feel negative and hopeless.

What you say to yourself is very important in these times. If we think negative and helpless thoughts, we find it more difficult to cope. The cycle feeds upon itself and we find ourselves becoming more depressed.

Many life changes may occur during a bout of depression. Weight gain or loss is very common. Your relationships may suffer. You may be less likely to make it in to work or to get to your son’s baseball game. You may also allow your appearance to suffer or leave medical problems go unchecked.

Something that God has prescribed are positive affirmations. Make time to practice saying good and loving things to yourself. Leave reminders at home, at work, in the car…Pick up your mood and resist the urge to focus on what is broke or injured.

Even during a serious illness you may promote better health by being patient and loving to yourself. Celebrate even the small milestones. It would be like giving yourself a pep talk. After all, no one takes better care of you, than you.

Another popular idea is to go on a rampage of appreciation! Say to yourself how thankful you are all through out the day. Find all manner of things to be thankful for and say it like you mean it. You can’t help but smile during this thankful-fest.

Wake up and be thankful for another day. Express gratitude for your spouse and your child(ren). Give thanks for your pet and all the company they give to you. Thank God for a wonderful breakfast. Be appreciative for your car, bus and taxi. Be pleased with what you chose to wear today. Do this for as long as you need to, as long as you can smile.

What if you are disabled or chronically ill. Or you are jobless or homeless. Finding your love for God is even more important. Find the hope that things will get better. Plan for better times and days when you feel less ill. Look for the sun, the birds, the flowers…God gives us a bounty of gifts each and every day.

Say beautiful things to yourself. Fight the blues with funny pictures or cute stories. Re-read that book that made your heart swell to overflowing. Look at photo albums of when times were happy and bright. Watch one of those movies that has you belly laugh for the entire time.

Even medical science believes that laughter is beneficial to health and healing.  Self-care is your responsibility. Do a wonderful job of taking care of you. Keep a watchful eye on your mood. If you notice the gloom closing in again, stop it right away and respond with positive affirmations and an abundance of joy. 

Make each day of this life precious and worth living. If you master the art of self-care through love and faith then you may volunteer to teach others how to do the same. You are here to overcome a large variety of difficult situations. Share your faith and hope. You have learned to be positive and heal your heartache so teaching another how, would be a bonus. Be the student then advance to being the teacher. This is God’s way.

Oh, look! There is a nugget of gold in your pan. Lucky you.

God loves you more then you love yourself,



More Politics

The political race seems to be slowing down. The candidates are watering down their beliefs and feelings in order to bring people closer, not to push them further away. They have made many missteps and have paid dearly for their errors.

Each mistake they make costs them in support and money. Their financial backers may be put off by some of their stronger statements as well. They lose points and gain points daily.

Truly, at this stage, they feel as if they are living in a glass house. Even off-handed remarks influence the electorate. One day they are leading, the next day they are falling behind.

It is as if the candidates are playing an end-stage game of Twister. They are hopelessly entangled on their own and then we add the other candidates.

They practice over and over what should be said and cautioned over and over what shouldn’t be said. They are well-rehearsed. The successful candidate is certainly the one who may be trained most efficiently. The best one at following the rules will suffer fewer missteps.

Have you noticed that the best candidate is the one who accepts direction more easily and is able to retain the lessons taught to them by handlers all throughout the day? If you have difficulty following direction, you will not do well in the political arena.

What about the smaller offices up for re-election? Have you seen a candidate that does not tolerate the pressure to be non-offensive? They usually make a statement about the scrutiny of the political arena and then drop out of the race. Their egos do not respond well to being reigned in. Being corrected is intolerable.

There are also politicians who aren’t able to stand up to the personal scrutiny of the press. Their lives have been more colorful than the candidate who has been married to the same woman and apparently resisted the urge to cheat.

Everything comes into play during an election! Who could stand up to this barrage of criticism? Do we realize how WE make it nearly impossible to elect good leaders? Is it any wonder that there are fewer and fewer candidates when it finally gets to be election time? Or, is this how we want it to be? Survival of the fittest is actually survival of the image makeover.

Perhaps with this New Age of 2012, things will begin to change. Maybe the energy turmoil will help us to  narrow our focus upon what makes a good political leader and what is the best option to elect our future leaders? Maybe.

It is possible to focus the reform movements on the election process. It may actually be very successful in changing our political direction. If our focus on money reform and banking reform now focuses on politics, we may take the next 4 years to improve the process. That would be an enlightened plan!

Doesn’t it make sense for us to reform our political system so we may care for our selves, children, elders, families and homes? We may also focus on the environment, energy alternatives, healthcare and Social Security. If we elect the best leader then these humanitarian goals would be easier to address and attain.

Add your positive and enlightened energy into the political race. Make the bast decision about who gets elected so that we may see our culture grow and prosper. We have the responsibility to make the needed changes for the next generation and the one after that.

There are so many different floods of energy coming this year. We have used some of it to better our own lives, now we may make improvements to our entire society. Just as we care for our own young so must we care for all of our young.

Look to the new energy for the strength to do what is positive and good. Make some well-informed decisions and take steps to achieve the goals toward a better society.

Be Present and Be Active,



10 Goals for Living a Balanced Life

Love lies as shallow as your intentions or as deep as your longing.

We long for more out of life and we push to have more and to be more. Do we have the goals for our needs established? Or, do we just want and need?

This is a reminder to set some goals for your life. We would like to see short-term goals and long-term goals. This is a guideline and you are free to establish your own priorities if you wish.

1. Income- Be reasonable. Don’t ask to be a millionaire if that doesn’t fit with what you have accomplished with your life. Set a goal within your means. If you currently make $20k then set a goal to make $25k this year. Then, look for ways to make that additional money to meet your goal. 

2. Education- If you need a degree or a higher degree to make that extra income then set the goal to make it happen. If you still need to work focus on night classes or internet degrees and decide how many credits that you will earn per year. Will you seek a promotion where you already work or will you seek a position elsewhere?

3. Lover- Someone to love. No abuse, anger or violence. No co-dependency. If you need counseling to change some of your relationship concerns then please do so. Do not cling to someone who is not healthy for you. Many people fear being alone but God prefers that you be loved and cherished in a healthy, non-abusive relationship.

4. Family- Love is always the most important emotion to share. Be open and honest. Give support and guidance. Be a gentle place to always find acceptance.

5. Community Involvement- Donate, volunteer, be an activist. Get moving and make something better. Setting goals for this are endless. You may touch upon many areas of interest at different times. Be sure to set both short-term and long-term goals. 

6. Leader- Start something that provides others with knowledge and information that you already have. Or, assist someone who already has a group started. Sharing your passion with others is an exhilarating experience. 

7. Guide- Allow others to share what is in your heart. Emotion accompanies what you have to give. They feel your devotion and sense your soul. This is best described as giving others a blueprint about how to improve their lives through faith and knowing. 

8. Involved Parent- Whether it is your own children or not decide upon a path of guidance and direction. Be open and positive. Make growing up seem like fun! Always allow for mistakes and be gentle when things go wrong.

9. Caregiver- It could be a child, parent or grandparent. It may even be a spouse who is ill. Learn to set your own needs aside. Provide love and understanding. Do not become over tired or exhausted. Seek help from others in this person’s life if it becomes too much for you. If you have to step back, try not to feel guilty or judge yourself too harshly. God is forgiving and so are you.

10. Faithful Follower- Worship God! Love others. Provide direction and guidance to those who seem lost. Always have the best intentions when sharing your faith.

Set goals and stay on track! You’ll be surprised at how many people will cherish your involvement.

With My Love and the Love of Our Father,



With Love…

Hold back no tears you feel from losing someone you love. It is Ok to mourn their loss as long as you regain a productive life within a year.

Too many people are lost in grief. They do not allow themselves to progress through grief and seemingly stand upon their brakes. To what end? No one knows. It certainly does not promote soul growth by refusing to cope with losses in your life.

Do you feel that you need to mourn forever as a sort of devotion to your lost loved one?

Do you feel guilty because they are gone and you have survived?

Worse yet, are you frozen in time and only choose to blame your loss for the reason that you have not progressed upon your path? 

There are no viable reasons for you to stop living your life because you have lost a partner, family member or friend. Get help. Seek counseling. Attend a support group.

Your loved one does not want you to pay homage to them by ceasing to live a productive life! This is a never-ending cycle of wasted time. There is nothing to be gained by grieving endlessly.

There is enough grief in life without you needlessly clinging to it. Change is expected and embraced. Your loved one has gone ahead to something better and more meaningful.

Only part of your chart is accomplished in this earth life. Much of your growth occurs on the Other Side. In fact, many souls do not incarnate often or at all. It is very possible to achieve ascension by studying on the Other Side only.

Look at death as your soul returning home. We are in a constant state of joy in Heaven. We gladly choose where to study or work where we gain the most love and contentment. We are able to accomplish a great many things on the Other Side between our incarnations.

There is nothing sad about dying. We all celebrate coming home! This life on this plane is so small and meek compared to our true existence.

Even those who die unexpectedly or by tragic means are brought out of a loving cocoon and allowed to process their residual issues and then seek the more complete, blissful life we may all have there.  

There isn’t any reason for either us or our loved ones to experience undue grief by leaving or being left.

There is so much more to their life and to yours!

Find a way to honor your loved one and let them go. Love remains forever and may grow and take on more meaning. Remember them at special times then resume your healthy, emotionally evolved life.

We will all come together again in the afterlife. Your path will represent so much more growth if you are able to keep grief in perspective.

Remain firmly planted in Mother Earth but always reach ever higher for your own ascension. Do not hold yourself back because of anyone or anything. You did not enter this earth life to stunt your growth and leave your path incomplete. Your loved ones who have already crossed over are well aware of this as well.

Let go and let God,


Political Answers From Spirit

Love. Gather around and share love. Express your heart in terms of well wishes from you to the universe.

There have been some difficult times recently. We are now feeling a lull in the turmoil around us. The political scene has dwindled down and there are definite alliances seen between the major players.

There will be some major missteps from some of the more visible candidates. They will speak from their heart and not after any forethought and it will resonate badly with the electorate. Oooops.

We will see some very obvious disconnects with what they have been saying all along. We may see them in a more genuine light but then we won’t like them! We will retrace our steps and critique where we went wrong. This is good for all of as a growth process. We will again move forward with a better understanding of who these people are and what their agendas are after attaining office. 

Who is genuine? Who is power-hungry? Who just wants to make waves?

Be still and seek direction. You may choose a format by which spirit may give you input. Such as a chart with different names in differing colors. Perhaps, slips of papers with initials on them. Some simple way in which to receive specific answers. Then don’t second guess or over think what you receive right away! Allow it to be settled at first.

 Write down your results and let it go. We often change our own direction by over-thinking everything! Allow some time to pass and then think about the advice in more detail. 

Then, the bad news. Sometimes information given from spirit is intentionally inaccurate! This is done to push you in a different direction so you will either make a stand or switch gears.

An example would be if you were in a bad relationship and a psychic, tarot card reader or other intuitive where to tell you that this person is “the one.” This is the person to marry and begin a family with and invest all of your energy into. You are intended to say to yourself, “This person is cruel, untruthful and they cheat on me. This is NOT who I belong with. I deserve better! ”

I hope this example makes sense. Intentional misinformation is to cause you to stand firm about something that you truly believe in. Or, if you are on the fence this is intended to force you to make a choice and commit to it. Or, spirit may give you inaccurate Lotto numbers because you are trying to work the system!

In reference to politics, you may be given direction to follow candidate A. No questions, it is definitely A. Then the more you think about it, A is on the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to what you feel is important to you and your community. Then you realize that following A would be a mistake and then you search for a better match to your own ideals.

Always remember that we are here on earth to learn. Spirit is willing to teach you but not spoon feed everything to you. You actually learn more by going through a process of making decisions through trial and error.

Some decisions are handed to you but only because this situation was not on your list of lessons to learn independently. You do get a helping hand but not across the board.

(This is a good process by which to get any information from spirit. If you attempt to get direction and want to verify your results with a psychic, I will definitely give you assistance. Just email me your question and the answer your recieved. I will get back to you. Lisa)

WE are definitely improving our internal guidance system each day we interact. It is a process and practise will improve our results.

Walk with me in the Light of God,