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Sympathy and Empathy

People often ask how to be a better person? It is always a simple answer. If you look at the behavior, thinking and intentions of anyone you may see that they are basically positive or negative. This may be easier for you to decide about other people since you would tend to be objective. If you are asked about your own overall wellness and positivity, you would tend to split hairs, justify certain behavior and make excuses. You would be offended by someone’s quick assertions about you.

Basically, if you do good things and have a positive attitude, you are a good person. If you harm people intentionally, steal, lie, manipulate and live without sympathy/empathy for anyone, you are a bad person. Any action may be assessed in this manner. It is much like a judge in a court of law. This person will accept descriptions, facts, information and testimony then make a determination. This is also how the Universe decides what your energy vibration is. Just the facts.

What does your behavior say about you without any excuses or explanations?

This is a difficult way to look at you. In your current world you have a list of reasons and explanations for your behavior. You are depressed, you are reacting to something, you are getting back at someone, you are jealous, you have trauma in your past… There are so many layers for why you act, feel and behave in a certain way.

If you are happy, well-adjusted, flexible and self-determined you rarely act out against others. You may have thoughts of vengeance but why would you go through with it when everything is good in your life? Your own flexibility takes over and you move on to much more interesting and positive things. The people who seek vengeance and actively sabotage people in their lives usually have a lower vibration. They are dark. They see no benefit to responding to stress in a positive manner. They move from one conflict to another and try to get the better of anyone who they feel is in their way or have spoken out or acted out against them.

Their darkness varies. Some people are very dark and evil. Other people are grey, darker grey or intermittently dark. You have been in contact with truly evil people. They make you cringe and you go the other way ASAP. You get a creepy feeling and perhaps your skin feels like it is crawling. Some are described as having dead eyes. You see no emotion or feeling in their gaze. Or, they may look right through you.

What you may not actually know is where you are on the continuum of energy vibration. Are you mostly good or mostly bad? Making an assessment about your own behavior will be difficult because of your explanations and justifications. Make your best effort to decide where you stand on a scale of 1- 10.

Be honest and then go about raising your vibration. No excuses, explanations or justifications. Simply good behavior or bad behavior. Be a nice, supportive and friendly person. View your actions alone. You don’t get this yet, we know. Why would we negate all of your past experiences in reference to how you interact with the world today? Because you are an adult and you must overcome adversity and find goodness in yourself and others.

This is also how we answer the damnation question. If you are a higher vibration person, you cross over and dwell in the upper 5 levels of the Afterlife. Those who have a lower vibration cross over and find themselves in the lower 2 levels.

Why would you knowingly behave in ways where you may end up in the lower levels? The extensive list of questions about how to get away with as much as possible and still not go to Hell was eye opening. It seemed like a very childlike agenda. Can I cheat on my spouse if they deserve it? If my mom did not properly care for me as a child do I have to take care of her now that she is older and sickly? Is harming someone in the name of religion still wrong? Again, look at the action and not the backstory. Harming others, stealing money, lying, cheating, violence… is never OK. If you cannot get past what has occurred between you and the other person than the only thing you can do is walk away. Do no harm and seek no vengeance. This action will increase your vibration.

It is the acting out in harmful ways that lowers your vibration. It is best to not have the darker thoughts as well but the important thing is to not act upon them. Then, work on yourself every day to resist having the darker thoughts as well. Have you noticed that we did not take into account the layers of why, who and what? It is the thoughts and actions, not the backstory.

Enter the concepts of sympathy and empathy. These considerations are for others, not you. Rate your own actions according to how you influence or impair another. If you have no need for sympathy and empathy, then your path is much longer. If you are able to embrace your potential influence upon others, you are much closer to a resolution.

Meet all of your darker thinking and overcome them. Being an independent adult who is self-directed means that you are accountable for your thoughts and actions. You may have been seriously harmed yet God expects you to overcome and offer the Universe love and forgiveness. You are absolved for your sins as well. This is a global event. Everyone is eligible for absolution unless you are dark and treat others with dark thoughts, behaviors and actions.

It is very simple. There is no ambiguity. Your vibration determines your life experience and where you cross over to in the afterlife.

Becoming Your Higher Self

We have been trying to convince you of the importance of your initial commitment to this planet and your Universe. It may seem unnecessarily grim but We want you to know that you came here with intent and you have not followed through…yet.

There are concrete ways to become more positive, visually bright and vocal. We will guide you through these steps so when it is your turn to be called upon for service you will be ready. You will not be prepared if you are full of conflict and chaos. We will prepare you to accept your duties and be cleansed and cleared in order to function optimally.

  1. Have positive thoughts and perform positive actions.
  2. Hold yourself up to a higher standard.
  3. Dismiss thoughts of gossip and forming alliances to hurt someone.
  4. Find more freedom to relax and allow your actual life to come to you easily.
  5. Be mindful through out your day. Avoid extremes in mood or behavior.
  6. Release your need to judge.
  7. Send love and prayer to those who need help and understanding.
  8. Give any upset or turmoil to God.
  9. Release your need to control people, alliances, situations or events.
  10. Give thanks for all of your gifts, blessings and experiences.
  11. Nurture the next generation and teach them to nurture the generation that follows.
  12. Be a positive role model.
  13. Send hope, light and forgiveness into the Universe.
  14. Do not just see others with your eyes. See with your heart, soul and commitment to help.
  15. Teach others about God and how to find their own life purpose.

Changes may happen daily. Do your best to avoid being overwhelmed by needed changes which may block any actual changes from occurring.

Remember that when you are on your path it is not a wall, fence or barrier of any kind. Paths are gentle, nurturing and full of hope. Your footfalls are soft and there is much to behold as your journey continues. People, spirit and beings from the Divine may approach you, walk with you or influence your progress. Your path is never stagnant. It evolves and flows like your life’s energy.

You are never alone. There are many loved ones, guides and Divine beings who accompany you at all times.





There Is Balance

We see some bruised egos after the post yesterday. You are feeling misunderstood. Maybe you feel chastised because you want things and not necessarily what God has intended for you. There is a balance. It is called moderation. Resist your urge to go too far to any extent and remain more moderate.

We have discussed in the past how many of you have money goals included in your agreement with God. Get your degree, work the hours and embrace the spoils of success. Then, give back. Wealth is not negative if you are loving, honest and considerate. Giving of yourself does not have to be a burden. Find something that brings you joy and provide this activity, past time or place to others who are less fortunate. Do what you love and include others. Share. Give gifts and be available.

Your prosperity must be tempered with some qualities.

  1. Do not expect recognition.
  2. Do not expect anything in return.
  3. Do not boast about what you have done.
  4. Do not judge those you have chosen to give to.
  5. Do not be disappointed if your gift was not received in the manner in which you hoped.

You may be worried about the disparity of what God wants and what you want. You may have gone as far as to feel inadequate because your current goals are not worthy of Heaven. Be reminded that God and other Heavenly Hosts do not judge. We accept you just as you are and do not demand you take another direction. We guide. To guide is to gently present you with options that you considered when you lived in spirit and were busy developing this life chart. As a soul you had different goals than you have now as a human. This is the truth and it is not intended to hurt your feelings. We want to guide you back to your chart. Simple.

You may find your chart by allowing God and spirit to speak to you and bring about opportunities for changes. Your life may be laid out nicely in front of you but you must be able to “see” it. This sight comes from meditation, prayer, cleansing and existing in the moment. If you allow your mind to stop churning, God will be heard. It is in the stillness that true inspiration arrives.

You may begin to sound different, make unexpected decisions, be more relaxed, appear to be at peace, seem wise & emotionally mature, be loving, be generous and well rested. Do these qualities sound like being a failure? No. This is what you gain from allowing God to speak to you and guide you to love and forgiveness. Keeping only positive thoughts in mind will push your spiritual success forward. Allowing any ego, want or despair back into your life will begin to undo all of your progress. Even then, We will not judge and We accept you still.

God has created unconditional love. We find joy in Our hearts just to be able to share some part of your life. We exist only because you exist. We have never felt disappointment during your life. We only wish to bring you back to the agreement that you made with God when you planned this earth life.

What happens if you continue to seek other goals and more earthly pleasures? You return home and then you remember what your original intent was for this life. You look from your stack of things and possessions and then look at the list of goals that were left undone. Looking between the two you realize that you became misguided by earth life and were lured away into thinking that so many other things were more important than God. You may feel disappointed but We are forever hopeful.

Our purpose here is to give you the direction that you need. Guide you to the pathways that you once were on but somehow lost. Present you with opportunities to regain your true intent and bring you face to face with the goals that you set in harmony with the Divine. Gently, loving and respectful.

It is never too late and you may always regain your original purpose. Can you still chase the $? Yes, but begin to introduce more altruistic goals. Communicate only within the light. Live honestly. Find time to give back and share your good fortune with those who have lost their way still. Be God, for God.

Your idea of success is not exclusive of the goals that you set for God. They may exist in your life together. This balance would be the epitome of success. You do not need to revamp your entire life. Moderation is the key. Your joy in what you do and what you have will function beautifully with the joy of knowing God and your true self.

What Does Spirit Sound Like?

We piqued some interest yesterday with mentioning messages from spirit. We will provide further information. Any specific information requested you may email our channel, Lisa, at lisa.lwoc@gmail.com. She will detail your guide’s appearance, name and gender. There will be also specific colors and items that you may use to contact them during your times of prayer and/or meditation. What We will offer here is general information.

Spirit will speak to you in your ear or in your mind. They are matter-of-fact, monotone and minimally verbal. They may not even use complete sentences. You may hear their statement just once or possibly they may repeat their statement depending upon them or the lack of response from you.

You must practice meditating. This is how you will establish communicating with them so that you may continue to hear them in everyday normal life. There are many exercises to meet your guide. This is a popular topic on many metaphysical websites. Perform any exercise that resonates with you. During meditation ask to meet them and remain calm. Continue to deep breathe and meditate even though your excitement at meeting your guide may cause you to waver.

Do not hold any undue pressure on yourself to get everything right the first few times. Relax. Any stress will alter your perception and ghosts will be drawn to your excitement. Clear your third eye chakra and both of your ear chakras. Your third eye will be violet and your ears will be bright blue. Do your best to keep the energy in your chakras crystal clear and fluid. Fear of seeing and hearing spirit may cause you to batten down the hatches again.

Maintain a moderate level of meditation. Meet with them face to face. Always accept your first impression. The more you over think anything, the less accurate it becomes. First try to identify a gender. They usually have assigned themselves a gender but you may find more androgynous guides as well. Then envision their adorned color. They may keep it simple for you at first and stick to simple colors without any variation. Their actual appearance will include many variations in hue and a few combinations of different colors. Their adorned color represents their areas of focus, their special skill set or any special accomplishments.

So now you may have a gender and a main color. This is a good start. Hearing them will take much more focus and practice.

Once you have been minimally successful at meditating and meeting guides, your loved ones will likely show up. You will also get some animal visitors. Remember that these people and animals may not be from this current incarnation. Often you have loved ones that watch over you from one or many lifetimes ago. Animals will display their loyalty as well by staying beside you through many incarnations.

What you may also get will be Higher Guides, Angels, elementals, Jesus, God… Many of your guides are Native American in appearance. It does not matter if you are Native in any way but they may be with you from many years or centuries ago.

Their skin is flawless, like airbrushed photos. They have varying skin tones but many are medium dark. Hair will appear in any length or color. Many guides have long, uncut hair such as no bangs. There may be braids, jewels, ribbons… Their eyes are stunning and almost like kaleidoscopes. They are not stagnant but fluid and free-flowing. The colors may blend and shift. As with robes, the color of their eyes also represent their areas of interest, special skill sets or accomplishments. Gold and white represent God so a guide with pronounced gold/white tones may represent a Higher Guide.

This is a good start. The more you practice, the better your ability to contact spirit. Remember that they communicate without emotion. If you become fearful at any message, it may be a ghost speaking to you and not a spirit guide. It is also possible that you have created an emotional response to a message that was void of emotions.

Also remember that just because your loved ones are in spirit does not assure you that they are evolved or providing good advice. They may have changed very little since their death and may still harbor anger, prejudice, intent to control you and emotional limitations that they had in life.

Always protect yourself from lower energies during prayer and meditation. It is a good habit to keep up your protection throughout your day. You may notice that you feel less drained by life stressors and other people.

Spirit is committed to helping you establish communication with them. They will gladly meet you more than halfway. A close relationship with your guides will help you to feel safe and secure. Faith will come more easily and you will notice the synchronicity of life. Everything fits together and makes perfect sense.

“We come to meet you at the door between us. Do not fear what We have to say. We will never hurt you. We only want to guide you. This is as it was written. Accept Our love.”

Maureen, The Advocate

Making Up For Lost Time

We know that many of you are seeking the fast track for spirituality. This is not entirely possible. As we have said before you must go from A to Z including the many steps and lessons in between. To attempt missing all of those steps is actually missing the much-needed information and emotional processing required to fully understand each belief or truth.

There are many differing emotions that are required for faith, belief, forgiveness, strength, optimism… This may be understood by referencing the more often familiar stages of grieving. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It is expected that people may progress through these stages at different intervals and may even slip back to previous stages. No one adheres to a specific healing process. The same will be said of these other “truths” or “beliefs.”

The acceptance of faith requires many more steps than to understand the need for faith then automatically experiencing a steadfast faith. This is not logical nor is it recommended. Your spiritual beliefs must be considered, tested, reconsidered and retested many times before accepting some level of belief. Your early completion of this process will actually leave you hollow. You may have faith but it will lack any depth or volume.

You will also have differing levels of belief as you navigate different life stages. Maturity is required to have true depth in your beliefs. Why? Because you have arrived at belief through many tests, adjustments and evaluations. It is possible to have depth of your beliefs in your youth or young adulthood but this would require advanced “knowing” on your part. You may be an “old soul.” You may still have many lifetimes of learning mentally accessible to you. We are all “old souls” but some of us have not blocked our previous learning and experience. To be this advanced requires a deep level of faith and belief. You have not decided to question what is “known” to you. You have access to this higher level of learning and you have chosen to make use of it.

For now, We want you to release some of your negative thinking, emotional barriers and fear. Finding a relaxing state will ultimately help when searching and developing your faith. Being able to set aside any stress or worry will deepen your connection to Us, God and spirit. We are not expecting “blind” faith. We are expecting an intent to review your current spiritual beliefs, test them, be open to new information and finding faith in God despite some emotional barriers.

In this order you will be able to form your belief system over time. There are no quick fixes unless you are prepared to accept that everything in life is charted and a part of God’s Will. Even the bad stuff. There are reasons and outcomes expected from enduring difficult things. This is God’s Will but you are not alone. And, you are not without advice, guidance and direction.

1. The first step is to stop believing that you are alone. You have many guides, angels, loved ones and God with you.
2. Then accept that you are not in control. It is your belief that you are the creator and director of your life which makes God powerless. You must release your white-knuckle grip so that God may guide you through your intended life.
3. “Allow” life to flow. Your grasp and assertion of strength will actually alter what is intended. You may fulfill your many years but leave many more lessons unlearned.
4. Trust that each experience is brought to you for a purpose.
5. Resist the urge to retake control.
6. Find a place of solace, usually through meditation, in which God may communicate with you directly.
7. Release the stress and worry from your entire being. Recognize when you are experiencing increased muscle tension again and reverse it.
8. Be open to life lessons. Do not to allow your emotion to cloud this process. Do not speak to yourself about vengeance, anger, sorrow, or unfairness. Finding the intent of each experience requires an open mind.
9. Speak to God out loud, through prayer, during meditation, in writing…
10. Give thanks. Express appreciation for everything that you have in life. Use special attention with any negative or stressful experience. It is all included to bring you great knowledge, faith and understanding.

Trust in Us. We will guide you to greatness. We are One with God and love you as We love ourselves. Break down the barriers between Us and you will discover that We are One and the same. It is simply Our turn to help you.

Go with God. Allow Him the honor of bringing you salvation.
Maureen, The Advocate

The Fear of Open Doors

More doors are opening. Spirit senses that we are fearful of these new possibilities at first. We react as being surprised. Then, we slowly come to accept the opportunity of change and a new, true direction. Then, we either slowly proceed to a new outcome or we respond in fear and resistance and return to our old ways.

It is as if spirit are the parents of a small child beginning to walk. They eagerly await our first step and excitedly encourage our next step. The momentum builds as we choose to walk and then run. We are surprised and happy as is our parents, our spirit guides.

The possibilities never go away. We are able to make those journeys whenever we wish. What stops us? Why do we persist in our materialistic ways? Here are some possibilities:

1. Fear- Whether it is the fear of change, of the unknown, of walking alone, or of making a mistake. Fear keeps us in our monotonous cycles. It is less stressful to stay in our current habits rather than shaking up our lives.
2. Challenging- It feels like swimming upstream to make changes to our lives. It requires a conscious effort to make the change and to remind yourself to stay with it. If you are not vigilant you are likely to return to old habits without even realizing it.
3. Unpopular- Change is not a popular thing. Everyone resists your efforts to change. Family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers prefer that you remain predictable and reliable. They are not comfortable with change so they actively encourage you to avoid it.
4. Roles- Everyone in your life counts upon you to play your role. The dynamic is shaken when you attempt to choose a different role. Others need you to be the doting mother, the caregiving daughter, the problem solver at work… There are also negative roles that others want you to keep. The alcoholic spouse, the abusive son, the distant grandparent…Whether it is positive or negative, others in your life do not want you to change roles. You may be trying to improve your life and the lives of those around you but this is not a welcomed activity. They don’t want you to “rock the boat.”
5. Long-term goals- It is so easy to feel like you’re making changes and nothing is getting any better. You’ve become honest, sober and steadily employed but there still seems to be chaos and upheaval. It may be more challenging to maintain the changes than it would be to revert back to your previous lifestyle. You will likely need new friends. You will need better communication skills and problem-solving techniques. You’ll also need improved money management, spirituality, healthy hobbies, improved appearance…

Change for the better requires more than just changing how you feel and what you do to take care of yourself. It may begin to feel like one challenge after another. And it is! The benefit is those doors that are opening for you as you heal. It is the ease of life when you have found your true path and you are faithfully walking upon it.

God gives you the support and encouragement that you need. It does get better. No one ever tells you that you feel 100% wonderful after a divorce. Or healthy and vital right after a major surgery. Healing takes time. Keep moving in a positive direction and recognize the presence of God and spirit. Continue to make improvements in your life. Optimal health and spirituality feels amazing!

Set some reasonable goals and work toward attaining them. Recognize that every positive step brings more health and vitality to your life. Your energy improves. Your coping skills are effective. You have a good support system. You realize that God provides!

Investigate those open doors. Walk through them with confidence and excitement. Resist the influence of your own fear and the negative input of others. This is your life and you are responsible to reach your predetermined goals. Success feels good. We came here to overcome all challenges and barriers to find God and our true self.

As you make progress you will recognize the synchronicity of grace and good health. This state of mind is its own reward. More Light, more love, more God. Amen.

The Colors of Your Mind

What do the colors of your mind mean? Do you have a “favorite” color? Do you find that you tend toward certain color choices and blends? Are there changes in your color preferences as you age? What color car do you drive?

This all represents the differing stages of life that you are in.

Imagine a color wheel in your mind’s eye. What is the dominant color? Do you have emotions surrounding these colors?

We will review some of the meaning behind some different colors.

Red is strong and athletic. Usually favored by someone who is stable and reliable. Red people are attached firmly to the earth and make good financial providers in a family situation. A red aura indicates strength and agility. You love routine. 

Green people are loving and nurturing. If you have others that you provide care for then you are likely a green-centered person. Most commonly a parent but other care-giving situations also apply as well.

Green includes love, good health and healing. You may have suffered from emotional or physical illness but when you exude green this means that you are recovering from that illness state.

Green also includes a love of nature. Do you tend to plants? Do you go for walks in nature? Are you knowledgeable about elementals such as fairies or sprites? Do you gravitate toward crystals for health and healing?These habits tend to originate from green auras. 

Blue is creative and talented. Music is a very strong blue trait. Being artistic and well written are common. When you are busy, do you tend to sing or hum? Your aura is probably blue.

Blue people love to dance and flow. They seek water and dress colorfully. They don’t like to be held down and love work where they may be creative and independent. Rules are for everybody else.

Blues want to hug and keep up to date on your life. They avoid structure and will drop in on you on the fly. Your blue aura keeps your social calendar full!

Pink is fun and flirty. You enjoy being whimsical and bright. Love is your most enjoyable state. You like who you see in the mirror and smiling comes very easy.

Purple is very spiritual and devoted. You know God and you work to make your life close to what God would wish for you. You often question if you are on your path and you may be very harsh on yourself if you feel you have wandered from your life’s purpose.

Those with a purple aura see themselves draped in the robes of Godliness. They seek a higher purpose and may be harsh critics of those who are not on the spiritual path.

They communicate with spirit and often find themselves drawn to be psychics or mediums. They are very willing to tell you just how to make changes in your life, as well.

People with a purple aura return home and exist in close proximity to God. They have invested much time and effort into becoming their higher self.

Yellow is fun and mutable. They change their personality right before your eyes. They love to laugh and be entertaining but then tire of the limelight and seek solitude until their next performance.

Yellow people love to nest. They put a lot of effort into their homes and want others to enjoy all of their hard work. They may invite you over to see their nest and gather a multitude of compliments.

They spend a lot of time perfecting their public persona, then express how much they need to change or be different. The yellow aura person is never done creating themselves and they love when other yellows join in the fun.

Beware of the convoy of yellows. Sure, you will have a good time but you will then need some time to recover!

An orange aura represents someone who is steadfast about who they are but yet feel imperfect just the same. They are always a work in progress. They will change the color of paint on their walls a few different times.

They want you to appreciate them and yet feel like if you do, then you don’t know what you are talking about! Just try to figure them out! 

Oranges love their belongings. They take time to choose and decide, but once they have made their decision, they keep some things for life.

You may think they are moody. They give you a different face each time you greet them. Oranges are like fireworks. They dance, sing and blaze brightly. Then, they crumble and fall to earth and blend in with the surroundings.

There are so many colors that people may be. There are stunning and bright colors as well as dark and dismal ones. It is not difficult to imagine what the darker auras mean.

Now you realize that we all change as we grow and mature. Our auras change with joy and with illness. Some of us may shift through colors quickly and some of us more slow and steady.

It is also obvious that we want to be in the brighter more lively colors and avoid being grey or darker. Browns represent illness or turmoil.

It is possible to be a muddy yellow or brownish-blue. The brighter and clearer your “color” the more positive and healthy you are feeling!

This is but a small slice of what color choices may mean to you and others around you. Have fun trying to figure some of this out. Don’t take anything too serious, it isn’t meant to be a challenge. This is just a small part of who you present yourself to be to the world.

Love God and above all, love yourself.



What You Didn’t Get To Say

Do you still have lingering grief? Have you noticed that the rebirth of Spring brings along some left over feelings of loneliness?

Even if your loved ones have been gone for many years, we still miss them at certain times of the year. Any words of appreciation or good-bye may still be said, for many of your loved ones passed are still thinking of you as well.

It is NEVER too late to say good-bye.

When you find yourself thinking about someone who has passed, it may also be that they are with you at that same time. Perhaps your longing is actually triggered by their visit.

There is no need to argue against this because he or she did not believe in the afterlife or ghosts. We may all change our minds about many things once we have left this Earth…again.

Uncle Joe never believed in God. Well, now he does because he dwells in the House of God. Grandpa Earl always said that loved ones in spirit was utter nonsense! Now he knows better!

People are able to change their minds after death just as we are able to change our minds while in life. Talk to them. Hold their picture or remember them in detail and send them a Hello! Let them know that you love them and you miss them still.

Offer some type of honor. Light a candle, bake their favorite bread, set out the needle point that they had given you…

Also remember that they may be capable of complete forgiveness. Whatever you had done in life that they did not approve of, they may understand more now about how you felt and what caused you to decide what you did.

Maybe. It is also possible that they are living on the Other Side and they hold the same opinions and grudges that they always did. Sometimes we don’t change much after leaving this Earth plane. Sadly, in this instance they have denied themselves a chance to advance and grow closer to God.

What is important is that you clear your heart and soul of barriers and judgment. Your life will be much more productive if you release the negative feelings that you have for anyone in spirit.

Show your maturity and soul-growth and forgive all others. Hope is possible now that your loved ones passed, may have found peace.

Forgive their judgment and stubbornness. The Light may find them in good company and they want only what is best for you. It is possible that they have looked back on their lives and have now seen a better way to have interacted with you.

It is truly possible. The best approach would be for you to meet them halfway and offer your forgiveness to them. If they do not join you at that center point then that is Ok too. What matters most is that you have unburdened your heart with regard to them. You have shown them a boundless ability to love and they may seek to reconnect with you at any time of their choosing.

These acts speak well of you. You are making better, more enlightened decisions and your soul will prosper because of it.

Honor your loved ones who have crossed over. If you are thinking of them they may also be thinking of you! Don’t worry if they left and you were unable to make amends with them. After leaving this plane they may have found absolute forgiveness for you and others as well.

They may have already made a fresh start with regards to you and your relationship with them. It may be nearly impossible to keep a grudge when you are surrounded by Light and Love!

In the spirit of Spring, start anew.


What Does the Super Moon Have to Say?

Some very wonderful, enlightening things!

1. Lay your soul bare. Speak to the moon as if it is your most trusted friend. Let all of your wishes and dreams be carried by the universe to the moon so that it may keep your secrets and give you blessings in return.

Just by saying your secrets out loud you will experience a great cleansing. Do not hold back. There is no shame, fear or editing of your thoughts. This moon is full of love for each of us and she wants you to “begin again,” now. 

2. Get back on your path. The super moon wants you to find that one true path again. She recognizes that we all stray from our true destination for various reasons. It seems this year has us straying even more. Why? Because of the increased solar energy that is washing over us and the Earth.

There are so many enlightened possibilities that have bombarded us and will continue to do so throughout this year. Never forget that 2012 is a monumental year in our Earth existence. There are many sources of energy that have been brought to us and we may have veered from our paths because of the increased pressure.

Pray, meditate and seek direction to come back to your life path, now.

3. Look for love. We have turned inward again. Whether it is distraction or self-preservation, we have not noticed all of the wonderful people and events in our environment.

Are we done hibernating? I believe so. Now is the time to see how many wonderous and beautiful people have entered our circle of existence.

Spring is the perfect time to give and receive love!

4. Clean up the clutter. There are so many objects in your life that the Light cannot fully embrace you. Some things may be thrown out and other items donated. Now is the time to do it.

The Earth is being flushed with energy for growth and renewal and you have too many distractions. Make time and space for your communion with God.

 The super moon will give you the added boost to get these things done. 

5. Plant and tend to existing vegetation. The amount of joy in your life may be increased 10-fold if you increase the amount of plants that you nurture. 

After you have done your gardening, don’t you notice the peace and tranquility that comes over you? This is your attachment or reconnection with Mother Earth.

The super moon gives strength and energy to all life while she is present. You may increase your attachment to Heaven and Earth with her help.

6. Trust. Have faith. Let go and know that you are cared for and protected by all of our Earth guides, including the moon.

Sit and watch as she takes over the skies. Connect with her and feel the strength she brings. The energy she gives to us may be used in many differing and positive ways. 

Embrace her in complete faith and feel the gift of love that she envelopes you with. 

7. Look to the moon as your trusted friend. She has watched over you for many a lifetime and she holds only love for you in her heart. She has known you for a millenia and she has not stopped supporting you, even once. 

Use this time of your closest connection to her as a time to let go of negative energy and to heal your body, mind and soul.

The moon has never let you down. Her Light is always there for you to behold. It wouldn’t feel like home without her.

Blessed be this enlightened time and close connection of universal love,


When Someone Dies Suddenly

There are many instances in life where we lose someone suddenly. It may be an accident or something darker. We are left struggling to make sense of the loss. We have had no time to prepare, as we may if an elder passes or someone with a terminal illness.

It may seem very surreal. We have trouble coming to terms with it. We often expect to see that person as usual. Any moment they are going to walk through that door, just like always. Disbelief is very strong. Our minds dull in an effort to allow us time to process the loss.

We allow ourselves a suspension of the customary pain of grief. Eventually, we move toward the acceptance of the death and follow through with our customary rituals. These steps are governed by the religion or spiritual beliefs of the person who passed.

At some point the loss becomes real. No longer in disbelief, we mourn.

We from the Other Side see your pain. We understand your emotions of loss and sorrow. We stay beside you, as we always do, to provide support during this difficult time.

There is very little that happens in your human life that was not charted by you. Even accidents or other sudden deaths. This was designed for involved people to deal with loss and tragedy as a means of learning.

Even children who die  are following their chart. If we are a parent or other family member, we also charted that we would suffer this loss in order to learn from it. Losing a child seems more tragic than losing an elder. We experience more emotion and we often view the loss as senseless. It teaches us many things and faith in God is number 1.

When we lose an elder we experience a more expected loss. When we lose a child is when those close to the child are tempted to lose faith in God, Angels, Jesus or any other deity which they look to for guidance. There is a more challenging debate that we go through in our own mind. We don’t understand why this had to happen. What God would take the life of an innocent child?

Some turn away from God when the loss seems senseless. They may embrace God again or forever stay estranged. This is a powerful learning experience.

When we lose adults or elders we may turn away from God as well. It depends upon how mature we are and if we have accepted that God is with us even when tragedy strikes.

Dying is natural and expected. Death from darker causes teaches an even more profound lesson. Have you lost someone to lung cancer? If yes, do you still smoke? Have you lost someone to a drunk driver? If yes, do you still drink and drive? Have you lost someone to a drug overdose? If yes, do you still take illegal drugs or prescription drugs in excess?

These losses are designed to teach you about the pitfalls of life. How many times have you learned these hard-fought lessons to only change your mind and return to your dysfunctional habits? To truly make meaning of your loss would be to learn the lessons and make positive and proactive changes in your life. Then, if possible, to speak to others so that they may learn from your loss and make those positive changes for themselves. 

A larger topic would include someone losing their life due to domestic violence, gang activity, murder, suicide, mental illness, recklessness…We won’t pursue these topics until a later time. 

Remember that we are ETERNAL.  We come to this earth-plane repeatedly to grow and learn in a wide variety of ways. Embrace this life. Learn the lessons that loss is meant to teach you. Carry those lessons with you as you care for yourself and your loved ones. Pray to make sense of sudden loss and look to God for support and guidance.

There is a mirror in your room of life experiences. in that mirror are the lessons taught to you throughout your life. See the weathered lines on your face? It looks as if you have traveled for many miles and learned many things. This is the truth. This is but another lesson that you welcomed into your life experience.

Learn and grow stronger. Avoid the pitfalls of grief and loss of faith.

We gather around God for life’s most difficult lessons,