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Many of you have made the effort to release some baggage and become more grounded. Welcome to your enhanced spiritually stable existence! It is good to see you here. You have learned to ask spirit for help in being closer to your actual life chart and this makes us warmhearted and proud. We have spent many hours with you to help get to this point and you have not disappointed. Congratulations.

Now that you are grounded to Mother Earth We may be able to share some much-needed information with you. We will now discuss what many advanced spiritual practitioners call “downloads.” We have a mountain of information to give to all humans who have begun their spiritual journey in earnest. You may always seek to make progress in life but some of you made that step now and We will not delay in utilizing your vivid connection.

Downloads are a rapid infusion of God-based material directly into your psyche. If you successfully meditate, these downloads may happen at that time. You may also be distracted by everyday tasks and a download may be occurring in the background of your consciousness. The most evident downloads happen when you are going about your day and spirit feels that a download is necessary in order for you to function at a spiritually optimal level sometime soon. These are the most awkward downloads.

This happens at any time during your day. You may be sipping coffee and your mind wanders away and you don’t hear the phone ringing, your spouse asking you about your day or you are not actually reading the paper that you appear to be reading. This is a rapid influx of “upgrades.” You receive the download and then your being will utilize the new information. You will begin to use this upgrade in your existence. Sometimes a download will happen as you sleep. This is good because you are not actually taken out of your normal functioning in order for the transmission to take place. Then your mind, body and soul will absorb the information and you will use it as you wake and start your day.

The awkward part is when you receive a download at the hair salon, grocery store, library or even the workplace. People will actually notice that you are “zoned out.” They may speak to you, try to get your attention or just stare. This download is not optimal because of the potential for unpleasant or distracted behavior on your part. You likely don’t want that type of negative attention.

The optimal way to avoid this awkward exchange is to meditate often or pray to God and your helpers for downloads to occur in your sleep. While your defense are down, as with sleep or meditation, God and spirit find you more open to communication. Much of your day you actually block your Heavenly Hosts from interacting with you. Many times you are afraid of input from guides or other unseen beings. In response, spirit may overtake you in the awkward download because it is necessary.

With all of the hard work that you have done recently, it is time for more information to be presented to you. We will ask that you meditate with intention. You must reach at least a moderate level of meditation so We may give you what you need to continue your ascension. If you feel “unfinished” the first time you try, set aside another time to meditate again. Ask your guides to facilitate your communication with the Divine and help to properly utilize your new information. Please remember to perform a protection exercise before and after meditation. It is also a good thing to protect yourself throughout your day because your vast advances have left you energized and more spiritually empowered. You are like an intense light bulb that may attract more attention from passing ghosts. There is nothing to fear. Just protect yourself because it makes sense. No drama, just functional.

Yes! Be proud of yourself for all of your hard work. God has noticed and you have a direct line of His Light. Blossom in this affection and grow taller and infinitely closer to your place in the Kingdom of God. This higher vibration will make life easier. Making decisions and being positive and proactive will become what you are known for. You do not have to be deceased to be near God. You may function easily in both realms.

Some of you feel touched by magic. This is more accurately living your intended earth life with a vivid connection to God. It may feel like magic but there are no tricks or deception. This process of being grounded and open to God have caused you to jump a few steps up on the Stairway to Heaven. It is an actual ascent and you are more than WELCOME!


There are very few things that you may take into the afterlife

There is so much more to this life than money, jobs, homes and personal luxuries. People focus so much on what they have and what they want that they lose sight of God’s INTENTION for your life.

You were not asked to come to earth to be millionaires and possess lavish wealth. You came here to grow as an individual and to tirelessly help others. Look around and take count of what you possess and speak about how this item or these possessions improve the spirituality of humanity.

You may feel more comfortable living in a large home near a waterfront but does this help relieve human suffering? No, at least not for anyone but you.

Imagine we are sitting around a camp fire. At this fire are your loved ones who have passed, your spirit guides, your angels and God. If WE all set about making a list of necessary items to supply the world with, what would be on that list? What do you possess that benefits all of mankind? Not much.

WE need to start thinking in terms of benefitting  all others when we write that list. World peace, an end to famine, the reversal of global warming, the cessation of strip mining, stopping the decimation of worldwide forests and ecosystems, curing cancer and diabetes…this list may go on for a long time. 

The focus of our human lives has to reflect why we came here in the first place. What did we decide, with the help of God, that we would accomplish in our time here on earth? Does our need for material success fit with this divine plan? Not likely, unless we give a large portion of our income to charity. We may donate to finding the cure for cancer or an alterative for fossil fuels. This would be an accomplishment in and of itself. However, we desire material wealth for a variety of other reasons.

If you take time, right now, to reexamine your goals, think of this one quote, “There are few things that you may take into the afterlife.” Mahah Win spoke this to me recently and it struck me fairly hard. I have printed it out and sits on my desk at work where I may see it a hundred times a day for five days a week.

Reexamine what it is that you want from your time here. As you write that list remember that it was written with the help of our God. What had the two of you decided you would accomplish when you came here for this life?

Go with God,