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Guide These New World Leaders

The feelings of today are of mothers and grandmothers. Today we nurture and cherish our young. We allow them to grow and provide enough guidance and direction to ease some of the pain.

Imagine a fresh new babe. Someone who needs to be taught everything from basic needs to advanced technology. We nurture these babes. We allow them enough space to grow and decide what they will be to this world and we give them enough of a boost to get them there.

We honor our children as our children need honor us. We have a mutually splendid relationship with each child. Everyone is given the opportunity to grow and mature.We model and shape our young until they know how to care for and direct their own behavior.

We walk hand in hand. We face each new battle with a strong allegiance to each other. We set our own goals and our own needs. We see in each other what is best for us. We adjust our plans to extend our travels. We find what is successful and what must be re-engineered.

We take each other by the hand and walk steadily forward. We meet all stressors and accomplishments with the same connectedness between us.

Look around you at this very important time of growth and maturation. Who needs a hand? Who needs support? Who will we see evolve into a brighter, more successful consciousness? 

Have we done everything we need to help those around us? Is there far more that we are able to do? Have we stated our needs and our beliefs so that others may follow us? 

Be as though we are the parents of these new personalities. Let them know what may work and what doesn’t work. Guide, as if they are your descendants. Honor where they are in their path of maturity then help them to reach higher and fulfill the goals of a nation.

This new age brings about more responsibility. Those who read these posts are of the higher thinkers and the more worldly leaders. Forgive them for being brash and self-centered. It is your guidance that will show them grace, faith and humility. Allow them to grow within your Light and under your direction. You are the leader of these leaders. Take your place at the head of the line. You need not shout out your own direction but you may more easily guide the souls who are there to shout out about this new age and wave of enlightenment.

Teach the leaders. Offer your perspective. Extend your hand. Teach in the realm of many great teachers. Know thy place in this New World.

Be as one in this Age of Enlightenment. You have your place and they have theirs.

Go with God,

Makah Win


Today, We Demand Change

Today, my love. Today, we will walk together in the rain and make great plans for our future.

Today, we will walk beside each other and show support for others who are ill, poor, homeless, and lost.

Today, we will walk together and show that we love each other as much as we love ourselves.

Today, we will stand against the mountainous machine of big business that seeks to cuff us into oppression.

Today, we will stand shoulder to shoulder in a cause for goodness and light.

Today, we make haste of the work needing to be done to stand together and fight against unjust financial pressure.

Today, we will mark this date upon our calendar as the day we take our power back and begin to control our own future again.

Today, we work tirelessly to care for our sick and injured, our youth and our elders.

Today, we make broad and sweeping changes to how things are done and replace them with thoughts of love and support.

Today, our voices are heard.

Today, we are proud to be able to stand in this line of people who are demanding something better, something more appropriate.

Today, we love each other as brothers and sisters. We grieve for our ancestors who were held in such financial disrespect. We cry for our mothers who can’t afford to feed their families. We express sorrow for our forefathers who thought they were leaving this world in a better state for their young. 

We feel saddened. Then we feel hopeless. Then we feel anger. Then we feel rage. Then we stand together and demand change.

We stand together this day to promise our children a better world.

We ask for God’s blessings, Amen.

Makah Win

protest, or not

Where have we come to this point?

What new ideas and energies have evolved during this time enlightenment?

Who has shown themselves to us as someone who may lead in this next age?

What has been accomplished by the turmoil and upheaval?

There have been many bright realizations in this time of protest and upheaval. People have stepped forward to lead. Others have stepped forward to follow. There are many advances in the general consensus about what type of services or treatment we will submit to. We have decided not to be held down any longer. We have stated our goals and have expected our leaders to listen and pay attention.

We feel empowered by the motion of this change. We are not allowing ourselves to be oppressed or violated. We believe we deserve respect and consideration.

What does this mean for us? Change.

We don’t all feel the need to protest. Some of us don’t even want our lives to change. Yet many others of us are happy! We all have different life goals. Some of us preach through peace others through fire and brimstone. We all have our place in this dynamic world.

It is possible to happily continue on our current path. The only change could be more joy and love. We may be healers who continue to heal. That’s great! We may be servers or chefs. It is all Ok. Balance is a beautiful thing.

We do not need to protest in any manner. Simply do what feels the most satisfying and natural to you. It is fine that some may lead and others follow. Some may sing and others may shout. That is the beauty of this dynamic and ever-changing place. “Occupy” whatever place makes the most sense for you.

Don’t feel bad for not demonstrating. Express yourself  in a manner that resonates for you. If your next door neighbor wants to march against injustice, wish them well. Give your support in any venue that you feel is most natural for you.

Live, love, laugh, cry. Enjoy your place in this world. Decide when and where others may hear your opinion and witness this bold and beautiful expansion that is happening before us.

Go with God.


Makah Win

Allow the Protest to March Right by You

What happens when the world is flushed with massive amounts of Divine energy? Chaos, apparently.

Have we lost our way? Have we forgotten to prioritize our needs? Who is left behind to keep the necessary tasks of life happening?

What happened?

Ask as many fellow Light Travelers to remain calm and to use this new influx of energy for the betterment of your earthly existence. Are you still praying? Have you considered what your next step to your enlightenment would be? Don’t let this unfamiliar energy get you caught up in ways which have nothing to do with the betterment of your soul.

Step aside and allow the protest to march right by you. Remain in the Light. Keep your calm. Divert your attention to the matters of love, contentment, satisfaction and atonement. What have you gained in your desire to rejoin God in Heaven? How are your kindred spirits doing in their very same quest?

Who has time to Occupy Protest? Not us. We have Light to bring into this world. We have wounds to heal and a future to cultivate.

Step aside and let the nay sayers travel their own path. Allow them to spend a vast amount of energy trying to change what isn’t anywhere near about to be changed. It is as if they are wasting large amounts of personal energy and resources to make themselves stand out among their peers. What is being accomplished? Very little.  

Relax. Have communion with God. Seek what would be best accomplished by your attention and direction.

Who have you lifted up today? 

Who’s fears have you allayed?

Who’s direction have you helped to solidify?

Seek ONLY these truly humanity-related goals. Occupy the space next to your child or your best friend. Hold hands with a fellow traveller and help guide their ascension. Stop and give someone in need some time in your day.

WORSHIP and PRAISE GOD! OCCUPY the seats of your church or synagogue. LOVE all others. PREACH of salvation and ascension. GIVE those in need your time. MAKE your place at the Table of God. SPEND your human life learning love, peace and charity.

This is as it should be.

Go With Light,

Makah Win