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Love is Already Here

Many of you are looking ahead for love like there are not many possibilities where you are currently in life. The Law of Attraction tells you that “waiting” for love will confirm that you are still “waiting,” even after a long time. It is much like waiting for a windfall of money, waiting to relax on a vacation, waiting for your health to improve, waiting to lose weight… Please get into the habit of believing you have all of your goals and wishes now. Your inner dialog has programmed the Universe to keep you “waiting.” This is far from perfect.

There is love all around you. Envision yourself encircled in love. Remember to include the top of your head, your back and the bottom of your feet. Proclaim, “I have love now! I have more than enough and I am full to overflowing with loving energy.” Keep this positive and motivational. It IS true. God created us to be flush in love. Despite any heartache, blockage or barrier, you are intended to find love again. Love for yourself, your life, your family, friends… As We have spoken before, none of your experiences are intended to undo you. You must accept what has happened, cope with it, accept it as part of who you are and find your love for yourself and your life again.

Love is universal. Your love for many things in your life will bring about the romantic love you desire. Love begets love. You have enough right now. No more waiting. No more short-term or long-term goals for love. You have all the love you need at this moment. Accept this as true and be open to all of the love that you may have forgotten about or missed along the way. It is recommended to send love to others. You may have strained relationships with family, friends or other individuals. Please send them love as well. Why? Because is doesn’t hurt and you receive what you send out. That is also the Law of Attraction. You send love to others and others will respond by sending love to you.

Having love sent to you throughout your day will improve your mood, promote healing, resolve some conflicts and bring brighter more loving people to you. Envision yourself wrapped in a cloak of love. Everything will get better, and fast. This will also help with romantic love. If a potential partner were to see you during your day, they would subconsciously recognize the love that you have been infused with. This will draw their attention to you. They will notice more things about you and your life because your presence causes them to feel better and more content. They will be “attracted” to you because they feel the positive, loving energy that you present to the world.

People who are smiling and bright draw more attention than someone who appears moody and sullen. Some advice that people give is to “change your mind.” In this instance this is good advice. You have all the love you will ever need right now. Believe it fully and embrace your reality. Be sure to flush any dark or negative energy from your entire being. Inside and out, top to bottom, front to back. Infuse yourself with pink or rose. Then make your “love” color brighter and more vivid. Increase the intensity until in your mind’s eye you are unable to look directly at yourself because your eyes would hurt. Fill your car, office, an elevator, coffee shop, college classroom, Dr.’s office…with this intense love that comes from you. Everyone will feel better and they won’t know why. More importantly, they will be drawn to you for love!

Using positive affirmations will help make this transformation. Repeat some positive statements to yourself. Make them REAL. Keep going and reaffirm these changes by recognizing the positive changes that come to you. This mindset will reinforce itself.


In The Cradle of God

You have made some brief attempts to use visualization for healing and spiritual progress but you must give it more effort. It works quite well and there really is no reason to “not” use it.

Do you feel foolish? But who knows that you are doing it? This is something that may be very personal AND satisfying. You do not need to share this practice with anyone. That is, until you pass it along to others because it works so well!

Start small. Develop a basic visualization that you will envision each day. We have selected a vision for you as stated in the title above. Envision yourself being held in the cradle of God’s arms as HE sits upon HIS throne.

See yourself being embraced. Add colors, textures, sensations, fragrances and the “feeling” of being held. The more details you develop, the more real it becomes. Nestle in and receive HIS love. You may wish to smell roses, fresh-cut wood, a meadow after a rain, or even your grandmother’s perfume. Feel the drapes of Greatness. Hear and feel the hum of HIS energy as you are in HIS embrace. See the Bright White Light that surrounds you both.

As this becomes more comfortable for you to create, then ask for what you want or need. Heal yourself or others. Find the guidance and energy to start a new business. Find direction for your next career. Find that perfect car. Squash the argument between your brothers. Ask for good homes for all those rescued kittens you heard about. Ask for patience in dealing with that pesky neighbor.

Just ask and allow. Release the whole situation to God and let it be handled. If you take back your “control” things will go awry again. You will not handle any situation better than God. This freedom will give you added time to send loving energy out to everyone in your daily life. Be a conduit for God’s Love and send Light to any person or situation.

It is your human need to believe you are in control over everything in your life. This isn’t true and this belief alone may cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, ulcers, headaches, shortness of breath, irritability, unfocused anger, being overwhelmed by daily tasks and may culminate in panic.

Remember that you are not in charge. You are a passenger on the bus and God is driving. This realization will allow you to feel carefree and loving. It is up to you to experience life and learn from all of its intricacies. Release your need for control and experience a life of faith instead.

Each day is a gift, full of gifts.

Genuine joy and jubilation is your birthright. Be hungry for each moment. Celebrate each blessing. Always see the good in every person, situation and experience.

You know the meaning of life. It is to simply leave the Universe up to God and celebrate your freedom to celebrate!

The amount of happiness in your life has everything to do with your perspective. Even the negative things have a positive lesson to teach you. Don’t be undone by illness, loss, and mistakes. Instead, find the joy that most certainly has come of it.

Most of you are still unable to comprehend why bad things should cause you to experience joy. Stick with us and We will lead you there.

From The Embrace of God,

The Goal Chart

There are many opportunities at hand to develop your own sense of being. With all of the inbound energy around it is possible to make small or broad-sweeping changes.

Look closely at who you are and who you want to be. Write things down. Prepare all of this information in a graph. On the immediate left start by presenting who you are. On the far right, present who you want to be. In the center list some possible steps to take to achieve your goal.

Be honest. No one will look at it unless you show it to them. Attempt to cover all of your bases. We will offer some suggestions:

Appearance, health, housing, employment, higher education, child care, caring for an elderly family member, hobbies, bad habits, spirituality, nutrition, politics, travel, retirement, savings, stock options, repairing relationships, making friends, losing bad friends, sobriety, increased activity, forgiveness, self-love, self-expression, overcoming childhood issues, planting a garden..

Be creative and don’t be afraid to look at painful or traumatic events. Self-care is your top priority. If you are not healthy or in good spirits you may not be able to take care of your needs or assist others.

Look deep inside. It is time to release those negative emotions that you have stored there. Wrap all dark or muddy areas in balloons and imagine releasing them into the air. One after another. Make sure to invest in this exercise. Imagine these balloons and give them color and substance. Fill them full of negative emotions and release them without hesitation!

Build up the chakra colors within your being. Make each chakra bright and fluid. Imagine them spinning with good health and vigor. Imagine your God Center within your solar plexus. Make this area shine with intensely bright, golden light.

Success in this imagery will feed the health and well-being of your body and mind. Set those goals. Imagine attaining each of them. Mark your progress as you move across your chart of where you were and who you are now. How much more fulfilled will you be once you reach the other side of the page?

This is what you want for yourself. You want to make changes for the better and improve not only your life but also the lives of those around you as well.

God will walk with you as you change. He will stand beside you because you are doing as he wishes, and that is taking good care of you! All benefits and goodness start from within. Allow nothing but positive and healthy feelings to remain at the center of your being.

“Together We are One and We Offer a Hand to Those in Need. Without Our Good Health, Others Will Suffer.” Amen

The Miracle of Love

Many of you are natural healers. You have followed a certain path and may have been brought to this site for a specific reason. We are here to teach you as we agreed to do prior to your incarnation. We are called “guides” and this is definitely accurate.

We have influence upon differing areas of your life. Some of us focus upon your health, others focus upon relationships, more still focus upon past-life issues that have come to manifest trouble in this lifetime.

What we wish to focus on now is healing. You are able to improve someone’s health or emotional state simply by sending them love.

Imagine a person in your mind’s eye. Surround them with White Light. Be sure to envelope their entire being which includes the front, sides, back and inside. Any amount of Light will help but we would like you to make the most positive impact upon this person.

You may hold this image in your mind’s eye and then say a prayer of healing. Do not set specific requirements or means. Please keep your prayer general so that spirit may decide the best approach to meeting your wishes. By placing specifics upon the request you will decrease the efficiency of the healing.

Do this as often as desired. Spirit may develop a way of giving you updates on how the person is feeling. You may get a call from this person stating that they feel better or their health has improved. You may also be shown different colors or images when visualizing them. Green is healing. Emerald green is ideal. If you are shown a light green area then you may imagine shifting that color to a darker, richer emerald-green, which would signify progress toward healing more completely.

Red is obviously something painful. Black is not positive. It may be a blockage or serious illness in the area it covers. Muddy colors show impaired functioning or illness.

Blue is creativity and communication so a blue area may tell you that you’ve effectively sent a healing message. Or, if the area is a creativity or communication center it may represent a return to good health. Purple is spirit. A purple area shows some communication or interaction with spirit. Purple ears signifies hearing or listening to spirit.

Gold is for God and Mother God. Use gold freely! Gold colors may also become muddy as well so renew your visualizations often.

For now we won’t worry about where the muddiness or darkness goes. We will discuss that at a later time. For now, let it wash away as you flush the area with brighter, more healthy colors.

Send loving energy and say a prayer of healing. Pay attention to responses or cues that you have helped this person in some way. Or, you may have to rely on faith that you have helped them. Keep the colors bright and vibrant. Change any muddy or dark colors to a brighter, clearer hue.

This is so simple yet effective. Your energy and Light will be brighter because you have sent love and God’s healing to another.

This is another step to increasing the Light we have in our world. Send love. Send God. Trust that you have improved our lives in some way!