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More Politics

The political race seems to be slowing down. The candidates are watering down their beliefs and feelings in order to bring people closer, not to push them further away. They have made many missteps and have paid dearly for their errors.

Each mistake they make costs them in support and money. Their financial backers may be put off by some of their stronger statements as well. They lose points and gain points daily.

Truly, at this stage, they feel as if they are living in a glass house. Even off-handed remarks influence the electorate. One day they are leading, the next day they are falling behind.

It is as if the candidates are playing an end-stage game of Twister. They are hopelessly entangled on their own and then we add the other candidates.

They practice over and over what should be said and cautioned over and over what shouldn’t be said. They are well-rehearsed. The successful candidate is certainly the one who may be trained most efficiently. The best one at following the rules will suffer fewer missteps.

Have you noticed that the best candidate is the one who accepts direction more easily and is able to retain the lessons taught to them by handlers all throughout the day? If you have difficulty following direction, you will not do well in the political arena.

What about the smaller offices up for re-election? Have you seen a candidate that does not tolerate the pressure to be non-offensive? They usually make a statement about the scrutiny of the political arena and then drop out of the race. Their egos do not respond well to being reigned in. Being corrected is intolerable.

There are also politicians who aren’t able to stand up to the personal scrutiny of the press. Their lives have been more colorful than the candidate who has been married to the same woman and apparently resisted the urge to cheat.

Everything comes into play during an election! Who could stand up to this barrage of criticism? Do we realize how WE make it nearly impossible to elect good leaders? Is it any wonder that there are fewer and fewer candidates when it finally gets to be election time? Or, is this how we want it to be? Survival of the fittest is actually survival of the image makeover.

Perhaps with this New Age of 2012, things will begin to change. Maybe the energy turmoil will help us to  narrow our focus upon what makes a good political leader and what is the best option to elect our future leaders? Maybe.

It is possible to focus the reform movements on the election process. It may actually be very successful in changing our political direction. If our focus on money reform and banking reform now focuses on politics, we may take the next 4 years to improve the process. That would be an enlightened plan!

Doesn’t it make sense for us to reform our political system so we may care for our selves, children, elders, families and homes? We may also focus on the environment, energy alternatives, healthcare and Social Security. If we elect the best leader then these humanitarian goals would be easier to address and attain.

Add your positive and enlightened energy into the political race. Make the bast decision about who gets elected so that we may see our culture grow and prosper. We have the responsibility to make the needed changes for the next generation and the one after that.

There are so many different floods of energy coming this year. We have used some of it to better our own lives, now we may make improvements to our entire society. Just as we care for our own young so must we care for all of our young.

Look to the new energy for the strength to do what is positive and good. Make some well-informed decisions and take steps to achieve the goals toward a better society.

Be Present and Be Active,



If Not Obama, If Not Now

There are many followers who are concerned about Obama winning the next election. This is probably one of the most debated topics on this site. Many people would rather someone else would win.

I may be interpreting this wrong but I sense that Obama will be re-elected. However, no psychic is ever %100 right.

As I have stated in the past, sometimes spirit gives you inaccurate information in order to push you into action. If you don’t want Obama re-elected then it is time to get out there and support the person that you want elected. Get moving, make a difference. 

If you don’t make any effort then you can’t say that you made any difference. Wishful thinking does not decide an election.

Obama is mid-chart for his presidency. There are many more things that he will attempt to achieve in the next 4 years. Some of it will be very positive. Some of it will get shot down just like any bi-partisan effort might.

If you do not get involved in this election then make plans to become involved in the next. The “Monday Quarterback” mindset will only work so many times before you are prompted to actually become involved in the real election process.  

If you don’t attempt to change anything then what changes will you see? Changes made by other people. You will have made yourself ineffectual.

Don’t give away your rights. Don’t give up your desire to have positive growth occur in our country. See this process through to the end and make plans to be more involved in the future.

It is so easy to sit and twiddle your thumbs and WISH for change but it does not accomplish anything.

Always remember that any life chart is open to free will. Many of the current participants in this Presidential Election may decide to change their direction for a myriad of reasons.  Any of us may throw a wrench into our own chart and it is very possible that the candidates may make some unplanned decisions.

Keep informed and make decisions that resonate with your soul. Pay attention to how you feel once you have made your choice. If you feel positive and content, then it was the right decision. Try your best not to think and re-think every decision that you make. Go with your first choice and ground yourself in the gut reaction that you received because of it. 

Make changes to your world by being involved.

All of My Love and See You at the Polls,


The Downstream of Politics; 2012

As water flows downstream it joins together with other streams or rivers. They combine and form a larger body of flowing water which may continue to grow as other water sources add to it.

This is the current political situation we have now. The smaller, less popular candidates fold their campaigns and then join their followers with another, more popular candidate. 

They seek to align with someone who mirrors their same ideals. They also seek to have some type of influence or preference if their candidate wins the post. Politics in America is all about who you owe.

Even now, the front-runners are looking to each other to see who their best ally or allies may be. Then, of course, it becomes partisan.

Many Americans are becoming disillusioned about our political system. Everything feels so fake and forced. Even long-standing platforms may change to be more becoming to the electorate. How many 180 degree turnarounds have you seen so far? Interesting.

As you recall, this has already been predetermined by the charts that each candidate has made with God prior to coming back into another earth life. We may be privy to this information or not. It all depends upon the lessons that each of us need to learn.

At the end we will see 2-3 very watered down candidates. They will be as bland as putty. Then we will go through all the rhetoric of the newly elected or re-elected president being challenged by everyone. Possibly even his or her own political party!

Anyone tired of this yet? Perhaps so but we still need to make broad-sweeping changes to the debt, banking, health care, war, mortgage reform, lending rates, Social Security…

We are charged with the responsibility of taking care of our family and our neighbors. We will focus upon the many social ills that plague our underprivileged. What are the goals of a progressive, positive reform, country? It would be the many changes that you would make for your own family. We are all one.

We will be best served by caring deeply for all of our citizens. Everyone needs a hand up occasionally. Let us be the solution to what is making our society ill.

Focus upon what your own community needs the most and then work your way outward. As a group we may have a profound influence upon what changes are made to our own lives. If you need it perhaps others need it as well!

Promise yourself that you will pay more attention to who is being elected to our country’s most powerful positions. Lobby for reform. Be heard. Let your officials know that WE need help and be specific about what kind of help we need.

Imagine yourself as the leader of a large, wealthy family with considerable influence. In turn, what would you do to make the lives of your extended family better? That is who we are. We are your extended family and we need some support from you.

I hope this makes sense to you as far as metaphors go.

Help and honor yourself. Help and support your family. Seek to improve the lives of your extended family. Invest in and improve your community. Share love, honor and hope with the world.

The first step happens now. Educate yourself about the upcoming election and become involved. Be the force behind making the changes that we all need and want. Be a leader and follow the guidance of God. Let there be no greed or ego in the decisions that our elected officials make. 

We are moving forward in peace and grace,


Emotional and Financial Security

Everlasting grace.

There are many signs that are becoming more obvious each day. We often look to the political unrest and see our own country’s turmoil reflected back to us. We are unsure of our leadership. We are certainly in financial turmoil. There are so many signs of unrest that we may feel more insecure about our own circumstances.

Please don’t be afraid to gather your life circumstances together and view all of it objectively. How are you really doing? Where are your needs being met and where are the holes in your feelings of security?

Manage your money and time more effectively. Budget and share your excess with friends and family. Time spent with loved ones may be enormously more valuable than money or gifts.

Spend within your means this holiday season. Don’t go overboard on gifts AND don’t expect others to spend too much on you. Balance is required. Be thoughtful and caring. Teach your children/grandchildren that this is a time of financial restraint. Prioritize what is important for them to have and what may be done without.

Financial responsibility must begin at home. Be a good role model. Make an obvious shift from volunteering your time instead of money. Share your financial success if at all possible but please do not cause your expenses to override your income.

“Blessings to All.” The best news this holiday season is that blessings are free!

There will be much more information being sent to you about your political and financial circumstances. Take your time when choosing your leaders and always seek the best place for you to spend/save/invest your income. This may take some investigation and research but your personal and financial security are very important.

All My Love,

Makah Win