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The Blessed Journey Within

Finding God does not take a trip of a thousand footsteps. You merely have to look inside to find HIM.

Why do you feel that faith is something that you find somewhere? Your soul has all of the necessary information on God and life that you will ever need. Looking outside of yourself may be a deterrent to finding those “truths” that you know exist.

You don’t live life inside of yourself. This would accomplish nothing. You must balance what happens around you and what is in your soul. To initially find your faith you must touch upon it where it resides in your God Center. This is in your solar plexus or the area behind the tip of your sternum.

Often advice comes suggesting you follow your heart or what you have determined to be factual in your mind. These two energy centers may not give you the most accurate information. Emotions cloud much of the information that spirit may provide to you. It is this fact that skews your guidance.

Emotions will keep you actively involved in negative loops of thinking and behavior. If you are in an abusive relationship will you leave and get safe if you follow your heart? No. You will likely stay because you love that person. You love them enough to keep forgiving them over and over again. What does your mind say about this? Whatever you choose to tell yourself. Your self-talk may be keeping you in this relationship as well. “I love him, he will change, and she made a promise this time… I know she will change for me.” Either your heart or your mind has not provided you with truthful information.

You will be chasing emotions for the rest of your life but this will not get you anywhere. The truth is in your God Center. Touch your fingers to the lower portion of your sternum. Be still and meditative if possible. Find that truth that is there. To know you have successfully made a connection to your true self you will feel a sense of calm and knowing.

This knowledge is based in truth so there is no emotion attached to it. This is also a good state to be mindful. In this inner connection you find truth and stability that you may have not known before. Emotion makes you run here or there, become upset with what is and mood swings from euphoria to desolation. This is not spiritual health. This is being a slave to your emotions.

Have you found that you haven’t made any real progress by following your emotions? If you make decisions by what mood you are in, there is no authentic motivation. These decisions may leave you feeling empty, lost or alone. You may also feel like you never get ahead. It may be like climbing a mountain of fine sand. You have images of never reaching the top.

Your chart is in your God Center. Your guides and God are there too.

If you find your mind whirls with chatter, who are you actually listening to? Most of the time it is your own inner voice. Occasionally it is a guide or other Divine being. Sometimes it is a ghost or earthbound spirit who offers you useless or upsetting information. There are darker beings that may invade your mind but that would take a skilled seer to discover this. NEVER go to someone who has no training or background in dealing with attachments or nefarious spirits. This will only deepen your struggles.

Information given to you that is frightening is not a spirit guide. Genuine guidance from spirit guides is matter-of-fact. They are verbally blunt and expressionless. This emotionless exchange is true. You always have to remember how you felt the moment you received the information. Why? Because you will add emotion, fear, excitement, dread, hopelessness… It may be helpful to write it down so when your mind or heart begins to add layers of nonsensical information you may reconnect with how you felt when you originally became aware of the information. Weed out the mind/heart interference and remember what the genuine message was.

Receiving genuine guidance may not make you very popular. You tend to become matter-of-fact as well. Things make sense and seem obvious. You have a direct line to what your intuition states from this life and perhaps a few others. This unquestionable “knowing” may irritate those you deal with. They may feel that you are uncaring or a know-it-all. They may also mistake your mental strength and stability as some type of personality disorder. You really want people to know that you love them and offer support, care and nurturing. You are not an emotionless robot so do not present yourself as one. This is one caveat. Remember to offer love and support because when others are still dealing from their heart or mind they will not comprehend your God Center directness. Find truth but remember how to love.

Have you known spiritual leaders to seem arrogant or lofty? This is that caveat that we make reference to. You may have profound faith and dedication to God but still seem unapproachable or distant. This really doesn’t help you or anyone else. Life does not occur in a vacuum. You need information from within AND still participate in life. This is one of your life goals.

To be lofty and above all others will make your soul group connections diminish. You will seem to travel in isolation. You may only communicate with others who have your same lofty beliefs. Then what good are you doing for your loved ones, family and community? Be a real person with a direct connection to God. Remain humble and stay connected to loved ones. Be aware that they are still dealing in terms that you have found to be ineffective and obsolete. They still deserve your love and attention. If they cannot deal with you on your spiritual level then choose to send them angels, pray for their well-being and jump in with help where and when you can.

Don’t be a silo in a world of too many silos. Use your knowledge and awareness to help everyone along. Send love, hope and healing to all others. You are not going to break bread with them or allow them to live in your guest room but a thoughtful prayer and blessing is awesome. There are struggles throughout this world. Send something positive to these places or situations. Many spiritual beings will offer that LOVE is always the answer. Embrace this and see where it takes you.

Love is truly in your God Center. Self-love, love of others and love for all Creation does not just reside in your heart. The entirety of “your” truth is in your God Center and real life will flow from there.


A Desert Period

There are times in life when not much happens. There may be a lull in emotional events and fairly reasonable success in all other areas of your life. There are desert periods charted for various reasons. It may be a time of learning where you read books, attend groups, take some courses, focus on your family and friends, set some goals, relax… There are some specific purposes for these periods. Normally, you would recognize when the desert period ends because life would seem to start up again and bring you more challenges to respond to.

These are some expected desert periods. Then, there are desert periods that you create by bowing out of life or being in denial. This would be a type of self-isolation or self-defense. This type is not charted and does not promote healthy coping, learning or relationships. You are simply ignoring life.

You felt some joy and relief that you could skip some of your charted experiences. You missed the point. Skipping experiences that are definitely below your current energy vibration is allowed. Yes you may skip negative events, behavior and relationships and there may be actual desert periods to account for the lack of activity…BUT… you cannot just skip out on life.

Life was intended to be difficult. That is what you embraced. Now, you may feel that some things are too negative or cumbersome to manage and you want to opt out. This was not intended. The more complexity you charted, the higher evolved that you are spiritually.

You would not have been allowed to chart such contrast without the ability to manage it.

It truly is a blessing that you wanted to work so hard in this lifetime that you would make some real progress. You are that strong.

Simple right from wrong and yes and no charts are written for people who are of lower vibration. They may have had some dark lives and they are just starting their ascension. They have charted simple tasks which are fairly direct and straight forward. They chose to place these right/wrong lessons before themselves in order to become more familiar with choosing right instead of past lives of choosing wrong. YOU are not this person. You are here on this site because you have found the desire to be evolved, informed and enlightened.

You may still make some wrong, misinformed or negative choices but you are here seeking God and absolution. You realize that you are responsible for your own soul and there are more positive places for you to occupy.

This may be true of your soul but now that you are human, life seems to hold too many difficult experiences. You want to opt out of some heart break and hardships. Try to remember that you charted life to learn specific lessons and experience certain things in order to learn more. You have some basic knowledge about a lot of things as a soul in the afterlife. You made a decision to expand your experience in certain areas. Very much like rounding out your general knowledge.

You may have had success in love many times and now you want to experience heart ache and loneliness. This is to expand your knowledge in this one area. You may have had lives of prosperity and now you want poverty. Yes, it sucks. But this is what you wanted. The opposite may also be true. You may have had lives of poverty and now want immense prosperity. Enjoy!

The caveat is, after many lives of poverty, you may dwindle down your cash and resources to again be in the more familiar state of poverty. After lives of being lonely and isolated you may force your loving partner and family to abandon you so you may return to the more familiar life of loneliness. These life lines can’t go unchecked. You would not want to destroy a loving, positive, successful life in order to revert back to a previous state of existence. This may happen inadvertently. If you wander through each day without feelings of responsibility, you may undo some very beautiful aspects of your life.

Don’t opt out. Trust that you are higher evolved and you set some pretty impressive goals for yourself. You came here to succeed and return home with some hard-won spiritual advancement. Stay on course. Get through the good times and the bad. Wear your experiences with pride.

A good metaphor may be that you are seeking a degree in life. You have lifelines in the required areas of love, family, wealth, spirituality, health, accomplishment, charity… You have required courses and elective ones. The goal is to obtain a degree which covers all areas of life with a focus in one or two specialized topics. You can’t skip any courses. If you do you won’t get a degree. You must fulfill all requirements or fall short and have to put in some extra semesters. No one wants to put in any more work than is necessary. Do the work and get your degree.

You are here to round out your learning in areas that you may be lacking. Or, you wanted to get a higher final grade. None of this sounds easy or superficial. You understood this. If you didn’t have goals, there would be no reason to be here.

Understand that a desert period may be charted but for specific reasons. Being lazy, subversive or in denial is NOT a desert period. You may think you are savvy or unconventional but when you return to the Other Side, you may be sorely lacking. Savvy turns sour in a hurry.

Consider Trauma

What does trauma do to someone’s feelings, and emotions? Consider the age of the person and the impact will likely seem larger for those who are younger. Serious problems could develop. The overall impact trauma has on any one person is directly influenced by their ability to problem-solve, reason and cope. So, an adult who has limited coping skills may have a more dramatic response to trauma than a teenager with good coping skills and a strong support system. Conversely, elders may have had some organic changes in their brain and have lost some resiliency to contrast. It is all relative.

Trauma is subjective. The severity of the trauma depends entirely on how the person who has suffered it responds and reacts. To look at someone else who has suffered a crisis, you lose that subjectivity that they naturally possess. Even if someone is very close to you, the true emotion, fear or disruption in their life still impact them more. If you react more strongly than them, there is likely an imbalance in your emotional stability. Even if you are their parent, the sufferer will continue to be the person impacted the most. No amount of empathy brings you 100% in their shoes.

The groundwork of feeling safe happens very young. If you are familiar with the stages of development you understand this premise. If the infant/child did not successfully feel safe or autonomous, their response to trauma in their entire lifetime will have a greater impact upon them. Again, it is the basis of anyone’s development which the person builds the rest of their life experiences upon. If that foundation is unstable, there is little success in reaching a healthy, resilient, emotionally flexible child, young adult and adult.

This is where We tie into the post from yesterday. The household environment impacts the child from the start. A healthy parent/child relationship will go far into building someone with effective coping strategies. This refers to either parent or caregiver.

Any cycle of anger, fear, despair or acting out may happen all throughout life and in response to different areas of development. Nothing is set in stone and being flexible is very important to our discussion. Any disruption in care may affect the child. There are many factors that will create differences in a child’s development. The possibilities are endless. Each adult may have had a very unique upbringing experience, even if there are siblings. We will not touch upon each form of contrast.

Optimal is an emotionally healthy home with adequate supervision, individual attention, scholastic help, leisure activities and adequate finances. Each parent is healthy and responsible. Any disruption is handled calmly and fairly. Attention and help is given equally to every child. The children are healthy and able to successfully negotiate the school environment.

This is optimal but not common. Even if many of the requirements are met there still will be variations that may impact each child. It is important to raise a child to feel safe, secure, understood, valued and protected. If any of these areas are impaired or lacking, there may be changes in the child’s behavior.

Now add any amount of dysfunction to the home. With a higher incidence of conflict, upheaval, abuse or neglect, the impact upon the health of each child will be affected negatively. More stress leads to more reactivity. Then, being resilient as children are, they will somehow find a new “normal.” If the conflict is long-lasting, severe or directed at the child, they will lose their ability to resolve their emotional disruption. The dysfunction in their household will have a permanent impact on them.

Why is any of this important? Because you are the child AND the parent. You have elements of each in your everyday life. Perhaps you haven’t realized that in some situations, you are the younger person, subordinate or least mature individual in an interaction or environment. Then, you may be the older, authoritative, ultimately responsible person of a different interaction or environment. There is blend of many situations and interactions that draw upon your coping and maturity. Within you there are matters handled by the “parent” aspect and others responded to by the “child” aspect.

We have done some Inner Child work in the past and We will do more now. You are in a position of responsibility for yourself. Being an independent adult leaves you in control of your emotional health. You must examine your perception of trauma. Remember that you are the only person who will understand how you felt and responded to the upsetting events of your life. Others may share some similar feelings but no one can feel exactly what you did. Trauma is subjective. It is up to you to decide how important each event was and resolve the seemingly permanent results it had upon you.

As an adult, you have a choice as to how you will behave and react. Take into account any dysfunction in your life and your ability to respond optimally will decrease. You have the choice. You are responsible for every action you take. Review how you were raised. How strong is your independence and feelings of worth? Did things go well for you? Or, was there an overwhelming amount of dysfunction to deal with? How is this impacting your current life? If you are emotionally healthy, you have reasonable, contemplative responses to contrast. You may not have experienced every situation that you will encounter in life but you have confidence and self-assurance. If you have impulsive, emotionally reactive behavior, there were disruptions in your development. Perhaps this is trauma related or another causative factor.

We focus on trauma for good reason. Anything with less emotional impact would likely not have had permanent changes to the emotional development of anyone. An annoyance, complication, challenge… would be manageable to most people at any age. Trauma is more severe and life altering. Always remember that this is what you considered to be traumatic. Other people may disagree with your perspective but that is inconsequential. You decide what traumatized you.

Our perspective starts with you healing yourself and then rising above to experience life from a position of strength, confidence, emotional and spiritual health. Let us walk this road together.


You May Have Forgotten…


  1. You are never alone. You have many guides, departed loved ones, angels and various deities (pertaining to your beliefs) around you. It is likened to an entourage. There are MANY beings with you at every moment.
  2. You are worthy of love, forgiveness and spiritual success. Some have been berated by people in their lives and begin to actually believe they are inferior to others and do not deserve any happiness. Your abuser(s) are wrong. God is available to all at every moment. This is a learned behavior to feel unworthy. To reverse it takes time and persistence. It truly may take a day at a time or even moment to moment. Embrace the love of God and receive help to feel valuable again.
  3. You may be stuck in a situation that is not a part of your life chart. Many of you have repeating cycles in your life. These circumstances only repeat because you have not learned the lessons and allowed yourself to move on. The first step is to recognize the cycle and learn from them. Then, make positive changes so that your actual life chart may begin again.
  4. It is ok to be self-protective while you heal. Recovering from some damaging situations or relationships may take time. It is good to step back from some stress until you regain some of your spiritual strength. These periods of rest should only be temporary.
  5. There must be a balance between your inward and outward focus. Spending too much time focusing outward will leave you underdeveloped and stagnant. Many people use this as a coping strategy because they feel some things are easier to deal with by ignoring them. This is not recommended. Do the work and resolve your emotional issues as well as participate in your outward environment. This is a balance that will promote spiritual advancement. Emotional health arises when you properly care for your inner strength and outward growth.
  6. Past mistakes do not doom you to purgatory or hell. There is always room to turn your life around and be positive and hopeful again. Many mistakes that happened in youth are forgiven because they occurred when you were immature and impulsive. Mistakes as you age may be from organic changes in your brain and they are also placed in context and forgiven. You may have sought a relationship with the darkness but absolution is still possible if you reverse your thoughts and behavior and seek the light. Making amends is viewed very highly by God and spirit.
  7. Seeking medicine and treatment for illness and disease is acceptable. God created Eastern and Western medicine. Many scientists/ healers in spirit work tirelessly seeking treatment and cures for many of our human ailments. They then pass this information along to those of us on earth in a position to test and seek approval for it. This phenomena is very common.
  8. Travel may be helpful to gain inspiration but relocation is not necessary. You have had many lives in which you lived in many lands. You came here to exist, experience and make positive changes to the place where you arrived. Seeking relocation for political, religious or lifestyle reasons will actually interfere with your chart. This is not a case for martyrdom but rather a way to make positive strides in  human evolution. It is helpful to view this as working for God and not working for your own benefit.
  9. Leaders are needed. Too often people step back when a cause is being addressed. What is truly needed is active, industrious effort to make positive changes. The world needs leaders and followers. You must choose when you are needed to step into either role.
  10. Resist interfering with the energy of God. You may be inspired by God, spirit, angels, saints or any other Heavenly Host. Then, you allow your own prejudice and judgment to alter the intent of God. Remaining grounded, cleansed and clear will help you align with the true inspiration of God. You must have some clear introspection in order to keep from interfering with your chart. Selfish must be converted to selfless. Materialism transformed into self-sustaining. Wealth balanced by philanthropy. Your life goals are truly this obvious. Work for God and then go home.

Why It Matters

Bringing back all the pieces of your soul is how you move forward in grace and become your genuine self. You spend a lot of time listening to things outside of yourself. Much of what is in the news is intentionally inflated. Others want to tug on your emotions and bring you into alignment with their agenda. How much of your day do you spend following someone else’s ideas?

This matters because you will not find your genuine self by following someone else’s path. It may look attractive or even profitable but, it still isn’t yours. Being grounded and centered is essential to aligning with God and spirit. Collecting and polishing your own soul will bring about some life changing directions that you want and need. Your chart is your responsibility. No one else will take as much time to ponder and embrace your life goals.

Bringing yourself back into alignment will bring expected life experiences to you. You may very well rejoin your chart and make progress for God. Stress, upheaval and conflict touches you when you are not on your path. It seems difficult because it is. Taking steps that are not your own is like fighting a strong current. You are going uphill instead of downhill. Your life of fate, synchronicity and self-actualization has been replaced with following someone else’s drum.

Life matters. You have experiences to relish and contracts with others to complete. What seems attractive to you may actually be part of the hype of materialism, prejudice and popularity. This is not where you belong. Connecting with your true self-will bring more value and completion to your life. All of those loose ends are not actually important after all.

Where do you find yourself? In the calm, serene stillness. Rhetoric is distracting and artificial. This is a time of intense American politics. You show interest and have expectations. Even if you will not vote or do not hold politics in high regard, this is still an expectation. Why bring this up now? Because it is very difficult to find God in politics.

Some candidates profess to believe in and promote God. This is not actually true. Why? Because everyone has made decisions about what they find spiritually accurate. One may align with some values and yet be completely off the mark in other religious beliefs. They modify their stance to increase their popularity. Money has a lot to do with who is successful in politics and who isn’t.

This arena is an excellent example of what not to do. We ask for you to follow God and spiritual teachings. We don’t use the word religion because even that brings about expectations. View your own life as a series of sampling. Find value in other belief systems and test them to fit with your soul or not. No one direction will answer all of your questions. Organized religions are much like political parties. The platform has been developed over time and is intended to give your life rules to follow. Your life has been orchestrated thus far. Even religious freedom has rules.

Prepare to make your life matter. Open your mind and allow many genuine and supportive beliefs to enter. Resist any urge to simply “follow.” We want your faith to be individually tailored to you. Keep what aligns within your soul and release what doesn’t. Your current beliefs will change over time. Maturity lends itself to self-actualization quite well. As you age and become more flexible, certain thinking begins to make more sense. Being able to allow others to find their own truth is a goal of your life. Even you need to avoid dogma.

We guide you and provide direction. You are free to decide what you hold to be true and what does not resonate with your current self. This is true love. We love you so much that your happiness is our happiness. Once you have found this to be true then you must also give this same gift to those you love.

Be the objective observer. Sit back and find life interesting and fluid. View politics as a means to govern society and NOT a means to bring religion to everyone. Even the most outspoken religious candidate has to pay the bills. They respond to their handlers, public opinion and party leaders. Their belief system is for sale and cannot be trusted.

Why would spirit get into politics? Because We wish for you to follow your soul. Government is necessary but your enlightenment is infinitely more important. There is no marriage between your soul and politics. Allow them to remain separate.

The Spirit Election Forecast!

Dismal and disappointing.

Even when your candidate wins, you’ll still be disillusioned after a while. It seems to be more of the same for years to come.

Are some of us more aware of the shortcomings of politics? Does this have to do with 4D? Or, am I becoming more enlightened and have more insight into the political world of today? Probably all three!

We are all beginning to realize that we need to become a more integral part of our government. This idea of electing officials then stepping back no longer works for us. Our government needs continued oversight. Obviously.

What would spirit have us know?

1. Remain vigilant. Don’t walk away and “trust” anyone to make the best decisions for all of us. Being involved and aware is the best approach.

2. Don’t just cast one ballot. Stay involved and press your constituents whenever a vote in congress will impact your life, your property, your income and your health.

3. Rally when more information is needed. Call attention to votes that need to be monitored. What is best for everyone involved? Who really stands to gain from this legislation? What will be the impact upon our future generations? Don’t go quietly anymore.

4. Ensure that politicians know that they are accountable!

5. Prepare for the next election as soon as this one is completed. Be proactive instead of reactive. Have all of the information needed to make a better informed decision at the next election. Pay attention to party moves at all times and not just in the months leading up to another vote.

6. Advocate for yourself, your family and your community. Don’t ever believe that someone else will watch over you!

7. Be a party organizer. Start right away and make certain to keep all of your fellow citizens updated on all party maneuvers and tactics. Hold regular meetings designed to follow your party’s elected officials and grade whether they are making good decisions or not. Make certain that they know you are following them closely. You are a force to be reckoned with.

8. Keep financial support down to a minimum. Make sure your candidate knows that your group’s money follows whether they are accountable to you or not. If they make bad decisions or funnel support away from you and your group members, then cut off the money to make your point. It is ok to hit below the financial belt. 

9. Advertise for more group members. Make certain to seek people of like mind. Bringing adversity into your group would distract all of its members away from what is important. If they want different goals then allow them to part from you and seek their own platform. Do not engage in conflict among your group members. Staying on the same page will increase your strength.

10. Don’t forget! Try your best to stay vigilant and not let up. Good intentions are not as successful as proactive movement. Always remember that we want our world to be a better place not only for ourselves but for our next generations as well.

Lemonade For Sale!

It occurred to me that many of us are experiencing some effects of the energy turmoil that surrounds all of us. I have hinted at some of my own issues but then I thought that maybe I could help you to gain perspective on what is occurring in your life by sharing mine.

This has all happened in the past two months. I have been given lemons and yes, I have made lemonade!

I moved. I spent more on the move than what was prudent so I have been left with a drained bank account.

My daughter backed her car into mine and we both have rear bumper damage and not enough cash for repairs.

My clothes dryer stopped heating. It will tumble my clothes but will not actually dry them. I have been going to the laundromat until I have the resources to repair it.  

One child is struggling with her final semester in earning a master’s degree. I am concerned that she will not work enough to pay all of her bills and still get the grades she needs. She has not found that delicate balance yet.

My other child is taking a life holiday. She helps around the house very little (almost not at all) and feels her focus should be on purely esoteric things. 

I need new tires on my car. I live near Buffalo so I need good tires for the winter.

My checking account was overdrawn. My fault entirely! I have good credit so that has been helpful.

My co-worker lost his mother recently. It was as if I shared in the process because he would talk with us about what he was dealing with. He did mature a lot through the whole process. He went from actively avoiding dealing with his mother’s illness to being at her bedside when she passed. I am grieving because I know he feels pain and I also have known her for years.

My department supervisor has resigned. VERY POLITICAL! My direct supervisor is still here, but the position that will be left vacant has a profound effect on my position. We don’t know if there will be a greater impact on our whole department or if it will be confined to that one position. I have had fleeting thoughts about being unemployed.

While scrutinizing my finances I have discovered that I am paying bills without review. In fact, I have been insuring a car that I haven’t owned in months! I feel that if I wasn’t left short on cash I would not have discovered this. The good news is that I will be getting a refund!

I also discovered that if you call certain places to cancel services because of the cost, they will offer a discounted rate rather than lose your business.

Our new apartment has issues. Up until a few days ago we didn’t have heat. Then, the wiring was so bad that my kitchen breaker would not stay on and the contents of our refrigerator spoiled, twice! The electrician laughed loudly when he checked to see what had been done with the wires from the previous owner. Hilarious right? No.

We are on a tight budget. No eating out and no leisure activities. Just the necessities.

No funds to go to my regular meditation circle.

Now, for the lemonade. I’m happy! Very happy. Every day I leave through the front door I thank God for my life. When I think of all of the blessings that I have, I am near tears.

The 3 of us plan meals and often cook together. I have placed more emphasis on meditating alone. I don’t get the energy boost that I used to get from the circle of energy but I feel relaxed and  at peace. I have started exercising. I am a member of a local gym so it costs me nothing to go there. I have gone at least 3 days a week where before now I was sedentary. I found that the laundromat isn’t such a bad place. And… the dryer, tires and damaged vehicles will still be there once my financial situation turns around.

If I lose my job then I truly believe that it is meant to be and I find excitement in wondering where God would want me to be instead!

I wasn’t feeling so profound when all of these issues started to happen but I have found peace. I feel like I am surrounded by God and all of my Heavenly Hosts. True joy has come from the inside and I have found immense growth through hardship.

The lessons that I have learned would not have come about if my life were without challenge. It is the tough times that teaches more about how strong we are and whether we will turn toward faith or chaos.

It is my hope that you are having much less turmoil in your life. My story may help you gain perspective. This will all turn around for me, I have faith that it will. I can feel it.

God is love and I am one with God.

AND…I can save $500 by switching to GEICO! Seriously.



There is More

The swirl of energy may be impacting us even more today and we all may wonder how intense it will become. What will 12/12/12 feel like? Are we strong enough to stand up to the battering waves of energy? Will we make progress or simply just hold on?

What are the best suggestions which will help you get through all the turmoil? Get grounded and centered and stay that way. Renew your connection to Mother Earth and God often. Pray and meditate. Seek enlightenment and protection from God and all of your heavenly hosts.

The most important recommendation is to have FAITH. Believe in something bigger and greater than yourself. If your anxiety pulls you in many directions then you need to focus on your love of God. Having faith will shift you from the turmoil of cosmic energy back to feeling blessed and whole.

TRUST that we have been expecting this influx and KNOW that you are able to ride it out. In your moments of strength and clarity, use this energy to boost your confidence and seek higher levels of consciousness.

Don’t lose sight of the wonder of God and all of His creation. This is NOT the end of times. This is but a test of your faith and your resolution to hold fast to what you believe in.

When things start to fall apart and break down, remind yourself that this was foretold. Washing machines only last so long. Cars need occasional repair and refrigerators sometimes lose their cool. 

Relationships at home, work or school have peaks and valleys. All communication may not be effective and positive. There are times when we have to invest more effort and work toward any number of resolutions.

Our health may fluctuate and we may feel more uneasiness or unstable. We may need another trip to the Dr. or a tune up from an energy healer.    

What is happening now is exactly what happens all the time, except more often and with greater intensity. Last night when I came home from work I found out that my clothes dryer decide to not dry my clothes any longer! I just had to smile and resist the urge to be overwhelmed. I am stronger and have greater faith than a clothes dryer. Be certain to place these annoyances in proper perspective.

Try to be proactive and bless all of your belongings with White Light and ask God to protect everything from being battered by this cosmic energy. Bless the people and things that you cherish and keep up to date on routine maintenance.

Have faith and see the excitement that is growing all around you and in other parts of the world. Send love to places of unrest. Believe that God has allowed us to experience this time in our lives for our benefit, not our demise. 

Remember that each of us has a choice in what we will use this heightened energy for and some people in the world are creating dissent and chaos. We have the same amount of energy surrounding us and we may choose to work for God and spread the Light. By our thoughts and prayers we should be able to counter it. The major difference is that they are in groups and their revolt is multiplied by this. If we also gather into groups, we may also multiply the intensity of our desire for peace as well.

Have faith. Believe. Stay connected to your Saviour and outlast all negativity. God never wanders too far away or ceases to love us. This is but one constant that will help us not only survive but to make progress during this auspicious time.


Are You Able to Watch?

Have you been watching the coverage of this years election? Do you feel good after or does it  make you feel kind of uncomfortable?

Each candidate tries to tug at your heart-strings. They want you to FEEL that they know you personally and what you need to make things in your life better.

Are you buying into it? Are you clearly on one side or the other? Are you able to clearly define exactly what it is that each candidate has to say that has made you choose? Or, is your support purely partisan?

Clearly each candidate is making adjustments to their campaign in response to feedback and social pressures. They are being coached and molded every minute of each day. They have made the same choices many times and may need to clarify their beliefs as they go.

Who makes you feel most hopeful? Do you trust what is being said to you? Are you confidant that the next president definitely will make much-needed changes to our current situation?

Does it make more sense at this time to have faith in God? If we trust in God will we be assured of the perfect pick come November? Perhaps not.

We are a part of a global consciousness. We learn and grow together, sometimes. We may also suffer and become disillusioned together. As in our own lives, we learn more from controversy and issues which require problem-solving.

Do we know what is next on our agenda with God’s will? Is this the age when government becomes a perfectly oiled machine to meet all the needs of each citizen? ( I almost couldn’t keep a straight face when I asked this.)

This is 2012. The end of the Mayan Calendar. We have a much longer way to go. We are in a unique position now that we are expected to be self-directed, productive and prosperous. WE in this global community must make decisions which actually do benefit both ourselves and our neighbors.

It is time for us to be all grown up. Adults making adult decisions. Being accountable AND reliable.

Is the best place to accomplish these much-needed, human-centered decisions in the political realm? Perhaps not. When there is a loved one in need do you offer your help and resources or do you take them to a government institution and leave them on the door step? 

How cold does that seem? Does your loved one feel cared for or nurtured? No. They feel unprotected and abandoned. That is the same way you would feel in the same set of circumstances.

Politics are a reality but community and love are far more personal and effective. Send love and prayer into the world. Respond to the needs of others with your heart. Gather together with others and make some much-needed decisions which will benefit many people.

This is the most basic representation of “working from home.” Give the proper amount of attention to the presidential election and then take care of those in your community. Start in your own home and then expand outward.

Always be heartfelt and nurturing. When you see a need, respond to it with your own convictions and the desire to do God’s work. 

Have faith in God and know that you are just as important as the next president. You have as much or more ability to do good things for those around you. Never place yourself in less powerful company than God.

The goals of God are easily known and they have very little to do with the election process.

Romney vs Obama

“I have requests for follow-up posts about, Always Take the High Road, Pan for Gold and Stepping Stones. I can’t resist asking Evelyn for her take on the political race now that Santorum is out. Lisa”


Anger, shock and despair. He believed that people would follow him simply because he spoke some harsh truths that others are not strong enough to speak. He felt that the more people who heard his words of God that they would be pressured, by their sense of what is right, to back him AND raise more awareness of his righteousness.

He was stunned to find out that people would so easily turn away from the dogma of his beliefs and follow others to poll. He is in disbelief, for certain. he fears for the salvation of our souls since we indignantly turned away from him and what is inherently right.

It is as if he is unable to comprehend that he was wrong about “us.” We must truly be sheep if we are unable to grasp even the most simple “truths.” 

He is questioning all of our upbringings. How could we be led so easily to our own demise?

He has not wavered in his personal beliefs, he merely looks around him and wonders what would need to happen in order to wake us up.

Whatever his next direction is he will surely take a moment to pray for our souls.


Tickled. Happy to have the spotlight for himself. No happy words or encouragement for Santorum. “Good-bye…just, good-bye.”

He intends upon running a positive campaign. If he feels like he is behind in the polls he may take off the gloves, but he would prefer not to.

He feels like he is behind Obama. He is not exactly sure of the numbers since Santorum stepped out just yesterday.

He is acutely focused on the election road ahead. He will bear down and stay as busy as he is able to. He does his studies and follows his handlers more closely than before. He feels how important these next few months will be.

His acuity is heightened like that of an eagle. He is quick to respond and sure in his steps. The lack of one competitor is stoking the wind in his sails.  

His point of view has narrowed considerably. There are fewer options to consider and he knows who his competition is. 


Sitting in the cat-bird’s seat. Confident.