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No Barriers Are Too Big

We have begun our teaching with you about perspective. No barrier is too big, too emotional, too devastating or too soon. Perspective is something that you carry with you and use without abandon. With proper emotional stability and faith, perspective is useful in every instance of experience.

Many adages have been coined to express this. “This too shall pass,” “By the grace of God…” “Time heals all wounds,” or “God will not give you more than you can handle.” What you are having trouble with is actually being positive and full of faith in response to truly terrible events or illnesses. You would rather respond in rage or desolation. You want to scream and question God’s Will. Who benefits from your rage, screams, despondency, substance abuse, denial, or questioning God’s Will? No one. Not even you.

Your child with cancer does not need your anger. Your mother who just suffered a heart attack does not need your drunkenness. Your sister who just lost her husband in an auto accident does not need your questioning God’s Will. Rather, they all need strength, faith, support, calm, clarity and understanding. YOU are the one pursuing greater spirituality. You have found this place where spirit stands close enough to teach you and provide guidance. If you cannot find God in all instances then who will? This is why you are here. We are here to teach you that there are lessons, goals, and a purpose to each life event.

The adages may seem hollow or poorly timed, so don’t speak them. Give others what is within your heart. Make statements about faith, patience and understanding. “I know this is difficult for you now. I will be here to listen and give you my support. Together we will find strength.” You would also be drawn to someone who is able to give you this type of reassurance. Others may want anger, grief, denial… you will provide stability and calm. You don’t have to push your spirituality upon anyone. It is enough that you have the belief to carry you through these difficult times.

Recovery from serious disease or tragic events happens more quickly and thoroughly with hope, love and faith. Someone battling with cancer makes a more profound recovery with a positive attitude. They may give support to their own family and friends by always looking for the silver lining. A dark and bitter perspective will feed anger, aggression, depression and hopelessness. Even if there is subsequently no cure, much will be taught and learned by being positive, loving and hopeful.

This concept still gets stuck in your throat. That is ok for now. This is something we will work through over time. What will make the most dramatic shift to your need for dramatic emotion is knowing that this life is all about learning and experience. In Heaven, you do not have heart problems, paralysis, diabetes, cancer, disabilities from an auto accident, birth defects, loss of senses, Alzheimer’s… You are whole physically and working to be complete emotionally.

Each lifetime has a checklist of experiences. You have known wealth, poverty, illness, health, being childless, having many children, dying young, dying in later years, losing your mother in childhood, caring for your father into his old age… After many lifetimes, you are gathering so much experience that you find greater ease in finding a positive perspective. Your lifetimes have built up one upon the other and encompassed that checklist of your existence!

You are this person now because of all the lifetimes that you have lived. Your life now is good because it is time to be good or bad because you need to accept a better perspective. You are well or maybe not but your faith has everything to do with how effectively you cope with your health concerns. You may die young, as an older person or somewhere in between, but this is written. It is a process that you wrote in order to learn and to teach. The whole story is known in Heaven.

Faith is the answer to every question, situation and event. The only search you need to do is for the lesson that was intended to be learned.

No barrier is too big. Faith, love and God will dispel any fear. Unnecessary steps are not required. Each and every experience is easily handled with your positive perspective. You and others will benefit from your strength and emotional stability. Why are you so wise? Because you are holding the hand of God. There is no room for fear or disbelief in your relationship with Him.

Your Light shines brighter each time We speak. It is here that We came to know you and you came to know God. Our communication is strong enough to dissolve any barriers.

We teach you in faith and in love,
Maureen, The Advocate

Go Forth in Grace

(I recently received a comment from someone who does not have issues. They are happy and have a happy family life. They appreciated the content here but didn’t resonate with it as well as others may. We are all at different places in our lives and some of us have outstanding issues and many do not. We are all welcome here.

Even if we have problems in our lives the “good news” content applies to us as well. I am so pleased to get so many comments. It truly makes me light up!


Grace is what we gain when we are at peace with the direction that our life is going. Grace walks up beside of us and takes a place at our right hand. Grace stays with us through the journey as long as we  allow it.

When we fret or worry, grace may not be felt as intimately as we usually might. Worry takes us out of our balanced state. We look at situations but may not get the full value as we would if we were closely connected to grace.

Grace partners closely with faith. The happy man with the loving family has plenty of both. We face many challenges and obstacles in life. How we get through, has everything to do with perspective.

We may even be blissfully happy if we have very little money. It is all about your perspective. You have what you need. Your house is not a palace but that’s ok too. Do you have food on the table and hot water to bathe with? Wonderful! 

The struggle is when you do not have all that you need. You may feel the pressure of life more severely if you have little food or few clean clothes. How does one survive when faced with these circumstances? Grace , faith and perspective.

We grow strong through hard times. It is the losses that help us to appreciate the successes. People endure losing a loved one or getting a serious illness. Through this we find the celebration of wellness and having those we love around us.

It is a process. The happy person did not come to be happy without surviving some challenging times. The celebration is sweeter when we have had to work for what we have. Gathering all the things you need in life is a journey.

Age doesn’t always matter. People are happy at any point in their life. It is about perspective not maturity. How many times were we wonderfully happy and someone had to bring us back down into the grey by pointing out how miserable we should be? How unfair!

Keep your cool. Life is about learning. Look at every situation as a opportuntiy to learn, grow and become stronger. Even if you are that happy person. Keep your positive attitude and share it with others.

We all take turns in life. At one point we are the student. Other times we are the teacher. The situation will present itself when we are ready to experience it. We all came into this life to learn and to grow. It is a process. What we once unwaveringly believed we may no longer feel as strongly about. Growth and strength may shift our focus and teach us that something wasn’t as important as we once thought it was. 

We are at various stages in our emotional growth. We are all ok. It isn’t a race it is a process. Everyone has so much to share. We need the happy people, the sad people, the well and the sick. This is the opportunity that this life presented to us.

Stay on your path. Find lessons in every situation. Travel with grace, faith and perspective. We will come back together in the end.

With God’s Ever Present Love,