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Miracles Do Happen

I have made some posts in the past about miracles but I will give a brief synopsis here again.

Many people who viewed that last post about the Coronavirus and being effectively cautious despite a strong faith in God wondered why God wouldn’t provide us a miracle to be protected or healed?

There is a saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” No one is intended to behave carelessly and shun what is described as due diligence in respect to the Coronavirus. Like I said in the post, can you imagine telling your guides and angels that you didn’t practice any common sense hygiene and distancing because you were intent upon receiving a miracle? There is no basis for this behavior.

What is interesting is that Ministers and other religious leaders insisted that gathering in their church was “safe.” They positioned that God would protect everyone. How many times was this proven false? How many people who attended services ended up testing positive for the virus and possible went on to become seriously ill? How many died?

Miracles happen for specific reasons but not because you attend any church or practice daily devotions. Miracles happen when you are headed for an event that either wasn’t charted or isn’t supposed to end your life. Your life chart has exit points. Times that you wrote that you could use in order to leave this life because you had already completed what you came here to do or that your suffering was unmanageable. Not for convenience.

God helps those who helps themselves. God helps those who listen, learn and respond to new information or knowledge. I understand that many people have no concept of the medical field. If you have no experience or training, the intricacies of bodily function and illness or disease don’t always make sense. What is further true is that cultures with primitive beliefs and practices will have less receptivity to unfamiliar medical information. God does not expect you to be familiar with concepts that are far beyond your life experiences.

Miracles do happen but not for your comfort or convenience. God expects due diligence when presented with information that you can relate to. Taking a leap far above your head into an unfamiliar medical realm is not reasonable. What is also true is that when your state’s health department issues a mask and social distancing mandate, it is suggested to follow it whether the science is familiar to you or not. If your government is willing to issue any mandate they have taken careful consideration of the situation. Even politicians are not experts in the medical field but that’s why they have medical consultants to refer to.

The current mandates are pretty basic. No one has to go too far outside of what they find comfortable. If it is unmanageable, find other ways of getting your needs met. People in the medical field use masks often and have no difficulty or discomfort breathing with them. Much of the drama is being forced to comply with something you don’t agree with. Or having anxiety/panic disorder that is triggered by covering your face. As I said in the last post. People have underlying mental health issues that they are normally able to control to an extent. Without your usual coping strategies, these issues intensify and become difficult to manage.

In these instances, God would expect one to be reasonable. have a certain amount of trust in the advice of Doctors and other medical professionals. Practice due diligence. Make decisions taking into account the information you have. As with any life recommendations, avoid extremes. Mental health is optimal being moderate. Avoid behavior that is too intense or too lax. We all know people who are very intense and difficult to tolerate and people who have no motivation or energy. Being in the modest middle is best for keeping informed and ensuring you and your loved ones are safe. If things don’t make sense, at least acknowledge that others have more medical experience and possibly know what they are talking about. It’s ok to not go to extremes. Simply be prudent.

Faith applies to God and medical advice. Do your best to “trust” to a reasonable extent. Please avoid believing that you are immune to illness or disease because of your endless faith in God and miracles. This has been shown to fall short of truth and will place you at risk for infection and likely infecting others who are close to you. God helps those who help themselves. Find balance somewhere in the middle. Know that your life is not just happenstance. You have a chart and there are many option lines. You can be reasonably diligent or careless. There is likely a chart option for either one.

Consider where you want to be in a few years. Are there accomplishments you have yet to make? Are there family and friends you want to take part in their lives? Do you want to see retirement? Be reasonable and achieve those life goals that hold special interest in your heart and mind. Meet God and the Universe at least halfway. You choose your next steps. Be cautious, careful and live a long, fulfilling life.