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We Believe in Western Medicine

We believe that Western Medicine truly has a place in current day life. WE are the creators of Western Medicine as well as spiritual healing, earth-based healing and energy healing. We, on the Other Side, have spent many eons developing treatments and cures for your human illnesses. Pills, surgery and adjunctive therapies are “Of God.”

There is a well renowned church that has many faithful suffering from measles. The church leaders are asking their followers to get vaccinated to help curb the spread of this highly contagious disease. This is what we have cautioned about many times.

Immunizations are far better than the resulting diseases. We work tirelessly to help find answers to many of your medical concerns. We then transfer this knowledge to scientists and medical researchers so that they will be given a direction in which to go. These medical people are throughout the world. Some receive more complete answers and others receive partial answers.

What we seek is medical professionals who are trained in current medical practices and yet have a spiritual foundation from which to also guide their knowledge and learning. This is necessary for all of humankind. We must spread our knowledge out so that each culture receives some of the answers. Despite the enlightenment across your planet there are still some cultures that will not accept healing or curative answers from any other culture. People are egocentric and this is most often occurring in elders.

What would be the optimal practice would be for all cultures receiving part of the answer to align and work with another culture with part of the answer. This does happen to some extent but a push to achieve a broader expansion of this practice would be great.

You are not alone. We never leave your side. We have our duties and responsibilities which help humankind and those which help us who are on the Other Side. We are very busy with many differing directions that we have chosen to go.

Some of your illnesses are not yet curable. This is intended to teach you and your loved ones about faith, hardship, and possibly loss. Illness and disease are intended to test your commitment to God. We want you to find goodness, love and Light. We wish for you to find gratitude for the years that you have had in life and acceptance of God’s Will.

There are those who find darkness and anger when they are faced with a serious illness. Others find inner strength and acceptance with optimism. We wish for you to experience significant soul growth for yourself and to teach lessons of faith to your loved ones.

Without chronic and serious illness your faith would lack a significant amount of strain. We are not punishing you, we are giving you opportunity to grow and expand.

Immunizations are improving. We have many new and inventive ideas for your researchers. This is but one topic which our own researchers intend to infuse your earth plane with.

We believe in Western Medicine. We know that you have suffered in life and we may offer some relief. This is charted by you and all others that are here on earth. We wish to move your culture ahead in many ways. Treatment of illness and disease is merely one of those ways.

As we have said in the past, autism is mostly a condition of a spiritually advanced child who is unable to connect with our current human world. Immunizations are not without flaws but it is far better than the resulting diseases. The crisis of one church congregation is intended to teach you some difficult lessons. Their leadership are devout and genuine. They truly believe in God and the power of prayer and yet they still want their faithful to get immunized NOW!