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Consider Trauma

What does trauma do to someone’s feelings, and emotions? Consider the age of the person and the impact will likely seem larger for those who are younger. Serious problems could develop. The overall impact trauma has on any one person is directly influenced by their ability to problem-solve, reason and cope. So, an adult who has limited coping skills may have a more dramatic response to trauma than a teenager with good coping skills and a strong support system. Conversely, elders may have had some organic changes in their brain and have lost some resiliency to contrast. It is all relative.

Trauma is subjective. The severity of the trauma depends entirely on how the person who has suffered it responds and reacts. To look at someone else who has suffered a crisis, you lose that subjectivity that they naturally possess. Even if someone is very close to you, the true emotion, fear or disruption in their life still impact them more. If you react more strongly than them, there is likely an imbalance in your emotional stability. Even if you are their parent, the sufferer will continue to be the person impacted the most. No amount of empathy brings you 100% in their shoes.

The groundwork of feeling safe happens very young. If you are familiar with the stages of development you understand this premise. If the infant/child did not successfully feel safe or autonomous, their response to trauma in their entire lifetime will have a greater impact upon them. Again, it is the basis of anyone’s development which the person builds the rest of their life experiences upon. If that foundation is unstable, there is little success in reaching a healthy, resilient, emotionally flexible child, young adult and adult.

This is where We tie into the post from yesterday. The household environment impacts the child from the start. A healthy parent/child relationship will go far into building someone with effective coping strategies. This refers to either parent or caregiver.

Any cycle of anger, fear, despair or acting out may happen all throughout life and in response to different areas of development. Nothing is set in stone and being flexible is very important to our discussion. Any disruption in care may affect the child. There are many factors that will create differences in a child’s development. The possibilities are endless. Each adult may have had a very unique upbringing experience, even if there are siblings. We will not touch upon each form of contrast.

Optimal is an emotionally healthy home with adequate supervision, individual attention, scholastic help, leisure activities and adequate finances. Each parent is healthy and responsible. Any disruption is handled calmly and fairly. Attention and help is given equally to every child. The children are healthy and able to successfully negotiate the school environment.

This is optimal but not common. Even if many of the requirements are met there still will be variations that may impact each child. It is important to raise a child to feel safe, secure, understood, valued and protected. If any of these areas are impaired or lacking, there may be changes in the child’s behavior.

Now add any amount of dysfunction to the home. With a higher incidence of conflict, upheaval, abuse or neglect, the impact upon the health of each child will be affected negatively. More stress leads to more reactivity. Then, being resilient as children are, they will somehow find a new “normal.” If the conflict is long-lasting, severe or directed at the child, they will lose their ability to resolve their emotional disruption. The dysfunction in their household will have a permanent impact on them.

Why is any of this important? Because you are the child AND the parent. You have elements of each in your everyday life. Perhaps you haven’t realized that in some situations, you are the younger person, subordinate or least mature individual in an interaction or environment. Then, you may be the older, authoritative, ultimately responsible person of a different interaction or environment. There is blend of many situations and interactions that draw upon your coping and maturity. Within you there are matters handled by the “parent” aspect and others responded to by the “child” aspect.

We have done some Inner Child work in the past and We will do more now. You are in a position of responsibility for yourself. Being an independent adult leaves you in control of your emotional health. You must examine your perception of trauma. Remember that you are the only person who will understand how you felt and responded to the upsetting events of your life. Others may share some similar feelings but no one can feel exactly what you did. Trauma is subjective. It is up to you to decide how important each event was and resolve the seemingly permanent results it had upon you.

As an adult, you have a choice as to how you will behave and react. Take into account any dysfunction in your life and your ability to respond optimally will decrease. You have the choice. You are responsible for every action you take. Review how you were raised. How strong is your independence and feelings of worth? Did things go well for you? Or, was there an overwhelming amount of dysfunction to deal with? How is this impacting your current life? If you are emotionally healthy, you have reasonable, contemplative responses to contrast. You may not have experienced every situation that you will encounter in life but you have confidence and self-assurance. If you have impulsive, emotionally reactive behavior, there were disruptions in your development. Perhaps this is trauma related or another causative factor.

We focus on trauma for good reason. Anything with less emotional impact would likely not have had permanent changes to the emotional development of anyone. An annoyance, complication, challenge… would be manageable to most people at any age. Trauma is more severe and life altering. Always remember that this is what you considered to be traumatic. Other people may disagree with your perspective but that is inconsequential. You decide what traumatized you.

Our perspective starts with you healing yourself and then rising above to experience life from a position of strength, confidence, emotional and spiritual health. Let us walk this road together.



Internalized Grief

Grief is a broad topic. It is not just losing a loved one but it applies to any loss, mistake, response to negative events, a change in circumstance or any significant adjustment you may need to make. You grieve the loss of a job, your last apartment before moving into a house, a co-worker leaving, a loved one moving away, a decrease in health or significant illness, a child leaving home, your best friend getting married, an unwanted change in the work environment or any other event that causes you to adjust to something new or different.

For our topic today we refer to internalized grief as any instance when you were neglected, abused or mistreated and you chose to blame yourself instead of the person truly responsible. This happens because it is easier to blame yourself than to blame someone else. You will continue to accept responsibility despite the obvious facts that you were not at fault.

Many abusers will blame the victim. It is a character trait of this type of person. Any victim, whether it is a child or an adult, may be conditioned to believe that they are responsible for their own mistreatment. This may happen over time or it may be one instance but the victim is eager to feel inadequate, unlovable, unintelligent, “bad” or weak.

Your response to being a victim may depend upon who is mistreating you. It is far easier to blame yourself rather than blame your parent. You need them and they provide for you so you may accept responsibility because they are in a position of authority. Often, you find abusers are immediate family members. Again, they are your elder and you are expected to have some amount of respect for them. You will neglect to tell someone to protect them or they will condition you to protect them.

This may be any type of abuse or neglect. You may believe that We are speaking about sexual abuse but this is not the only way that others victimize you. Your brother may beat you, your friend may steal money from you, your boyfriend may push you around, a son or daughter may withhold your money and keep you in substandard housing… Any type of abuse may prompt you to blame yourself.

This type of grief is fed by depression, isolation or feelings of responsibility. “I am not worthy,” “I did something wrong to deserve this,” “I must be unlovable.” In some way you misconstrue a lot about the situation and believe that you somehow brought all of this upon you.

As a child or young adult you did not have the proper experience or maturity to function during abuse and understand that the abuser was at fault. In your childlike mind you internalized it and made yourself to blame. You didn’t know another way. Now that you are older and more mature, it may be possible to revisit some trauma or abuse and place it in better perspective. As a child, you were incapable of keeping yourself safe. The adults or responsible people in your life failed to protect you. This was not your fault.

Now that you are grieving some pain, injury, losses or even guilt you must place it all in proper perspective. Your anger may have unearthed some grief. This is natural. We might say “of course it did!” There is a lot that needs to be unearthed, managed and released. Do you have to understand it? It would help.

Face the anger and release what is causing it. Face the grief and release what is causing it as well. There is no going back unless you pursue the Inner Child exercises. There is no literal way to go back. You may not undo the pain and injury but you may understand that others neglected to protect, nurture and educate you about possible mistreatment from others. No one gave you a heads up or taught you how to block or avoid trouble.

Now that you are grown you may resolve all of your emotional baggage. You can set a goal and resolve and release your injury. Place the blame where it belongs. Resolve yourself of any wrongdoing when you were too young, immature or unfairly left unprotected. As a child or young adult you were unprepared to shield yourself from abuse. Simple.

There are many reasons why you would choose this path. You may want to help others you have suffered abuse and using your own experience as a guide to help someone else. You had a painful divorce but now you may help others who are experiencing one themselves. Perhaps you suffered the loss of a child but this will also help you empathize with others dealing with the same loss. The examples are never-ending. What We are encouraging you to do is remove yourself from the actual pain and suffering of your experiences and change it to your personal survival and willingness to help others.

Behaving as a victim is the origin of much of your anger and grief. Choose to embrace your past and view yourself as a survivor. This is what will heal you and push you to grow stronger. It is your choice to stand tall and strong or to cower in “fate.”

There is a purpose for everything. Reacting in anger is not fair to the people who are close to you. “Misplaced” is a powerful word for this. Lashing out is something that will not manage what you are feeling. Depression won’t help either. You, accepting your past and embracing the lessons learned from it, will help you to release the unnecessary emotion you still associate with it.

It may help to cry. It won’t help to become destructive or depressed. It REALLY won’t help to harm someone innocent in response to what you experienced. There are many ways to deal with your painful past. Choose the ways which are proactive, positive and healing.

Give yourself your best advice. Envision knowing someone dealing with the same pain that you have just unearthed. What would you say to them? What are your best words of support and encouragement? How would you help them to feel better? Say all of this to yourself. You deserve to heal and be comforted just as much as others that you know and care for. Looking at their experience, you would definitely be able to place blame where it belongs. Please do this same thing for you!

The Inner Child Disruption

We have become aware that some of you have had a disruption in your inner child stability. Our work with flushing and releasing dark energy and barriers has brought up some inner child issues that were inadvertently uprooted.

We have made some inner child posts in the past and you may benefit from reading them again. We will reintroduce this concept for Our purposes now. Your IC is an embodiment of childhood disruption, trauma or abuse/neglect. You may have had a relatively normal or even happy childhood until a point when there was a significant disruption. Your IC would have been developed at that time. Or, you may have had a tumultuous childhood and your IC would be at any age corresponding with one of the disruptions. This time your IC would be at any age where there was a traumatic experience, not purely at the youngest age of abuse/neglect.

The IC would be at the age of the most significant event or when you have the best or most vivid memories. Once you work to resolve that injury your IC age would go to the next most traumatic event. This means that the age of your IC may vary throughout your lifetime.

You hold your IC in your being. Most likely the same spots where you hold anxiety, upset or other traumas. This is problematic because if you have had a broken heart or your IC believes that your parents didn’t truly love you, the IC may be lodged in your heart. Another example may be keeping stress in your lower back and thus your IC could possibly affect your physical abilities such as sitting, standing, wakefulness and sleep.

So now what We have come upon is a resurgence of your IC upset due to your work in clearing your being of stagnant energy and painful blocks and barriers. Our recommendation is to keep your IC in your God Center which is in your solar plexus. This area is functional as your spiritual guidance center and where you house the particle of God that each of you possess. You will not suffer actual physical impairment or illness by keeping your IC there.

To reach your IC you would envision your God Center and grasp and remove it. You would hold onto this injured part of you and hold it securely and with great love. It may be possible for you to comprehend which age and corresponding event your IC was created. Most likely you will not unless you have developed an advanced communication with spirit, departed loved ones or God. What you can do is to honor your IC and help it to heal. Express devotion, understanding and forgiveness. Be “present” and love your IC unconditionally. Be the active, positive parent or guardian that you did not have when you were injured or traumatized. Do anything you wish which you would’ve appreciated when you were young. Rock them, sing, dance, bundle them up in a soft blanket. Express your love and belief that they are healed because you are there to protect and nurture them and you will not betray them in any way.

After your healing communication, place your IC back in your God Center for safe keeping. You may have to repeat this exercise a few times in order to resolve your past trauma. Be certain to have no judgment, criticism or anger. You must be open and loving. Assign no blame to that fragile child. Be that perfect parent that you truly needed.

This should be a good start on your journey to learn more about your inner child. There are a lot of resources for more information. Should you need more information We will address this topic again. Never fear Our intent to help you. We will review any and all of Our lessons if you require it. We do not judge you and We love you as We love ourselves.


The Badge of Heartache

There is no purpose for you to wear your childhood trauma like a badge. This does not benefit you or anyone else. You make much better spiritual progress by assimilating your pain into who you are and making efforts to stop other children from being hurt in the same or similar manner as yourself. This is God’s Will.

What are your reasons for keeping your pain? Are you proud of your scars and you want someone to account for what was done to you? This will scarcely happen. Parents or other elders will seldom account for their own misdeeds. They have limited insight and feel that acknowledging any wrongdoing will make them appear weak or flawed. Many adults will offer blame for everyone else but themselves. Imagine confronting the person who harmed you and they either don’t remember what had happened or they are incredulous about your pain. It is very possible for you to feel victimized again. Your desire for someone outside of yourself to heal you will fail. Resist the urge to pursue this avenue. No one else knows how deeply you need to be understood and authenticated.

We have discussed the Inner Child in past posts. This is an exercise that allows you to return to an earlier time and offer positive and supportive parenting to yourself. You select any or all traumatic times and isolate your Inner Child in order to confirm how you felt and to offer much-needed comfort and support. You embrace and nurture yourself at these painful times and help yourself to heal both as the responsible adult that you are now and the child that was originally injured.

This takes time. You must really identify with that child and truly offer and accept the care and nurturing that you have in your heart now. If you skim over your painful memories, you will not benefit from this exercise.

This is positive for you if done correctly because you know exactly what you want and need to hear as that child. You know yourself well and healing your Inner Child should feel natural.

This exercise starts by finding a safe place to keep your child that is within yourself and is fiercely protected. Your solar plexus or God Center is the most positive place. To keep your injured child in your heart, head, chest or any other physical location may lead to some unintended injury to that area. The God Center is secure enough to keep your organs and bodily functions safe.

Heal your child as often as you wish. Speak to your soul as both the responsible adult you are and the nurtured child you are healing, then place him/her back in your God Center for the next time you plan another healing exercise. Throughout this process your Inner Child will age. You have accepted the responsibility to raise this child as only you know how and to gather the rewards of becoming spiritually and emotionally healthy. Don’t be afraid to go back in time if you have forgotten any significant trauma. You have nothing but time to heal yourself effectively.

The important thing to remember is to release any pain, turmoil or residual trauma after you have addressed it. Many people make the mistake of replacing any and all injury back together and then seal it back up where they originally unearthed it from. This does no good. You have to understand that releasing your lesser thinking is necessary for true maturity. Let it go. Harboring this dark energy will only lead to complications regarding your emotional or physical health. Do you really want this badge of pain between you and God?

The previous post brought up a lot of emotional pain. Do not pack it back up and keep it. Let it go and replace it with self-love and self-healing. It is Our perspective that each experience is intended to teach you and that you have contracted this growth with others in your life. It is a play that YOU have written. Others are abiding by their roles and all players are expecting to grow together. You teach each other by positive or negative interaction. Set it all aside as just that. Learning and teaching to grow closer to God.

If Our discussions have brought up enough unsettling emotions, it is possible to seek counseling from a trained professional. This will offer you someone who will acknowledge and accept all of your pain and turmoil. Your injury will not be lost to their sensitivities.

It is God’s Will that the people who harmed you the most are your greatest teachers.

Opinions Are Becoming Clear

We have covered some varying topics. Some are intended to stretch your capability for what is possible and what may be true. We have chosen to guide you in this manner. We want you to open your belief for what feels good and right. If you are able to release your immediate disbelief, so much more is possible. Some topics will always feel unbelievable and that is ok too.

There are spiritual beings above and below. Heaven, or The Other Side, has a multitude of angelic and inspirational beings. The earth, both on her crust and deep within her being, is also populated with spiritual and inspirational beings. Those of you on earth have a comfort level with either Heavenly beings or Elemental, earth-based beings. This comfort arises from your childhood or your collected experiences in life up to this point.

You are drawn to the majesty of angels, Archangels, Saints, Jesus and God or earthly fairies, animal guides, shamanic healing rituals, moon rituals, chanting and drumming. We would like to gently intermingle the two. Our belief is that most of you reading this post are more familiar with the concept of Heaven since the name of this site contains His name.

Relax. Keep an open mind and we will address you with our utmost respect. We will seek a manner in which you may release some of your more concrete beliefs. If there is dogma we will carefully wear down the edges and introduce some equally comforting and inspirational ideas. We will not take you too far astray because that is not your comfort level and there would be no learning beyond that point.

These points are where we will begin.

1. God is but one energy being that occupies an alternate plane of existence which has a direct relationship with you in your current earth life and your soul life on that side.

2. Family members are likely good friends with you as you exist as souls. You entered into an arrangement to be a part of each others current earth life.

3. These important people do not just teach you through positive experiences. There are many soul friends who have agreed to teach you through negative life experiences as well.

4. There are Karmic obligations that play out with your soul friends. There is positive and negative karma that may occur in this one life or may have occurred in past lives between you and them.

5. These karmic debts may play out for many generations if either of you have not fully met your debt or have unintentionally increased it.

6. The people you meet which you have an immediate reaction to are likely very positive or very negative for your current life. The negative situations are frequently karmic debt relationships. The positive relationships may be (human) earth guides who are present for part of your chart to be loving and supportive.

7. Past life physical damage, anger, rage, unresolved commitments, murder/suicide will result in strenuous relationships in this current life. You may perceive meeting them as “love at first sight” but it truly is not further from the truth. If their intent is to further damage your existence it is far more beneficial to quickly end this relationship and respond by bringing love and Light to yourself and others for some time after. This is a way of repairing your good energy and attempting to heal the damage that they have reintroduced.
These negative forces may appear in a non-sexual “friend” as well. Instead of love at first sight you feel like you have known them for years. Which is probably accurate. It is your task to resist friendship if they are a negative influence and again, make attempts to heal in their wake.

8. Past lives are a large precursor for the obligations and intent of this life. You have layers of learning, knowledge and experience. You also have karmic situations to resolve. There is rarely a current earth life that has no connection to any past life.

9. Many problems developed in childhood are exactly the issues you must resolve in the remainder of this life. By listing your childhood problems and emotional trauma you will have created a list of things to heal. Sort of a lifetime to-do list. Once you have resolved these concerns your spiritual pursuit is paramount.

10. God is aware of your life chart and intimately knows your progress. Lessons are both positive and negative. It is your obligation to accept this and release any undue emotional trauma related to life-teaching, negative events. People die, have cancer, are murdered, miscarried, suffer violence, are cheated on, have birth defects, have mental illness… and this is all intended to teach you something.

There is something infinitely stronger than these negative things. God is at the center of the Universe. Faith is your doorway to a higher level of existence.

This Growing Season

What have you planted in your spiritual garden lately? Have you focused on sowing seeds of love and positive emotions? Is the weeding out of negative and judgmental thinking going well? Do you know that sowing seeds of good fortune and prosperity will continue blooming for as many years as you allow?

Uncertainty is what causes the weeds. You are uncertain that you deserve such good fortune. You question how well you perform in life and feel that you could be doing more for others. You have a hard time just being happy and allowing the good life to flow.

Why? Is it a product of underlying insecurities? Others may not know you well enough to make positive judgments about you? In actuality, you are too much of this and not enough of that? Your wrong!

Allow yourself to be who you are. There is no pressure for you to cure cancer unless your life path is to cure cancer. Whatever you do that makes you happy is what the Universe needs. Creativity, joy, love and happiness are wonderful things to fill the world with. Keep doing it and release your tendency to judge yourself so harshly.

Release and allow. Be good and do good. The more you flow with life the closer you align with your true purpose. Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, substances and abuse cloud the path that you are on.

It may be so much more simple than you are making it out to be. Look at your garden of who you are, what you say and what you do. Nurture the plants of goodness and hope. Weed out the darker more negative things. Simple.

Find your joy and expect it to be on your path. It is true that good health, healing, volunteerism, and charity are fantastic goals. Include them in there. Wake each day to be positive and loving. If you had a set back then try again right away. Make one day better than the day before. Make each year better than the year before. Make the next generation better than the one before.

Look at your family, loved ones and community. Are things getting better? Are you helping or have you caused some complications? That is ok. Shift your behavior back to positive and loving and start over.

How does that ‘garden of self’ look now? In a month? In a year? You may have trampled some things or inadvertently pulled some plants instead of weeds. That is fine. Do different and do better.

It is a spiritual garden because you may choose different plants and go in another direction. You adjust your garden as you mature and learn. The next list of plants will grow as well. Or, you will mix new plants with some of the original ones. This garden is very forgiving. That makes sense since God is also forgiving.

Is this a good time for a life review? Look back onto the ‘garden of self’ and see how much is good and loving. Did you find peace and forgiveness early in life or not yet? How many successes are planted there? When did you find God?

This is much like the inner child exercises. Is your childhood garden healthy and bountiful? Perhaps not, but is it more lush in your young adulthood? Perhaps it still isn’t prosperous and enriching but it is good to start now and make those positive changes.

Your ‘garden’ is a metaphor for your spiritual life. A proactive goal would be to make your garden so rich and lush that weeds and scrub have no place to set root. Acknowledge those plants of abuse and neglect and transplant them into the garden of forgiveness. Select the plants of dysfunction and conflict and relocate them to the garden of your higher self. Weed out the grudges and vengeance that you have sown. Allow them to dissolve in the garden of transmutation.

Look back upon your life. See things accurately and not as you wished they would have been. Where is more work needed to spread love and forgiveness? Focus on each relationship that needs to be healed and sow in seedlings of objectivity and perspective. You are grown and mature. You may choose to be loving and full of forgiveness. You are not required to repeat any negative patterns of behavior. It is your choosing to be different from who you have been in the past.

Positive changes are always possible. You must look beyond your rigid expectations of your behavior and the behavior of others. You may change your responses. Plants are open to relocation. They are not set in stone just like your behavior is not as well. Sow more smiles, more well wishes, more encouragement…

Make positive changes every day. What your garden looks like now may shift and blossom and be wondrous sooner than you may think! The single greatest change is forgiveness. Looking back may not be so pleasant but with forgiveness it may simply be a series of educating experiences which led to who you are today. It is God’s Will that you are perfect even as you grow and make changes. Life is fluid. Lose the rigid boundaries of past mistakes. Forgiveness is a gift for you and others as well.

The Ladder of Emotional Evolution

As you age you climb the spirituality ladder. Finding comfort and understanding becomes easier. More seldom, you may find increased difficulty finding reason for what life has brought to you. You may keep a running total of heartache and pain. Rather than finding forgiveness you find anger, isolation and lack of reason.

This is possible if you have not found a way to process many life long episodes of grief, loss, illness, inequality, conflict, poverty, wounds to your ego and dissatisfaction with life. Rather than accepting these issues as life experience and opportunities to learn, you feel punished. You hold grudges against the Universe.

This habit of “keeping score” minimizes your Divine existence and definitely holds you back from your intended success and accomplishments. If you have not fallen prey to this ego trap then surely you must know some people who have. This mindset is a waste of time and energy. There is nothing to be gained by insisting that God and others be accountable to you for some stressful times. Holding onto this thinking severely holds you back from your own self-actualization. You have become stuck. The point when you refused understanding and forgiveness is also the same point at which you stopped evolving.

Others in your life may be saddened by your stubbornness. Your loved ones may have prompted to you to release your concrete thinking. They may feel like you are stuck in the past or missing out on everyday happiness and potential. The causes of your blockade have become more important to you than fulfilling all other goals of this life. Are they that important? What has been so devastating that you were not able to accept it? Is your hold on them healthy or productive? No. Certainly not.

Many painful things happen in each life. You may be orphaned, be abused or neglected, suffer from a disability, have been divorced, lost a child, killed another due to negligence, been diagnosed with cancer, gone bankrupt… All of these circumstances were intended to teach you something. God would never give you more than you can handle because you can handle all of it. That is the way it was written.

What if there have been repeated instances of stressors? Some people have been diagnosed and treated for cancer. They gain remission or are “cancer free.” Then, they are again diagnosed with the same type of cancer or perhaps a different type. Another example is someone who loses more than one child. They may have one or more miscarriages or a still-birth or even a loss of a healthy child due to an accident. Just the thought of these ongoing problems makes us feel so much sympathy for them. Why would God do this to anyone? Because it is intended to teach us, and them, something.

The person who is repeatedly dealing with cancer and the person who has lost more than one child has written this. Their intent is to somehow still find God, love, forgiveness and inspiration despite their circumstances. Your lessons may be to look upon them as role models, place your own life stress into perspective, value your own good health and children, donate money and time to find the cure for cancer or birth defects, or be inspired to work with children or cancer patients/survivors. There are many “silver linings” to each of your life circumstances. You must find that faith in God and know that your lives have purpose. You teach AND learn. Your spiritual strength comes from completing these goals for yourselves and others.

You are much stronger than you realize. Many people don’t recognize their own ability to cope. Your internal dialog would benefit from a self-empowering boost. Play a loop of assurances in your mind instead of doubt and lack. Be open to all possibilities. You may not know yet what your lesson was but it will become known to you if you keep an open mind. Make statements like “I accept this situation and the lessons intended.” “I trust in God to make His plan known to me.” “I maintain my emotional strength so I may learn from this.” “My trust in God allows me to teach and to learn.” These statements are much more healthy than fear, anger, doubt, insecurity, defensiveness or spite.

Climbing the emotional ladder is a metaphor for your self-actualization, ascension, expansion and higher vibration. You will benefit from your positive attitude and perspective. Faith will become necessary to successfully navigate this life. There are many doors that are intended to be opened. You often do not realize how much you have left undone by not seeking greater understanding. You may not realize that there is always so much more to be learned from any lesson. Perhaps you have never looked for any depth or unexpected outcomes from any of your experiences. This is a good time to start.

Remain grounded, centered and open to God and spirit. Don’t intentionally shut down any greater learning that can be won. The knowledge and learning that you may gather is never-ending. As you age the experiences of your youth may also gain expansion and clarity. Seek knowledge and resist prejudice against emotional pain. To resist feeling pain will leave much of life unlived.

Your learning moments will vary in intellect, impact, clarity, sensitivity and frequency. It is never more than you can handle. If you feel at any time life seems too much to accept pray for God, Jesus, angels, guides and departed loved ones to be close. You are not alone and each of your Heavenly Hosts have pledged their assistance to you. With their help, your strength and endurance will rebound and your ability to grow and learn will improve as well.

There are many ways to “release” your past upset and losses. Search the internet and see if anything resonates with you. The examples may be a symbolic release or an actual physical/emotional release. Journaling will help. We have done some inner child work in the past which may also be helpful at this time. This requires you to envision yourself as a child or at any age when something traumatic derailed your progress. Speak to yourself as a good, nurturing, proactive parent and allow the inner child to release emotional damage that had occurred. Then continue to parent the inner child through all times of trauma, stress, upset and worry until the whole “you” is able to rejoin with your current chart.

We will discuss this further.

Know that with God’s Love and the power of the Universe you will weather all things. Maturity and spiritual growth will speed your ascension up the ladder. Even one or two rungs more and you will see and feel the spiritual freedom that you have earned.

Go now and release all of your useless emotional injuries. It is with faith and forgiveness that we all find solace. No pain is greater than God’s love for you.

Maureen, The Advocate


Autumn has long been a time to prepare for colder weather. Long ago we had to gather foodstuffs and stock up on other supplies. What we did in the cold was far more mental. We read books and caught up on correspondence. We had our jams and jellies on the shelf and we baked bread to spread it on. We did our best to have enough supplies to last until the break of Spring. Then we would reemerge from our Winter shelter and busy ourselves outdoors again.

Now that everything is electronic and foodstuffs are fresh in store, what does the colder days of Winter mean now? It may still be a very pensive and thoughtful time. We may indeed increase reading our ebooks and text and email those we love. The changes of the seasons may have lost some of their significance. Depending upon the climate that you live in there may be very little change.

Let’s look at this time of year as a chance to get caught up on some soul-searching.

1. If you haven’t started journaling it may be a good time to start.Expressing your thoughts and emotions in writing helps you to focus and very possibly work through any troubling events in your life. Some people review their journal entries and others never look back. Either way is fine. Don’t get caught up in the details but rather immerse yourself in this form of expression.

2. Write a letter to some departed loved ones. This is a perfect time since the veil between earth and the Other Side is thin. Write it just as you would any letter. Tell them how you are doing. Ask for help in certain areas of life. Voice your future plans. This is a tangible way of reconnecting with some very important people in your life.

3. Connect with your spirit guides. Meditation is a great way to open this door. As we have said before, focus on their name, their adorned color, their gender… Ask for responses. You may want some validation in your dreams, ask for a certain song to play on the radio, a familiar scent. Or, ask them to give you a sign of their choosing! Being grounded and centered will assist you to feel more connected to spirit. You may experience a comfort and blissful knowing and you may relate this directly to your guide(s). Keeping this connection will be best if you stay calm, centered and resilient to stress.

4. Connect with your soul. Visualize sitting across from your higher self. Your appearance will be stunning and flawless. Your eye color will likely be vibrant and mixing some hues that you are not used to. There may be blue, purple, green, pink, gold… Imagine a gold cord from your God Center in your solar plexus connected to the God Center of your higher self. Keeping this connection also requires calm, focus and deep breathing. Allow the communication to flow and stay connected until you feel nourished completely with God’s love. You may feel content enough to nap and that is ok. If you have life waiting for you just wake yourself as you would from a meditation.

5. Check in on your inner child. Where did you place them for safe keeping? In your heart, or your soul, or your mind’s eye? Embrace them again and see if they have found more maturity since you last visited with them. Entwine your emotions with them and see if more work needs to be done. Perhaps they have progressed beyond the age you last saw them and now they have different challenges to face. Remember to be the mature, responsible parent that your inner child needs. There is no need for blame. We only ask for you to help them to heal. Be protective and nurturing. Always remember to keep them someplace safe and never allow them to be left to parent themselves again.

6. Be nice. Be good. Be helpful. Make positive, well-informed decisions. Be proactive instead of reactive. Do things for yourself and others out of love. Greet each day with gratitude and appreciation. Be humble.
Remind yourself that you are here to do God’s work and you have complete faith.

Enjoy this season of apple cider and warming by the hearth. Our lives have changed over many generations but this still may be a time of preparing for Winter. We have time to think, to consider and to pray.

Help With the Craddle

Some people are having some difficulty with the inner child exercise we discussed. It is a simple solution.

Embrace the child and do your best to engage in a meditative state. Breathe together. Say loving and reassuring things to the child. Rock the child gently. When they are calm, spirit will tell you the thoughts, fears and feelings of the child.

If you maintain this meditative state through the exploration of the trauma, circumstances or event, you will be able to understand AND accept the emotional crisis of the child at that time in their life.

If you are only able to maintain a meditative state for part of the explanation be sure to place the child back in your God Center until you are able to try again. It will mean the world to the child that not only are you doing your best to understand them but also that you want to protect them, keep them safe AND allow them to heal. Your efforts will be understood by your inner child.

Depending upon their age, they may require more assistance from spirit to explain their troubled times. Trust that if you engage the child and calm them with kind words and a protective embrace, spirit will make sure you know what is upsetting them. Your guides have agreed upon this process in order to help you resolve any emotional upset that no longer serves any purpose.

As with any child, your inner child will respond and appreciate your attentiveness. After the emotions, thoughts and feelings are revealed to you provide unconditional love and understanding. Use your loving words and reassure this inner child that you have heard and understood what you needed to know.

Allow some time to pass and again seek out your inner child. They may be still trapped by the same event or they may be ready to share something more. You have the ability to love and accept everything that has occurred in your life. Who better to resolve these issues?

Your connection to who you are will be stronger and more successful after you have resolved some of the painful circumstances of your life. Spiritual growth will follow. You will experience a reawakening as you heal and your confidence and emotional stability will improve greatly.

Self care is God’s Will. With an absence of troubling emotional issues your expansion will bloom unencumbered. Congratulations!

From The Craddle

We have done some inner child work in the past. Let us revisit this topic and find greater influence in our lives of unresolved childhood issues.

We may look for our inner child by standing still. Take a few steps forward and turn around. What do you see? If you are standing there then take a closer look at your God Center located in your solar plexus. Your inner child is there in their age and form at the time of childhood trauma or when some emotional issues began. You may also turn around and see your inner child standing before you. Either way will be your starting point.

Approach and embrace your inner child. Offer love and acceptance. Do not judge. It may be possible that you had already been judged at that point in your life so adding any more judgment would add to the trauma.

Offer yourself at this age unconditional love. No matter what had been said or done you do not need to rehash anything and add to the injury that you had already suffered. Embrace yourself. Note the sights and sounds. Anything familiar? Do you smell PB & J sandwiches or hear your mother’s voice? Perhaps the smell of alcohol and arguing? Maybe an abusive older brother’s voice or a dog barking? Spirit will bring you back. Stay focused and ALLOW the experience.

If you shut everything out then your goal of healing this child may fall short. Hang in there and be “available” to him or her. Some of the people in your childhood were not emotionally available to you so let us try to be available, aware and accepting. We are grown and now able to heal that fractured young soul. Let us give that gift to ourselves.

Live that one moment with them. Understand what they felt, believed and perhaps mistakenly understood. Cherish and protect him or her. Say all of the right things and provide unparalleled amounts of safety and security. Be in that exact moment and still show them love and understanding.

How would it have been if you had been shown such love and support? Without your stack of emotional injuries, life would’ve been so different. Love would have felt normal. Sharing joy and fear with others wouldn’t have made you feel so insecure. You longed for a “normal” life and now we may travel back and provide that to ourselves.

You will “know” when you have healed that startled and confused child. Stay with him or her until they feel strength again. They may now feel understood and able to heal. When you feel like that one event has been addressed then place your inner child back into your God Center, safe, secure and loved.

Approach one event at a time. Healing takes patience. Remember to immerse yourself into what that child is feeling and make good, positive and proactive parenting decisions in order to protect and heal them.

Your love for your inner child will flow freely. You’ll feel the release of long gone emotions that no longer serve a purpose. You will heal yourself from the inside out. Nothing needs to be said to any other person. This is something to do for yourself and by yourself. Share with others if seeking greater faith and understanding but not if you are confronting someone and dealing out pain and accusations. You are OK. You are strong enough to carry on with your new found wisdom and introspection.

Conflict only leads to healing only when others say what you want and need to hear. That does not happen very often. Most people will meet confrontation with denials and anger. But most importantly, you do not “need” anyone else in order for you to heal. This is a truth which may take time to accept. When you do accept it, you will know great freedom and unparalled joy.

God is in the center of your being. What better place to heal your inner child?