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Humble Traveler

We are all on a lengthy journey. Many of us have found some solace in the lives we have. Some of still feel that there is much missing. How do we proceed if we have made a wrong turn or suffered an unexpected delay? We ask for our Savior and His humble servants to set us back upon our path. Then we must release all of that tension that we carry in unexpected pockets in our human body and flush our disbelief from our human mind.

We are coming upon one of the most blissful time of year. We will soon celebrate the earthly coming of Christ. This one happening has altered our progression for the rest of our existence. We have a manual for gaining entry into Heaven. We have a spiritual road to follow to get us there. We have leaders and teachers and other helpers to answer our questions along the way. So why are we so lost? Because you haven’t committed to it yet.

You spend your time chasing the dollar, a promotion, a new home or car, and an illusion of a perfect family. Where is the spiritualism in that? Questions about your path are so easy that you can’t possibly insist that you don’t know what to do. Do good, be good, volunteer, donate, pray, worship, meditate, heal others… Don’t gossip, steal, lie, manipulate, injure others, bully, destruct property…

It is simple. Do good. Raise your consciousness toward God and thrive. Not a money, power and control thrive but a humble, caring and content kind of thrive. Then, spread that love to your closest family and friends. Then spread it out to your co-workers, community and those less fortunate. Then give a big boost of that love to God and Mother Earth.

Your life is akin to kneading the soil. Start with common dirt and add love, guidance and grace. Continue to knead and add loyalty, scripture and healing. Now that you have made optimum soil add even more love, honor and humility. Give this soil back to God a small bit at a time. Each offering will be richer and more radiant. Continue to knead together all of the good things in life and make another offering to God.

There is never too much love for us and our world. As you work your soil so do you ascend toward Heaven.

It isn’t complicated or unattainable. Bringing Light and love into your life and the lives of others is so simple. You missed many opportunities. You went in the opposite direction many times. You turned inward instead of outward. You chased the gilded idea of prosperity but you may have missed coming closer to God.

That path is still there. Your chart is still unfolding. There are plenty of opportunities to find God and grace again. We will never turn away from you. We are always here and we always want to help. Come to us and we will walk that golden path together.

We will hold hands as we prepare to celebrate the auspicious time of Christ. We will together journey toward the Light at each turn and in response to every question. We will knead our soil with love, remembrance and enthusiasm because the holidays are here! We intend to celebrate, God, Christ, family, our past and our ancestors. Our lives are golden if we would only allow it.

When Darkness Calls

We have 2 more days until the Winter Solstice and the End of the Mayan Calendar. How are you doing? Are you confident in your faith that this world will continue on and the day will come and go just like any other day? Or, have you been swayed by the rhetoric and fear surrounding some of the end-of-times prophesies?

My older daughter is a substitute teacher at 2 different schools. She told me that many students are fearful of this coming day. Many have told her that they will stay home from school that day. I asked her if their parents knew this and she stated that she didn’t know.

There is also much talk about the tragedy in Newtown. There are rumors of certain teens that have made threats against the schools. Some are talking about bringing their own weapons to school to protect themselves and their friends. There are mob mentality responses planned for the different alleged school shooters.

There is a teenage female who is rumored to have made a school shooter threat and the other students state that they will hold her down and beat her until she gives up her weapon. They plan to continue to beat her until she does!

Do you know what your children are feeling and thinking? Have you spoken to them about these monumental events? Are you allaying their fears or stoking them?

This is a highly emotional time. There are fears both real and blown out of proportion. How do many of us manage? Do we reach out to our parents, siblings and other loved ones and see what their view is on this upcoming day or do we remain insular and keep mostly to ourselves? Is there a gentle balance in between?

The perpetrator at Newtown had a parent who fed into the Doomsday mentality. They had weapons in the home and she taught him to shoot. Are we also walking that same fine line?

This is a time of introspection. How do you want to prepare yourself for 12/21/12? How will you prepare your family? How do you wish your community to respond? What are your coworkers saying about this much maligned day?

What would you say about your own perspective if you were someone else looking into your life? Are you being reasonable or are you overreacting a bit? Or, are you overreacting a lot? What is your mindset doing to those close to you?

Fear is a lack of faith in God. 

Fear overrides our rational minds.  

Fear feeds our deepest insecurities.

I have been silent for much of this Doomsday talk. I’ve been content to allow people to react in fear if that is their wish. I have my own perspective, for certain, but they are entitled to their own opinion.

What has caused me to speak out is the conversation with my daughter about the talk in the schools. I’m deeply saddened that our children are forced to feel so vulnerable. Is there an adult in their lives willing to work through some of these emotions? Are they truly without any mature direction? Do most of us know that they are planning for the worst?

I remember when some believers were awaiting Rapture. There was a young man in our community who stationed himself at the local fast food place. He urged my children to get their matters in order and prepare for the end of times. My heart broke because he truly believed in Rapture and feared for my daughters’ souls.

How did he feel when it didn’t manifest? How did we all feel January 1st, 2000 after the Y2k scare? How will we feel this Saturday? 

Find comfort in God. Bring your loved ones close and celebrate how beautiful life is. Give hugs and kisses freely. Be thoughtful and supportive. Then,  and wake up on Saturday and thank God for another day and keep this practise going until you die of old age. 

Do not give fear a foothold and help your children to do the same.

I’m in Love!

Hello, beautiful souls! It is a most gracious and special day. I love Halloween! Why, because spirit is near. The veil is thin and loved ones are stopping by to commune with my girls and me.

Who am I in love with? My father! He has changed so much since his passing. He dropped by yesterday and gave some much-needed advice and information to my children. I laughed so many times and in my mind’s eye I could see his smile and the knowing shaking of his head. 

He has my girls pegged to a tee! He cut through all manner of cloudiness and subterfuge and said it straight! What fun! We were so joyful after his visit. I found so much love and respect for him that I am still amazed.

Their paternal grandfather stopped by as well. They are two beautiful and caring souls and we are blessed to have their time and attention. I am in awe! They are both handsome and stately Native American men! (bonus!)

God’s Light  is so beautiful that we are able to grow spiritually and continue to ascend once we have crossed over. Am I the only person to wonder at the majesty of Heaven? What is it like? How will I feel? Who will be there with me? What more will I know and how much more will I be able to do?

In many cultures Halloween is an honoring of loved ones who have passed. The culture of today has made some changes to what was the original intent, obviously. It is NOT a day to worship the Devil. 

Some research I have done notes a beginning with people, in Europe, carving turnips into scary faces in order to scare away evil beings at this time of year. The lights in your home were left on and you were not to look out the windows.  

This was a primitive response to the thin veil! At this time of year, spirit is closer and more interactive with us. People attempted to explain this ghost activity as evil since they had no other explanation for spectral events. Giving treats or gifts to these restless souls was meant to appease them so they would not affect the crops, villages or the general health of the inhabitants. Primitive people responding to a fearful situation.

Now that we are more enlightened, we are able to weed out the unbelievable aspects of the day and have a better, more knowledgable perspective. 

Honor this time as you see fit. Know that your loved ones may be near and they have many blessings to bring to you. We no longer have primitive minds. We know that the veil is thin and spirit activity is heightened at this time of year.

Adorning your home and self with costumes is completely up to you. Handing out candy is voluntary. “Trick or Treat” is used to keep restless celebrants from tampering with your belongings. Just as primitive people attempted to appease restless ghosts to avoid negative implications.

Set all of this aside and pay homage to your loved ones who have crossed over. Say a prayer for them. Light a candle and wish them well. Thank them for their continued love and support. 

KNOW that this time they have spent with the Lord has brought them great knowledge and understanding. They have been given every opportunity to fill themselves up with Light. There are still issues to process and growth to achieve but they are not bogged down in negativity, like we are.

Celebrate their lives and acknowledge their continued existence! This is not a day of darkness. It is truly a day of LOVE!

What a Special Time!

There are many holidays and special occasions celebrated at this time of year. What is evident is that we all celebrate some type of blessing or spiritual awakening. We are motivated by legend, the winter solstice, or significant events that happened in history.

Who is to say what the best religious or spiritual celebration is? It is a wonderful time to celebrate all of our traditions! Every holiday deserves respect and appreciation.

This is a time of year when many hearts turn to love, gratitude and faith. We give gifts or have observances. What is most special is that we all feel the love for ourselves and others.

We may immerse ourselves in the good vibrations. If we don’t focus on what we may find irritating (ie carols, decorations, donation seeking organizations, the religious practices of other cultures…) there is great joy and abundance all around us!

Let your reservations go! Accept that everyone has their own special way to enjoy this holiday season and focus more on what our celebrations represent. Tolerance is divine.

Give yourself the gift of appreciation of how diverse we humans are! We are all a small part of a quilt of many colors and textures. Please don’t shun this quilt but accept it for its own unique qualities. Feel the warmth and love it holds.

There is great love for you here, now, and forever. 

We are one,

Makah Win


What Fun!

There have been many jokes about holiday shopping where the person buys something for someone else then something for themselves. This could very well be the epitome of holiday gifting practices.

Send love to someone AND send love to yourself! Give a family member hope AND keep some hope  for yourself! Donate joy to a local homeless shelter AND keep some joy for yourself!

Doesn’t this sound like the best holiday gifting strategy that you have heard in a long while?

This could catch on!

The 2011 Holiday Season Tradition is… give to others AND give to yourself. No money is necessary but heaping amounts of love, joy and gratitude are required!

If you are not sure where to begin, start with a smile and follow your heart from there.

All My Love,

 Makah Win

Remember Someone Special

Let the holiday blues sing a different song this year!

We all feel saddened about loved ones who are no longer here during the holidays. Some of our most special remembrances are of holiday celebrations. We have favorite stories about family during these special times.

There is no need to be sad. Our loved ones are in perfect health right now. They dwell within the Light of God and move effortlessly about. They have made many trips back to this earth plane to visit us and this may probably be one of the most special times they reappear.

There are no tears of sadness, rather, there may be tears of joy. We miss them but we have not gone for very long without them. Even the most defiant non-believers have considered that there may be more than just this one life.

Gather together and celebrate our lives and loves. Remember fondly those who have crossed over. Join in and repeat your favorite stories and share special memories.

Set out some pictures or trinkets that bring out your love for someone. Have a meal in their honor. Listen to favorite songs or sing carols or other songs that have special significance. Speak out loud to them as if they are right there beside you.

We are the ones in a place of potential suffering. Your love ones passed are not. They know love, light, forgiveness and profound healing. How beautiful is this? Take comfort in your connection with ALL of your loved ones and make this season one of great honor and thanks.

We never spend any moment alone. We have spirit guides, angels, loved ones passed and God surrounding us at all times. Take comfort in this.

Spread the joy and love in this holiday season and remember all of the many things in which you take comfort.

Celebrate with God in your heart.


Makah Win

10 Gifts We Know

Ten gifts we know come from God.

1. Life. Living, breathing, laughing and crying. We are God incarnate and we learn and grow in the name of God.

2. Love. We love ourselves and those around us. This by far is God’s greatest gift, for through this, we know God himself.

3. Charity. We give when we have more than enough. We give to share. We give to express our thanks to our Creator. Through our shared heart we give to those in need.

4. Solitude. We offer our thoughts and our desires to God directly. Only God knows our true heart and mind for we only share part of our true spirit with those who are not God.

5. Faith. We spread the Word to those we know dearly and to those we do not know at all. Faith, spirit and communion must all be shared. We are never alone in our faith

6. Well-being. We are given a taste of true health and vitality so we may know when we are out of alignment with our true being. Without wellness we would not know illness.

7. Prosperity. We are given the fruits of our labor so we may know success and material comfort. Flowing from this we may know charity and community.

8. Romantic love. We are kindred spirits with hearts and desires. We come together in pairs to live, prosper, and procreate. A family is the beginning of true success in our earth plane.

9. Jesus. This gift was the most profound and meaningful of all gifts bestowed upon us. Through this gift we may know, first-hand, many of the wonders of God. Some of which is love, communion, growth, charity, faith and absolution. The gifts of God through Jesus are never-ending and all-encompassing.

10. God Himself. Without our Creator we would not know life. We are intent upon our missions of growth, love and maturation. We came from God and will return to God. There is no human life without Him.

These gifts are presented to us throughout the year. This holiday season is but a drop in the spring of God’s best intentions for us.

Know these gifts throughout our time here on earth, for when you know God you know life everlasting!


Makah Win

Love, Honesty and Appreciation in this Holiday Season

God is among us more strongly now. We are surrounded by feelings of love and peace. there are many wondrous blessings that will come our way at this time of year.

We are all given to reminisce. We think of holiday seasons past and have fond memories of our family, friends and childhood. Isn’t this the perfect time of year for our loved ones who moved away to come back for a visit? We were thinking about them anyway!

Our love grows stronger as the years go by. Forgiveness comes more easily. Love blooms around a holiday meal.

How special is this holiday season? Have we grown more content as we mature? Do we find more to love and more to laugh about? Absolutely!

There are many who share this spiritual path with us. We come to learn that family isn’t just the people we are related to but also the people we have grown to love.

This is a perfect time to look to our future and realize that there aren’t too many things that we should be upset about. Things work out on their own. We find comfort in God and we understand that our efforts to manage our earth-lives are so futile compared to the ease in which God takes care of us. Faith is far more expansive now that we have matured.

It is a comfort to know that we are well and properly cared for. Give your needs to God and you will be met with salvation. Allow your heart to melt into the consciousness of faith. Trust that all you need and much of what you want will be given at any time of year.

This is a beautiful and wondrous time, but be certain that we may immerse ourselves in this joy at any time in our lives. Family and friends draw near. Love grows tenfold. Joy abounds!

Trust. Have faith. Honor yourself and your loved ones. Remember your ancestors and plan for your descendants.

Together we dwell in the House of God. Amen.

Makah Win