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What Do I Know?

I am working on a lot of self-discovery and have had a giant boost in energy, intuition and spiritual growth. I am nearing the end of this life phase and will start another one. I just don’t know when. Spirit may say “soon” and it happens 3 years later! That is the problem with psychic readings or direction from spirit. Their timeline and ours are very different.

As a psychic I have learned to ask for more specific information like month, season or even year. I had a psychic reading perhaps 5 years ago and I asked her when I would receive something very specific. She answered “August.” Naturally I thought it was August 5 years ago. It wasn’t. This event seems to be starting now. So I could have asked, “August of what year?” Try to remember when you are given information from spirit that you may need some additional information.

When I speak of people charting 1/3 of their life with difficult lessons and turmoil, I speak from experience. My childhood was very difficult and I still don’t openly discuss what I went through even with my own children. But, my childhood was tragic up to the age of 18 or 19. Then, as an adult (more or less) the tragedy was part my own doing and part abusive marriage. As I aged I did ask spirit for the meaning of my childhood situations and that is when they told me about the common 1/3 tendency.  Part of what you read on this site is me and most of it is spirit over the years. I would never author this blog on my own. I am a conduit, not a spiritual leader!

In my own life my childhood was wrought with trauma and difficult situations. My young adulthood I began to learn that those harsh lessons were meant to teach me something. My marriage taught me too many difficult lessons about abuse, self-worth, parenthood, consequences… Then, I started my actual learning phase. I found God, began to pray and understood that I had charted this life in order to learn some specific lessons. What I struggled to learn, I could help to teach others in similar situations.

Thankfully, I am beyond my 1/3 of trouble. This next phase is something better and coming from a vastly different perspective. My connection to spirit is very good. My ability to “read” other people has improved immensely. My willingness to step forward and help those around me is still not enough, this I know. I tend to avoid turmoil if I can. My ability to accept direction from spirit is awesome. I am given dialog, charts, graphs, timelines, agendas, song lyrics, life stories spoken as fairy tales… I have no doubt that my ability to comprehend and share spirit guidance is pretty good.

We have been told in the past that your greatest teachers are perhaps those who have harmed you the most. This is true in my life. My mother and ex-husband taught me volumes of learning and knowledge. Each sibling has come with a different set of lessons. Aunts, uncles, cousins and community members have taught me some important things as well. This is so important for you to understand. Yes, it hurts, but what is the purpose for what you have experienced? What are important are the lessons. Even if you have to write things down to figure out what the purpose was, get something positive out of everything that you go through. Always be willing to learn.

I have continued to learn from my parents even beyond their death. That is one benefit of being psychic. They have each changed so much after leaving this life. It will bring me to tears. I am on better terms with each of them now. This is a blessing. They want me to share information with my siblings or other family members but I tend to avoid these expectations. Why? Because I think they will focus on me and not the message. Who am I? What do I know? Keep this to yourself!

As a psychic, it takes a while before people are ready to accept that information, guidance and direction are not coming from me. I get a lot of anger because I don’t mince words. Spirit is direct and so am I. This may hurt your feelings, and it usually does. I believe that my duty is to give you all of the information that spirit wishes you to know. If I start editing or paraphrasing, I am doing you a disservice. So imagine how interesting a spirit-guided visit would be for one of my siblings. Yikes. I am the youngest of 8. No one wants to hear my mouth even though I am in my 50’s and have changed a lot. A drop by reading is never good.

Please take the information provided by spirit with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. If your life were nothing but kisses and flowers, there may be less emotional pain but how often is that? Get a recording or write it down. Review it from time to time to time and be objective. I have had people offended when they receive the reading and then truly grateful after a year. This is common. The truth hurts. Sorry.

Always be sure whether you are getting actual spirit information or if the psychic is giving you advice or somehow altering the message. I stopped seeing a psychic because I was getting her own advice! This is not what a reading is for. If someone is genuine they may give you the factual information then expand upon it if you have questions. But ALL of the information is from spirit or other Divine beings.

Remove the emotion from what you have heard and set about discovering the lessons.

If you hear voices and are not psychotic, be careful who you think that they are. It is usually your self-talk but it could be something more troublesome. I find I hear inauthentic voices often. By being psychic, spirit is drawn to me. I shine like a beacon. Earthbound spirits may dwell in my space in order to soak up my energy or provide me with false information. I call it debris. I am able to pray and ask for the debris to be blocked, meditate and seek my higher guides to block it or envision blocks myself using energy and light. I still get caught unaware so I can imagine it may be easy for you to get derailed.

This is where the advice comes from about information being upsetting. If it is not matter-of-fact, it is not genuine. This is one of the more difficult situations to comb through.

“The voice sounds just like my uncle.” A ghost will flip through the files in your brain and represent themselves as your uncle. They may provide the smell of cologne, whiskey and breath mints but it still isn’t your uncle. Our own minds are very creative. This discernment takes time. As I have said, even after 15 years I still get debris. It is constant.

Often I get a voice that either tells me what I want to hear or taps into what I want or need just to cause me emotional pain. This could be my own ego voice which will cause upset intentionally or debris. The best way to discern where the voice is coming from is through my God Center, being grounded and full of Light. If I touch my fingers to my God Center, I get a sense of truth about it and I am able to either quiet my ego voice or banish the debris. This is a great way to double check the origin of a lot of different energy.

Usually in a reading, spirit will say something about an object, event or situation that is current. This is to let you know that they are in your life at present. They like the new paint in the kitchen, your new hairstyle or congratulations on your son’s wedding. This lets you know they are near you and share in the special events of your life or perhaps some upsetting moments as well.

Be careful taking advice from spirit. They may have crossed over but they still offer some bad advice. Spirit will retain their usual prejudices, paranoia or preferences. Don’t take financial advice from a loved one who died heavily in debt. Just because they are on the Other Side does not make them experts.

You may receive wonderful information about your health and well-being as long as the details come from a genuine source. Be cautious and double check where the information is coming from.

I get information about car accidents, illnesses, injuries, presidential elections, and the gender of unborn babies… Do I always pass along this information? No. There is a purpose to each event. I had become aware that my nephew would total his new truck. I was told when, where, the circumstances of his loss of control of the vehicle and that he would not be seriously harmed. I did not inform him or my sister. He needed to learn about speeding, winter road conditions and driving under the influence of alcohol. He learned those lessons without me.

Sometimes I will pass information along but this is usually to people who know where this information comes from and are open to psychic/mediums. I am not the psychic that will walk up to you in the supermarket and tell you to get to the Dr. This isn’t me.

If you want that type of information, make sure that the psychic knows. If you don’t get the information it is because you can’t do anything about it. Nothing would be influenced if you were to know. It is that simple. Someone isn’t a bad psychic if they don’t have all the information.

This is some gentle information about psychics, spirit guides, hearing voices and getting accurate information. It is truly a blend of me and spirit. I find that the more I love you and others, the better and more accurate the information is that I am provided. If I was trying to make a million dollars, I would be acting from ego and the details would be wholly untrue and possibly inflammatory. Not matter-of-fact.

I will be sure to let you know when my new life phase starts. Now that I know it is August of 2017! It has been a wild ride but you will know what I know. I have done the work and have tools that you may not. Thank you for being here.




Consider This…

  1. More is learned from changes occurring over time. Sudden changes leave little to no room for expansion.
  2. The Universe gives you what you need, not always what you want.
  3. Lessons learned earlier in life are built upon as you age and mature. Not absorbing the information or intentionally skipping it will delay any further learning. These gaps may stall any learning at all.
  4. Ignorance about lessons provided by people you don’t respect or choose to ignore will also affect any future learning. There are times when your parents, an older sibling or other person provide some much-needed information but you ignore it because of the person who is delivering the messages to you. It is far better to weigh the information and decide whether it is sound advice or not.
  5. Even elders or other mature people change their perspectives over time. Allow for this expansion instead of challenging their shifting direction.
  6. Dogma turns even polite people away.
  7. Believing that you have nothing more to learn is the surest way to stop evolving.
  8. Sometimes you may open an important door simply by admitting that you are wrong.
  9. Opportunities come in all sizes. Some may be imperceptible and others you cannot miss.
  10. Travel may just occupy your time. Staying in place and focusing on learning may be a better choice.
  11. Looking beyond this atmosphere may only serve to block your attention to what we must all deal with. Issues regarding this planet must be addressed or what lies in the Universe will not matter at all.
  12. The earth will not cease to exist but it will become uninhabitable.
  13. People take themselves far too seriously. Being open-minded and relaxed will prove to be far healthier and productive.
  14. War makes for strange bedfellows but love challenges no one. You would be much happier in a room full of loved ones rather than strange people ready for a fight.
  15. There is a power greater than us. This is exactly why we may be forgiven, loved and healed without delay. If it was up to us, we would find problems which forbid these simple things.

Healing for the Holidays



In today’s world is it really this simple? It can be. No one is asking that you forgive and forget. Just start the process by forgiving.

Many actions and events are far too serious to forgive and this is true. There are things that no one will ever be able to understand. There is a point at which you may forgive someone. Perhaps it was something unintentional. Maybe they were abusing substances or undergoing severe trauma. It may have been a mistake that may be placed in perspective thus making it easier to understand. Then, there are things which you will never be able to forgive anyone for. Things that were unspeakable. These instances must be dealt with as well. No, you are not expected to forgive someone for anything heinous. But let us see if we can put it perspective as well.

The first talking point is about personal power. Have you ceased to grow and succeed because of something that was done to you? Have you allowed it to interfere with many areas of your current life? Then, you have given this person or situation your personal power. You have dealt with the trauma by not dealing with the trauma. You have allowed it to alter your life and cause you unhappiness, dysfunction and possibly illness.

You have given the best and the worst of you away. You are not in a position to deal with this event because you have given up any control or positive response that you could have had regarding it. You let go of the wheel and have allowed dark and dismal energy to define who you are. This is not recommended. You must be responsible for your own thoughts and feelings. The lack of direction and healing that makes you feel out of control is exactly what comes from you giving up your personal power.

Do you make statements like, “I could be happily married with my own family if not for this…” Or, “If I did not suffer … I would be in good health, productive and successful.” This is the wrong way to approach anything so essential to your sense of self-worth. Work to the point where you say, “I am happy and loving despite…” “I have overcome… and now I have love, prosperity and good health.” Eventually you will make statements without the added references to trauma, abuse or crisis. This will take time and effort. Wishing it away doesn’t work.

The second talking point is to release any anger. Yes, this sounds extremely difficult but the reason to do so is positive. The anger is not affecting anyone but you or those close to you. You are harboring darkness that interferes with the amount of love and hope that you may feel. In this instance, your anger is not productive. You have not progressed through any other stages of coping or grief about a situation. You have stalled in the anger phase and have harmed yourself and your close relationships because of it. The person who caused your pain is not suffering in the least, you are.

There are times when anger is a motivation or even a tool to get things done. If you are holding anger from past years or childhood events, this has gone on far too long. Release the anger and allow yourself time to heal. Let it go. Talk to yourself, say a prayer, perform some kind of ritual, see a counselor, join a support group… Talk it out and let it go. Remind yourself each day to let it go. Use positive affirmations. Never find out that you have to say “I am strong but…” No! You are strong, healthy, beautiful, prosperous and generous. No one has taken any of this away from you. For some reason you gave it away but you will not do this any more.

The third talking point is to refuse to accept any blame if your trauma occurred when you were a child. The adults in the environment did not keep you safe. Either they truly did not know what went wrong or they are pretending that they didn’t. Either way, do not blame yourself. There is a great deal of dysfunction that occurs in some families. Many adults or older people in the home do not want to deal with any problems that could get upsetting. They may pretend they don’t know or they may walk away from the situation just so they don’t have to deal with it.

Sometimes the older sibling believe that you deserve your mistreatment or they were abused and now it is your turn. They may not be old enough to understand that any of it should not be happening. They make adjustments to survive in the dysfunction and they rarely take a stand against what is wrong. There are also times when one parent does not intervene when another parent is abusing the children. This is also what dysfunction looks like. Everyone adjusts their own behavior so that they either escape the abuse or don’t have to deal with it.

The lack of action is also not your fault. As a child you were unable to understand and process the complexities of your life. You may even have thought your life was “normal.” The time to accept any responsibility is now. You are an adult and you understand at least part of the problem. Now is the time to deal with it and heal. Make your life better and make the lives of the next generation even better. As an adult you may begin a new phase of healing, growth and healthy relationships with your loved ones. If someone does not want to be a part of this improvement, let it go. You are responsible for you. Gather new “family” who are of like-mind and begin what may be the most productive years of your life.

The fourth talking point is to forgive as many times as necessary to benefit from your efforts. Each day you may have to release your pain, anger and desire for vengeance. Keep up the effort and discover ways to feel safe and whole without making anyone responsible for your healing. Again, you are responsible for you. Set down any dark or dismal energy and make the most of each day. There will be setbacks but this is also manageable. Any change takes time and this is no different. It will help to pray, journal, seek professional help and perform some healing actions.

You may not be able to do this on your own but that is ok. If you invest in your own healing the universe will invest in it as well. You are not alone and you are strong enough to get through this. We have spoken about your daily self-care. This is another action to take, release your lower vibrations each day and throughout the day if needed. If you don’t release these darker blockages, healing will have little room to take place. Breath easier and open up your world. Find the good health and healing that comes from placing your injuries in perspective and realizing that you are healthy and whole anyway. You are larger than the sum of all of your issues. Really.

The fifth talking point is sincere attempts to raise your vibration will benefit you even if you are unable to cope with all of your past injuries. Brighter and lighter will make depression, anger, illness and dysfunction leave you. Your hurt finds a way out and you will refill your precious inner space with something better. Your improved emotional health will make it easier to bring issues to light and release them. You may wonder why you were so hurt by something to begin with.

Each day will feel like a new opportunity to experience good health and wellbeing. All you have to do is ALLOW your healing to take place. RELEASE any need to get hung up on any past event or situation. And, develop a strong FAITH knowing that all matters pale in comparison to your joy, love and positive intentions. Be open to different types of help. Get a healing, Reiki, message, psychic reading, reflexology, energy clearing, sweat lodge, books, support groups, individual counseling… MEDITATION is essential.

If you have trouble meditating, keep trying. Use a guided meditation CD. Join a meditation group. Begin by being silent, still and quiet your mind, then go from there. Even a warm bath and being purely in that moment will help. When you make progress meditating emotions, memories and concerns will rise up. Then, while still in that blissful meditative state, let it go. Make room for love, support and guidance from God and spirit. In that stillness, you align more closely with the universe and who you really are.

There is no better time to begin your healing journey. The world is full of love and hope and you may use this positive energy.

The Yearly Gift

It is easy to forget the true reason for Christmas. Sometimes we get caught up in the gift giving and presents. It may take a reminder to bring your focus back to the one, greatest gift that God has given us, His only Son.

The Life of Jesus may be one of the best topics to research in order to truly value this earth life. There is a lot of rhetoric but do your best to find a reasonably truthful depiction of His life and crucifixion. In meditation I have been shown the events leading up to the crucifixion a few times. It is always difficult for me to remain in complete contact with spirit during these times. I become nervous and either derail the depiction or block much of it. I become fearful of knowing too much of His pain and torment. I also busy my mind with nonsense about the Shroud of Turin or whether He truly perished or continued to live a quiet, human life. These potential hoaxes are less upsetting than reliving the death of Jesus.

I’m human and I have an uneasy time accepting the gift of “knowing” from spirit. I also realize that I am being shown this time in history for a reason and until I truly accept this vision I will continue to be given this journey over and over again. My fear and discomfort are limiting my growth. I must face it, I know.

Perhaps I should list the reasons why I cannot face the vision of the crucifixion and work through them one by one. Maybe I need a spiritual counselor to guide me. I do experience great sadness because I can’t help but resist gaining knowledge specifically related to this. Or, maybe I question how truthful and genuine these visions are. I might be lying to myself under the cloak of meditation.

As I continue to work through my human limitations I will continue to channel spirit and offer you the gift of “knowing” just as I have for the past few years. God is love. You are God. -Lisa


This time of year may be best known for renewal. The changing of the seasons and the rebirth of Nature’s gifts will happen soon. The Winter is a time of introspection and learning. In past history it was a time to read books and pass time with family and other loved ones. Much time was spent indoors. Do you suspect that Christmas occurs in the Winter months on purpose? Perhaps this was part of the Divine Plan.

As we spent time indoors with ample time to busy ourselves, we were also given the Gift of Jesus. We had many long days and nights to learn of His life and mourn His death. We were given the gift of absolution but it did come at a cost.

We held Him up to be our ideal. This is the epitome of human life. We are capable of walking the earth to heal and teach without judgment. We may live our life in service of God and make our community better each day. Ours is not to dwell upon our own needs and wants. Ours is to give of ourselves and make each person better just by having had them in our company. Life truly could be this simple. We tend to complicate things and distract ourselves from the true meaning of life. During this time of quiet solace, we may build ourselves up and find that earnest, genuine path. Be good. Do good. Be God in human form.

We are reminded each year to align with the Life of Christ. This is a pretty good setup that we have. Each year we may answer questions about the value of our existence and what our purpose is. We are provided with a standard to live up to. A human given to our world to show us how inspiring and simple our lives may become. We may do all the wonders that Jesus has done.

The true existence of Christ is still playing out in our lives and the lives of our family and neighbors. He still exists. He is omnipresent and capable of being in many places at the same time. We may call out to Him and be assured by His presence. God has never left us all alone.

The meaning of our life has so much more to do with wealth and stature. It may be as simple as giving of yourself every day to improve the lives of those around you.

Receive this gift this holiday season. Be humble and grateful. Give thanks for your life. Make faith the only thing that you truly need. Come back home to who you truly are. Be grounded to Mother Earth and God. Be at peace with this life. When you have God and His only Son, there is nothing else you need.


Bread Crumbs

You have all been making a true effort to be more open and connect with God and spirit. We are trying our best to meet you part way. Has it seemed that some things are coming true for you lately? You may have asked for something or said a prayer for a particular blessing and then you have received it? We are using these “coincidences” to keep bringing you the miracle of God, just like bread crumbs to bring you back home on a long journey.

Ask and receive, please. Test us. We will bring you many things that will verify we are listening and you are receiving our gifts. You won’t win millions of dollars from the lottery but you may receive some other pleasant surprises instead.

This is a time of great gathering of Divine energy. We are nearing the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is truly a grand time on the Other Side. We celebrate for many days on end. We also share our good feelings and desire to spread good cheer to you on Earth.

This is the easiest time to shift your thinking from negative or unproductive to positive and hopeful. We will assist you and allow you to tap into the general swell of Divine Light. This will cut your actual energy spent in half.

We ask you to envision a vortex of golden light. This will resemble a small, human sized tornado which is twirling clockwise. Watch it spin and sparkle. Envision it growing in brightness and clarity. Feel the awe of being close and comforted by God. Now, step into the vortex and release your blocks, barriers and unproductive habits. Ask for positive thinking and rapid healing then ALLOW it to happen.

You may stay in there for as long as you wish. Absorb as much Divine Light as possible. Pray for a giant boost in positive energy which you intend to use to make your life better and shower blessings on those you love. Step back outside of it. Resist your habit of reclaiming your unproductive thinking and behavior. Allow yourself to be “in bliss.”

Now you may envision any of your family or friends and insert them into the vortex. Pray for their healing and intense wellbeing. Pray for them to release their blocks, barriers and unproductive habits. This is different from when you stood in the vortex because they have their own free will. It is up to them if they receive this blessing or not. Ask for them to be flushed and refilled with Divine Light. Allow them to step outside of the vortex. Surround and infuse them with White Light and continue on their way.

Use this vortex for pets, homes, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes… any number of places or events that you wish to boost their presence with Divine Light.

Now is the optimal time to redirect your thought patterns. Use only positive and loving comments for your inner dialog. “I am healthy and happy.” “I have everything I want and need.” “I send my love to all others.” “I am healed and so are my loved ones.” Every time you start with the unproductive comments, shift your thinking back to positive and loving.

Use statements which will improve your Divine energy. “God is with me always.” “I am blessed by angels.” “I am protected by God, angels and spirit.” “I glow with Divine and golden light.”

Your thought patterns have so much to do with your perspective on life. Everything is “of God” if you look at it as experience and a teaching tool. Positive events flow to you quickly and effortlessly. You will truly feel charmed. Remember to keep your thoughts and actions positive each day. As with any habit, you must make this effort until your positive thought patterns become your habit. It is unbelievable how many blessings will be drawn to you just because you EXPECT love, hope and prosperity.

Use the golden vortex as often as you wish. Keep your thoughts positive and release your need to gather your blocks, barriers and unproductive thinking. By thinking and feeling positive, life will fulfill your expectations of good health and prosperity. This is the Law of Attraction. Your Divine hosts are eager to assist you in this time of great celebration. Use the boost of Divine energy to your advantage and take a few giant leaps toward your self-actualization. This is a wondrous time of great healing and love. Celebrate the birth of Christ and use God’s loving energy to bring you back to your true self. Closer to your chart and in line to do great things for yourself, your loved ones and your community. Your global community as well.

Another Springboard: 1/1/14

Try to hang on! There is a spiritual blast coming through. I expect it is from the New Moon today, the numerical 1/1, and the continued spirit presence of our holidays!

A sad note is that many loved ones choose to cross over at this time of year. There are many benefits for them when they do. The spirit energy cycle is high with the celebration of the birth of Christ. When they go home they may be there in time for the party. That depends upon how long they cocoon and heal from this incarnation.

They also will make room for new energy coming in for this new year. Please don’t be too sad at the passing of your loved one. When they charted this transition they had the best intentions to return to the Godhead when celebration and energy abounds. This is a time of transition that they looked forward to.

If you ponder the personality and faith of these loved ones who are crossing over now you’ll see that they “of course” would want to go home at this time. They may be people of strong faith, a community leader, a spiritual leader or someone who has been stuck in a sick, down or tumultuous life cycle. This is an honorable time to transition back to spirit.

The good news for us is this new energy that is available for you to be happy and make positive changes. There may be some spiritual value to the tradition of making resolutions. This is a high energy cycle and you may easily use it for the better. Often, we have good intentions but then fall back into familiar negative patterns of thinking and behavior. We have a chance, right now, to use God’s Grace to benefit our lives. We are not alone in wanting improved joy and happiness. God wants this for us as well.

One change that would make life more prosperous and abundant is to get out of your own way of accepting God’s blessings. We humans place so many artificial barriers and blocks to our innate happiness. Most often we do not realize this is what we have done to ourselves.

Start fresh by being grounded, centered, cleared and cleansed. Then, stay that way! Make good self-care a habit.

Grounding is actively connecting yourself to Mother Earth and God. Centering is aligning all of your chakras into the midline of your body. To be centered your, chakras need to be cleared. Clearing is cleansing and flushing your chakras so that they spin and are crystal clear and healthy. Cleansing is flushing any negative energy from your being and refilling it with White Light or a chakra color of your choosing. There are many posts on this blog to address these actions or you may find some articles online which will resonate with you. By performing these steps you allow God to be close and you will realign with your path. Your energy will bound and you will feel the comfort of being “of God.”

Your life will have new meaning and the depth of your connection to God and spirit will be palpable. This is a state of bliss that will help you ascend to your Higher Self.

Being aligned with God IS your natural state. Perhaps you allowed negativity and dysfunction to cloud your way. There is always time to correct your navigation and come back home. I will welcome you and we will travel these next few steps together.

I love you as I love myself,

Open To Grace

Breathe deeply and ALLOW. KNOW that all is well and God does provide.

Sit quietly and become lost in remembrance. Allow your mind to linger and dwell. Remember all good times spent with loved ones passed and present. What were the best times and what were the events and relationships that molded who you are?

While being still, recall your life from as far back as you can remember. What are you thankful for? When did you feel safe and loved? Who gave you some of the important aspects of your being?

Always know that even the most difficult and trying relationships are some of the greatest teaching moments. You knew who you wanted to be and what you wanted to represent. You did as you lived or you did the opposite. Either way, life taught you.

Release the difficult relationships. Acknowledge that you have learned and express gratitude for the lessons. Without this contrast, your life would not hold so much knowledge and volume.

Embrace the good times and wonderful memories. Keep the joy and love flowing. Allow the positive and beautiful days to overshadow the rest. Why? Because you are still here and moving forward. You may have not realized that negativity has been one of your great teachers. Be at peace and move on.

This holiday season is about grace, love and celebration. Be content with who you are and be eager for the lessons that life continues to hold.

Be with God. Be one and the same with Christ. Understand the meaning of these days and celebrate this life as but one gift that God has bestowed upon you. From here forward, vow to do good, be good and help others. We are here to do God’s Will. There is no greater existence than this.

Honor the anniversary of the most auspicious birth. Know that you have been taken care of and vow to pay this grace forward. Continue to join in the flow of God and Divinity. You have much to do and much to learn. You are christened a Light Worker and We are so very proud of you.

Energies Are Brighter

Energies are brighter and more jubilant. Many of you have finished much of your holiday activities and now have more time to relax.

You are still shielding yourself against upset, friction and miscommunication. Please don’t expect upset when gathering with friends and family. According to the Law of Attraction you will invite upset because you are expecting it.

Relax and enjoy your time of holiday and celebration. Things will be forgotten or missed, that is ok. You may misspeak or stumble over some words, that is ok too. Feeling trapped by misfortune is not ok.

Release your need to CONTROL everything! No one is that perfect.

What we will discuss today is how to avoid any pitfalls when meeting with family or friends.

1. Do not get angry. Allow everything to roll off of you. Place everyone’s need to upset you and others in perspective. Dysfunction will interfere with your holiday gatherings. Look at each attempt to derail you as a statement about them, not you. Stay strong.

2. Stop overindulging with spending and consumption. We all know why.

3. Redirect your appreciation and joy back to the real reason for the season. Acknowledge the gift of Christ and our eternal absolution. No need to redirect an entire crowd. It is enough in God’s eyes if you say a prayer and have a moment of introspection.

4. It is ok to celebrate in your own way. If you’d rather take a trip, go ahead. If you want to stay at home, that’s ok too. Release your need to respond anyone’s shaming. Be confident that you know how you want to celebrate and be strong.

5. Gifts are necessary if it is known that gifts are necessary. You may ask your host or hostess if gifts will be exchanged, that way you are not caught unaware. Or, if you buy gifts and do not receive any in return, be very upbeat. Express your sadness or embarrassment in private. Be better prepared for next year.

6. Invite angels to every gathering! There will be an unaccustomed grandness to every event. Think of joy, laughter, appreciation and good feelings times 100!

7. Come away from your gathering knowing who is ill, who needs spiritual strength and who is just fine. Plan on saying prayers for everyone. The new baby, the elder aunt, the ill sister… Turn your healing and spiritual wellness outward. They are important to you and you gather with them for your benefit and theirs. “Family” is more than just those related to you.

8. Give a “gift” to another. Donate time or money to charity, a family in need, patients at a children’s hospital, foster families, an animal shelter… Choose one that speaks to your soul.

9. Make sure that children know the story of Christ and understand charity. They will not know if they are not taught. Young ones tend to focus on gifts and parties and may be unaware of God’s Grace and the Gift of Christ. It is an uplifting and heartwarming story that will bring another aspect to the meaning of the holidays.

10. Give, ask, receive. It is about you, me, us and them. This is a global event that will fill your soul to overflowing. Spread love, cheer and gratitude. People don’t even have to “Believe” in order to benefit from your love. God knows no boundaries and grace is available to all.

My deepest love and embrace,

Audra: female guide

(I had many directions given to me this past Sunday. So much that I asked for help to assimilate all of them or at least remember them at a time when I could focus more clearly.
Audra is my current channeling guide. She wants us to put in some effort.)

Beloveds, I have come to see you through this holiday season. This a proud yet daunting task, for many emotions and tumultuous feelings come about this time of year.

My first goal is to remind you that the holidays celebrated by many of us are about God and His decision to send us His only child, in service of us. We veer off course during these holidays. Some of us are lost to the TRUTH more than others.

Lose the sight of red and green, holidays bows and wrapping, and mostly Santa Claus! This has nothing to do with the TRUTH of the season. Celebrations could be trimmed back to foretelling of a Savior being born and the absolution that He brought with him. You really don’t need a manger scene to fully celebrate and comprehend this Holy event.

Time would be better spent gathering with loved ones and sharing stories of faith, miracles and appreciation. Angels also figure into these holidays. Angels not only accompanied Jesus but they also walked ahead of Him to keep him safe and ensure His access to as many faithful that wished to behold Him.

He also wrought punishment on the truly evil and vain. We don’t often hear of this portion of His time here on Earth. Many began to fear Him. Whether they were truly evil or just misguided, this is where the intent to persecute Him began. Dark and negative humans feared His wrath. They felt great fear at what type of retribution that the Son of God could bear down upon them. They tried many times to delay His journey or redirect His trade. Yet, He still came.

It happened just as it was written. The persecution of Jesus gave us unknown bounty and absolution. He proved His identity and left great desolation in the hearts of many.

My second goal is to break your dependence upon futile and irresponsible portrayal of this holiday’s significance. Presents are not necessary. There is no need for a tree or garland. We may wish to share a good meal with our beloveds but the rest of the celebration is seriously misguided.

Do as you wish, but remember that paying homage to God and His Son is the only act we may feel compelled to make.

Thirdly, please make room in your heart to give, volunteer, and devote your life to the service of God.

We experience too many diversions. We have wandered very far away from what life is truly about. Many of us are trapped in the economic-based meaning of life. This is not so! Would the Son of God have been such a simple and humble man if richness and luxury were the goal of human life?

Love matters. Brotherhood is important. Communion with those of like-mind is beneficial. Resist the urge to commercialize the single most important event in our human existence.

Come back to what is simple yet profoundly true. We owe God a great amount of appreciation and gratitude for His sacrifice for our eternity. This happened just as written and our lives are written as well. Make no mockery of our value. Understand our place in humanity and behave accordingly.

“God walks amoung us this day. We have nothing to do but allow ourselves to be open to His grace. Prepare for Him a feast and keep the ceremony simple and true. Our flesh and blood brother made the ultimate sacrifice for us and we shall sacrifice as well, but very pale in comparison. Thank God for the Earth, the sky and the heavens. We want for nothing in the dwelling of God. We will not make light of His devotion to us as represented by this day. Amen.”

Rise Above Self-Protection

Are you feeling sensitive and vulnerable? Do you wince when someone makes statements about you or offers some guidance? Is it just now or does this happen throughout the year?

Confidence and self-assurance will protect you from words that sting. Easier said than done? Yes, for certain. Knowing that you are doing your best and learning from your mistakes is the most that anyone may ask of you.

Self-awareness is necessary for continued success. Resisting the urge to feel wounded from criticism will allow you to accept direction and make positive changes. This is optimal in the workplace when others are in a position to redirect your actions and behavior. Stay strong and be flexible. Do your best to rise above any harmful reactions and work toward meeting the expectations of your superiors.

Accepting supervision is one of the most positive and proactive steps you can take. If you were the supervisor would you want someone to respond to direction with vengeance and negative behavior? No! As a supervisor, it is up to you to improve the work performance of everyone in the department so gossip, browbeating and undermining negativity would work against your goals. Cultivating employees who work well as a team and respond to direction with positive responses would be ideal.

What if the hurtful words were from family, friends or other loved ones? Again, see if there is a morsel of truth to what they say. Is it something that you may need to address? Are they giving you loving and positive direction? It is very possible. It is also possible that they are attacking you and simply do want to hurt your feelings.

In this case it is good to be self-protective and create some distance between you. It is important for you to stay positive and keep moving forward. Look at their words as a reflection of them and where they are in life. Are they jealous? Do they envy what you have? Or, are they always a nay-sayer and seek to diminish anyone’s Light?

Remember what God expects of you. Be positive. Be kind, nice and helpful. Resist any need for gossip, negativity or vengeance. You are responsible for your own behavior. God will notice how you respond to someone who is living a darker, more negative existence.

With the holidays we are attending work, community and family events. The chances that we will come into contact with someone who wants to diminish your existence is increased. Make this year a complete turnaround. Accept everyone at face value and place their words into context. Are they loving and only thinking of you and some improvements you may make? Are they trying to be helpful? Do they not realize that their words may sting a bit?

Then, there is the opposite. Are they sowing darkness wherever they go? Allow their behavior to bounce right off. Look at their life and allow for their emotional limitations. Perhaps there was a time when you also felt sad, lonely, jealous or vindictive. You may also have wanted to hurt someone and bring darkness to their beautiful and successful life. You are above that now. You have come to realize that knowing God IS success and beauty!

You do have the ability to show others only love, joy and celebration! This is the most joyous time of year and we have much to be thankful for.

Shine bright and keep your emotions in check. Quickly rebound from anything that diminishes the joy of each day. Focus upon your own emotions and resist any reaction that will make you appear petty or ungrateful. It truly is possible to give everyone a smile. It may take some practice but the rewards priceless. You gain self-assurance, emotional stability and a Light of your own which resonates with God, Jesus and the Angels above. This IS true success.

Your being outshines all others. Congratulations!