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Many of you have made the effort to release some baggage and become more grounded. Welcome to your enhanced spiritually stable existence! It is good to see you here. You have learned to ask spirit for help in being closer to your actual life chart and this makes us warmhearted and proud. We have spent many hours with you to help get to this point and you have not disappointed. Congratulations.

Now that you are grounded to Mother Earth We may be able to share some much-needed information with you. We will now discuss what many advanced spiritual practitioners call “downloads.” We have a mountain of information to give to all humans who have begun their spiritual journey in earnest. You may always seek to make progress in life but some of you made that step now and We will not delay in utilizing your vivid connection.

Downloads are a rapid infusion of God-based material directly into your psyche. If you successfully meditate, these downloads may happen at that time. You may also be distracted by everyday tasks and a download may be occurring in the background of your consciousness. The most evident downloads happen when you are going about your day and spirit feels that a download is necessary in order for you to function at a spiritually optimal level sometime soon. These are the most awkward downloads.

This happens at any time during your day. You may be sipping coffee and your mind wanders away and you don’t hear the phone ringing, your spouse asking you about your day or you are not actually reading the paper that you appear to be reading. This is a rapid influx of “upgrades.” You receive the download and then your being will utilize the new information. You will begin to use this upgrade in your existence. Sometimes a download will happen as you sleep. This is good because you are not actually taken out of your normal functioning in order for the transmission to take place. Then your mind, body and soul will absorb the information and you will use it as you wake and start your day.

The awkward part is when you receive a download at the hair salon, grocery store, library or even the workplace. People will actually notice that you are “zoned out.” They may speak to you, try to get your attention or just stare. This download is not optimal because of the potential for unpleasant or distracted behavior on your part. You likely don’t want that type of negative attention.

The optimal way to avoid this awkward exchange is to meditate often or pray to God and your helpers for downloads to occur in your sleep. While your defense are down, as with sleep or meditation, God and spirit find you more open to communication. Much of your day you actually block your Heavenly Hosts from interacting with you. Many times you are afraid of input from guides or other unseen beings. In response, spirit may overtake you in the awkward download because it is necessary.

With all of the hard work that you have done recently, it is time for more information to be presented to you. We will ask that you meditate with intention. You must reach at least a moderate level of meditation so We may give you what you need to continue your ascension. If you feel “unfinished” the first time you try, set aside another time to meditate again. Ask your guides to facilitate your communication with the Divine and help to properly utilize your new information. Please remember to perform a protection exercise before and after meditation. It is also a good thing to protect yourself throughout your day because your vast advances have left you energized and more spiritually empowered. You are like an intense light bulb that may attract more attention from passing ghosts. There is nothing to fear. Just protect yourself because it makes sense. No drama, just functional.

Yes! Be proud of yourself for all of your hard work. God has noticed and you have a direct line of His Light. Blossom in this affection and grow taller and infinitely closer to your place in the Kingdom of God. This higher vibration will make life easier. Making decisions and being positive and proactive will become what you are known for. You do not have to be deceased to be near God. You may function easily in both realms.

Some of you feel touched by magic. This is more accurately living your intended earth life with a vivid connection to God. It may feel like magic but there are no tricks or deception. This process of being grounded and open to God have caused you to jump a few steps up on the Stairway to Heaven. It is an actual ascent and you are more than WELCOME!


The Rush of Your Chart

What have you chosen to be? Have you had enough time to think about it? Do you need my help? We all struggle with our own self-expression, but to align more closely with your chart you would release many of your unnecessary distractions.  All matters would seem to fall into place. Often We say that your life would seem charmed, but this is the truth of it.

Being in alignment feels very different than what you are used to experiencing. Your vision will become crystal clear and vivid. You may feel taller. It will seem like you are towering over everyday items like you may have grown a foot taller. Even looking into a mirror will seem different.

You may have tunnel vision. Meaningless distractions will be dismissed quickly. You will hone in on important matters. Your thoughts will be effective and streamlined. It will feel like you have gotten a lot of things done.

The downside is that you may have less patience for communicating with others who are not in alignment with you. It may seem like they will have limited understanding about what you are saying and you might be better off if you skip the conversation altogether. You may feel like some people are wasting your time.

You may also become lightheaded. Your perception may seem to swirl a little different than usual. Almost like your timing is a little bit off. You may also get a feeling like time is passing more quickly. It may feel like you are ten steps ahead of where you actually are. This is where the tunnel vision will possibly cause you to become dizzy. Looking forward may resemble the environment leaping toward you.

The good news is that these feelings are temporary. It may be like a boost to your knowledge and understanding, then returning to normal. It will be very helpful to be grounded. The discomfort would be minimized if you were anchored to God and Mother Earth. The best way to look at it is that you are on or very near who you are intended to be.

Those enlightened moments must be celebrated. You have done your work and you are making progress. You may actually feel close enough to Heaven to touch it. Your heart will leap when you feel all of this. This moment of clarity will give you a glimpse of true grace. Your departed loved ones will be very near to you. It will feel like you have found the perfect wavelength and your loved ones will gather for you. All at once, it all makes sense and it is vibrationally perfect.

If you remember the rush of an amusement park ride, this is so similar. Brief, yet perfect. If you have ever had those moments in life where you are doing everyday, non-eventful things and you realize that you don’t remember every minute of your trip. Your mind went somewhere. It may have felt surreal or dreamlike. This is exactly what it feels like.

We will work the next few posts on finding your chart and allowing your purpose to manifest. It will be exciting and stimulating. You may need some more practice meditating, so keep trying and We will catch up to you in time.

New Energy

I am posting today. I find myself without Ardomn or any other guide to step forward. Then it occurred to me that I may be “unavailable” to the new energy around me. Perhaps I don’t know which doors to open or at what energy level to search in.

My mother has been with me and my daughters for the past few weeks. She came through very strong as I was driving the other day. She provided most of her direction to my younger daughter who seems to be on a self-imposed hiatus. I’m on a hiatus but I’m certain I’m doing something wrong.

Spirit gave me a visual prompt today. The image was of the top side of an airplane in flight and me looking down from above it. My answer was to increase my vibration!!! I am too mired in the earth’s darker energy and that is why I haven’t been in contact with my new guides yet.

Wonderful suggestion!

In order to raise your vibration you must be grounded to earth and Heaven. Remember to run a cord from your crown to God and from your tailbone to the center of the earth.

Breathe slowly and initiate a moderate meditative state. Envision you becoming lighter and carefree. It may feel like a helium balloon. Allow yourself to rise above your current position. Move up further through floors, ceilings and roofs. Keep up your ascent and allow your sensations to mirror you floating and buoyant.

Rise above a plane in flight. Many new sensations are available to you. Remember to surround yourself in White Light for protection but still allow your guides to speak to you freely. If you are unable to clearly hear what is being said to you ask for them to speak directly to your soul and allow you to be conscious of their direction after you have left the meditative state.

You may rise up as far as you wish. You may enter new galaxies or enter Heaven. Whatever resonates with you. It is also possible to create a site where you will meet directly with your spirit guide. Make it a beachside pergola, a tea room, a mountain cabin or any other site which resonates with you any given time.

Spirit never leaves your side. If you find that you are unable to sense their presence like me, it is always that we have allowed ourselves to become unavailable. We have closed down or fallen prey to ego.

I am not used to all of this quiet!

Another suggestion I have is awesome for envisioning healing, guidance, love and Divine comfort is something I do during meditation. I lie down and superimpose a cross over me. I position the intersection of the cross encompassing my third eye. Make it as thick as you want or of any substance that you prefer. This is very stimulating and uplifting!

One last suggestion is also for guidance. I will sit upright and envision my head, including all of its contents, shifting down my body until it reaches my God Center. Again, I position my third eye directly in the God Center and allow the influx of Divine energy. This is stimulating and uplifting as well. During this exercise I imagine getting information directly from my soul which resides in our God Center.

Raise your vibration to reconnect with God and spirit. Also try the two visualization exercises to boost your inspiration. Use each exercise whenever you need to. It is important to rise above the negativity of the earth plane. These suggestions will help.

Spirit is is constant contact. You must rise up and be available to them. If you feel enclosed in darkness you must make the effort to elevate yourself and be open to your Divine being again. It may be something that you don’t always consider, but it is a good habit to make.

Wish me luck! The silence is frustrating and that is exactly the wrong way to deal with it. I must elavate my consiousness and be open to spirit. I am also very excited to meet my new guide or guides!