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Love is Already Here

Many of you are looking ahead for love like there are not many possibilities where you are currently in life. The Law of Attraction tells you that “waiting” for love will confirm that you are still “waiting,” even after a long time. It is much like waiting for a windfall of money, waiting to relax on a vacation, waiting for your health to improve, waiting to lose weight… Please get into the habit of believing you have all of your goals and wishes now. Your inner dialog has programmed the Universe to keep you “waiting.” This is far from perfect.

There is love all around you. Envision yourself encircled in love. Remember to include the top of your head, your back and the bottom of your feet. Proclaim, “I have love now! I have more than enough and I am full to overflowing with loving energy.” Keep this positive and motivational. It IS true. God created us to be flush in love. Despite any heartache, blockage or barrier, you are intended to find love again. Love for yourself, your life, your family, friends… As We have spoken before, none of your experiences are intended to undo you. You must accept what has happened, cope with it, accept it as part of who you are and find your love for yourself and your life again.

Love is universal. Your love for many things in your life will bring about the romantic love you desire. Love begets love. You have enough right now. No more waiting. No more short-term or long-term goals for love. You have all the love you need at this moment. Accept this as true and be open to all of the love that you may have forgotten about or missed along the way. It is recommended to send love to others. You may have strained relationships with family, friends or other individuals. Please send them love as well. Why? Because is doesn’t hurt and you receive what you send out. That is also the Law of Attraction. You send love to others and others will respond by sending love to you.

Having love sent to you throughout your day will improve your mood, promote healing, resolve some conflicts and bring brighter more loving people to you. Envision yourself wrapped in a cloak of love. Everything will get better, and fast. This will also help with romantic love. If a potential partner were to see you during your day, they would subconsciously recognize the love that you have been infused with. This will draw their attention to you. They will notice more things about you and your life because your presence causes them to feel better and more content. They will be “attracted” to you because they feel the positive, loving energy that you present to the world.

People who are smiling and bright draw more attention than someone who appears moody and sullen. Some advice that people give is to “change your mind.” In this instance this is good advice. You have all the love you will ever need right now. Believe it fully and embrace your reality. Be sure to flush any dark or negative energy from your entire being. Inside and out, top to bottom, front to back. Infuse yourself with pink or rose. Then make your “love” color brighter and more vivid. Increase the intensity until in your mind’s eye you are unable to look directly at yourself because your eyes would hurt. Fill your car, office, an elevator, coffee shop, college classroom, Dr.’s office…with this intense love that comes from you. Everyone will feel better and they won’t know why. More importantly, they will be drawn to you for love!

Using positive affirmations will help make this transformation. Repeat some positive statements to yourself. Make them REAL. Keep going and reaffirm these changes by recognizing the positive changes that come to you. This mindset will reinforce itself.


Allow the Chakra Flow

Now that you have read through the duties of healthy chakras and the possible troubles of unhealthy ones, We will begin Our discussions.

Allowing the flow refers to the connectedness of all of the chakras and the sharing of vital energy between them. Each one in succession needs to be functioning optimally. Then, they must communicate effectively with each other in order to provide you with the utmost energy and connectedness to God and Mother Earth. Any one chakra may derail the whole fluidity of your energy system. Each one must be healthy enough to communicate with the chakra above and below it. If not, you are not in complete connection with the Divine. Your physical and emotional health will suffer.

You may recognize the failure of your vitality  in areas where you used to excel. You may have once felt ease and now you seem to struggle. You may grasp for your memory or usual thought patterns and now only feel frustration. You may even sense blockages or stagnant energy. This is a good first step. At least you are aware of your sensory disruption and may be more open to repairing it. People who do not sense their blockages will have to start by being more aware of their interruptions in fluidity.

We will begin with your base chakra. This is the best and most predictable chakra to start with since it is the beginning of your chakra system. It is a deep, crimson red and it slowly spins in good health. Envision this chakra to be cleansed, cleared and fluid. Flush it with the healing energy of White Light. Notice the run off become muddy or foul. Keep rinsing it until the run off flows clear. Allow the darker energy to flow outside of your being and into the Earth. Be careful to not be in contact with it again.

The base chakra should hum and spiral freely. It is now possible to attach it to the center of the Earth with a green cord. Make sure the connection is snug and you will instantly feel more secure and aware.

All of the positive qualities of this chakra will directly lead to your next chakra in succession. The sacral chakra is orange. It flows slowly with deep, clear and stunning orange light. Again, flush this chakra with White Light until it runs clear. Keep the Light flowing through both your orange and red chakra and out to the Earth. Do not allow any stagnant or muddy energy settle again in either chakra. This process continues all that way through all 7 major chakras. Envision each of them spinning with crystal clear, fluid light. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly and push the muddy, stagnant energy out of your being and do not intentionally or accidentally pick it back up.

Each chakra spins clockwise. The lower chakras spin more slowly and the upper ones more rapidly. Once reaching your crown chakra you may attach it to God using a white cord. After completing this circuit from Mother Earth to your base chakra, up through to your crown chakra and then to God, you will feel your Divine connection to the Universe.

This connection feel refreshing, new and unlimited. You may gather energy from all of Creation in this state. Your attempts to meditate will be managed more easily and your prayers will shoot immediately to God without hesitation. This truly is your natural state. Envision your energy connected fiercely to Mother and Father and open your mind to acceptance of what is intended. You will make fewer missteps. You will have profound “knowing” and empathy. It is impossible to judge when in this serene state. All the world makes sense and so does your place within it.

Now imagine if any chakra has lingering problems. This will definitely affect your continued Divine state. Blockages from one chakra to another will derail your health and wellbeing. If possible, focus on the chakras which have the lingering problems. Repeatedly cleanse and clear each one and promote the flow between them. Study the chakras which seem to be most affected by your daily life. These are the issues that must be addressed and resolved in order to function properly.

Most likely you have longstanding issues which you either have not resolved or have refused to resolve. Some of your matters may be released simply by forgiving. Release any and all grudges against others in your past and present life. Or, you may have a medical manifestation of the injured chakra. This must also be addressed and resolved. The one most beneficial aspect of self-healing is being open-minded. To continue to be in denial of your own emotional problems will block any true healing.

It is possible that some concerns will be unearthed during your chakra cleansing. Do not block everything back up. If you successfully allow this damaged and negative energy to be released, you may actually heal despite your own self-protective thinking. ALLOW. Allow energy to flow from God to Mother Earth and release any and all energy that may be in the way.

You may use positive affirmations and ask the Divine for help with releasing any bottled up or dark energy. Let it all go. What you may not realize is that being in connection with the Universe will affect your daily life. Things that you are stuck on will be resolved. Your life will flow to you and any lessons or experiences will play out as intended. Remember that you have written this life chart. Your own human limitations may be blocking many varied lessons or life experiences. Your own limited thinking is what is slowing you down. It is time to get out of your own way. Many of the lessons We post are leading you to this expectation. Stop blocking progress and clinging to ineffective thinking. The issues that you seem to have had for a long time are just that! You are holding onto these things for some purpose that may be unknown even to you. Let go. Release. Drop all of the negative energy and walk away from it, refusing to pick it back up.

All of the newly uncovered openness of your being is better filled with White Light. “Hmmm. Something is missing.” Don’t bring back your dysfunction! Fill up with positive, clear, brilliant and bright Light.

Perhaps and analogy will help. imagine that you begin your day metaphorically dumping all of the rocks out of your backpack. You feel refreshed and ready for this new day. But before you leave you add some rocks back because, of course, you HAVE to deal with this AND that! Already you have failed to keep cleansed and cleared. Then, your commute also brings back some more rocks. Then, your work day has its own issues, insecurities and drama. That means more rocks in your bag. As you can see, the day continues with your HABIT of accepting back your usual rocks. Some of them are not even your own. You have allowed yourself to carry rocks for others as well. It is any wonder that at the end of your day you feel drained and exhausted?

Stop with the rocks. Release habits and concerns. You have addressed all of this in your chart. Sometimes you resist the best way to resolve things by being out of alignment with your own chart. You stand firmly in your own way. Resist this habit and instead “allow God.” Allow your concerns and conflict to be resolved by Divine intervention. Should you stop arguing? Yes. Should you stop being critical? Yes. Should you stop gossiping and complaining? Yes. Should you resist the crowd when they are ganging up on someone? Yes. This IS God. You must release any and all negative reactions to the people and situations in your life. Send love. Send understanding. Send support. If you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, then send all of your positive feelings outside the presence of that circle of naysayers. In fact, say a prayer for them as well! Blanket them in golden Light and allow them to sit in and walk upon the most precious rose color you may envision. Cover everyone with love. This IS God.

You have so many questions and concerns yet the most profound and simple answer is always “be God, for God.” Don’t make it any harder than it really is. Be aligned and grounded with God and Mother Earth and respond with love, support and contentment that you receive from them. SIMPLE! Please get out of your own way and allow God.

Attend to your chakra health. If you need assistance try Reiki, Pranic Healing, Reflexology or any other energy healing and lose the backpack. Remain fully connected to God and Mother Earth and accept the benefits of this blissful state. When you begin to feel frustrated or conflicted, reconnect and allow yourself to begin again in the name of God.

Contemplate Color

Sit quietly and contemplate love. Do you express and receive enough love? Could you do more to increase the amount of love and joy that you send out into the world?

This is something that must become a habit. Make attempts each day to fill your being up with love and then overflow it into the area around you. Then keep it flowing until you fill up your home, work, gym, garden, place of worship, neighborhood and community.

No one may deplete your good feelings if you envision your joy and contentment overflowing from your being at all times.

Make this visual at first. Choose a color that represents you when you are happy and well. White is a good choice because it represents God and the Divine. Gold as well. Pink feels like love. Blue may be joy. Purple is a connection to spirit. Other suggestions may correspond to your chakra colors which seem to represent the strengths in your current life. Red is your base chakra, orange is your sacral chakra, yellow is your solar plexus chakra, green is your heart chakra, and blue is your throat chakra… If you enjoy singing and music perhaps blue is your happy color. If you feel love and want to share it, perhaps emerald-green is your best choice.

May be your “favorite” color corresponds to a healing, happy feeling that could be best to radiate love into the world. Doing some research online for the meaning behind the chakra colors may help you to discover why blue is your favorite color, or green, or orange…

It may be that your main spirit guide and/or guiding Archangel also adorns themselves with your favorite color. Envisioning your guide color also helps to align you with their energy and aid in communication with them. Many of you wish to be in closer contact with the Divine and this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

What do you do after you select the color of joy and contentment in your life? Wrap yourself in it. Envision a robe, blanket or shawl and be immersed in its wonder and beauty. Release any tension or barriers and allow yourself to be infused with your happy, healing color. Sit quietly at your desk, watch TV, drive your car, lie quietly in bed… Take any opportunity to snuggle deeply into this vision of God, angels and spirit. Your resonance with the Divine will occur gradually and completely.

You will feel your confidence and strength grow. You will realize that you are not alone and you have the love of God at all times. Develop your inner strength then radiate it outward.

Then what? Wrap your loved ones in the colors of your choosing. White represents God. Emerald-green is healing. Pink is love…

Is a loved one ill? Try a wrap of emerald-green and overlap a bright white. Give them healing at their core and God all over! Are they healthy but need some support? Wrap them in pink for love! Keep going. Find colors that represent your true intent to love, support and heal the people in your life.

Now you may want to flush your home, work, car and other spaces with light as well. Start with a bright white light. Remember to flush behind dressers, under desks and on top of shelves. Do your best to flush the entire space and not just what is visible to the eye.

Going for a job interview? Flush the room with blue for communication. Seeing your doctor? Flush the room with emerald-green. Do you want to talk to your deceased grandmother? Use violet!

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Keep it simple enough so that you will follow through with this exercise daily. If you want real easy, use white for everything.

The Colors of God’s Rainbow

This is our first chakra lesson. The chakras are energy centers that are in alignment at the center of your being. Many problems that manifest in life are due to unhealthy, blocked or misaligned chakras.

It is encouraged to investigate chakras further through books or internet sites. There is so much valuable information available.

The base chakra is red, large and spins slowly. It is located at the base of your spine and affects health, appetite, breathing and some aspects of digestion.
Focusing crimson red in this area will feed this chakra with healing light. Visualize it as crimson red and spinning slowly clockwise. Make certain the color is clear. Abolish any muddiness or cloudiness.
Increase the brightness and breathe good health and balance into it.

The sacral chakra is orange. This represents your love and sexual responses. There is some influence upon health and healing as well.
Visualize this chakra at your midline, lower abdomen.
Feed this chakra with a deep, healthy and vibrant orange color. Imagine it spinning clockwise with health and vigor. It spins more quickly than the base chakra. Remember to clear away any dull or cloudy areas.
Imagine the color pulsing and becoming brighter with each pulse. Visualize it so bright that it is difficult to look at directly.

The solar plexus chakra is yellow. This energy center focuses upon digestion, physical strength, and cellular health & growth. Visualize this chakra in your solar plexus region and as with the other chakras cleanse and brighten its color.
Imagine the yellow of a Summer sun. Build it brighter and more vibrant. Imagine this chakra spinning clockwise and more rapidly than the sacral chakra. The yellow so bright that it is blinding.

The heart chakra is green and is located behind your sternum. This chakra aids in love and emotional health & healing. As with the other chakras cleanse and clear this one. Imagine it bright and vibrant. Add more and more beautiful green light to this chakra as you sense it healing and growing.

The throat chakra is blue and is helpful with communication, song and creative expression. Do as you have done with all other chakras and re-establish optimal health to this chakra.

The 3rd eye chakra is indigo.

The crown chakra is violet.

Focus your healing upon each chakra in alignment starting from the base to your crown. If the chakras are not healthy they may have shifted to either side. As you do your visualization, bring all chakras back to the midline and infuse them with great health.

They each must be spinning clockwise. The cleaner and brighter they are the more they will naturally spin as they were intended to do.

They must also be connected to each other with a cord from the base all the way up. You may choose your own cord color. Green is for healing. Blue is for communication. Violet is for spirit. Gold or white is for God.

All of your chakras in alignment is what we refer to as being centered. Grounding is the cord through all of your chakras and then anchoring you to Mother earth.

To finish this exercise we ask you to open your crown chakra to God and spirit. Imagine an intense, bright light shooting out from your crown. This beam may be violet, white or gold. Clear away any cloudiness or debris. Increase the intensity of the beam’s color until it is too bright to look at directly.

To sense an immediate rise in good health and well-being, connect all chakras with a cord to Mother Earth and to God. This is your natural state. It doesn’t feel familiar does it? Keep working at it and never neglect your spiritual health again!

Be grounded, centered and connected to God and Mother Earth every day. This is a part of your agreement with God. This is the #1 avenue for you to receive Divine Guidance. Congratulations!

We welcome you home each time you are able to achieve this state of being. Connect with us and we will move forward as God has intended.