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I’m in Love!

Hello, beautiful souls! It is a most gracious and special day. I love Halloween! Why, because spirit is near. The veil is thin and loved ones are stopping by to commune with my girls and me.

Who am I in love with? My father! He has changed so much since his passing. He dropped by yesterday and gave some much-needed advice and information to my children. I laughed so many times and in my mind’s eye I could see his smile and the knowing shaking of his head. 

He has my girls pegged to a tee! He cut through all manner of cloudiness and subterfuge and said it straight! What fun! We were so joyful after his visit. I found so much love and respect for him that I am still amazed.

Their paternal grandfather stopped by as well. They are two beautiful and caring souls and we are blessed to have their time and attention. I am in awe! They are both handsome and stately Native American men! (bonus!)

God’s Light  is so beautiful that we are able to grow spiritually and continue to ascend once we have crossed over. Am I the only person to wonder at the majesty of Heaven? What is it like? How will I feel? Who will be there with me? What more will I know and how much more will I be able to do?

In many cultures Halloween is an honoring of loved ones who have passed. The culture of today has made some changes to what was the original intent, obviously. It is NOT a day to worship the Devil. 

Some research I have done notes a beginning with people, in Europe, carving turnips into scary faces in order to scare away evil beings at this time of year. The lights in your home were left on and you were not to look out the windows.  

This was a primitive response to the thin veil! At this time of year, spirit is closer and more interactive with us. People attempted to explain this ghost activity as evil since they had no other explanation for spectral events. Giving treats or gifts to these restless souls was meant to appease them so they would not affect the crops, villages or the general health of the inhabitants. Primitive people responding to a fearful situation.

Now that we are more enlightened, we are able to weed out the unbelievable aspects of the day and have a better, more knowledgable perspective. 

Honor this time as you see fit. Know that your loved ones may be near and they have many blessings to bring to you. We no longer have primitive minds. We know that the veil is thin and spirit activity is heightened at this time of year.

Adorning your home and self with costumes is completely up to you. Handing out candy is voluntary. “Trick or Treat” is used to keep restless celebrants from tampering with your belongings. Just as primitive people attempted to appease restless ghosts to avoid negative implications.

Set all of this aside and pay homage to your loved ones who have crossed over. Say a prayer for them. Light a candle and wish them well. Thank them for their continued love and support. 

KNOW that this time they have spent with the Lord has brought them great knowledge and understanding. They have been given every opportunity to fill themselves up with Light. There are still issues to process and growth to achieve but they are not bogged down in negativity, like we are.

Celebrate their lives and acknowledge their continued existence! This is not a day of darkness. It is truly a day of LOVE!


What To Do When The Veil is Thin

Protect yourself! Use as many self-protection actions as you may think you need. Never let your guard down and empower your guides to help you as well.

With all of these suggestions give your guides permission to intervene on your behalf. Angels may be empowered to intervene as well. It is necessary to restate your permission as their ability to intervene will fade over time. Use this approach often. Your guides and your angels are always there to protect you and don’t mind a bit, but they do need your permission.

Surround yourself with White Light. Remember to infuse the Light throughout your being and not just cover the front of your body. We always forget to protect our backs and all through and through, from top to bottom.

Envelope yourself with mirrors facing outward. Any negative entity will suffer from their own energy being projected back to them. They definitely won’t like this.

Surround yourself in a White bubble. All the beautiful energy may come in but none of the darkness.

Imagine the Light of your God center. Add more energy to this area and allow the Light to radiate outward, brighter and brighter. Allow yourself to be fully engulfed and infused by this Light and renew this image as often as you feel you need to. The brightness of this Light will repel many darker beings and not allow them any access to your energy. If done correctly they will have no port to attach to.

Pray. Ask for God and all of your Heavenly Hosts to give you complete protection from lower energies. Give them permission and give thanks for the help that you receive.

Pray also for no beings to be allowed near you unless they come from the Light AND have only the best intentions for you. This will allow your departed loved ones to be near but not any earthbound spirits or ghosts. Do not just state “from the Light” because even the dark ones have originally come from the Light, then have turned away.

Use crystals that aid in self-protection. I am not an expert on crystals but you may find some suggestions on different websites. In fact, you may have purchased one in the past and have not realized that self-protection is one of the benefits of it.

Light a candle and again pray for self-protection. Infuse the candle with the intent of protection and pray or meditate upon the candle until you feel that Source has accepted your intent and will act upon it. I would do this at least once a day. Two times if possible. A white candle will focus upon God, angels and Heaven. A blue candle will focus upon Archangel Michael who has a golden sword to block connections and cut ties to lower energies.

Burn sage in your home or apartment. Voice the intent to dispell any negative or dark energy from your home. Go room to room and say prayers of blessing at the same time. When dark energies are removed it is important to fill the space back up again, usually with White Light. Leaving a void will encourage any energy to enter and keep space.

Surround your home or apartment with White Light. Imagine the complete interior and exterior beaming with the brightest light you can imagine. Renew this image as often as necessary. It is also possible to infuse Light in and around your vehicle, office, neighborhood…Any space that you will occupy.

These are a few examples. Use as many or as few as you would like. A moderate amount of self-protection is all you will need. It is not necessary to establish an impenetrable fortress around you.

Earthbound spirits usually want attention. They love being disruptive and will pass from one location to another. They rarely arrive and stay. Try not to overreact.

If you block all spirits then Uncle Joe and Grandma Mary won’t be able to visit either. But, if you want no spirit contact your loved ones will understand. Unconditional love goes far beyond blocking a brief visit from them.  

The veil will thicken in November again. Intuitives will probably perceive this when it happens. Most of us may count on the veil becoming thicker by mid-November. Don’t be surprised when your loved ones still visit around the holidays. Especially if this is their usual time for a visit. They know how to cross the veil at any time, especially when your family gathers together.

The thin veil allows ghosts more strength to manipulate our environment. These are earthbound spirits who choose not to cross back over. Loved ones usually don’t fall into this category. 

Experience all the joy and celebration of these times. Halloween does not have to be associated with darker beings. This may be a time of fun just like any other occasion of coming together.

Please DO NOT hunt ghosts or use a Ouiji board unless you are with a trusted group and you really know what you are doing! This is NOT the time to experiment with spirit communication. You may find someone to chat with and then quickly realize that you are in way over your head! Don’t risk it, please.

Out Of Fear and Shadows Arise a Holy Union

This is a divine day. Everywhere we look people are busy and happy. There are things to be done and parties to be attended. We share a common bond in many things. One such thing is a holiday.

There are many who fear this day above all others. Many look for darkness and depravity as the inspiration behind this day.

Fear not! This is a time of soul-searching and introspection. We do not praise the devil on this day we speak to loved ones passed. We look to learn what they have learned from life and death. We speak, in all earnestness, to learn what they would liked to have learned prior to death.

This is a time of communion and thanksgiving. We will honor those who have come before us. There have been many souls who have thought to make us better and more whole by having lived their lives before us.

There have been inventors, physicians, beauticians, florists, painters and builders. There also have been school teachers, chefs, factory workers and stay-at-home mothers. The list of ancestors goes on and on. They have all come here before us to lay the groundwork for our success.

How much in our lives has been improved by those who lived before us? All of it! We do not have to learn and relearn every step to live our lives. We are able to follow in the steps of people who have already found the answers for us. Then, as we learn, we will better the lives of our descendants!

This is not a fearful day. This is a day to pay homage to our loved ones passed. See fit to love, laugh, honor and celebrate.

This is NOT a day of darkness. This is a day of pure love and Light. Give thanks for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa. Honor uncles and aunts and best friends. Give thanks for teachers and healers and artisans. Our complete and holy lives are made possible by those who walked these paths before us.

Love for them means love for ourselves. We will give our best efforts to those who follow along in their lives.

Go With God, Amen. Makah Win