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My Landslide of Grief

There are times when you suffer many losses during a short amount of time. Usually the losses are similar to the ones listed. Not often do you experience the death of significant people in a short amount of time. It does happen, but not often.

It is a series like this that people will state that they “haven’t recovered” from all those close deaths. You could meet someone ten years later and they will still mention this series of deaths that they were unable to get through. You realize that the pain is still causing them emotional distress. This mountain of grief is difficult to manage for any person. Ideally, they could process the loss of one person at a time until they have resolved a major portion of their overall grief. Most people won’t do this. They will continue to look at the entire group of losses and remain unable to recover emotionally.

We have stated many times that no event is intended to undo you. Each event is a lesson. You needed to learn a variety of things from one loss and then be prepared for any future losses. The culmination was meant to be lessons learned not a pile of grief added to the current pile.

I have experienced a lot of grief in the past three months. My family had to euthanize a guinea pig after struggling to heal him from a tumor removal. We made the decision to end his suffering but our grief was monumental. He was very much a part of the family.

Then I lost a dear aunt after a short illness. It was expected but still painful. We lost her sister only 1 year ago. So this is a good example of layering. Recently, our hamster died. We struggled to care for him but we could not save him from illness.

We have lost several community members in close procession. People I knew and people I knew of. Many younger than you would expect. We had one mother lose three sons within a year. One in his late 30’s from a medical problem, one in his late 20’s from an overdose and the most recent one in his early 30’s of an overdose.

Then, of those community members, I lost a male cousin who was only 55 to a massive heart attack. He was only 2 years older than me and this was completely unexpected. His brother is currently in the late stages of lung cancer and will die soon at the age of 53. So that will be two deaths in one family within a month. Both far too young.

We have lost nearly 10 people in our small reservation community in the past 3 months.  With 2 more quickly approaching death.

I’m at a loss for words. I haven’t posted for a while because of this mind-numbing trend. Perhaps I don’t yet embrace the lessons that were intended. Maybe I am not listening. Perhaps I don’t have an open-mind.

I work with many people who have lost someone. It is almost too numerous to mention. But what is our lesson? What do we need to learn as a community?

Two died of overdoses so this obviously speaks to drug awareness, prevention and intervention. Many died from complications of Diabetes. This is something that any native community deals with. The people who died of heart disease may also be attributed to Diabetes. Then two people died of cirrhosis. With lifelong alcohol abuse, their bodies shut down and they succumbed. We also have a higher rate of alcoholism so complications are common in our community.

No one remembers a time when we have suffered so many losses this close together. When I ask spirit, “why?” I get one word, “renewal.”  If you lived here, knew the members of this community and suffered this many losses close together, what does renewal mean? No one has found the answer, including me.

I will keep searching. My impression is that I don’t have enough distance from the pain yet. With some amount of healing I will listen and learn what renewal means and how this happens in my own community. I will hear more words from spirit and will resist shutting down in exasperation. I will find some solace and allow my heart to heal.

This is why I am here. I am a messenger but for now I don’t really know what the message is.

I have faith. I understand there are intended lessons. I understand that we are meant to be brought close together without any boundaries between us. We have all been touched by drug, alcohol, medical and accidental deaths. Some losses were expected and others were not. Sometimes death does not just touch the elderly.

There are times when a loss happens and you have time to find your faith and get through it. There are other times when losses happen so close together that coping simply means getting through one day at a time.

We will find out what renewal means and we will do it together. You may be able to place your finger on the truth now while I am still simply trying to manage. The messenger has some learning to do.


Internalized Grief

Grief is a broad topic. It is not just losing a loved one but it applies to any loss, mistake, response to negative events, a change in circumstance or any significant adjustment you may need to make. You grieve the loss of a job, your last apartment before moving into a house, a co-worker leaving, a loved one moving away, a decrease in health or significant illness, a child leaving home, your best friend getting married, an unwanted change in the work environment or any other event that causes you to adjust to something new or different.

For our topic today we refer to internalized grief as any instance when you were neglected, abused or mistreated and you chose to blame yourself instead of the person truly responsible. This happens because it is easier to blame yourself than to blame someone else. You will continue to accept responsibility despite the obvious facts that you were not at fault.

Many abusers will blame the victim. It is a character trait of this type of person. Any victim, whether it is a child or an adult, may be conditioned to believe that they are responsible for their own mistreatment. This may happen over time or it may be one instance but the victim is eager to feel inadequate, unlovable, unintelligent, “bad” or weak.

Your response to being a victim may depend upon who is mistreating you. It is far easier to blame yourself rather than blame your parent. You need them and they provide for you so you may accept responsibility because they are in a position of authority. Often, you find abusers are immediate family members. Again, they are your elder and you are expected to have some amount of respect for them. You will neglect to tell someone to protect them or they will condition you to protect them.

This may be any type of abuse or neglect. You may believe that We are speaking about sexual abuse but this is not the only way that others victimize you. Your brother may beat you, your friend may steal money from you, your boyfriend may push you around, a son or daughter may withhold your money and keep you in substandard housing… Any type of abuse may prompt you to blame yourself.

This type of grief is fed by depression, isolation or feelings of responsibility. “I am not worthy,” “I did something wrong to deserve this,” “I must be unlovable.” In some way you misconstrue a lot about the situation and believe that you somehow brought all of this upon you.

As a child or young adult you did not have the proper experience or maturity to function during abuse and understand that the abuser was at fault. In your childlike mind you internalized it and made yourself to blame. You didn’t know another way. Now that you are older and more mature, it may be possible to revisit some trauma or abuse and place it in better perspective. As a child, you were incapable of keeping yourself safe. The adults or responsible people in your life failed to protect you. This was not your fault.

Now that you are grieving some pain, injury, losses or even guilt you must place it all in proper perspective. Your anger may have unearthed some grief. This is natural. We might say “of course it did!” There is a lot that needs to be unearthed, managed and released. Do you have to understand it? It would help.

Face the anger and release what is causing it. Face the grief and release what is causing it as well. There is no going back unless you pursue the Inner Child exercises. There is no literal way to go back. You may not undo the pain and injury but you may understand that others neglected to protect, nurture and educate you about possible mistreatment from others. No one gave you a heads up or taught you how to block or avoid trouble.

Now that you are grown you may resolve all of your emotional baggage. You can set a goal and resolve and release your injury. Place the blame where it belongs. Resolve yourself of any wrongdoing when you were too young, immature or unfairly left unprotected. As a child or young adult you were unprepared to shield yourself from abuse. Simple.

There are many reasons why you would choose this path. You may want to help others you have suffered abuse and using your own experience as a guide to help someone else. You had a painful divorce but now you may help others who are experiencing one themselves. Perhaps you suffered the loss of a child but this will also help you empathize with others dealing with the same loss. The examples are never-ending. What We are encouraging you to do is remove yourself from the actual pain and suffering of your experiences and change it to your personal survival and willingness to help others.

Behaving as a victim is the origin of much of your anger and grief. Choose to embrace your past and view yourself as a survivor. This is what will heal you and push you to grow stronger. It is your choice to stand tall and strong or to cower in “fate.”

There is a purpose for everything. Reacting in anger is not fair to the people who are close to you. “Misplaced” is a powerful word for this. Lashing out is something that will not manage what you are feeling. Depression won’t help either. You, accepting your past and embracing the lessons learned from it, will help you to release the unnecessary emotion you still associate with it.

It may help to cry. It won’t help to become destructive or depressed. It REALLY won’t help to harm someone innocent in response to what you experienced. There are many ways to deal with your painful past. Choose the ways which are proactive, positive and healing.

Give yourself your best advice. Envision knowing someone dealing with the same pain that you have just unearthed. What would you say to them? What are your best words of support and encouragement? How would you help them to feel better? Say all of this to yourself. You deserve to heal and be comforted just as much as others that you know and care for. Looking at their experience, you would definitely be able to place blame where it belongs. Please do this same thing for you!

The Road Untaken


We speak a lot about your chart, path and life being written. Today We want to talk about grief. The release of grief and accepting that life is charted is truly the road not taken. Many of you have immersed yourselves in longstanding grief over many years. Some of this grief was gained in your childhood. Perhaps you weren’t assisted to manage grief and process through it. Or, the adults or other role models in your life did not effectively manage grief either. You didn’t ask and no one said. This is truly a misfortune.

What are the most common reasons for holding onto grief? You feel a sadness and loss. Perhaps your loved one missed some important milestones by dying. You may rather think about what they could have done or might have been. You may also see the elders or other loved ones in your life still missing the departed person each day.

The truth is so far from the norm and so much more meaningful. They left exactly when they were supposed to. Your grief is actually your own sorrow. Your loved one served their purpose and crossed over when they were done. This was the contract that they had written with everyone involved.

Grief is misplaced. Those of us in spirit actually celebrate death. You are coming back Home. You have completed your chart and We wish to greet you and sit in communion with you.

Even those who have died may experience their own grief. This is also misplaced. They may have had a lower energy life and do not understand the transition as something positive. They may also miss their loved ones in life and regret things that they had not done. The truth is always that this Earth life is merely a school to become enlightened and complete previously written contracts with others. This gets done and you have no choice but to return Home. To stay in negative, gray or darker levels of being will do you, as a spirit, no good.

The celebration is shared by all. You meet with guides and loved ones to review your life and understand what was accomplished. Mistakes have been made but that is true of everyone. Even those who have nearly reached their higher self have had things missed or incomplete. There is no judgment, only love.

It may seem heartless for you to go about your life after losing a loved one but this is not our recommendation. It is more appropriate to honor them and be thankful for the life that they had lived. Remember them throughout the year and send them your love, always. Completing your chart deserves some respect and appreciation. They have not gone far and you will see them again soon.

Remember that your loved one may not have been wrapped in the Light during their life. They may have died and did not seek the higher levels of Heaven. They may have also chosen to remain here on Earth which would make them an earthbound spirit or ghost. If they share thoughts of loss, regret, depression, grief or even anger, they have not gone toward the Light. It is this disillusioned soul that would wish for you to suffer with grief. At this point you must consider the source and have mercy for their soul. Had they sought the Light and perhaps communion with Jesus, Angels, Guides and God, they would never direct you to wallow in thoughts of grief and loss. It is up to you to find the true meaning of their life in spirit.

Surround them in White Light and ask God to bring them Home. If they still choose not to, this is something that is out of your control. Release your tendency to grieve and understand the purpose for your own experience.

Life is a series of accomplishments. Keep moving forward and feel blessed to be making progress. Negative thinking such as grief does not add to a life for God and will actually make you lose spiritual ground. Positive, hopeful, optimistic, caring and understanding are all avenues to take in order to find your purpose in the Light.

Each day and every moment is an experience that must be celebrated. You have managed many challenges and you still know to find God in all of it. This is a successful life. Each of you are having one right now. There are no downsides if you have the right perspective.

The Intentional Movement of Energy

With this new year you must also continue to rid yourselves of habits that don’t necessarily bring you the best results in your quest for ascension. Remain open, honest and positive. Living a bountiful and upward moving life is essential to good physical and emotional health. You bring yourself down with some habits that need to be undone.

Allowing God and spirit into your life is essential. Be open and loving. Positive attracts positive and your life will blossom with a good attitude and the expectation of success.

We ask you to release your current energy and renew your body’s composition regularly. Allow the FLOW of good energy to circulate throughout your being at all times. Envision yourself in a shower of golden light. Release all of your current energy to be washed from your being. Then see yourself fill back up with the golden light from above.

To have good health and especially good chakra health, your energy must circulate. Continue this cleansing shower until all of your stagnant energy has been washed away and you shine like a golden sunrise. Envisions looking closely at yourself. You must flush your energy until your body is crystal clear and your colors of health and healing flow. Your being will be like looking into a fountain of clear, stunning, vivid colors.

To hold on to your current energy will be a mistake. Allowing your energy to flow and renew is important to your spiritual health. There must be a decrease of muddy or cloudy energy in your being. You all have many energy blocks and barriers. Some you may have built yourself and others evolved over time. Imagine any time that you felt wounded or vulnerable. You may have erected a barrier to “protect” yourself from that injury. More solid and intense blocks will have been composed to guard yourself against long-standing problems or severe instances of emotional pain. Childhood bullying may be intensely dark but buried deeply. A divorce will be large and impact all areas of life. Your father dying will be pervasive and dense. If you don’t progress through that grief it will darken and become more solid.

All of these unresolved energy conflicts will definitely affect your emotional and physical health. Perhaps the death of someone will impact your heart health since you may pack your grief in your chest area. Daily battles with traffic, work and home life stressors may impact your neck, shoulders and back. It may feel like all of this stress is weighing on your shoulders which would then impact your back. A lot of emotional stress impacts your stomach and intestines. Many people suffer from indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and/or irritable bowel because of stress housed in the abdomen. Some of you hold stress behind your eyes. You may suffer from headaches or vision problems as a result.

Is all of your stress worth damaging your health? No. Please begin a regimen of energy cleansing which will have a positive impact on how you look and feel. Let go of circumstances that are out of your control. Do your best planning then release your need to stress about something. Many people say you must learn to “give it to God.” This is true. You may not drop all of your responsibilities but you may plan for how you will cope with a great many things then release your need to further ruminate about them. Give it to God. Do what is humanly possible then let go. By releasing the majority of your stress, you will feel better very soon.

This is tried and true. Do your part and then give it to God. You may have to experiment a bit. Get used to releasing your concerns at the right time by testing the limits. After a while you will be fairly efficient at releasing your stress at a point at which God’s Will is assured. Don’t let go too soon and be caught in an awkward situation. Don’t let go too late and incur the effects of damaging stress. Do your share. You are the one who will manifest your destiny by being self-protective and proactive.

Make positive affirmations about being open, honest, loving and positive. Rely upon your knowledge to release your worry to God and hold only bright, vivid and peaceful energy in your being. Allow God’s energy to flow in and out. Stagnant energy will not protect you from harm like you may have intended when you built the wall. Energy blocks and barriers will only bring you down and impede your desire to fill yourself with God and spirit.

Look into two buckets of “water.” One is brown, foul-smelling and murky. The other is bright, impossibly clear and glints with movement. The difference between your body full of stagnant energy or full of love, hope and God, is really that simple. Nothing healthy will grow or exist in the mud.

Allow your energy to flow and be cleansed. Envision all of your good health and prosperity flowing from the bounty of God’s energy within your being. View yourself in a mirror and be stunned by the brightness of your reflection. See the energy circulate and renew itself from the shower of God’s golden light. Hold your hands out before you and envision the movement of essential light. This is good. This is positive. This will assist you to find and maintain the journey along your path.

Mirror, Mirror

The energy obstacles of August have been cleared away. There is greater clarity and intent if you’d like to focus on what needs to be done. Set some goals and bring about some much-needed changes.

You have been missing some obvious signs. Spirit states that we have not been actually seeing our true selves in the mirror. We have been accustomed to the same image looking back that we have overlooked some changes in our level of experience.

Spirit states that our recent achievements are seen just on the outer edges of our being. If you have ever read about some exercises to see peoples’ aura you may be familiar with unfocusing at the outer edge of someone’s body. You may see colors of varying clarity and strength. Each color has meaning and the strength of your aura is measured by how far it extends outside of you.

The energy barrage of late has been an effective educator. We have had to make decisions and adjust our plans in order to react to the shifting energy waves. Many of us have had a belief that this energy was “bad” or “negative.” Spirit would like to get you away from making these assumptions. Any energy must be managed and utilized to the best of your ability. There is no “good” if you have the proper perspective. It is all good and provides you with much-needed contrast to learn from.

If you have managed this past month by being flexible and still getting things done, you have used the energy properly. If you have felt down, negative and defensive, perhaps you must choose a better perspective. If you have been fighting with yourself, others in your life AND the Universe, much has been missed.

People seem to assume much too quickly that things are bad. This is a downfall of your human existence. Spirit may be very near and sending you messages of love and support and you are trying to sage grandma out of the house! It is fine if you sage your home or perform cleansing rituals. Usually, there are statements made about releasing energy that does not come from God or does not have your best interest at heart. Grandma should survive this. But then what happens? You assume that your cleansing did not work and Grandma really has to go! You bump up your ritual to include any and all energy. You search websites for “house blessings” and possibly “exorcism!” By then, Grandma will find another loved one to visit.

Your departed loved ones do understand your tendency to fear. They will either resist your attempts to show them the door or they will bless you on their way out. They also try very hard to give you clues about who they are. Sometimes a smell, sound, song, vision of them in period dress, the barking of a dog or perhaps a thought insertion. You have a thought about Grandma that just pops in your head. Or, you mention to someone who you have been thinking about Aunt Jane lately.

You are the one that assigns a fear response to your unseen guests. You assume the worst and go about making it into cement! Even a vision may be wispy, feminine and smell like Grandma’s favorite perfume. Then you are completely sure it is a demon who is trying to lull you into thinking they are Grandma. Relax! If anything, try not to react either 100% positive or negative. Just accept the event and gently ponder if you have noticed any contributing factors such as a new baby, an anniversary, a death, a wedding, a familiar song or you came across Grandma’s photo while you were cleaning. Doesn’t this sound much more pleasant than scouring your house with pickle salt?

The truth is, if you say a prayer of protection 2-3 times a day, you will probably not suffer at the hands of a nefarious ghoul. If you sage your home and other spaces of your life, you will also decrease your chances of a visiting earthbound ghost. Buy a few crystals of protection as well. Be calm. Be cool.

It is also a good idea to use protective angels, guides and animals. Bring about any comforting and protective beings and give them permission to act on your behalf.

Now, look in the mirror again. Be relaxed, grounded and open-minded. See the colors that surround you. This latest energy wave had much to teach you. See that newfound wisdom and courage. Don’t see the vision of you dressed for work or play. Instead, see the years of knowledge and experience. “Bad” and “negative” are teachers as well. You would be surprised to know just how many loved ones, angels and guides are included in your reflection.

Some of you have a small team of 4 around you. Others have a full squad of 12 or more. If it resonates with you, visit a psychic, medium or other clairvoyant to find out who is included in your reflection. If you have a loved one near, they usually are around for a short period of time. They may pass a message, get you through an illness or celebrate your birthday with you then leave. Guides are near you for a much longer period of time. Some for years and others for a lifetime. You also have assigned angels and Archangels. You may even have a few pets who have devoted their time to be by your side. It truly is an amazing amount of love that is a part of your energy field from day-to-day.

Spirit is a normal, non-scary part of your life. Acknowledge your entourage and know that the energy that visits from time to time is usually someone loving and supportive. If they did not truly care for you they would not seek to embrace you.

Release your need to judge something as bad or negative. It just is. You learn from all of your experience and that beautiful aura of wisdom grows with an open mind.

No More Looking Back

Grief is sadness that has found a place within you to hold and keep frozen. It has no purpose. There are no reasons in God’s world to harbor feelings of loss or loneliness. Everything has had its time and place. If others are no longer here then it means that they fulfilled their purpose and have returned home.

People spend far too much time regretting things of the past. it is as if you wish to live in years past and no longer seek your path or higher purpose. You have given up on finding true love and true Light.

The past is not a pleasant place. That is where we keep all of our “woulds” and “shoulds.” The past is intended to be behind you. It is where you learned, experienced and decided what is most important for you to become. There is no earthly reason to live there!

Keep moving forward. Stop replaying events that will not change no matter how many times you review it in your mind. It is done. there are no do-overs for what has already happened. The best we may have is to not repeat those same mistakes again.

Moving forward is in God’s plan. Eyes forward. Hearts forward. Hopes and dreams forward.

Honor who you used to be. Give your past it’s proper dues then move on. How much of your chart will you leave unfinished because you grieve all that you perceive you have lost?

We lose things for a purpose. We either replace them with something better or we realize that it wasn’t very dear to us after all. There are so many aspects of human life. Only one is the downfall of grief.

If you wish to remember each person that is now lost to you then display a photo and keepsake to remind you of them. Gaze at it as often as you wish to keep their memory alive then go about your day of achieving great things in the Name of God.

We wish not to admonish you for having fond memories of loved ones. Our intent here is to remind you that you will brought together once again in the afterlife. They honestly will not state to you, “you should have spent more time grieving my loss.” They may more likely state,”why did you miss me so? I just got here myself!” And possibly,”How much have you left undone by dwelling upon my passing?” Sure you will get a hug and kiss but perhaps that is the moment you realize that grief did nothing to serve you, your loved ones or God.

This was all written. Each of us engaged our loved ones and we decided upon travels done together and more travels done alone. No one in the afterlife is surprised by any ones death. Of course we die. How else would there be journeys of ours that you intended to build upon? If we travelled the same path together, always, we would not get anywhere!

Let go of your misguided ties to loved ones passed. There is no grief that is worth you prematurely ending your ascension. Keep them near and dear but do not allow sadness to slow your journey toward the House of God.

This is very much a team approach. Learn from elders and other loved ones. Build upon their success and experience then keep moving forward. One generation will build upon the one before. Then, the next generation will build upon this one. Imagine the greatness that will come of your success!

Let go of grief. Honor and remember your loved ones and then make them proud of all of the wonders that you may achieve! Do not limit yourself by sadness or sorrow. Instead make every effort to stay positive and in the Light.

This is as God would have you do. Amen.


When Someone Dies Suddenly

There are many instances in life where we lose someone suddenly. It may be an accident or something darker. We are left struggling to make sense of the loss. We have had no time to prepare, as we may if an elder passes or someone with a terminal illness.

It may seem very surreal. We have trouble coming to terms with it. We often expect to see that person as usual. Any moment they are going to walk through that door, just like always. Disbelief is very strong. Our minds dull in an effort to allow us time to process the loss.

We allow ourselves a suspension of the customary pain of grief. Eventually, we move toward the acceptance of the death and follow through with our customary rituals. These steps are governed by the religion or spiritual beliefs of the person who passed.

At some point the loss becomes real. No longer in disbelief, we mourn.

We from the Other Side see your pain. We understand your emotions of loss and sorrow. We stay beside you, as we always do, to provide support during this difficult time.

There is very little that happens in your human life that was not charted by you. Even accidents or other sudden deaths. This was designed for involved people to deal with loss and tragedy as a means of learning.

Even children who die  are following their chart. If we are a parent or other family member, we also charted that we would suffer this loss in order to learn from it. Losing a child seems more tragic than losing an elder. We experience more emotion and we often view the loss as senseless. It teaches us many things and faith in God is number 1.

When we lose an elder we experience a more expected loss. When we lose a child is when those close to the child are tempted to lose faith in God, Angels, Jesus or any other deity which they look to for guidance. There is a more challenging debate that we go through in our own mind. We don’t understand why this had to happen. What God would take the life of an innocent child?

Some turn away from God when the loss seems senseless. They may embrace God again or forever stay estranged. This is a powerful learning experience.

When we lose adults or elders we may turn away from God as well. It depends upon how mature we are and if we have accepted that God is with us even when tragedy strikes.

Dying is natural and expected. Death from darker causes teaches an even more profound lesson. Have you lost someone to lung cancer? If yes, do you still smoke? Have you lost someone to a drunk driver? If yes, do you still drink and drive? Have you lost someone to a drug overdose? If yes, do you still take illegal drugs or prescription drugs in excess?

These losses are designed to teach you about the pitfalls of life. How many times have you learned these hard-fought lessons to only change your mind and return to your dysfunctional habits? To truly make meaning of your loss would be to learn the lessons and make positive and proactive changes in your life. Then, if possible, to speak to others so that they may learn from your loss and make those positive changes for themselves. 

A larger topic would include someone losing their life due to domestic violence, gang activity, murder, suicide, mental illness, recklessness…We won’t pursue these topics until a later time. 

Remember that we are ETERNAL.  We come to this earth-plane repeatedly to grow and learn in a wide variety of ways. Embrace this life. Learn the lessons that loss is meant to teach you. Carry those lessons with you as you care for yourself and your loved ones. Pray to make sense of sudden loss and look to God for support and guidance.

There is a mirror in your room of life experiences. in that mirror are the lessons taught to you throughout your life. See the weathered lines on your face? It looks as if you have traveled for many miles and learned many things. This is the truth. This is but another lesson that you welcomed into your life experience.

Learn and grow stronger. Avoid the pitfalls of grief and loss of faith.

We gather around God for life’s most difficult lessons,


More About Grief

Grief is truly a popular subject on this blog. Many people resonate with some of what has been presented. Others find this point of view foreign. Our community is made up of many differing souls. We all experience loss and we each have our own way of dealing with it.

Have you considered the other forms of loss? There are many and they may easily overlap. The difficult aspect about grief is that it layers upon itself. Your many losses stack one upon the other and cause you to feel blanketed by sadness.

The loss of a grandparent may be early on. Then the loss of your home life when you move out and become more independent. Then the grief of aging another year. Then the grief of being diagnosed with a medical illness…If we don’t deal with each loss when it occurs then it will build upon all of your grief and overwhelm you.

When you cry for no apparent reason, that is grief. It moves silently behind the scenes until your reserves are low, then it presents itself suddenly. You find yourself missing someone or sad about a loss in your everyday life.

To focus upon each loss when it occurs, at least partially, will minimize the amount of grief that you have stored in your subconscious.

When someone dies your response has everything to do with what you believe about where we all go after death.  If you believe in the afterlife, then your grief is manageable. You take comfort in the fact that your loved one exists somewhere and that you will see them again. If you feel that death is the end of everything, then your grief will take longer to come to grips with. A loss will feel like a total loss, for eternity.

Other losses include losing a home, losing a job, moving away from family, a permanent injury, aging, a long-standing illness, a divorce, a child leaving home, retirement, a heart attack, Alzheimer’s…

The first step is to acknowledge your loss. Cope with it at the time and try not to allow it to become stagnant. Look for the best outcome of what you have gone through. Take into account any lessons that you have learned. Be objective about any positives that have come about.

Most importantly, have faith. We all go through some difficult times but it is how you cope that decides the outcome. True strength is built, not luck. 

Appreciate who you are. Acknowledge that it is the troubles times that build your character. As you mature, your coping improves because you have dealt with many difficult times and weathered them all. You’ve faced many more losses as you age and you have realized that you have survived all of it.

In fact, with maturity you may guide others on the road through grief and teach much of what you learned by experiencing it for yourself. Every day you have gained knowledge about living. Give yourself credit for the journey that you are on. You are successful. You are wiser and have more insight into what life does to a person.

Remember that your loved ones are never far away. Seek the solace of knowing that there is life after death and it truly is a celebration when we return Home. Any encounter with spirit reinforces that fact. You may say for certain that your grandmother was sitting at your bedside. If all life ends after death then how could that be true? 

Listen to your heart. Touch upon your soul. Every piece of life on earth is renewable. Energy does not cease to exist and we are composed of energy. Just as the seasons change so does the physicality of our human lives. 

Love is what we may cling to during times of loss. Remember the love you shared. Remember the love of a home now lost. Cherish the love of a child who is now living on their own. Reminisce about the love you shared with a grandfather now suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Circumstance may have changed but the loving imprint never fades.

Grief makes your heart stronger and more resilient,


Letting Go of Our Loved Ones Passed

Evelyn has been communicating with me for a few days about a young lady that we have in our following. She is in her older 20’s and has a short name of 4-5 letters. She has lost 4 family members suddenly, likely a motor vehicle accident.

The concern is that she has not let go of them and they are not able to cross over. Her grief and fear is holding them here and they are not able to ascend properly. Evelyn is truly concerned and hopes that this post will assist her in letting them go.

There are 4 people attached to her by an etheric cord to the upper right side of the back of her head. They are attached in a line with the first soul being the person who was closest to her in life. I believe it is her sister. Behind her is her sister’s husband and then there are 2 children behind him.

There is much sadness and fear. Our young lady is clinging to their presence and fears letting them go. She believes that if she lets them go they will forever be caught up in a dimension of uncertainty. She fears that since they passed unexpectedly in a car accident that they are not destined for Heaven. She believes it was a true accident and that makes their afterlife uncertain.

Our lady has not moved on with her own life either. She is frozen in grief and fear. She has not made any progress or advancement in her own life since the time of the crash. She feels that by holding this personal vigil that she is keeping them safe from hell.

The first thing to remember is that life is charted before we enter this earth incarnation. This accident was charted and this young family wanted others to learn from extreme sadness and loss. They wanted their families to suffer from intense grief but then to accept and find comfort in the fact that they have moved on to the Other Side and are making progress in the afterlife.

They intended to rejoin God and to help their families heal by moving them toward acceptance and faith.

This young lady is not allowing any movement of her lost loved ones. She is blocking any spiritual advancement that was intended by this young family. She really needs to see the error of her thinking and allow them to go toward the Light.

Her fears are not helping them. She is actually making their deaths meaningless by not allowing the process to be completed. She has the entire young family frozen in her own fear.

Please help her release these loved ones. Send her love and White Light. Allow to accept her fears as her own and not grounded in truth. This young family needs to complete their earth life so that they may advance into a higher existence.

Say a prayer for this young woman. Help her to recognize that this is truly a story about her. Encourage her to seek help. Once she realizes that ths is about her she may contact me through the email address and allow Evelyn and myself to help her release her loved ones so that they may complete their charts.

Send love and understanding. 

In Love, As Always,