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Continued Fears in 2012; February

The most important thing to remember is that this Wave of Enlightenment was expected. If you charted your life to span this time frame then you meant to experience this influx of Divine Energy.

You simply forgot this since you are in human form and surrounded by the negative energy that earth is known for. You charted this time as a springboard into enlightenment! I doubt that you came here to fail.

Your challenge is to find the balance and strength needed to endure this turmoil.

Do you fear losing your job? What would be the positive implications of that?

Do you fear losing your home? Is there any positive outcome to this?

Do you fear illness while you have no health insurance? How could you respond to this to make a more positive impact upon your earth-life?

Will your children continue to live with you because they are unable to financially support themselves? What could be the benefit of this?

If you remember that you are here for spiritual advancement, much more of this will make sense.

What are the goals of spiritual advancement? Does this include a cushy, worry-free life?No! Just the opposite, actually.

A spiritual life consists of taking all downfalls in stride and continuing to love yourself and others. Respond to any life changing circumstances as a welcome gift from your Creator. Through adversity, you will learn and strengthen your faith. You will trust God and know that there is something else for you to do or somewhere else for you to live.

Will you look at healthcare the same if you lose your medical insurance? Will universal healthcare look differently all at once? Are we really communists if we want everyone to be covered for any ongoing or catastrophic illnesses? Do you really want to file for bankruptcy if you get an illness that requires years of intense treatment? Where is the love in that?!

How much of your life is built upon wanting more and needing more? Do you have the largest home you can afford? Did you finally get approved for that time share in Florida? Does your job pay a lot but it isn’t fulfilling? Did you finally get that luxury car you have been wanting?

What if your stability is shaken? Will you still find love for God? Will you curse Heaven if you have to sell your home? What if you lose your job and your health insurance disappears because you can no longer afford to pay the premium? How will you pay for your expensive prescriptions?

Does this sound fearful? Yes. Are you intended to be overwhelmed by any of these changes? Of course, at least temporarily! Will you find God in the end? Will you trust that you will be taken care of if you have enough faith?

We are here for the growth of our souls. What will we learn if things drastically change for us? We will learn to make concessions. We will balance our food budget and our housing budget. We will pay for our prescriptions first, then budget other necessities after. We will seek help from pharmaceutical companies or other vendors who offer lower cost drugs. We will downsize our homes and our vehicles. We will cut back to only the necessities.

What about that catastrophic illness? We will seek charity to help pay our bills. We will seek more affordable treatment elsewhere. We will view universal healthcare very differently. We may demonstrate for better healthcare alongside others who are in need.

Where is the love in all of this? In your soul.

Do you have to experience a vast change in your own life in order to have more compassion for others who have lost something important? Hopefully not.

Love others now just as you love yourself. People in your family are struggling. Others in your community are hurting. Are you able to let go of your ego desires? Does it make more sense to live within your means now?

Let go of your ego and live in love and faith. Your ego experiences loss, your soul only feels enriched.

If your income or your household changes, find comfort in recreating balance. Seek the lessons learned from this change. Allow your heart to swell with gratitude and understanding.

Treasure the soul growth gained and know that this is why you came here, into this life. at this time.

This was meant to be eye-opening. Seek your answers in your own mind then ask for the the information that you still need. I will never leave your side if you seek enlightenment. 

I will walk beside you, always,



Do we really want to affect change?

Dearest daughter and others who are listening…

There are groups gathering together. Others are uniting under various causes that make them angry or feeling vulnerable about. They gather in many different places and group their thoughts to mix as one. This cry-out-loud occasion is causing people to feel empowered and able to change volumes of civil wrongs.  

What is the next great upheaval? Where will the most changes be affected? Is this “movement” reaching the everyday person who needs help? No. It is not.

The average person is not going to feel any benefit of these gatherings and protests. The large corporations are not going to bow down to the little guys in the street. The only thing that would make them create any change would be to affect legislation to make amends with the general public or to hit big business in the pocket-book. Neither of these actions are being brought about by the protests.

People need to become organized and impact change through legislation. This requires money for lobbyists and legal assistance. This would be a class action suit the likes of have never been seen before. Very intricate organization would be needed. “Volunteers” would be required to devote much of their time and resources to this newly formed structure. Will this happen? Likely not. The common everyday man cannot go without an income for more than a few days. Then, if lobbyists are hired they will lobby for their own benefit at the cost of the people who hired them. This is what the government does. To bring about radical change the integral workings of the government itself will need to be dismantled.

This dynamic of people seeking power and money will begin again and again. How does one change this entire dynamic of wealth and power? By acquiring wealth and power? No. You would then behave in a way to prolong your own wealth and power.

The “have-nots” may become the “haves” and then seek to survive on their wealth and prolong what they now have, increased wealth and power.

The new leaders that have stood at the front of these protests would require wealth and power to continue to act on behalf of the 99%. The power and wealth bestowed upon them by the common man would then again be abused and manipulated.

Some may think this is a dark and possibly “jaded” view but it is merely not only true but likely. There is an inherent need for big business to align and promote big business. They view each other as companions and the rest of us as lambs to be fleeced. Big business has respect only for another big business. They don’t even value the lobbyists and politicians because these people are only to be used and manipulated.

I truly apologize to you. I do not seek to make you feel held down and under duress. I only seek to enlighten you about what you may see happening in the world around you.

To positively change the conundrum of greed, wealth and power from multiplying upon itself there must be broad sweeping changes in the mindset of all americans, together. WE will gather together and speak to the truths about the common man, the little people, the minions. WE will set forth a dynamic to promote good thoughts and wonderful feelings. WE will promote the selfless to act in accordance with true charity and benevolence.

It must be said that what truly matters is the amount of love in your heart and the number of loving relationships you have with others. WE will help you to overcome the big business dynamic if you wish but you must admit that if you were to gain power and wealth yourself that you would not convert to promoting yourself and only yourself. Why would God give you the chance to become an abuser once you are relieved from being abused? Why would WE give you the tools to manipulate and undermine others in your own life?

True altruism is required. The momentum of Godliness and faith could gain more following and energy if we commit to only Godliness and faith.

Think about this and let your Divine Guides know what you decide. If you choose power for change and the promotion of goodness and light you will be given the tools to succeed and to make a difference. If you wish to remain in your current dynamic, of course, God will still love you but you will likely remain a dupe for all the businesses that hold court over you now.

There is a new energy that many in the world have come to recognize. Some use it to cause change and others use it to strengthen their hold over those around them.

Pray for the Light. Look toward God. Unite in the power of healing. Promote health care and employment for all. Use your belief in the Divine to boost your power of prayer. Give anyone a hand up who needs one.

Find strength in each other and move forward in Christ.


Makah Win, My Divine Guide