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The Glory of 12/12/12

I had a beautiful awakening on 11/11/11. I am eagerly anticipating another one on the 12th.

My hope is that I will allow myself to drop all of my baggage and barriers so I will be able to assimilate the bounty into my dense and awkward human self.

Last year I couldn’t help but sense the profound crescendo of energy all around us. I spent some time just being relaxed and still. I opened my chakras and third eye. I allowed the energy to bathe and infuse me.  

Remember that you must open your entire being. That is the front, back and the inside! So many of us only focus on the visible front of ourselves but there is so much more of us that needs cleansing and rejuvenating as well.

Ask your angels and guides to protect you from any dark or lower energies and give them permission to act on your behalf. Granting permission is necessary. Without your permission they will not be able to fully protect you.

Surround yourself with White Light and remember to infuse your entire being. Front, back and through-n-through.

Allow God to fill you with wisdom and healing. Speak to your angels and guides and let them know your deepest thoughts and feelings. Ask for what you want and need. Then release your need to micromanage your life.

Having faith allows you to relax and trust that your life is in God’s hands. By living each day with comfort and contentment will enable God to bring your predestined life to you. Stress and frustration blocks all the blessings that may be trying to come to you.

You may have asked for money. God is trying to bring it to you but your own stress is blocking the path. The same may be true with healing or any of your other needs. Relax and have faith!

Is it easier to hand a drink of water to someone who is gently swinging in a hammock or someone who is  power walking? (I don’t mean literally!) For God to help you need to release your need to control everything. Some things are just so simple that you may just let it be. Any way that it plays out is fine.

Make sure to place everything in perspective. If something breaks or goes wrong, look for the lesson not a stick of dynamite! We all know people who would reach for that dynamite don’t we?

Enjoy this blessing of 12/12/12. Improve your relationship with God and all of your Heavenly Hosts. Blissfully relax in that imaginary hammock and receive every wonderful lesson and journey that you have been hoping for.

Ground and center yourself. Meditate and pray. Bask in the glory of this next portal of awakening on 12/12/12!