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Easter For Your Enlightenment

We are coming upon some very wonderful days. It is said that God gave us His only Son and He died for us to wash all of our sins away. This is a monumental experience. There are so many wonderful events and gifts that are included in the celebration of Easter. We may have a difficult time setting it out before you.

1. God has our existence planned. He intended to give us His Human Son at a time when all perception of God and religion was at a devastating low. It was not popular to believe in Jesus and the profound beliefs He shared with you. This was as it was intended. In order to feel truly faithful to the Teachings of God you had to find faith despite some pretty horrible events in the Life of Jesus.
It was a test of your faith at that time and it still is now. Do you believe in God and the Gift of His Son? Would you be able to stand at the foot of the cross and pledge your faith to Him? If it meant the end of your life by brutal means, would you still pledge? This is your task now. How important and strong are your feelings about faith and religion? Would you die for what you know to be the true?
Some of you are blessed with a strong faith that leads you to draw attention to yourself. Others will share their faith openly in an effort to bring the Word of God to non-believers. And still more are not so sure of their journey yet. All of these levels of faith are ok. We only ask that you keep open and allow Us to bring you the word of God and spirit.

2. Devastating loss brings you closer to believing in a Higher Power. You may have lost a child to an illness or accident. You may have lost your father to war. You may have lost some of your own physical abilities to injury or disease. When everything feels beyond your ability to understand, that is where some of you find God. Being close to the edge of coping may bring you hope that there is something greater. The pain of loss may lead you to finding more purpose and meaning.
This is a fine line. Serious loss may also push you toward anger, depression, substance abuse, violence… Or, you may have found darkness at first then were able to find the Light after some time. Each experience is intended to teach you. Our hope is that you find those lessons and also the calm and peace of surrender to your faith.

3. You must all OWN the crucifixion of Jesus. This was a human act. The darkness that brought about the death of Christ is still in your nature. There are many roots of what one may call evil. These are people who value money and greed over life, respect of others and Mother Earth. Any one of you may be on a teeter totter. You may veer toward meanness and cruelty then rebound back to hope and Light. Our journey is intended to bring you fully out of the dark, muddy and sluggish energy of the Earth’s energy and bring you fully into God’s Light.
Recognize the times when you express your darker thoughts against homosexuals, ethnic groups, other religions, a different gender, uneducated people… Is there enough hate in you to crucify someone? Be mindful of the power of your own darkness. You may spread your animosity to those close to you. You may be a role model to children or a leader in the community, so be cautious of your message. Jesus had not condemned anyone. He found acceptance for each of you no matter your religion, skin color, gender, country of origin, predominant language… This is your role model. Be Christ in human form. Walk the journey of healing and acceptance and don’t be too proud or boastful to offer love to all others. Jesus was truly human. You are capable of all of His wonders. This is a good goal for you in this life.

4. Relax with your fears of not making advances soon enough. You somehow fear being behind others on the path to enlightenment. Quick doesn’t matter as much as thorough. We would much rather you fully grasp the concepts being presented to you instead of you rushing ahead without true comprehension. This is not a race. This is a journey which moves fast at times but yet slows for a good long while as well. We move at the pace of your learning and comprehension. We may repeat some lessons that you still need to fully grasp and move quicker on lessons that you already have a good working knowledge of.
We are beloved family members of yours. We approach your learning with great care and nurturing. We gather around as needed. Some times you are independent and need Us less. Other times you need us to be fairly close. This is ok. We do not judge. It is Our honor to guide you and We celebrate your advances as well.

5. Sometimes it is ok to be still and pensive. You do not need to make every moment count and miss the Word of God. It is in the quiet times that We closely commune with you. It is far greater for you to perceive and hear us and not make rushing judgments. Time for contemplation will actually help you gather your energy for the travel ahead. We often send messages with birds, the wind, a breeze through chimes… Sit and focus on your goals. Open your mind and allow Us to give you guidance. Feel your sense of security grow as you become closer to Us. There is so much joy in the Word of God. Rushing and calamity is not conducive to good emotional health.
Think of flowing with God’s energy. When you think about the peace and stillness of faith, it is not full of rocks, walls or debris. It flows like leaves in a breeze or a flower in the current of a stream. Your connectivity is essential to knowing God personally.

Celebrate according to your wishes or customs. Remember the purpose of these next few days and rejoice in your freedom, which was granted by God with the death of His Son. Take time to contemplate your relationship with the Holy Father. This is your gift from Him.


Honor Our Savior

This is a beautiful time of year. Not only is it Spring with ever bountiful growth and renewal but it also the anniversary of our greatest gift. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to allow us all salvation. We are worthy of such a gift and we must take time to be humble and thankful.

It is so easy to be full of ego and celebration because we are allowed so many moments of true salvation. We smile broadly and take comfort in our eternal Light. Let us first thank God for this monumental gift. Then, let us thank Jesus for HIS path of insurmountable pain and anguish so that we may live free forever. Let us not forget the cost of our absolution.

We have faith. We honor our God. We trust in our Divine protection. Be solemn first and jubilant later.

What have we planned for this year? Do we have longterm and short-term goals? How will we increase God’s presence in our lives? This is very important for your mood and progress. Being surrounded by God and all other Heavenly Hosts will add more faith, inspiration and satisfaction with life. You will be reminded of your Savior each day. These items will prompt you to be thankful for all of your blessings. Do your ever forget to thank God? Most of us do. Having visual reminders in your life will increase your appreciation for everything that you have and all of your experiences.

Even everyday household things may prompt you to commune with God. Food in the fridge, hot water, a roof over your head, family photos, mementos from ancestors, a car that runs… God has brought all of this to us. Thank HIM for your loving mother and supportive uncle. Thank HIM for your good health. Thank HIM for each thing that makes you smile. Thank HIM for all of life’s lessons, positive or negative.

Each day is a gift from God!

Celebrate all that this season represents. Jesus was born unto us and followed HIS chart until the end. Everything we have in life is a blessing that flows from this gift. It is possible to have things and wealth and still not know your true worth. Faith is what makes each day part of your Divine experience. Each incarnation will bring you closer to God in Heaven. The journey is well worth it. Others may walk beside you but no one more important than Jesus. Call upon Him whenever you need to. HIS love for you outshines anything that we endure in life.

Embrace this gift. Understand the story of Easter and how it impacts our lives. Be humble. Be thankful. Be appreciative. Then, celebrate!

The Time to Begin

Making changes is coming to you much more easily. There is a noticeable calm around you. Many have taken the energy of Easter and enfolded more grace into your lives. This is at a time when changes will flow toward you and benefits will be recognized by all.

The power of the Crucifixion has impacted us. It was a time of great wonder and solemn sorrow. One may only imagine the true accounts of this time in history.

Many on earth want to immerse themselves in that energy. Some may seek an astral viewing of the plight of Jesus. Others are content to accept the gifts that have come from this sacrifice and they do not wish to intimately “know” of his persecution. Many others fall somewhere in between these two poles. However you wish to approach this event is completely up to your personal preference. No one is judged by their desired perspective.

Now that we have come to this period of enlightenment it is time to make specific changes in your lives. The most important of which is prayer. God wants to have communication with each of you on a consistent basis. Daily prayer would be optimal but this choice is yours.

The topics to be covered are all-inclusive. God wants to know the good and the bad. Are you happy? Are you well? Do you have faith or is it waning? What do you need and what do you want? Who do want to be healed? Who do want to be blessed? God wants to know your heart and your soul.

The second task is to give thanks. Be appreciative of all things that are good in life. Be aware of the lessons learned and also what may have been learned during upset/dark/down times. Be prepared to give thanks for all that you have. Even if things are not-so-perfect it is still a good time to give thanks.

The third task is to enrich your faith. Read, study and share beliefs about God and all other Heavenly Hosts. By practicing your faith in silence you are not reaping the benefit of a variety of beliefs and understanding. We all have something to offer another in faith. We may know far more about one topic or far less about another. It is by sharing our faith that we all gain perspective depth and enrichment.

The fourth task is to say grace. This is not something to do just at meals. You may say grace at all times. Acknowledge what you have, what you are thankful for and what you wish for others. As with any prayer, it is more potent when done in the company of others. Say grace when you wake and thank God for another day. Say grace throughout the day. Be thankful for your home, family, job, friends, good weather, good food, healing… Being thankful will help you gain ascension. You will not become your higher self if you don’t offer thanks and appreciation.

The fifth task is to LOVE. Feel, share and allow love. Love yourself, love God and love all others. Share this gift with all of the contents of your life. Whether it is a living being or your precious possessions, offer love.

It is time to begin your path to ascension. This is a good start. If you need to place reminders for yourself throughout your day, then do so. Your whole life is a blend of experiences, both good and bad. It is what you do about those experiences that determines your spiritual and soul growth.

Each of us may be met with the same set of circumstances in our lives. One will choose to be sad and selfish. “Poor me. What a terrible thing to have happen.” Another will choose anger. “What happened and why?! Someone must be out to get me and I have to be defensive. Someone needs to pay!” Another may shut down and resist dealing with anything.

A better approach would be to allow upset but then review what has happened. Maybe it wasn’t so bad and perhaps you may still be able to overcome it. “Let’s see if things will get better. All may not be lost.”

Then, the best approach is to accept the circumstances. Pray for the best outcome and survey the many lessons that there are to be learned. Learn from what had happened and do your best to keep it from happening again.

Where do you fit into these 3 approaches? How would your perspective improve by making some changes? Is it possible to have more faith and a better perspective? Absolutely!

This is just the beginning. We are here to help and we will offer as many options for expansion that we feel you will benefit from. Go with love. Go with God. Give thanks and allow your soul to prosper. Amen.

Stairway to Heaven 3/26

As we bask in this luminous energy we must not forget to state our needs. We are gaining great practice releasing our barriers but now we must make a conscious effort to build our lives into the global creation that we desire!

Start close to home. Make goals that involve your own personal needs and desires. Expand your wishes outward to include your family, spouse and close loved ones. Then expand even further outward. These goals are intended to intertwine with each other. You and your loved ones are not energetically separate from each other. Our lives co-mingle and so do our aspirations.

It is these desires that form the building blocks for your stairway to heaven. What better time to set your intentions than the Time of Christ? He was human and knows of our struggles. He has felt ego, fear, and negativity. He made his life out of His predestined plan AND the experiences that he encountered. This is our lives as well.

We have a parallel life to live. We may KNOW God as He knew God. We may KNOW love as well. We are capable of all the many miracles that He was able to bring to this plane. BELIEVE it and ACCEPT it. Relax and make your desires be heard.

Choose healing and success for yourself. Then expand this desire outward. Then focus upon your next desire and expand. Make certain to include the unknown people in the world who need so much more than you do. Send out a desire for food, clean water, health care, housing… Do as Jesus has done. He spent many years serving others. He taught and He healed. He did not rest once His needs were met. Instead, He understood how important it was for all people to have the basic needs of their life. Then, He understood that others needed to have faith and knowledge of God.

We have the blueprint of how our lives may mirror His. It is entirely possible to take what we need then give so much more to the nameless people who have little. Giving of Himself did not cause his death. We may also give of ourselves and not suffer because of it.

Take good care of yourself. Make certain that your family and dear friends want for nothing. Then, expand your charity outward. Your life and heart will swell. Your satisfaction with life will burst to overflowing! There is no harm in helping others. Send love and healing all around the world.

This is the Time of Christ. Know by his experience that humans are capable of many good deeds. It matters not if they believe in God. It also matters not whether they speak your language or appear as you do. God never once turned anyone away for any reason and we too are capable of such grace!

Build the blocks of home and hearth. Then, care for close friends and family. Share your good will with co-workers and community members. Offer help and guidance to those who God brings to you for healing. Expand your good intentions to our country and our world.

There truly aren’t any coincidences. The people you meet are brought to you for a shared experience. Your strength may influence an untold amount of others. Do not doubt your power. Share as God has shared and heal as Jesus has healed. Build your stairway to heaven by one good deed after another.

Know the Journey

Times are much calmer now. We have released some of our bonds and allowed them to flow away. It is beginning to make more sense now to many of you. It is truly possible to “release” all of our attachments and still lose nothing. The loved ones and possessions that we count on are still here. It isn’t necessary to cling to them in order to keep them in your life. In fact, by releasing your grip there is a vast amount of room for new energy to flow toward you.

Relax. Be still and enjoy this auspicious time. Find contentment in your state of being and know that you need not look too far for completion. Practice your meditation. Be prepared for the full moon on Wednesday. This is the Christed moon. This happens during this time of year when the energy of Christ is ever-present.

Some may argue the meaning of the Christed Moon. Many religions know the energy of this moon and have no content of Jesus in their beliefs. We may accept the presence of Jesus because he is ONE with God and us. No need to argue. Accept the energy of this moon without unnecessary conflict. It is ok for others to pursue their own perception of God and His Disciples.

Welcome the contrast with your belief system. This is how we learn and experience. If there were no differing views, our life would be too stagnant. Instead, open up and allow alternate views. We may learn from them as they may learn from us. This would be a successful relationship under the watchful eyes of our Creator. He answers to many names and He knows no boundaries for the love that He feels for us.

Relax and accept your bounty. Many waves of enlightenment will flow to us these next few weeks. It is impossible to know just how many blessings we may accept. We must be open and “allow” grace into our lives. Even the excitement of these “holidays” may unwittingly block some of the energy. Be sure to make time for meditation, prayer and allowing. Always surround yourself in White Light and ask your guides and angels for protection from any negative energy. This is very important since you will be open to God and spirit and may need to block any earth-bound imposters.

Sing, rejoice and be merry. Ask for full knowledge of the travels of Christ. Seek an intimate understanding of His sacrifice and accept those gifts that He forged for us.

Celebrate. Know love. Give your love to all others and be content in your belief of Our Father and His only Son. This bounty is yours and you need not wait to receive your blessings.

This Time of Christ

We are coming upon a truly auspicious time in creation. God and Christ are figured prominently in the next few weeks. How do we optimize our own absorption of the grace and honor that is flooding our plane? By being at peace and thoughtful of all events in and around our own lives.

Grace will assist you to absorb the most Christ Consciousness. Grace in solitude. Grace in turmoil. Grace in manifesting our own Christ-centered evolution.

Be pensive. Reimagine each communication that you release into the world. How does your voice sound? Are you conveying peace, grace and true caring to the other? Is your email thoughtful? Do you use enough caring and globally conscious wording? Is one able to sense your love for life in each word you speak?

Be careful and conscientious in your appearance. Stand and greet others with an open heart and open mind. Do you appear loving or closed off? Are you approachable? Is your heart on your sleeve or locked behind bookcases and file cabinets?

Be the embodiment of grace. Feel and exude love. Open your heart and share the love and light therein.

Does your heart grow in darkness and solitude. Do you consciously embrace the world with your hands on your hips and a glare in your eye? Is one harmed by your spite? Could your light cast more brilliance than a candle?

Now IS the time to embrace the world just as Christ, our brother, has done. HE has set the tone for the brilliance that our lives may also be. We are just as He was. We are full of beauty and grace. We are healers and seers and teachers. We may also advocate for the needy and champion the underdog. We are capable of great miracles as well.

Too many find too much darkness and upset in our lives. We do not understand the blessings that we have at our disposal. So many of our days are spent with complaints and regrets. God nows how much time we allow to fall asunder. We are fooling no one. Those moments spent in darkness take away vast amounts of our light.

Why? Why do we insist upon feeling slighted? Why are we keeping score and exacting revenge? How many days are spent in ignorance of what is good, holy and right?

Turn this around. Now is the time to release your restrictions. Let go of your vengeance. Forget what the “score” is. Release your need to criticize and complain. God does NOT criticize you. God does NOT complain about your mistakes or limitations. Why do we feel we have the right to treat others with such disdain?

It is no one’s place to demean anyone. It is not your right to undermine anyone’s goodness and grace. We do not have any privileges that God does not have Himself.

This is the Time of Christ. We have so many wonderous things to celebrate. Release any heartache or sorrow. Turn to God and seek forgiveness for behaving in a way unbecoming to the Child of God that you are.

It is a time of new beginnings. Absorb the grace that God allows each of us to share. Give love, accept love and share love with the world of believers. This is our time to fill our sails with the best emotions and intentions. We are ONE with God and we are blessed to take part in this hallowed celebration.

The Light of Christ guides you effortlessly. All the good and wonders that He brought to us, we may also bring to our fellow human travelers. This is a monumentous time of our earth year. Bathe yourself in grace and work forward with the intent of being as loving, trusting, healing, teaching, forgiving, and altruistic as our brother, Christ. The Son of God and our incarnate example for which to live our lives.

Go with God and accept all the wonders of living in this Time of Christ. Smile and “know.” Work and “know.” Shop for groceries and “know.” Speak with others and “know.” Attend to your daily life and “know.” Great peace comes from “knowing” we are GOD.

Blessings All Around; Easter 2012

Open your heart and give love as a gift. We often scrutinize who we will give our attention to or who deserves our love. Try something new. Give your blessings to everyone!

You don’t have to behave as a flower child flitting about tossing flower petals. Just be yourself and offer your blessings to others privately.

Offer a warm “hello.” Wish them a “good day.” Or even just a smile. In your heart ask God to bless them and surround them in White Light.

Have you ever wished someone an angel hug? It is warm and tranquil. Hmmm.  It feels like you are wrapped in a blanket of love and contentment. Ask for one for yourself! It truly is a wonderful thing to have happen.

Send good intentions out to everyone you see. Especially the ones who seem to be having a bad day.

Clear the energy in your office or the office space of others. What about a splash of golden light for the elevator just before you get in! Surround your car in Light for the commute! Or fill the bus with angels! Fill the conference room with Light and heavenly music before the big meeting.

If you are blessed and work with children, then make sure to flood your space with feelings of love and comfort. 

Make sure to bring White Light to the spaces underneath and in between. So many people flush their space with light only to forget that there are spaces where negative energy may hide.

Be sure to imagine yourself with a never-ending cup of God’s Energy. There is no need to feel drained by sending out so much love. Make this a pattern of what you always do. Your life will feel lighter and brighter and the people around you are sure to notice. 

Easter is a special time of year. We gather in remembrance of the life and death of Jesus. If we take a lesson from Him we will learn to spread the Word of God and boundless amounts of Love despite all efforts being made against us. Faith may be this strong in each of us. There are no limits to the gifts that God provides us. 

Move forward in faith and pay homage to the Son of God who walked this Earth before us.

Everlasting and Bountiful Love,


The Greatest Gift

This is a special time of year. If we sit and truly contemplate what Good Friday is about we feel in awe of the greatest gift that God has given us; Jesus.

The life of Jesus was just as our own. He charted his incarnation carefully. He had many monumental goals to achieve in his lifetime. The final act was a Gift of Eternal Salvation.

The weight of the souls on earth truly fell upon His shoulders. He had a beautiful story to tell the world from his birth to his mortal death. He taught us that God is among us each and every day. We are never truly alone. 

He taught us that we may seek salvation at any time and that our sins are forgiven by His final act.

What was very important is that WE are also Divine Beings. He taught that we may also perform the very same acts that He demonstrated in his Earth-Life. We ARE God just as He was.

Salvation is truly what God wanted us to have as we navigate this life. We always have that love and support whether we allow ourselves to experience it or not.

Give thanks. Honor our Savior. Enjoy Easter for what it truly represents. Take time to contemplate how magical this time of year is. Life is everlasting. We came from God and we will return to God, just as Jesus has done.

“Look about you and count the many wonders that this faithful life has brought to you.” “Always know that God intended to save your soul and he brought his only son to deliver this gift to you.”

Always in the name of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit that inhabits us all.