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Consider This…

  1. More is learned from changes occurring over time. Sudden changes leave little to no room for expansion.
  2. The Universe gives you what you need, not always what you want.
  3. Lessons learned earlier in life are built upon as you age and mature. Not absorbing the information or intentionally skipping it will delay any further learning. These gaps may stall any learning at all.
  4. Ignorance about lessons provided by people you don’t respect or choose to ignore will also affect any future learning. There are times when your parents, an older sibling or other person provide some much-needed information but you ignore it because of the person who is delivering the messages to you. It is far better to weigh the information and decide whether it is sound advice or not.
  5. Even elders or other mature people change their perspectives over time. Allow for this expansion instead of challenging their shifting direction.
  6. Dogma turns even polite people away.
  7. Believing that you have nothing more to learn is the surest way to stop evolving.
  8. Sometimes you may open an important door simply by admitting that you are wrong.
  9. Opportunities come in all sizes. Some may be imperceptible and others you cannot miss.
  10. Travel may just occupy your time. Staying in place and focusing on learning may be a better choice.
  11. Looking beyond this atmosphere may only serve to block your attention to what we must all deal with. Issues regarding this planet must be addressed or what lies in the Universe will not matter at all.
  12. The earth will not cease to exist but it will become uninhabitable.
  13. People take themselves far too seriously. Being open-minded and relaxed will prove to be far healthier and productive.
  14. War makes for strange bedfellows but love challenges no one. You would be much happier in a room full of loved ones rather than strange people ready for a fight.
  15. There is a power greater than us. This is exactly why we may be forgiven, loved and healed without delay. If it was up to us, we would find problems which forbid these simple things.

Save Yourself First

This is expertly defined by the common example of applying your oxygen mask first in an airplane emergency. If you fall unconscious then you are unable to help anyone else. By saving yourself first, you increase the options of people who will be helped by you, including your children or other loved ones.

This is a difficult concept for many people to grasp. Of course we would “save” our child first! But this is not the best option. By saving yourself first, such as emotional and physical healing, you are better able to save those around you, with healing, love and support. Everyone is better off if you are safe, stable and emotionally healthy. You will be stronger for everyone. You may lead by example and teach others how to promote emotional health and wellbeing.

The difference in teachers is profound. Some are knowledgeable, well-versed, organized and able to get their point across. Others are disorganized, unreliable and emotionally limited. Which type will teach better? The organized one with experience and emotional stability.

Any leader will have better results if they have done their homework, are receptive to variables, truly wish to promote the success of others and resist any breakdown in communication.

What happens when you challenge a leader who does not have any stability? They react poorly. They may lash out, make you the cause of the problem, become distant, lose their focus, appear undone or ignore the breakdown in communication. These are not positive reactions. They lack the strength to teach and lead.

Your intention is to be the better leader/teacher. Through emotional strength and stability you will withstand many conflicts. Faith will show others how grounded and resilient you are. They will lower their defensiveness and be more available to you. You have saved yourself first. Who must you lead? Many people. Most are likely children, coworkers, family members, community members and so on…

We have mentioned many times that you came into this life to teach and to learn. Both sides of the coin. What you are not accepting is that you may lead others and NOT be their parent, boss or partner. Even brief encounters may have the potential to help, improve or benefit someone. Please do not be so literal. God has never sent anyone to earth to live in isolation and not impact those around them. This is part of your life.

You may have positive influences on others and negative ones. The list of these influences would be as expected. Are you a better leader by showing others to steal and commit fraud or by encouraging others to volunteer for charity? Very few things in life are black and white but this list is one of them. Be good, do good. Show others to be good and do good as well. Easier said than done.

The hard part is healing yourself. You have to pick apart many layers of pain and turmoil and resolve them enough in order to be whole. A lot of cleansing and forgiveness is needed. Seeing people as fallible will help. Sometimes loved ones behave in certain ways because that is all they know. You are capable of the same missteps. This doesn’t make you a bad person either. It only means that you and them are still learning and have not found a better way yet. With age usually comes wisdom but this is not guaranteed.

Many people who have been asked if they could would they return to a younger age? Often, the answer if yes but only if I could know what I know now. Many people see that they have made some mistakes along the way. The people who have harmed you may also realize it now. BUT, you must not wait for someone to acknowledge their wrong doing or apologize. You will waste too much time waiting for something that may never happen. Learn to be whole on your own. Just you. This is when you have healed enough to help others to heal as well. Everyone will benefit from your stability.

Immediate healing would take releasing all harmful memories, negative thinking, flushing any dark or muddy energy and complete faith in God. Most people find it much harder than that. Any guide, whether here on earth or on the Other Side, would suggest small, manageable steps since the changes are easier to maintain. Do your best to not fall back into your old habits. The more clarity and light you achieve, the easier the journey becomes.


The Intent of Your Commitment


Everyone who is in an earth life now has intentionally come to this plane to be a part of the cataclysm of change. It is imperative that you think about what your original intent was for you to be in human life right now.

Think of it as another dramatic time of change, turmoil and reorganization. It is yet another event of biblical proportions. The upheaval is caused by your own degradation of your own planet. There are many events that will impact you, the earth and part of your solar system.

Think of the energy that you are sending out into the Universe. There is waste, spoil, over use and depletion of resources. You are sending toxic mental and physical waste into the atmosphere. Your own bad habits are creating an irreversible demise to the habitability of earth.

Many people ask when the world will end. The earth will not cease to be but you will. The effects of all the negative changes will leave earth a desolate rock. You came here to be a part of the destruction of human life on this planet.

This is not the beginning but perhaps nearing the first third of the process. Soon the second third will begin and it will be far more dramatic than what you have seen up to now. If you are here in earth life now you will not see the second third of destruction. Your children may but your grandchildren are guaranteed to witness and experience it.

What did you hope to gain from being incarnate now? Because you are the banner carriers, bloggers, letter writers, rally organizers, developers of alternative energy, disease curers and any other purpose which will attempt to reverse the desolation of earth and improve the energy that you send into the Universe. You wanted to be on the front lines. This is admirable but you have lost your way.

Think about your part in this process of change. Much of what has already been done is irreversible. Are you challenging the waste or adding to it? Are you teaching your children and grandchildren how to reverse the changes that have already occurred or to stop new changes? Do you recycle? Are you converting to solar or geothermal power? Have you begun to support whole foods? Are your habits positive or are there changes that need to be made?

You are the head of the family. Your intent was to be here, at this time, to spearhead changes that will benefit you and the next 7 generations of your family. This is a profound responsibility. Have begun your part yet?

There are other planets and other lives to be lived but YOU decided that the earth was worthy of your time. You decided to incarnate now and you brought your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren here even if they haven’t been born yet. This is the beginning of your legacy. It is important. You have bet your life and the coming lives of your offspring on it.

If the habitability of earth is not preserved then your great-grandchildren will need to be resourceful and ingenious. There are some very difficult questions that will need to be answered. The grandeur of the whole process is that your descendants actually charted to experience the turmoil of a dying planet. Kudos to them!

Why Are You Confused?


Your confusion and frustration comes from not being on your intended path. You are chasing goals that are not in alignment with what you came to this plane to do. It is this blind struggle that causes you to feel lost.

Your soul knows there are plans in place and it may be putting some pressure on you to open up to your higher self. Your constant mind loops are interfering with the guidance of God and spirit. It is like you living your life as you wish when there is another life waiting to be lived in your subconscious. It doesn’t lie dormant. It pops up and tries to get your attention. Your soul may be saying, “You’re supposed to be over here.” You know there is some type of conflict but you don’t fully understand what it is.

This ambivalence gives you feelings of unrest, irritability, confusion and being unsettled. The peace that you find through meditation is your temporary alignment with your spiritual self. As soon as you allow your self will to be foremost again, you lose the serene connection that you made. This could be a trigger. If you continue to practice mindfulness you would be able to maintain that sense of peace for much longer. Then, your intended life would be brought to you and changes could be made to your life direction.

This positive direction would be cyclical if you were to see when you have diverted away from your life chart and make adjustments to again find that peace and serenity. Watch for the clues that you are lost again and regain your chart. It is a part of daily self-care. You would lose those uncomfortable feelings of frustration and be grounded with a firm connection to God and spirit.

Finding and maintaining your chart would change the course of your life. You may miss some of your more ego-based, impulsive needs, but the contentment will be a reward in itself. Your mind would follow the word of God and you would feel your purpose. You would be fulfilled with the thoughts, emotions and actions of being in alignment with God.

You may look at others around you and recognize the same pressures that you used to react to. The daily drama would escape you and everything will seem possible. Stress would be replaced with purpose and positivity. You may even lose the lust that you have for material things and money. Having no more than what you need may be enough.

It is all about perspective. Did God send Jesus here to build mansions and amass immense wealth? No. He sent Him here to heal others, bring ideas of peace, encourage forgiveness and give you the knowledge that there is so much more after this earth life.

Modesty and moderation. Leading through words and actions. Looking upon others with love and the desire to heal them. Unconditional love and the absence of judgment. Giving of yourself to those less fortunate. These phrases are you. They are the foundation and essence of who you are. Did you believe that We were describing Jesus? Yes. You are a child of God and you are here for the same purpose.

Do you find this comforting or unsettling? No part of those phrases are difficult or impossible. It is all possible and your connection with God and the Universe will be secure. No more confusion. No more struggle to find your path and maintain it. No questions about who you are and why you are here.

What Brings You Peace?

This is such a beautiful time in the earth time continuum that We hope you take advantage of this breath of freedom and fill your life with some things that bring you joy. It may be flowers, artwork, a new pet, some new classes, a change in the colors of your living space or an exercise routine. You have not fully experienced the relaxed energy of this year yet.

Be at peace. Be humble and thankful. Stop asking for things and allow God and spirit to bring you what you need. Asking for things comes from a different place than gifts from the Universe. It originates from lack, want and need. There is a darkness to this basis of being needy. If you ALLOW you are empowering gifts from the light, love and God. The intent is formed in light and received in light.

Hopefully this is a relatable concept. Your focus now may be of desire and deserving. I want this and I need that. If you stop asking then God has the freedom to “provide.” Often, things that you think you need are not actually what will add fullness and purpose to your life. God will bring you what you need first.

You may ask a question and feel you have received an inaccurate answer. But, the answer you got is what you need to hear first. It will continue this way until spirit, departed loved ones and God have given you everything they want you to know. Then, you will receive the answer to the question that you asked. You may feel confused or misunderstood but God will use your openness to answers as an opportunity to guide you. If you hadn’t asked a question to begin with you likely would not have been receptive to the information that you ended up getting.

Be patient. You must believe that God will provide and you will receive your answers in time. The things you are asking for may be intended for later in life. Perhaps a beautiful new home when you are ready to retire and some acceptable rentals now. Improved health but you must practice meditation, clearing and cleansing in order to properly receive the healing. A new wardrobe but some resolution of emotional issues first so that your true identity will be represented. You will not be given the gift if you are not prepared to receive it.

It would be like God giving you a white, silk robe as you rest in a pig pen. There would be no understandable purpose for what you ask for if you have not prepared yourself first.

This may sound shocking and absurd but there is truth to this concept. This is why God is able to provide, if you stop asking. You have chosen to trust in your chart, the Universe and God to bring everything to you when it is time and in the proper circumstances. This is faith.

Spend your day being grateful for all that you have and be open to more. Gratitude will always bring more good things and events to you. It is the openness, joy and acceptance of prosperity that lays the groundwork for God’s gifts. Being appreciative brings more to appreciate. It is the Law of Attraction.

Your list of 10 things to do is not the same as God’s list of 10 things for you to do. Will you be given something before its time? No. Will you meet the perfect mate of you haven’t resolved some personal issues? Likely not. What you will receive is someone who fits into the framework of your current issues to bring you more of the same. The Law of Attraction works in the negative sense as well.

You may shop for a new home day after day. Things do not come easily and your finances are not in order. You watch each “perfect” home pass by and wonder when you will receive what you want. Then, your energy improves, you choose to be more realistic and you find a home which has promise. Then, you find the financing you need and are willing to make some changes in the home to meet your preferences. This was the time when that home would be made available to you and the details would resolve easily. The process will feel charmed. That year you pushed and tried to force the purchase of that “perfect” home did not coincide with your chart. You were not given something before its time.

Or, you forced the purchase of a home that you could not afford, extended your commute, was impractical or you discovered a serious structural issue after the purchase. You used your free will and forced something into being that was not charted. You experienced road blocks at every turn and things fell through or were confusing. You pushed through all of those RED FLAGS and bought it anyway. Now you have a money pit. Just stop. Send your wishes out into the Universe and allow God to fulfill your needs. You may have such an extensive wish list that no one could fill all of your expectations. This will block everything from flowing to you. It is like asking for nothing less than a colonial home with blue shutters and an oak tree out front. How about a colonial home with solid bones and you paint your shutters blue and plant an oak tree.

Don’t give the Universe so many specifics that you will be left unfulfilled because of it. Allow God to bring you joy, love and happiness because you have faith. Perhaps the process has more to do with a smaller home that needs a little work then a more suitable home after a few years. You don’t give people everything they ask for. Wouldn’t you expect them to be prepared for what they have asked you for? Otherwise, it is like flushing resources down the toilet. You’ll have regrets.

God will provide, but you must do the work. Get prepared and leave options flexible. The you who wrote your chart may have little in common with the you that is currently living for the perfect home, a new car, an island vacation home, winning the lottery, being president of the company… The you who wrote the chart had more in mind about the earth, animals, plants, curing disease, reversing climate changes, developing alternate energy sources, employing many people in a new business, establishing a community garden, bringing yourself and others to God…

Be still. Enjoy each moment. Stop sending pressure into the environment when things will happen in due time. The actual key to having everything that you want is to be OPEN. Don’t complicate the process or insist on too many specifics. You will never be allowed to skip from A to Z in any area of your life. There is a process which you may liken to growth and maturity. There is no learning in skipping all the steps to having all of your desires. You came into this life to experience and learn. If you have luxury and all the pieces of a wealthy life, then you are expected to give. Just having possessions is not God’s Will.

The pressure and negativity of this planet may have caused you some confusion. Stop and allow God to remind you of the agreement you made to live with faith. There is so much more to life than shiny, new things. Live it and grow into that soul being who wrote this chart. Align with God and embrace who you intended to be.

Rest Assured

It is ok to be open, emotionally stable and performing good self-care. Keep cleansing and clearing yourself and be grounded to Mother Earth and God. This is a good time to simply maintain your good spiritual health and practice responding to stress with faith.

You have a lot to think about and becoming accustomed to emotional stability is important. The energy of this calendar year will shift to a higher vibration soon. Spring may literally be a spring into some exciting new territory for you. You will have a lot to be thankful for.

The best perspective for now is to be thankful for your emotional stability. If you still don’t feel it then keep trying. Review the recent posts and always be free to seek answers by speaking to Us. What We would offer to you now is a list of suggested daily activities to improve your connection to God and spirit. We also would like you to open more avenues with which to receive guidance.

  1. Begin each day by cleansing and clearing your entire being. Ground yourself and sit beneath the chakra waterfall.
  2. Speak to God during your daily morning activities. This is a good way to become more accustomed to seeking God to walk beside you each day. You do not need a special occasion or specific time of day to speak to God. If you release those beliefs of needing help only at specific times you will have a constant connection with the Divine.
  3. Be open to answers coming from surprising places. Sometimes you will get a message just by overhearing other people talking, songs on the radio, synchronicity that you notice, signs;  literal or metaphorical, topics highlighted on TV or news outlets, events in someone else’s life that mirror your own…
  4. Find communication with others to be stimulating not stressful. Resist your tendency to become upset alongside someone. You have your emotional distance from things that have nothing to do with you. Be sympathetic but content with your own broad perspective.
  5. Practice forgiveness. Just allow life to play itself out. Many things that would normally excite you are not actually important enough to disrupt your emotional stability. Look at it like lessons to be learned, not a reason to overhaul your existence. Be confident that God is in your life and things that present are experiences intended for you.
  6. Develop your maturity. Remain calm when you would normally go off the rails. Forgive when your usual tendency would have been to be angry and vengeful. Be the calm voice in the room. Be the voice of reason. Offer alternatives to the emotional upset of others. Fill the situation with the Light and presence of God.
  7. Take better care of yourself. Be proactive with your health. See the Dr. when needed and be compliant with addressing your medical issues. God created western medicine as well. Simple prayer will not keep you healthy.
  8. Begin to turn outward. Your tendency to be introspective and possibly isolative will interfere with your ascension. You will not reach a higher level of existence living in a vacuum. Interaction with the world is required and you will stunt your growth by being alone far too often.
  9. Allow the universe to know what you want in life. Be open and honest with God and spirit. Resist your tendency to limit your wish list because you feel greedy or selfish. God will not bring you what you ask for if it is not in your chart. This is Our common answer to people wanting to win the lottery. You will win if it is in your chart.
  10. Become more familiar with the concept of God’s Will. There is self-will and God’s Will. Much of what happens in your life is self-will because you have either closed off communication with the Divine or you are following a path which is not intended. You may be guessing what God is intending for you and you may be hopelessly wrong. By opening up and allowing God’s Will your life will realign and what you intended to live will come to you. Being on your path will feel much less stressful. There will be less confusion and more synchronicity.

We would like you to become familiar with being emotionally stable and naturally resistant to stress. Picture your life as a calm pool of Divine energy. Be resilient about lessening the motion of waves or ripples. Allow a minor disruption then regain your calm sense of being. All areas of life may be relaxed if you maintain your faith and allow it.

Meditate and find that soft, sweet inner space which resembles being embraced and supported by God. That is your natural state. It has always been there. You have just been distracted by the meaningless activity of daily life.

You are an eternal being. Your natural state is well above the dark negativity of the Earth’s energy. Find this place and be reassured of your greatness.

The Yearly Gift

It is easy to forget the true reason for Christmas. Sometimes we get caught up in the gift giving and presents. It may take a reminder to bring your focus back to the one, greatest gift that God has given us, His only Son.

The Life of Jesus may be one of the best topics to research in order to truly value this earth life. There is a lot of rhetoric but do your best to find a reasonably truthful depiction of His life and crucifixion. In meditation I have been shown the events leading up to the crucifixion a few times. It is always difficult for me to remain in complete contact with spirit during these times. I become nervous and either derail the depiction or block much of it. I become fearful of knowing too much of His pain and torment. I also busy my mind with nonsense about the Shroud of Turin or whether He truly perished or continued to live a quiet, human life. These potential hoaxes are less upsetting than reliving the death of Jesus.

I’m human and I have an uneasy time accepting the gift of “knowing” from spirit. I also realize that I am being shown this time in history for a reason and until I truly accept this vision I will continue to be given this journey over and over again. My fear and discomfort are limiting my growth. I must face it, I know.

Perhaps I should list the reasons why I cannot face the vision of the crucifixion and work through them one by one. Maybe I need a spiritual counselor to guide me. I do experience great sadness because I can’t help but resist gaining knowledge specifically related to this. Or, maybe I question how truthful and genuine these visions are. I might be lying to myself under the cloak of meditation.

As I continue to work through my human limitations I will continue to channel spirit and offer you the gift of “knowing” just as I have for the past few years. God is love. You are God. -Lisa


This time of year may be best known for renewal. The changing of the seasons and the rebirth of Nature’s gifts will happen soon. The Winter is a time of introspection and learning. In past history it was a time to read books and pass time with family and other loved ones. Much time was spent indoors. Do you suspect that Christmas occurs in the Winter months on purpose? Perhaps this was part of the Divine Plan.

As we spent time indoors with ample time to busy ourselves, we were also given the Gift of Jesus. We had many long days and nights to learn of His life and mourn His death. We were given the gift of absolution but it did come at a cost.

We held Him up to be our ideal. This is the epitome of human life. We are capable of walking the earth to heal and teach without judgment. We may live our life in service of God and make our community better each day. Ours is not to dwell upon our own needs and wants. Ours is to give of ourselves and make each person better just by having had them in our company. Life truly could be this simple. We tend to complicate things and distract ourselves from the true meaning of life. During this time of quiet solace, we may build ourselves up and find that earnest, genuine path. Be good. Do good. Be God in human form.

We are reminded each year to align with the Life of Christ. This is a pretty good setup that we have. Each year we may answer questions about the value of our existence and what our purpose is. We are provided with a standard to live up to. A human given to our world to show us how inspiring and simple our lives may become. We may do all the wonders that Jesus has done.

The true existence of Christ is still playing out in our lives and the lives of our family and neighbors. He still exists. He is omnipresent and capable of being in many places at the same time. We may call out to Him and be assured by His presence. God has never left us all alone.

The meaning of our life has so much more to do with wealth and stature. It may be as simple as giving of yourself every day to improve the lives of those around you.

Receive this gift this holiday season. Be humble and grateful. Give thanks for your life. Make faith the only thing that you truly need. Come back home to who you truly are. Be grounded to Mother Earth and God. Be at peace with this life. When you have God and His only Son, there is nothing else you need.


Change is Good

Many of you have found some much-needed peace. This is good. Rest, adequate sleep and good nutrition are also recommended. Being grounded is perhaps the single best action to take in order to be in contact with God and your ever-present guides. Your connection to God and Mother Earth will make the best attempt for you to receive guidance. Being in this connected state will all but ensure your closeness to your chart. You may still lack sufficient guidance but your chances of great intuition is higher.

Prayer will also help. Make sure your guides know that you wish to be grounded, cleansed, clear and open to God. They will assist you to maintain these states because that is exactly why they are there with you to begin with. Use them. Allow them to function on your behalf. Release your resistance.

Our next step to your enlightenment is for you to allow change. Ascension is only possible if you allow change. If you were capable of ascending to Heaven you would already right? So it makes sense that some changes are needed in order to become more enlightened.

Change causes some resistance. Humans fear the unknown so you may haphazardly cling to your norm because you’re not comfortable with what else may be out there. You are not happy, you feel unfulfilled and your dreams are not met. What you have failed to realize is that there is no “unknown.” Your life is charted. You have written every word and planned each lesson. Your guides approved your chart and sent it up the chain of approval until God has acknowledged your chart as manageable and thought out.

Your Heavenly Hosts guide you against making your chart too difficult. In spirit you may be an over achiever. You may have set some monumental tasks for you to complete and harsh experiences to endure. You would have been advised against this. We would rather you succeed in fulfilling your chart than fail at too many goals resulting in sorrow and disillusionment. Too much stress may cause mental illness, substance abuse or perhaps suicide. These states of being may be uncharted. You are basically setting yourself up for failure by writing a difficult chart.

What you don’t realize in spirit is that you don’t have the all-knowing, blessed sentient state that you have while residing in Heaven. You come to Earth and again experience the darkness and negativity of this physical plane. As a newborn much of what you knew in spirit is still available to you but you obviously cannot act upon it. As you age, you lose your inner knowing and live in your own unascended state. In order to comprehend your purposely difficult chart you may rely upon being updated by downloads, spirit and evolved thinking. All this as a child, teenager, young adult… You may now see why this essentially dooms you to failure. Not many tweens meditate, pray and open to spirit.

The truth behind your inability to attain and maintain your chart is your resistance to change. Spirit is eternally beside you. God is always available to you through prayer. Angels, Archangels, Saints, animal guides…are in close contact with you. If you have not received any beneficial spiritual information it is not the fault of your guides. You are unavailable.

We are not assigning blame. This is what happens with every human who reincarnates. You lose much of the knowledge and intuition that you have already learned in previous lives and through learning in spirit on the Other Side. Our focus is to reconnect you with that knowledge and cause you to surge forward and realign with your chart. Once in proper alignment, you will again learn, experience and grow emotionally in accordance with God.

Many of you do not realize that what you have set for goals in life is usually not your actual faith-based goals. Finding your “soul mate” is not the end all. Ok, find your soul mate then…volunteer, raise money for charity, become foster parents, bring other people to God… Having financial wealth is also not the end all. Make a fortune then… Raise a family then… What you have established as your perfect state of being is usually only part of the picture. Try to think in terms of what God would have your life purpose be. Humans may wander so far away from the Divine that they believe they have the freedom to choose whatever goals they wish.

What does your family need? What does your community need? What does your country need? We are definitely not discussing politics. We are trying to refocus you on humanitarian needs. Each life has a purpose for God. You have known many differing types of existence here on Earth. You may be wealthy, poor, unhealthy, disabled, talented… Each of these realities exist then what is your work for God? You are wealthy and you are responsible for “this” for God. You are a talented musician and your are expected to perform “this” for God. You are a Master Gardener and you are capable of doing “this” for God.

There is always more. You are never done working for God. This may surprise you. You may be at the end stage of cancer and you are still learning and teaching for God. You may be incoherent with Alzheimer’s Disease and you are still teaching for God. You may be retired and living comfortably near the sea shore but there is still more to do. It is not a burden, ever. Working for God is fulfilling. Alignment with your Creator is bliss. The act of following your path defines a perfect existence because you have met many of your charted life goals. It is not “work” when you feel near to God and your guides. It is life! Life the way YOU intended it to be.

Come back to center. Be grounded and cleansed. Meditate and pray. Release your need to define your own life and naturally realign with your life chart. This is the true blueprint. If you feel life is a series of happenstance, then you are far from your path. This is ok. We are here to help you to come back “home.” Life has a synchronicity. You feel charmed and at peace even though everything isn’t going so smoothly. Why? Because it was your intention to experience, learn and grow emotionally. That is the way you charted it.

Faith is what ties all of your expectations and charted lessons together. You KNOW you have a higher purpose. You KNOW that you have further to go. You KNOW there are many more lessons to learn. You have a part to play in the chart of others just as they have a part to play in yours. This is all for a greater purpose. Imagine returning to the Other Side and reviewing what you have learned in this life. Is it about money, physical beauty, selfishness, greed, winning…? No. It is about how much you have done for others along the way as you overcame your limitations and managed your own goals.

Your mind must be open in order to receive your Divine direction. Change is necessary or you will not complete your chart. Keeping everything the same will not accomplish more. You’ve done the same thing over and over. It hasn’t worked yet. You must open and allow God. There is no fear or frustration when becoming ONE with your Creator. It is bliss. The steps are clearly visible and your ascension makes each day well worth it.

Barriers to Wellness

Many of you seem shocked that God may touch you so intimately that you experience a shift in consciousness. This is merely the tip of the ice burg. There are so many blessings that are possible to you once you have made the commitment to be “available.”

You may have noticed that religious leaders are serenely calm and flexible. They respond to stress with openness and compassion. They know how to be objective and see things from someone else’s perspective. They have simple yet calming solutions and always encourage you to learn and be humble as well. It is in this serene state that God guides you personally. Yes, your spirit guides, divine guides and angels pay close attention to you but God is also very capable of helping you along the way.

All of Heaven is at your bidding. You are the one that is blocking the sharing of Divine guidance. Some of you were so excited by the prospect of being elevated above your current state to be caressed by the Universe. Yet, these same people are the most weighed down by unnecessary blocks, barriers and baggage.

In order to touch the Realm of Heaven, you must be adept at meditation AND free from stagnant energy. There are many meditations and cleansing exercises on the internet, in books or offered in group settings. Please find one avenue that resonates with you and do the work. Resist reclaiming your darker energy that you have learned to release. Without this one step you will not find the upper realm accessible.

We have gone over meditation in the past. To receive some direct guidance We offer you a potential opportunity. Surround yourself in White Light. Ask for protection from God, angels, guides and loved ones. Rise above the earth into a higher elevation. Cut all cords and ties to earth. Focus on “floating.” You may feel tipsy. Please only try this exercise when you are safe and sound, not while operating heavy machinery. Stay above the earth plane and allow energy to flow to you and be absorbed. Remain in this state until you feel you have received all of the information that your guides and loved ones have sent to you. Return to an awakened state and sit quietly for a while. Make sure you are firmly attached to the ground before doing anything. You may feel unsteady and possibly fall or stumble. Remember to perform another protection exercise when you are done.

Some people remain in that high, floaty, surreal state. They may feel like they are at peace and absurdly relaxed. It may seem like a high. This is not recommended. In this state you will be late, miss deadlines, forget some responsibilities, lack supervision over your children, neglect relationships, quit your job… This would be detrimental to your earthly existence. You may feel that God will provide, but in truth, you still have to pay your bills, earn money and be responsible.

This is very refreshing. This is your opportunity to reach new heights. Continue to increase your meditative skills and get rid of all of your dark energy. Pray for help. Ask your guides and angels to flush your being clear. Fill back up with intense White Light.

This is but one step to more clearly find your path. Your availability to the energy of God will help you attain and maintain your path and make progress on your life chart. You may feel overwhelmed with information the first few times you reach this heightened state. It is true. It is also true that you will feel less overwhelmed if you connect with the higher realms more often. Think of it as updating your computer. The first time you do it takes longer, but once you do it regularly, the process is quicker.

The idea of walking directly upon your path is exciting. We will help you every step of the way. Our goal is to bring you closer to God and this series of posts will increase your direct connection to the Divine. Life is so much easier than what you have made it. We will offer guidance and create an alignment which will propel you forward. Communion with God is possible and very real.

There Are Some Concerns

We understand that many of you visit this site and ponder what it is we bring to you. We certainly appreciate your attention and wish only to educate you about ascension to a higher level of existence and self-actualization.

Some of our words seem to either miss the mark or cause you some concern or confusion. It may seem too “new agey” for you. What do we mean when we ask you to be “open?” Just how do you become centered, cleansed and cleared? Is meditation really necessary? How do we “envision” healing and manifesting our desires?

Many of you are more comfortable with church-related activities such as reading from scripture and saying a prayer. Some of the more forward thinking activities don’t resonate with your more modest comfort level. This is ok. We don’t wish to push you into feeling uncomfortable. Our greatest wish is to keep your attention so that we may teach you about how to succeed in this life and advance your soul.

We ask you to consider what you know to be true in a church-related environment. You believe and pray to God. You have not seen or heard God directly but yet you still believe in HIM. This is a leap of faith, but since you have known about God since childhood you tend to not resist HIS elusiveness. It is similar to believing in ghosts. There is not much difference between the two except one is mainstream and the other is suspect.

Your prayer is directed to the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. Did you ever consider what is exactly meant by the Holy Ghost? It is the unseen part of you that is Divine. This is abstract as well. Are you able to touch your Divinity? Can you hold it in your hand? No, yet it is a popular belief in organized religions. Or perhaps you are so conditioned to pray to the Holy Ghost that you have not questioned it in many years, if at all.

Your belief God and Jesus is also a case of “envisioning” beings who are not in physical form. You have been envisioning many things for a lot of years but perhaps you may not associate it with what we are trying to teach you. The only difference in your ability to believe in these deities is your familiarity with this concept. Had your grandparents and parents spoken of spirit guides, animal totems, fairies, the Mother Gaia…you would also not balk at expressing “faith” in them.

We ask that you be open-minded about the topics we bring to you. We are not kooks or psychotic beings. We have come from God and we have arranged our energy together so that we may serve a purpose to you. We speak to your guides and we offer what seems to be most needed to you in order to raise your awareness of spiritual matters.

Our methods have been tried and true for some time now. We have guided your parents and your grandparents and many more generations back. We try our best to speak in words which will clarify what we are sharing and your ability to understand.

Our experience is that humans become focused on material things and money. The density of your realm leads to a muffled sense of fate and purpose. It is common and you are not unusual. We merely hope to bring you back to your original intention when you charted this life.

This action of beginning again on a spiritual road is threatening to you. So many years have passed where you have been comfortable in chasing the dollar that pressing you to accept a more faith-based route makes you defensive. It feels unnatural to meditate, pray and rejoin your life chart. This is foreign. You believe that money, education, career and material possessions are the goal of your life. Opening your soul to God is not considered success. People may think your weird.

This is ok and we completely understand. We will gently open your perception to what is truly unknown and yet blissfully enlightening. You have believed in the intangible for many years. Our guidance is no more unusual than this. See God in your mind’s eye. Envision and speak to Jesus as your brother who passed before your birth. Grasp the miracle of your own Divinity. These are all unseen yet true.

We will guide you to the opening doors of possibilities. Your existence has much more magic and glory than you may now realize. Trust us. Have faith in us. We have known you on the Other Side as you have existed as your soul. We also know you now. We know how to guide you and we would never cause you any harm. We love you as we love ourselves.

Success is following your chart and bringing love to all others. You may have a common existence yet be spiritually wealthy. The possibilities are known because you have already written them!