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The Aura


The aura is packed with all of your emotions, fears and problems. There are layers upon layers of thoughts and feelings which allow or repel any incoming or outgoing information.

Authentic communication requires more open avenues. Being out of touch with normal expression causes a backlog of information which you would need to have authentic communication with the spiritual, physical and internal planes.

Not being in touch with your realms of existence will cause you to be out of touch with your chosen path. “Detached” as it were. This would cause you to misunderstand and misinterpret the interactions that you have with other people and your environment.

Cleansing your aura is the same as cleansing your physical body. Flushing out the stagnant, dark energy is essential and then refill with bright, healthy White Light. You must remember to flush all around and through your being. Many of you hold negative energy in your tailbone, shoulders, upper back/neck and hips. If you cleanse only the areas visible to you in a mirror, many darker areas will go untouched.

As you can see from the chart, a healthy aura is full of color. These areas are intended to have bright, vibrant, fluid colors. Dark or muddy hues will not promote good health.

Practice flushing out unhealthy colors and promoting positive, energetic ones. As with your physical body, stagnant colors may actually form a block or barrier. Please don’t assume that flushing liquid colors will complete this task. You must also dislodge or break apart any solid energy that you have created.

You may wonder why you would create a solid barrier inside your own body and aura. This is usually some type of coping mechanism. You resist any change because you believe that you can handle what you have on your plate currently. When things start to change, you resist this change by blocking it with actual physical barriers. In your misguided need to keep things the same you actually cause more problems. True life and effective coping is fluid. Information and energy must flow in and out. There is a constant communication with your being and the world, spirit, departed loved ones and God.

An analogy is if you resist any change you may be out of touch with reality. Let Us say that you have become accustomed to warm weather. Then, the temperature drops to below freezing. In your misguided way of blocking change you neglect to dress more warmly and you experience a bitter cold that you are intentionally unprepared for. You may get sick or suffer some other malady. Why would you place yourself at risk? Doesn’t responding to change make you more healthy and effective to carry out your life goals? This analogy is rudimentary but Our intent is to deliberately shake your mindset. Resisting change leaves you out of the Divine flow of energy. Your mental, emotional and spiritual growth needs constant communication with the Universe.

Chances are that you may see this disabling mindset in someone else but you do not recognize it in yourself. You’d be aghast at someone trying to cope with their current environment by using outdated and ineffective coping. You may wonder why they are so out of touch. You may even find it humorous. Your barriers to change are just as ineffective. In order to be a part of the future flow of energy you must ALLOW that energy.

Flush all of your energy out and then allow God to refill you. This will happen in an instant. You will not be left bare or unprotected and God will fill in your physical body and aura with the energy that you need. You must envision yourself with stunning, vibrant, fluid light. Sitting on a rock or even being part of the rock will not get you salvation. The energy is far too dense. You must be able to rise up and float in order for your intended existence to actualize.

We sense some resistance to this concept. Some of you feel that covering yourself in armor is actually beneficial. This would be great if the negative forces against you were actual arrows or swords. Your ascension requires you to successfully cope and release unseen energy. Your suit of armor is actually counterproductive. This concept may take some time to grow accustomed to. This is ok. We will definitely stay on this topic until there is a better understanding. The idea that you may flush your inner body of stagnant energy is acceptable to you but flushing energy from your aura takes more thought. It truly is the same concept. And, it truly is just as important.


Yeah But…

Many of you still are offended that finding your mate, partner or soul love is not the extent of your existence. We will try to reframe our discussion so it makes more sense.

Think of your life in perspective. You were in spirit form and you identified specific experiences that you wanted to learn from. Love is a goal but it is not the be all end all. Love is included in your life chart but is not the culmination of it.

Remember the stages of development. You learn to trust or mistrust…

At some point you learn about love. Love of self. Love of family. Love of friends. You begin at your center and you learn to project this emotion outward. You either have reassurance and confirmation about love or you don’t. You may be safe to love family but have a hard time to find lovable friends. Or you may be able to project an unlimited amount of love outward without concern or repercussions.

These steps take time. depending upon the stability and support of your nuclear family, you are able to find more outlets for love. If you live in dysfunction or turmoil, less love is available to you and you mistrust the love that you have. Your actual life experience with love will vary from person to person.

Imagine being in a loving, emotionally stable home. You feel love and receive affirmations and support. In this instance, romantic love will come to you more easily. You don’t have the trust issues that many others your age have. Now imagine being in a family of turmoil. This makes even self-love difficult. It is less likely that you will find true love and be able to project it outward into the world to find romantic love and love of the world in general. Most of you fall in between these two extremes, which is normal.

By now you may have evaluated where you fall on this continuum. If you have trust issues, your goal of romantic love seems very important to you. It is something you have longed for. You may not realize all of the steps that were taken in your life for you to be uncertain of love, but you really want someone for your own. You also want someone who is “perfect” and “completes” you. At this point, this goal is not likely. You have many issues and concerns that have blocked your ability to form a healthy ability to love. Finding Mr./Ms. Perfect is very slim. You have more roads to travel than the person with the loving, stable base for their life.

To you this may seem unfair but, you wrote it. You have had many lifetimes of great love. You have had several children or none at all. You struggled with money or were financially independent. You suffered a severe illness or lived a long life and died of old age. All of this has been your reality. Putting your desire for romantic love must be placed in perspective. This life may not be about finding someone special. There may be a mountain of others things that you intended to do.

Even the emotionally stable person may find it difficult to find someone special. The search is difficult if you didn’t have a stable background in which to learn about love. If your goal is truly to find a healthy, stable love then you must do the work. Resolve your past issues and concerns. Release your need to hold grudges and be right all the time. Learn to value people because they are different and sometimes challenging. Open your mind and accept that your next love may be a work in progress just as you are. No one is perfect, including you.

Discover what expectations you have that are actually blocking your ability to find love. Take that list and do the work. There is no magical potion. Work through your own issues and then find someone you are able to function with on a healthy level. There are ups and downs. There are conflicts. There are always unmet expectations. Work with them. Make changes and compromise.

Respect begets respect. If you are abusing drugs, stealing, lying and trying to manipulate everyone…you will NOT find a healthy love. If you are angry and controlling, you will also not find a healthy love. If you are clingy and needy, guess what? You need to do the work. Make changes and find a higher level of functioning, then look for love.

You admire many people. You see that they are happy and deeply in love. You may envy them. The difference between you and them is what was written in your charts. They charted a loving, committed relationship and they followed their chart until they found it. You are midway. You have a longer walk and many issues to resolve before you find what they have.

Are there differences between their behavior and yours? Likely. They have learned to successfully manage a relationship. They have learned to budget, problem solve, parent, work, have leisure activities, good health… They have mutual respect and appreciation. That, or they are lying to everyone!

Resolve some past issues and concerns. Free up your potential to meet loving, friendly, emotionally stable people. Did you meet someone in a bar? Well then they act like they belong in a bar don’t they? Make love your goal, but make your intention to get healthy and find the love that you can stay healthy with.

Being able to follow your chart and complete the experiences that you have chosen is what this life is about. You may not have charted a romantic love this time around. What seems to be true is that you want to diminish or dismiss your actual life goals in order to find someone to be with, whether they are positive, emotionally healthy and well-intentioned people or not. This view is short sided at best. You may mature with age and find other goals regarding life and humanity or you may not and still only focus upon your love, wealth and status.

The disconnect happens when you feel that some mistake has been made. You certainly believe that your chart includes a passionate, lifelong love and not something about charity or world health. You could not have been so narrow-minded in spirit to NOT include that sizzling love affair. What you really want is to derail your chart, relentlessly pursue love and wonder why your life seems so empty. It feels empty because you are not on your path.

Love is not what you came here to focus on and some mistakes must have been made. “Who do I speak to so I can rewrite this?” No one. You may write your chart for your next incarnation after you have returned home. And, while in Divine spiritual form you will again realize that finding your “soul mate” is not what life is about. Good luck with that.

Change is Good

Many of you have found some much-needed peace. This is good. Rest, adequate sleep and good nutrition are also recommended. Being grounded is perhaps the single best action to take in order to be in contact with God and your ever-present guides. Your connection to God and Mother Earth will make the best attempt for you to receive guidance. Being in this connected state will all but ensure your closeness to your chart. You may still lack sufficient guidance but your chances of great intuition is higher.

Prayer will also help. Make sure your guides know that you wish to be grounded, cleansed, clear and open to God. They will assist you to maintain these states because that is exactly why they are there with you to begin with. Use them. Allow them to function on your behalf. Release your resistance.

Our next step to your enlightenment is for you to allow change. Ascension is only possible if you allow change. If you were capable of ascending to Heaven you would already right? So it makes sense that some changes are needed in order to become more enlightened.

Change causes some resistance. Humans fear the unknown so you may haphazardly cling to your norm because you’re not comfortable with what else may be out there. You are not happy, you feel unfulfilled and your dreams are not met. What you have failed to realize is that there is no “unknown.” Your life is charted. You have written every word and planned each lesson. Your guides approved your chart and sent it up the chain of approval until God has acknowledged your chart as manageable and thought out.

Your Heavenly Hosts guide you against making your chart too difficult. In spirit you may be an over achiever. You may have set some monumental tasks for you to complete and harsh experiences to endure. You would have been advised against this. We would rather you succeed in fulfilling your chart than fail at too many goals resulting in sorrow and disillusionment. Too much stress may cause mental illness, substance abuse or perhaps suicide. These states of being may be uncharted. You are basically setting yourself up for failure by writing a difficult chart.

What you don’t realize in spirit is that you don’t have the all-knowing, blessed sentient state that you have while residing in Heaven. You come to Earth and again experience the darkness and negativity of this physical plane. As a newborn much of what you knew in spirit is still available to you but you obviously cannot act upon it. As you age, you lose your inner knowing and live in your own unascended state. In order to comprehend your purposely difficult chart you may rely upon being updated by downloads, spirit and evolved thinking. All this as a child, teenager, young adult… You may now see why this essentially dooms you to failure. Not many tweens meditate, pray and open to spirit.

The truth behind your inability to attain and maintain your chart is your resistance to change. Spirit is eternally beside you. God is always available to you through prayer. Angels, Archangels, Saints, animal guides…are in close contact with you. If you have not received any beneficial spiritual information it is not the fault of your guides. You are unavailable.

We are not assigning blame. This is what happens with every human who reincarnates. You lose much of the knowledge and intuition that you have already learned in previous lives and through learning in spirit on the Other Side. Our focus is to reconnect you with that knowledge and cause you to surge forward and realign with your chart. Once in proper alignment, you will again learn, experience and grow emotionally in accordance with God.

Many of you do not realize that what you have set for goals in life is usually not your actual faith-based goals. Finding your “soul mate” is not the end all. Ok, find your soul mate then…volunteer, raise money for charity, become foster parents, bring other people to God… Having financial wealth is also not the end all. Make a fortune then… Raise a family then… What you have established as your perfect state of being is usually only part of the picture. Try to think in terms of what God would have your life purpose be. Humans may wander so far away from the Divine that they believe they have the freedom to choose whatever goals they wish.

What does your family need? What does your community need? What does your country need? We are definitely not discussing politics. We are trying to refocus you on humanitarian needs. Each life has a purpose for God. You have known many differing types of existence here on Earth. You may be wealthy, poor, unhealthy, disabled, talented… Each of these realities exist then what is your work for God? You are wealthy and you are responsible for “this” for God. You are a talented musician and your are expected to perform “this” for God. You are a Master Gardener and you are capable of doing “this” for God.

There is always more. You are never done working for God. This may surprise you. You may be at the end stage of cancer and you are still learning and teaching for God. You may be incoherent with Alzheimer’s Disease and you are still teaching for God. You may be retired and living comfortably near the sea shore but there is still more to do. It is not a burden, ever. Working for God is fulfilling. Alignment with your Creator is bliss. The act of following your path defines a perfect existence because you have met many of your charted life goals. It is not “work” when you feel near to God and your guides. It is life! Life the way YOU intended it to be.

Come back to center. Be grounded and cleansed. Meditate and pray. Release your need to define your own life and naturally realign with your life chart. This is the true blueprint. If you feel life is a series of happenstance, then you are far from your path. This is ok. We are here to help you to come back “home.” Life has a synchronicity. You feel charmed and at peace even though everything isn’t going so smoothly. Why? Because it was your intention to experience, learn and grow emotionally. That is the way you charted it.

Faith is what ties all of your expectations and charted lessons together. You KNOW you have a higher purpose. You KNOW that you have further to go. You KNOW there are many more lessons to learn. You have a part to play in the chart of others just as they have a part to play in yours. This is all for a greater purpose. Imagine returning to the Other Side and reviewing what you have learned in this life. Is it about money, physical beauty, selfishness, greed, winning…? No. It is about how much you have done for others along the way as you overcame your limitations and managed your own goals.

Your mind must be open in order to receive your Divine direction. Change is necessary or you will not complete your chart. Keeping everything the same will not accomplish more. You’ve done the same thing over and over. It hasn’t worked yet. You must open and allow God. There is no fear or frustration when becoming ONE with your Creator. It is bliss. The steps are clearly visible and your ascension makes each day well worth it.

The Rush of Your Chart

What have you chosen to be? Have you had enough time to think about it? Do you need my help? We all struggle with our own self-expression, but to align more closely with your chart you would release many of your unnecessary distractions.  All matters would seem to fall into place. Often We say that your life would seem charmed, but this is the truth of it.

Being in alignment feels very different than what you are used to experiencing. Your vision will become crystal clear and vivid. You may feel taller. It will seem like you are towering over everyday items like you may have grown a foot taller. Even looking into a mirror will seem different.

You may have tunnel vision. Meaningless distractions will be dismissed quickly. You will hone in on important matters. Your thoughts will be effective and streamlined. It will feel like you have gotten a lot of things done.

The downside is that you may have less patience for communicating with others who are not in alignment with you. It may seem like they will have limited understanding about what you are saying and you might be better off if you skip the conversation altogether. You may feel like some people are wasting your time.

You may also become lightheaded. Your perception may seem to swirl a little different than usual. Almost like your timing is a little bit off. You may also get a feeling like time is passing more quickly. It may feel like you are ten steps ahead of where you actually are. This is where the tunnel vision will possibly cause you to become dizzy. Looking forward may resemble the environment leaping toward you.

The good news is that these feelings are temporary. It may be like a boost to your knowledge and understanding, then returning to normal. It will be very helpful to be grounded. The discomfort would be minimized if you were anchored to God and Mother Earth. The best way to look at it is that you are on or very near who you are intended to be.

Those enlightened moments must be celebrated. You have done your work and you are making progress. You may actually feel close enough to Heaven to touch it. Your heart will leap when you feel all of this. This moment of clarity will give you a glimpse of true grace. Your departed loved ones will be very near to you. It will feel like you have found the perfect wavelength and your loved ones will gather for you. All at once, it all makes sense and it is vibrationally perfect.

If you remember the rush of an amusement park ride, this is so similar. Brief, yet perfect. If you have ever had those moments in life where you are doing everyday, non-eventful things and you realize that you don’t remember every minute of your trip. Your mind went somewhere. It may have felt surreal or dreamlike. This is exactly what it feels like.

We will work the next few posts on finding your chart and allowing your purpose to manifest. It will be exciting and stimulating. You may need some more practice meditating, so keep trying and We will catch up to you in time.

Love is Already Here

Many of you are looking ahead for love like there are not many possibilities where you are currently in life. The Law of Attraction tells you that “waiting” for love will confirm that you are still “waiting,” even after a long time. It is much like waiting for a windfall of money, waiting to relax on a vacation, waiting for your health to improve, waiting to lose weight… Please get into the habit of believing you have all of your goals and wishes now. Your inner dialog has programmed the Universe to keep you “waiting.” This is far from perfect.

There is love all around you. Envision yourself encircled in love. Remember to include the top of your head, your back and the bottom of your feet. Proclaim, “I have love now! I have more than enough and I am full to overflowing with loving energy.” Keep this positive and motivational. It IS true. God created us to be flush in love. Despite any heartache, blockage or barrier, you are intended to find love again. Love for yourself, your life, your family, friends… As We have spoken before, none of your experiences are intended to undo you. You must accept what has happened, cope with it, accept it as part of who you are and find your love for yourself and your life again.

Love is universal. Your love for many things in your life will bring about the romantic love you desire. Love begets love. You have enough right now. No more waiting. No more short-term or long-term goals for love. You have all the love you need at this moment. Accept this as true and be open to all of the love that you may have forgotten about or missed along the way. It is recommended to send love to others. You may have strained relationships with family, friends or other individuals. Please send them love as well. Why? Because is doesn’t hurt and you receive what you send out. That is also the Law of Attraction. You send love to others and others will respond by sending love to you.

Having love sent to you throughout your day will improve your mood, promote healing, resolve some conflicts and bring brighter more loving people to you. Envision yourself wrapped in a cloak of love. Everything will get better, and fast. This will also help with romantic love. If a potential partner were to see you during your day, they would subconsciously recognize the love that you have been infused with. This will draw their attention to you. They will notice more things about you and your life because your presence causes them to feel better and more content. They will be “attracted” to you because they feel the positive, loving energy that you present to the world.

People who are smiling and bright draw more attention than someone who appears moody and sullen. Some advice that people give is to “change your mind.” In this instance this is good advice. You have all the love you will ever need right now. Believe it fully and embrace your reality. Be sure to flush any dark or negative energy from your entire being. Inside and out, top to bottom, front to back. Infuse yourself with pink or rose. Then make your “love” color brighter and more vivid. Increase the intensity until in your mind’s eye you are unable to look directly at yourself because your eyes would hurt. Fill your car, office, an elevator, coffee shop, college classroom, Dr.’s office…with this intense love that comes from you. Everyone will feel better and they won’t know why. More importantly, they will be drawn to you for love!

Using positive affirmations will help make this transformation. Repeat some positive statements to yourself. Make them REAL. Keep going and reaffirm these changes by recognizing the positive changes that come to you. This mindset will reinforce itself.

More Chakra Work

Envision yourself sitting upon the lush, green grass in a peaceful meadow. Your base chakra connects to Mother Earth and you receive some much-needed soothing and support. This chakra is about your basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. It is also about your feelings of being safe and secure. If you have had some emotional problems in your past, this may influence the clarity and health of your connection to Mother.

Imagine flushing out all of the dark or muddy energy in your red chakra. Flush it until all of the energy runs clear. Envision the improved connection to the Earth and allow roots of your being to permeate the fertile ground. You may feel physically and emotionally stable. The attachment is firm and unmistakable.

Now move up to your orange chakra and attach it firmly to your red one. Flush out the dark or stagnant energy of this one as well. You may have had a longstanding break in your ability to be happy, creative and emotionally satisfied with your life. Maybe you are in a career that blocks your flow of self. Perhaps you are being belittled or abused. There may be any number of reasons why this second chakra needs to be repaired and returned to good health. Once it is completely clear and spinning blissfully, reaffirm the attachment to the base chakra and in turn to Mother.

As you may see, each chakra has a direct link to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Issues of abuse or neglect may permeate any of the chakras. Some damage may even be from past life issues as well. It does not matter when or where you received the damage, it only matters that you cleanse, clear and repair your chakras right now. It is never too late to begin again. That is truly why you are here visiting this site in the first place. You want to repair your own injured psyche and move forward to find your purpose for God. This is closer than you may think. Making this effort will go a long way toward your healing. Continued chakra health will also keep you fully aligned with God and Mother Earth.

There are no amount of lists that you may make that will heal you now. You don’t need to do a running count of wounds and injury. Wash that all away and connect all of your healthy chakras to each other in succession. Allow them to spin gracefully and remain firmly attached one to another. Your lower chakras will meet your upper chakras at the 4th or heart chakra. This is where your identity from above meets and blends with your earthly identity. Once you have all of your chakras cleared and connected, you may continue to realign them each day. Without constant attention, they will again fall into disrepair especially if you have not released your trauma or repaired your current life.

What some people may not realize is that chakras may also be out of alignment toward the left or right. Every chart you see has the chakras all lined up neatly from top to bottom. This is not the case especially if you have not tended to your chakra health at all. Stay vigilant. Remind yourself daily to maintain your spiritual health and pray.

Many people do not pray very often. This is also one of the most effective and simple steps that you may take to heal and be well both emotionally and spirituality. Please do not feel that your thoughts and feelings are not worthy of God’s attention. We all came here to learn and to grow and constant communication with God, spirit guides, angels, saints, departed loved ones… was expected and encouraged. You matter just as much as any other person. You have a direct communion with God simply through prayer. Being ONE with all source guarantees this.

Practice your chakra cleansing and attachment daily. Allow the Divine energy flow up from Mother Earth and back down from God.  Envision sitting upon fertile ground with Heaven above and allow the energy to flow through you. Always remember that healing must not just wash over you. This Light must soak, rinse and flow throughout your being. And be certain to remember behind you! Envision your brilliantly clear chakra energy all around and through you.

There are many exercises in books and on the internet. Find one which resonates with you and keep using it. Kundalini energy also arises from the base of your spine or your sexual essence. This will also benefit your overall health and wellbeing. You are not alone and you were never intended to live your life without guidance. The spiritual energy that you have just begun to tap into is only a small part of your true self. Resist the feelings that you are an island in an imperfect, dismal world. This is so far from true. Accept your divinity. Embrace your eternal life and use all of the energy of the Universe to GUIDE you.

We have made a commitment to you. We hold you in great regard and We wish nothing more than to help you along your way. The closer you come to your higher self, the more We embrace you and bring you closer to home. Stay on course. Allow yourself to move and think more freely. Remember your chart and always count upon Us to walk beside you. Each injury does not need to brought into the Light. It is truly enough to cleanse and clear yourself and release what is not “of God.” Please resist your need to say, “but…” ” I can’t…” or ” it still hurts so much.” God is letting you know that it is ok to let go, let God and forgive.

Allow the Chakra Flow

Now that you have read through the duties of healthy chakras and the possible troubles of unhealthy ones, We will begin Our discussions.

Allowing the flow refers to the connectedness of all of the chakras and the sharing of vital energy between them. Each one in succession needs to be functioning optimally. Then, they must communicate effectively with each other in order to provide you with the utmost energy and connectedness to God and Mother Earth. Any one chakra may derail the whole fluidity of your energy system. Each one must be healthy enough to communicate with the chakra above and below it. If not, you are not in complete connection with the Divine. Your physical and emotional health will suffer.

You may recognize the failure of your vitality  in areas where you used to excel. You may have once felt ease and now you seem to struggle. You may grasp for your memory or usual thought patterns and now only feel frustration. You may even sense blockages or stagnant energy. This is a good first step. At least you are aware of your sensory disruption and may be more open to repairing it. People who do not sense their blockages will have to start by being more aware of their interruptions in fluidity.

We will begin with your base chakra. This is the best and most predictable chakra to start with since it is the beginning of your chakra system. It is a deep, crimson red and it slowly spins in good health. Envision this chakra to be cleansed, cleared and fluid. Flush it with the healing energy of White Light. Notice the run off become muddy or foul. Keep rinsing it until the run off flows clear. Allow the darker energy to flow outside of your being and into the Earth. Be careful to not be in contact with it again.

The base chakra should hum and spiral freely. It is now possible to attach it to the center of the Earth with a green cord. Make sure the connection is snug and you will instantly feel more secure and aware.

All of the positive qualities of this chakra will directly lead to your next chakra in succession. The sacral chakra is orange. It flows slowly with deep, clear and stunning orange light. Again, flush this chakra with White Light until it runs clear. Keep the Light flowing through both your orange and red chakra and out to the Earth. Do not allow any stagnant or muddy energy settle again in either chakra. This process continues all that way through all 7 major chakras. Envision each of them spinning with crystal clear, fluid light. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly and push the muddy, stagnant energy out of your being and do not intentionally or accidentally pick it back up.

Each chakra spins clockwise. The lower chakras spin more slowly and the upper ones more rapidly. Once reaching your crown chakra you may attach it to God using a white cord. After completing this circuit from Mother Earth to your base chakra, up through to your crown chakra and then to God, you will feel your Divine connection to the Universe.

This connection feel refreshing, new and unlimited. You may gather energy from all of Creation in this state. Your attempts to meditate will be managed more easily and your prayers will shoot immediately to God without hesitation. This truly is your natural state. Envision your energy connected fiercely to Mother and Father and open your mind to acceptance of what is intended. You will make fewer missteps. You will have profound “knowing” and empathy. It is impossible to judge when in this serene state. All the world makes sense and so does your place within it.

Now imagine if any chakra has lingering problems. This will definitely affect your continued Divine state. Blockages from one chakra to another will derail your health and wellbeing. If possible, focus on the chakras which have the lingering problems. Repeatedly cleanse and clear each one and promote the flow between them. Study the chakras which seem to be most affected by your daily life. These are the issues that must be addressed and resolved in order to function properly.

Most likely you have longstanding issues which you either have not resolved or have refused to resolve. Some of your matters may be released simply by forgiving. Release any and all grudges against others in your past and present life. Or, you may have a medical manifestation of the injured chakra. This must also be addressed and resolved. The one most beneficial aspect of self-healing is being open-minded. To continue to be in denial of your own emotional problems will block any true healing.

It is possible that some concerns will be unearthed during your chakra cleansing. Do not block everything back up. If you successfully allow this damaged and negative energy to be released, you may actually heal despite your own self-protective thinking. ALLOW. Allow energy to flow from God to Mother Earth and release any and all energy that may be in the way.

You may use positive affirmations and ask the Divine for help with releasing any bottled up or dark energy. Let it all go. What you may not realize is that being in connection with the Universe will affect your daily life. Things that you are stuck on will be resolved. Your life will flow to you and any lessons or experiences will play out as intended. Remember that you have written this life chart. Your own human limitations may be blocking many varied lessons or life experiences. Your own limited thinking is what is slowing you down. It is time to get out of your own way. Many of the lessons We post are leading you to this expectation. Stop blocking progress and clinging to ineffective thinking. The issues that you seem to have had for a long time are just that! You are holding onto these things for some purpose that may be unknown even to you. Let go. Release. Drop all of the negative energy and walk away from it, refusing to pick it back up.

All of the newly uncovered openness of your being is better filled with White Light. “Hmmm. Something is missing.” Don’t bring back your dysfunction! Fill up with positive, clear, brilliant and bright Light.

Perhaps and analogy will help. imagine that you begin your day metaphorically dumping all of the rocks out of your backpack. You feel refreshed and ready for this new day. But before you leave you add some rocks back because, of course, you HAVE to deal with this AND that! Already you have failed to keep cleansed and cleared. Then, your commute also brings back some more rocks. Then, your work day has its own issues, insecurities and drama. That means more rocks in your bag. As you can see, the day continues with your HABIT of accepting back your usual rocks. Some of them are not even your own. You have allowed yourself to carry rocks for others as well. It is any wonder that at the end of your day you feel drained and exhausted?

Stop with the rocks. Release habits and concerns. You have addressed all of this in your chart. Sometimes you resist the best way to resolve things by being out of alignment with your own chart. You stand firmly in your own way. Resist this habit and instead “allow God.” Allow your concerns and conflict to be resolved by Divine intervention. Should you stop arguing? Yes. Should you stop being critical? Yes. Should you stop gossiping and complaining? Yes. Should you resist the crowd when they are ganging up on someone? Yes. This IS God. You must release any and all negative reactions to the people and situations in your life. Send love. Send understanding. Send support. If you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, then send all of your positive feelings outside the presence of that circle of naysayers. In fact, say a prayer for them as well! Blanket them in golden Light and allow them to sit in and walk upon the most precious rose color you may envision. Cover everyone with love. This IS God.

You have so many questions and concerns yet the most profound and simple answer is always “be God, for God.” Don’t make it any harder than it really is. Be aligned and grounded with God and Mother Earth and respond with love, support and contentment that you receive from them. SIMPLE! Please get out of your own way and allow God.

Attend to your chakra health. If you need assistance try Reiki, Pranic Healing, Reflexology or any other energy healing and lose the backpack. Remain fully connected to God and Mother Earth and accept the benefits of this blissful state. When you begin to feel frustrated or conflicted, reconnect and allow yourself to begin again in the name of God.

Star Crossed Lovers

There are many romance novels and fairy tales that give you the impression that there is one true love in your life and they are perfect and wonderful. This is far from true. What is perhaps more accurate is that you have a chart, that you wrote and you included some relationships from which to learn from. You have a specific set of goals for each of your relationships in life. This includes ALL relationships. Your parents, siblings, close and extended family… social circles, school mates, BFF’s… college/work peers, bosses, subordinates, landlords, neighbors… The list is extensive.

Having the objectivity to look at your relationships and realize their purpose, is something people rarely do. You usually tend to walk through life and manage the best you can. The popular thinking is that you are looking for the perfect partner. You may have let relationships pass by and you then wonder if they were that special someone and you didn’t realize it. You may spend some time looking back when in all actuality, please look forward. There is no going back. You passed that person by for a reason. It is your imagination that makes you think that you probably missed the relationship of a lifetime.

Refuse to waste any more time looking back. Look forward and make sure you known what you are looking for. You must be in relationships in order to discover what you appreciate and what you really don’t care for. Despite some obvious negative qualities, you have to discover your tastes by actually finding love. The first relationship is NOT your last. You will not find the perfect mate just because you believe you will. Life has more experiences in store for you.

It is much the same as finding your career. It may be something that you obviously appreciate and love to do or it may be something that presented itself to you as if by chance. It may be a summer job that really stuck with you and made you happy. Perhaps an internship that worked out well. Maybe the family business. It is a process, just like finding love.

You do not travel from A to Z without going through all of the letters. There is no purpose to this. All of your lessons are in the spaces in between. You adjust your preferences through experience. Finding Mr./Ms. Wonderful will happen if you charted it to happen.  If you charted that ‘one’ person, then you would have planned a few chances to meet and get to know them. They would appear a few times in your life so that even if you are being distracted or displeased, they will present again. No, this will not continue to go on. You will run out of chances. It is completely possible for you to miss your true love because you are holding out for something unreal or ideal.

You have developed a habit of seeking the same person over and over again. This is obviously not working but We tend to doubt that you realize this pattern that you have perpetuated. In all likelihood, you have a need for shame, doubt, fear or rejection due to some issues you have experienced. You find a cheater because you believe you don’t deserve someone who appreciates you or treats you with respect. Often, you dislike the “nice” person in favor of someone with more angst. Then this angst is directed at hurting you and leaving you holding the false blame of their dysfunction. Over and over. The “bad” boy or girl is trouble and you know it.

You may also want to meet your “mother” or “father.” This is fairly common and must be dealt with in order to become healthy and whole. In effect you are reliving your childhood and adulthood trying to get something right. This time trying to please or gain the respect of your parent. Or, you feel that someone just like your parent will love and support you BECAUSE they behave like your parent. Or, they feel “comfortable” because you are familiar with the way that they act. The problem is, this is your partner not your parent.

There are a variety of dysfunctional dynamics involved in your trying to find someone to fit your life perfectly. The truth is that it is a process. You find someone you enjoy as a friend or loved one and then you grow together. It may end up being someone who you didn’t expect.

Remember to avoid forcing someone to “fit.” A person who compliments you perfectly does not have to be just like you. Your relationship will have more depth if you support each other and grow into a more mature couple. The first few relationships are necessary. You will gain so much perspective and experience that you will be ready for that “perfect” someone instead of clinging to an ideal that does not exist.

How many of you are lonely? How many of you are in a bad relationship? There are some very nice people who may not exactly fit your expectations but you would grow to love them just the same. Their different preferences will actually expand your experiences. The only people you must avoid are the ones who will harm you, damage the good things in your life, disrespect you, leave you broke, isolate you and cause you physical/emotional pain. If you do find this troubled person, you must have enough self-respect to leave the situation and make better choices. If you have emotional problems that resulted from the life you have lived, get help, get healthy and then find healthy!

Start crossed lovers is more often the exception than the rule. Release your unrealistic expectations and gain some much-needed experience. A good relationship is something that develops between two people who love each other and want to grow together. It takes some work. It is all about nurturing, compromise and respecting each other as a whole person.

Don’t skip the lessons in between. That is where life is lived.

Healthy Love

1. Become emotionally healthy on your own. Seek counseling, read books, join a support group, journal, meditate, pray, be grounded…

2. Release your need for your love interest to fit some sort of ideal. Looking for the same qualities over and over again, have not worked.

3. Be friends first. Do not consummate the relationship until you have a good idea of who they really are. Being intimate too soon causes extra pain when you both realize that the other person is not who you made them out to be.

4. The “honeymoon” phase is NOT the time to make any commitments.

5. Be absolutely certain to NOT get pregnant. If either of you are in a hurry to have a baby. there is definitely something wrong. Starting a family should arise out of a long-term, love relationship that has already included some level of commitment.

6. Challenge each other to grow and expand your lives. If one or both of you are struggling to keep each other held down or limiting the other’s opportunities, this is NOT healthy. This is control.

7. Do not bring others into your conflict.

8. Do not expect someone to fit your unreasonable requirements. They must be wealthy and give me unlimited amounts of money. They must be physically fit and follow my exact diet. They must spend all of their time with me and get permission to be somewhere else without me. They must love my family and side with me against their own. They must treat my children as their own and resist any extra time spent with their own children. All of these rules are unhealthy AND unfair.

9. Accept all of their relationships just as you accept them. Do not intervene in any relationship that they already have established. You are manipulative if you find love and then go about making changes to their lives. If there is a truly damaging relationship, then the decision to distance themselves from that person is a joint decision, not your decision.

10. Trust them until they give you a reason to not trust them. If your last love was a cheater, that does not mean that this person will cheat as well. Or, if other partners have stolen money from you, this person is different until you find reason to think otherwise. This may be YOUR dysfunctional behavior by expecting trouble in the same ways throughout any of your relationships. Your insecurities may actually doom any hope of success with someone new.

11. Build trust one step at a time. Do not give someone the keys to your car, house and heart in the first week.

12. Recognize when someone in your life is sabotaging this relationship. Your partner may seem insecure but there may be some truth to their discomfort. Is your mother trying to turn you against them? Does your best friend not like them because they don’t see you as often? Does your father disapprove of their career? Be objective.

13. Keep your finances separate. There is no quicker way to find an abusive, controlling person then to give them access to your cash.

14. If they cheat, do not blame just the other person who they cheated with. This is irrational. Both parties cheated. There is a shared responsibility for the deception. If you fall into this mind trap then you are being played by your partner.

15. Take turns deciding what to do for fun, leisure, exercise… Do not force a person into your life. Always make concessions and compromise equally.

16. Ask some good questions  Once it begins to feel serious, discuss money, family commitments, illness, finances, children, retirement, housing, travel… If there are important issues that you are the polar opposite of each other, then you must decide how to proceed. Forcing someone to compromise is not healthy or respectful.

17. Make small changes until you each feel more comfortable.

18. Begin your financial discussions when you have made a commitment to each other. You may have to decide on savings, housing, large purchases, dividing bills, college tuition, pet care, elder care, any moves required for work…  This will decrease the shock of your financial expenditures by having an idea of what costs you will be facing together. Conflict over finances can end a relationship.

19. Never give up too much of yourself to make the other person happy. Know when you are no longer the person you want to be and make some changes. If there is no compromise, this is probably not a healthy relationship for you.

20. Build respect for your partner from your family, friends and other close loved ones. Please do not allow your partner to be chastised or disrespected when travelling in your circles. By allowing these conflicts, you are leaving your love to fend for themselves and this is not healthy or loving. You would not be happy in this same situation, so protect your partner as you would also expect to be protected.

Do we really want to affect change?

Dearest daughter and others who are listening…

There are groups gathering together. Others are uniting under various causes that make them angry or feeling vulnerable about. They gather in many different places and group their thoughts to mix as one. This cry-out-loud occasion is causing people to feel empowered and able to change volumes of civil wrongs.  

What is the next great upheaval? Where will the most changes be affected? Is this “movement” reaching the everyday person who needs help? No. It is not.

The average person is not going to feel any benefit of these gatherings and protests. The large corporations are not going to bow down to the little guys in the street. The only thing that would make them create any change would be to affect legislation to make amends with the general public or to hit big business in the pocket-book. Neither of these actions are being brought about by the protests.

People need to become organized and impact change through legislation. This requires money for lobbyists and legal assistance. This would be a class action suit the likes of have never been seen before. Very intricate organization would be needed. “Volunteers” would be required to devote much of their time and resources to this newly formed structure. Will this happen? Likely not. The common everyday man cannot go without an income for more than a few days. Then, if lobbyists are hired they will lobby for their own benefit at the cost of the people who hired them. This is what the government does. To bring about radical change the integral workings of the government itself will need to be dismantled.

This dynamic of people seeking power and money will begin again and again. How does one change this entire dynamic of wealth and power? By acquiring wealth and power? No. You would then behave in a way to prolong your own wealth and power.

The “have-nots” may become the “haves” and then seek to survive on their wealth and prolong what they now have, increased wealth and power.

The new leaders that have stood at the front of these protests would require wealth and power to continue to act on behalf of the 99%. The power and wealth bestowed upon them by the common man would then again be abused and manipulated.

Some may think this is a dark and possibly “jaded” view but it is merely not only true but likely. There is an inherent need for big business to align and promote big business. They view each other as companions and the rest of us as lambs to be fleeced. Big business has respect only for another big business. They don’t even value the lobbyists and politicians because these people are only to be used and manipulated.

I truly apologize to you. I do not seek to make you feel held down and under duress. I only seek to enlighten you about what you may see happening in the world around you.

To positively change the conundrum of greed, wealth and power from multiplying upon itself there must be broad sweeping changes in the mindset of all americans, together. WE will gather together and speak to the truths about the common man, the little people, the minions. WE will set forth a dynamic to promote good thoughts and wonderful feelings. WE will promote the selfless to act in accordance with true charity and benevolence.

It must be said that what truly matters is the amount of love in your heart and the number of loving relationships you have with others. WE will help you to overcome the big business dynamic if you wish but you must admit that if you were to gain power and wealth yourself that you would not convert to promoting yourself and only yourself. Why would God give you the chance to become an abuser once you are relieved from being abused? Why would WE give you the tools to manipulate and undermine others in your own life?

True altruism is required. The momentum of Godliness and faith could gain more following and energy if we commit to only Godliness and faith.

Think about this and let your Divine Guides know what you decide. If you choose power for change and the promotion of goodness and light you will be given the tools to succeed and to make a difference. If you wish to remain in your current dynamic, of course, God will still love you but you will likely remain a dupe for all the businesses that hold court over you now.

There is a new energy that many in the world have come to recognize. Some use it to cause change and others use it to strengthen their hold over those around them.

Pray for the Light. Look toward God. Unite in the power of healing. Promote health care and employment for all. Use your belief in the Divine to boost your power of prayer. Give anyone a hand up who needs one.

Find strength in each other and move forward in Christ.


Makah Win, My Divine Guide