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We have talked before about exit points and that anyone may choose to leave at a designated point for many reasons. They may have felt their jobs were done, they had little more to gain from staying any longer or they wanted to teach others through their loss.

Mass deaths occur for many reasons but it usually about bringing people together. The past has shown many examples of this. Lives lost to terrorism are intended to bring everyone together without care about religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity… The death of a child is the loss of everyone’s child, metaphorically. The recent London attacks were to bring all others together to grieve the loss of human life, not by identifying characteristics but because we are all human.

That day we lost “family members.” We did not stop to demean their existence with acceptable or unacceptable traits and identities. In the early hours of the attack we simply felt the loss. Our hearts ached. Hopefully we never stopped to identify who resembled us more or which lives lost was of more value. This is global consciousness. We felt genuine emotion for people we never knew and the families that suffered the losses. This brought us together in energy.

This energy of togetherness blanketed the earth and we boosted healing for our entire global community. For a time we felt genuine emotion for others around the world and not just in our home or community. The goal would be for many of us to accept that we don’t need any barriers between us. Mothers, brothers, children and other loved ones are worthy of our respect. Any life lost to violence is a tragedy. How many people adopted a global policy to respect any human life? This would be an optimal outcome.

Tragic losses bring all of us closer together. For a time we drop any prejudice and simply choose to love. A love without boundaries.

We may be at any age or point in our development to fully understand and accept this truth. Some of us adapt, some of us recover prejudice after a brief period and some of us never felt the compassion for anyone who perished. We are at different levels of spiritual maturity.

As for the losses in my community, there are many aspects at play.

  1. Many that died did not take care of their health. Diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease… ravaged their bodies and left little good tissue to carry on the workload of life. Not enough good health to make a difference. The denial that they embraced to avoid their illness was the same denial they used to avoid understanding that life could not continue with this much damage. Their lack of attention to their health left loved ones searching for answers.
  2. Many that died abused drugs and alcohol. They did not stop and turn things around. They left spouses, parents, children and many loved ones behind because their addiction was more powerful. In some ways they used denial to escape reality. The Dr. had warnings of poor health and permanent damage. Some stopped going to the Dr. Others were left clinging to the medical practitioners believing that intervention could save them from themselves. Despite this desperate hope, they died anyway. Their irrational escape did not hold any truth.
  3. Some people that died chose to let go and return home. Life had taught them enough and they were the kind of tired that only happens after many years of living. Everything ached. It hurt to move. They had lost so many of the pleasures in life that the Other Side seemed like a good choice. They did not commit suicide. They let go. After time they understood that it was ok to leave and their families were brought to that point as well. It was time.

As a community, we truly came together. The gatherings served to provide all of us with support and reassurance. We were forced to face that we must take better care of ourselves. We must also overcome our addictions. And, we must keep our loved ones close.

The shock of losing someone too young caused more pain than an elder who was losing their battle to stay. Week after week we were faced with more tragedy. People died were our own age or younger. We were close or we hardly knew them. Every family was touched by loss and we still have people close to death. It is not ending anytime soon. This cycle is still at work and we struggle to comprehend what we are facing.

Many of us are in a haze of shock. It is almost too much to manage emotionally. Still we carry on because that is what people do.

This is what I have come to know. Renewal is for those lives lost and for those of us left here. This is a community process. Dialog is needed and appreciated. Change is necessary. Lives matter.

Renewal of one person’s life because it was time to begin again.

Renewal of the love we share for friends and family.

Renewal of our feelings of protectiveness for our family and friends who suffer from illness.

Renewal of earth’s emotional climate from stagnant energy leaving and new life beginning.

Renewal of forgiveness and accepting that we all deserve love and respect as we leave this plane.

Renewal of hope that someone/anyone will leave their addiction behind.

Renewal of hope that we will make better decisions from here on out. These lessons have hit us hard.

Renewal of hope that the next 7 generations will be better than the 2 or 3 that are currently here on earth.



Where Are We?

Why do you have such a hard time being content? You continually “expect” something to be dramatic and different. You don’t seem to realize that THIS is our existence. We have said before, “You are the person you are waiting for.”

Your life is here & now. There is no magic formula to present you with money, a great job, a beautiful home, a new car… This is it. If you want these things you have to set about bringing them into your life. But then again…life is NOT about materialistic things. Is this beginning to make any sense to anyone yet?

You feel like you are “in the process” of becoming perfect. You ARE perfect. The frustration you feel is the conflict between what you “want” and what is truly spiritual success.

Surround yourself with what brings you joy. Please don’t assume that your joy is a million dollars and an attractive model-like spouse. This is not what life is. This is your dilemma. Your ego is pulling you to materialistic “needs.” Then, in true fashion, ego dumps you in the middle of NO materialistic happiness. You keep replaying this cycle and expect someone to give you a hand up and present you with happiness.

You must find your own happiness. The key is in your soul. It is what you want and what you desperately need. It has nothing to do with money or the perfect lover. It is your own self-respect and appreciation. Be your own cheerleader and feel “whole” even if you do not have a spouse or are in a disappointing relationship.

Another person does not complete you. You complete you. Jerry Maguire was wrong.

This planet is full of people waiting for a dramatic gift of inspiration. Please resist this tendency. You ARE the director of your joy, love and self-actualization. What is the first step to take to believe this? Let go!

Let go of all the strings attached to all the relationships, responsibilities, career goals, materialistic enthusiasm… Allow God to be the center of your Universe. Relax and release your “needs.” The traps of ego are what is keeping you from realizing that you are already happy. You are a work in progress and where you are now in your chart is exactly ok. Now take the next steps toward making your existence better.

Better how? More love joy, prayer, song, dance, gardening, healing, raising children, volunteering, coaching, pet rescue… Be ONE with God and find that pulse between your Creator and Mother Earth.

The next step is perspective. You are happy if you believe you are happy. Resist ego’s attempt to derail your spiritual ascension. You take many step up the ladder to heaven and then ego side tracks you into believing that true joy is materialism. Then you stumble down a few steps and are left feeling unhappy again.

Ego is like a frenemy. It wants to mock, malign and destroy you. It is that voice in your head that pushes you to gossip and compete. Many people believe they are hearing their spirit guide or God when in fact it is your own ego voice. If you are being led toward negative distractions, stop listening. Easier said then done. But try.

God wants you to love yourself and others. Make your life better each day and make this generation better than the one before. Build yourself and others up! No more gossip or manipulation. There is value in your life and the lives of others. And, lessons are taught by both positive and negative events.

Reconnect with your own value and stop trying to find the “perfect” lover. The chances of finding someone who is also a work in progress yet has a good heart and faith in God is much more reasonable. It is ok to find someone who is not forever. There must be more flexibility in your expectations.

Avoid the millennial mindset. It does not have to be NOW and PERFECT! No one will fit the bill if you have not found any self-appreciation and centeredness. It is far more likely you’ll find someone incomplete, needy and potentially abusive because you believe you have no value without them. This is not God’s desire for you.

Do the work. Heal yourself. Express your joy and happiness because you are whole.