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Puzzles and Fairy Tales

Puzzles and fairy tales exist in everyday life. Without these dynamics life would get boring and stagnant.

Puzzles are not really mysterious at all. They are just situations that we haven’t fully understood yet. We look at these situations with objectivity but no feeling. They may continue to puzzle us if we don’t allow for more layers of experience to be involved. It may seem flat and out-of-place.

Some of us walk away and never find the true meaning of the puzzle. We don’t allow our senses to fully comprehend the circumstances. We look at it a few times then throw our hands up and move on. This is problematic when the puzzle involves your emotional relationships with others. You may give up too soon and leave someone feeling misunderstood or alone.

You’ve begun to view things in an intellectual way and have closed off some of your more sensitive qualities. This is not God’s Way. In order to love someone you are expected to engage them more personally. Why do we distance ourselves from those closest to us? Perhaps out of self-protection. Maybe we have been hurt before and we resist being emotionally harmed again. Maybe we’re stressed. Our worries and responsibilities consume our attention and we react to life on cruise control. We may not realize that our distance is leaving someone feeling unloved.

We also may have not learned to be intimately close to someone. We have learned to manipulate others and avoid any close contact. You may go through the motions. Others in your life believe that you love them and are interested in their thoughts and feelings but this is facade in favor of your own needs.

God’s desire is for you to engage those closest to you in loving, caring and accepting relationships. The habit of tuning people out is not what Christ would do.

Solve the puzzles. Get closer, not further away. Make a genuine attempt to understand who you love. Start knocking down the walls and make sure to check both sides of any situation. You have as much to do with the distance between you as they do. You have decided to stop listening and understanding. They may be weaker, more fragile, less accomplished, less educated, and have fewer healthy coping skills. Or… you are the one with more limitations!

Love is a universal language. You came to the life to ascend to a higher existence. That goal includes healthier and more fulfilling relationships. God did not send us here alone. We are social beings and this “coming together” IS one of your life goals.

Fairy tales have less to do with a healthy, well-adjusted life than you may realize. The fairy tale is what you believe would be the ultimate existence. Money, wealth, prestigious family, several homes, successful businesses, flashy cars, physical beauty or prowess… This is NOT what you have written and certainly NOT what God wants for you. Soul growth is essential to this earth life. There is no other reason to be here if you are not expanding your existence.

You may have lost your way. Know that God intends for you to know love, self-love, romantic love, and family love. Also, love for humankind, Heaven and earth.

The fairy tales are not real. The puzzles are. Make a goal to come closer to your loved ones each day. Don’t distance yourself and continue to care about how they think and feel. Building those walls around you not only keep others out but they also keep you in. This is NOT God’s Way.

He Sees You. He Sees Through You.

He sees you and sees through you. This is the sum total of your existence before God.

He sees you is an obvious statement. He knows your heart and your soul. He knows when you have found your strength to soldier on and He also knows when you are temporarily stalled. He hears your calls to Him and He knows your strengths and fears.

You are not able to hide any of yourself from Him for He sees you, all of you.

Then, He sees through you. He sees life as you see it. He knows who is in need of Him and who is there for others. He knows when you approve of them and He also knows when you feel they could be trying harder.

The reality of life is that God not only is aware of you and how you feel at any moment in time but He also knows how you look at others. We don’t always realize the second premise. We often feel that we are viewed by God and we are on our path, healing, grieving, helping others, self-absorbed… But we also are known to God for how we view others. Do we help, understand, judge, empathize, scorn…

We are seeking our own absolution but do we understand that our soul success includes our view on the world and the people we see? We have spent far too many years feeling responsible only for ourselves. It is time now to accept the we are responsible for so much more. Our success is not a snapshot in time. Our success is a woven landscape of ourselves and the people we love, heal, pray for, understand, honor and support. The darkened areas of our landscape are the times we see fit to treat someone as less than ourselves.

We did not enter into this incarnation to stand alone as an island. We came here to interact with others and learn from them, positive or negative. There have been many lifetimes when you were the one who wallowed in self-pity, refused to heal, was overwhelmed by grief, became addicted to substances, was abused or was an abuser, or damaged those you loved. We all were at similar intersections in many lives. We also needed someone to care. By judging others you are also judging yourself when you were held down by similar circumstances.

Look upon yourself and others with love and understanding. We are all in this realm to experience, learn, grow and teach. Understand your life by viewing yourself and by the way you view others. In this perspective we feel compelled to behave as spiritual leaders. Above all value or judgment. We must reach the level of maturity in which we can accept all others for where they are in life and resist our need for them to be more like us.

We must pray for our own blessing and for their blessing as well. We cannot succeed if others around us don’t.

It may seem too much to ask. It may also seem unattainable, but we must try. Think of all great spiritual leaders in history and strive to be known among them. This is your calling. You were brought to this site for a purpose. God will tutor you through me and we will “be ONE” and “be DIVINE” together.

I have seen many great leaders throughout time. You have, by far, the most potential and raw ability. Why? Because even Jesus had constrictions of time and location. His word was verbal or written and had to be sent from place to place, sometimes losing it’s poignancy. You have advances in technology that allow you to touch people the world over. There is great wealth available to you and many great leaders who only hope to support and assist you in this spiritual cause.

Feel steady in your grace and potential. No one will cast more love and light than you and I feel an overwhelming honor in being a part of your great works. Loosen the chains of judgment and disdain. Show only love and acceptance for those you will eventually lead to the Temple of God. You may not have realized your true purpose. Here it is now spoken and you only have to step into the temple of your faith and take your rightful place.

You will lead and follow. You will also leave a great body of work in your wake. Be proud and step forward. I will lead you to your temple of great faith and we will minister to others in need. You are that important to me. We will do great work in the name of God for He sees you and He sees through you. And so do I.


Open To Grace

Breathe deeply and ALLOW. KNOW that all is well and God does provide.

Sit quietly and become lost in remembrance. Allow your mind to linger and dwell. Remember all good times spent with loved ones passed and present. What were the best times and what were the events and relationships that molded who you are?

While being still, recall your life from as far back as you can remember. What are you thankful for? When did you feel safe and loved? Who gave you some of the important aspects of your being?

Always know that even the most difficult and trying relationships are some of the greatest teaching moments. You knew who you wanted to be and what you wanted to represent. You did as you lived or you did the opposite. Either way, life taught you.

Release the difficult relationships. Acknowledge that you have learned and express gratitude for the lessons. Without this contrast, your life would not hold so much knowledge and volume.

Embrace the good times and wonderful memories. Keep the joy and love flowing. Allow the positive and beautiful days to overshadow the rest. Why? Because you are still here and moving forward. You may have not realized that negativity has been one of your great teachers. Be at peace and move on.

This holiday season is about grace, love and celebration. Be content with who you are and be eager for the lessons that life continues to hold.

Be with God. Be one and the same with Christ. Understand the meaning of these days and celebrate this life as but one gift that God has bestowed upon you. From here forward, vow to do good, be good and help others. We are here to do God’s Will. There is no greater existence than this.

Honor the anniversary of the most auspicious birth. Know that you have been taken care of and vow to pay this grace forward. Continue to join in the flow of God and Divinity. You have much to do and much to learn. You are christened a Light Worker and We are so very proud of you.

Energies Are Brighter

Energies are brighter and more jubilant. Many of you have finished much of your holiday activities and now have more time to relax.

You are still shielding yourself against upset, friction and miscommunication. Please don’t expect upset when gathering with friends and family. According to the Law of Attraction you will invite upset because you are expecting it.

Relax and enjoy your time of holiday and celebration. Things will be forgotten or missed, that is ok. You may misspeak or stumble over some words, that is ok too. Feeling trapped by misfortune is not ok.

Release your need to CONTROL everything! No one is that perfect.

What we will discuss today is how to avoid any pitfalls when meeting with family or friends.

1. Do not get angry. Allow everything to roll off of you. Place everyone’s need to upset you and others in perspective. Dysfunction will interfere with your holiday gatherings. Look at each attempt to derail you as a statement about them, not you. Stay strong.

2. Stop overindulging with spending and consumption. We all know why.

3. Redirect your appreciation and joy back to the real reason for the season. Acknowledge the gift of Christ and our eternal absolution. No need to redirect an entire crowd. It is enough in God’s eyes if you say a prayer and have a moment of introspection.

4. It is ok to celebrate in your own way. If you’d rather take a trip, go ahead. If you want to stay at home, that’s ok too. Release your need to respond anyone’s shaming. Be confident that you know how you want to celebrate and be strong.

5. Gifts are necessary if it is known that gifts are necessary. You may ask your host or hostess if gifts will be exchanged, that way you are not caught unaware. Or, if you buy gifts and do not receive any in return, be very upbeat. Express your sadness or embarrassment in private. Be better prepared for next year.

6. Invite angels to every gathering! There will be an unaccustomed grandness to every event. Think of joy, laughter, appreciation and good feelings times 100!

7. Come away from your gathering knowing who is ill, who needs spiritual strength and who is just fine. Plan on saying prayers for everyone. The new baby, the elder aunt, the ill sister… Turn your healing and spiritual wellness outward. They are important to you and you gather with them for your benefit and theirs. “Family” is more than just those related to you.

8. Give a “gift” to another. Donate time or money to charity, a family in need, patients at a children’s hospital, foster families, an animal shelter… Choose one that speaks to your soul.

9. Make sure that children know the story of Christ and understand charity. They will not know if they are not taught. Young ones tend to focus on gifts and parties and may be unaware of God’s Grace and the Gift of Christ. It is an uplifting and heartwarming story that will bring another aspect to the meaning of the holidays.

10. Give, ask, receive. It is about you, me, us and them. This is a global event that will fill your soul to overflowing. Spread love, cheer and gratitude. People don’t even have to “Believe” in order to benefit from your love. God knows no boundaries and grace is available to all.

My deepest love and embrace,


Many of you have begun to make that all-important trek of ascension. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are always missteps and lapses in judgment. It is ok since your overall progression is forward.

Release any residual feelings of having wasted time or moments of your life. It is a good thing to start now. God knows forgiveness most of all and as long as you are not intentionally harming anyone, all is well.

Do you have lingering hang-ups blocking forgiveness? Do you still judge based upon someone’s appearance or speech? Have you resisted volunteering or being charitable?

All is well. It is good to take small steps and stick with it instead of broad sweeping changes and being unable to sustain them.

Many good deeds may be done just by positive thoughts, prayer and resisting your need to judge. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Be kind and generous in your thinking about others that you come into contact with in your everyday life. This is an excellent start.

It may be more likely that you will take that next charitable step after that. We are on one team. We all evolve in a supportive and empowering environment. Negativity and suffering diminish if you share your Light and God’s Light as well.

Make ample time for prayer. As you go about your day look for people to say a quick prayer for. Wish for them whatever benefits you would like them to have. Whether it be healing, hope, a good night’s sleep… Be thoughtful and conscientious. Behaving in this manner is successful in the eyes of God.

Give more, worry less. Smile more, show less anger. Praise more, judge less. These tenets of life are so much more simple than most people make them to be. Behaving as Christ did will not run you into ruin. Promise.

If it seems like spirit is guiding you to think and behave more positively, it is true. This is a habit that spirit would like you to make now and greater deeds will be built upon it. The past few days we have encouraged selflessness and charity. We have asked you to know and align with the life of Christ. We have shown you many avenues for Light to come in and to go out of your life. Simple, yet profound.

If we overwhelm you with tasks and plans you may not be able to make the needed changes. Let us begin at home. Let us find God and send love to all others. Allow us to build our own house of God and then assist others to do this as well. Do not be impeded by someone’s appearance or speech. Send love and pray for their wellbeing.

Simple, yet direct. We will build you that Stairway to Heaven if you allow us to. There is nothing in life as important and meaningful as the enlightenment of your soul. We are here to “guide” and we want complete attunment for you.

Go with the Grace of God. Go with our support. Know that we walk beside you at all times. Say Grace as many times as your heart feels compelled to do. Walk in the footfalls of Christ, without fear. It is ok to “know” your thoughts and beliefs. We have NOT asked you to loudly profess your faith. All is well.

Stairway to Heaven 3/26

As we bask in this luminous energy we must not forget to state our needs. We are gaining great practice releasing our barriers but now we must make a conscious effort to build our lives into the global creation that we desire!

Start close to home. Make goals that involve your own personal needs and desires. Expand your wishes outward to include your family, spouse and close loved ones. Then expand even further outward. These goals are intended to intertwine with each other. You and your loved ones are not energetically separate from each other. Our lives co-mingle and so do our aspirations.

It is these desires that form the building blocks for your stairway to heaven. What better time to set your intentions than the Time of Christ? He was human and knows of our struggles. He has felt ego, fear, and negativity. He made his life out of His predestined plan AND the experiences that he encountered. This is our lives as well.

We have a parallel life to live. We may KNOW God as He knew God. We may KNOW love as well. We are capable of all the many miracles that He was able to bring to this plane. BELIEVE it and ACCEPT it. Relax and make your desires be heard.

Choose healing and success for yourself. Then expand this desire outward. Then focus upon your next desire and expand. Make certain to include the unknown people in the world who need so much more than you do. Send out a desire for food, clean water, health care, housing… Do as Jesus has done. He spent many years serving others. He taught and He healed. He did not rest once His needs were met. Instead, He understood how important it was for all people to have the basic needs of their life. Then, He understood that others needed to have faith and knowledge of God.

We have the blueprint of how our lives may mirror His. It is entirely possible to take what we need then give so much more to the nameless people who have little. Giving of Himself did not cause his death. We may also give of ourselves and not suffer because of it.

Take good care of yourself. Make certain that your family and dear friends want for nothing. Then, expand your charity outward. Your life and heart will swell. Your satisfaction with life will burst to overflowing! There is no harm in helping others. Send love and healing all around the world.

This is the Time of Christ. Know by his experience that humans are capable of many good deeds. It matters not if they believe in God. It also matters not whether they speak your language or appear as you do. God never once turned anyone away for any reason and we too are capable of such grace!

Build the blocks of home and hearth. Then, care for close friends and family. Share your good will with co-workers and community members. Offer help and guidance to those who God brings to you for healing. Expand your good intentions to our country and our world.

There truly aren’t any coincidences. The people you meet are brought to you for a shared experience. Your strength may influence an untold amount of others. Do not doubt your power. Share as God has shared and heal as Jesus has healed. Build your stairway to heaven by one good deed after another.

Come To Me In All Times

The Lord invites you come to His alter at times of peace and times of anguish.

There is never a bad time to seek the presence of God and His Son. We cherish your presence at any time. It is Our honor to behold you in your barest form when the truth may be most easily shared.

We seek to uphold you at all times. We have only love in Our hearts for you. Speak to Us as trusted friends. We have endless patience for all of your thoughts and feelings.

The term “bear your soul” refers to the times when you lay your will down and seek Our guidance without shame or defiance. This is when We connect with you on a soul-level and when We may answer all of your concerns and fears. 

Make attempts to hear Our words daily. We never seek to admonish or chastise you. Our hearts are filled with eternal love and mutual respect.

If you hear a voice which causes you shame, this is not Us. We seek to uplift you with support and praise alone.

Our wish is for you and yours to come to the palace of God and make your place beside Me . Our words do not incite fear. Beware the many darkened houses of “god” where fear is served up as gospel. This is NOT the covenant of God to lead in fear and anguish. Seek the gentle, supportive love of your True Savior.

Walk with Me and We will gather true greatness together. 

Come and sit beside Me when you need a true friend. I am your brother in Christ. We came from the center of Our Father and We will triumph together. 

Trust Me with the all of your hopes and dreams as well as your temptations and fears. I will never leave your side.

10 Gifts We Know

Ten gifts we know come from God.

1. Life. Living, breathing, laughing and crying. We are God incarnate and we learn and grow in the name of God.

2. Love. We love ourselves and those around us. This by far is God’s greatest gift, for through this, we know God himself.

3. Charity. We give when we have more than enough. We give to share. We give to express our thanks to our Creator. Through our shared heart we give to those in need.

4. Solitude. We offer our thoughts and our desires to God directly. Only God knows our true heart and mind for we only share part of our true spirit with those who are not God.

5. Faith. We spread the Word to those we know dearly and to those we do not know at all. Faith, spirit and communion must all be shared. We are never alone in our faith

6. Well-being. We are given a taste of true health and vitality so we may know when we are out of alignment with our true being. Without wellness we would not know illness.

7. Prosperity. We are given the fruits of our labor so we may know success and material comfort. Flowing from this we may know charity and community.

8. Romantic love. We are kindred spirits with hearts and desires. We come together in pairs to live, prosper, and procreate. A family is the beginning of true success in our earth plane.

9. Jesus. This gift was the most profound and meaningful of all gifts bestowed upon us. Through this gift we may know, first-hand, many of the wonders of God. Some of which is love, communion, growth, charity, faith and absolution. The gifts of God through Jesus are never-ending and all-encompassing.

10. God Himself. Without our Creator we would not know life. We are intent upon our missions of growth, love and maturation. We came from God and will return to God. There is no human life without Him.

These gifts are presented to us throughout the year. This holiday season is but a drop in the spring of God’s best intentions for us.

Know these gifts throughout our time here on earth, for when you know God you know life everlasting!


Makah Win

Do we really want to affect change?

Dearest daughter and others who are listening…

There are groups gathering together. Others are uniting under various causes that make them angry or feeling vulnerable about. They gather in many different places and group their thoughts to mix as one. This cry-out-loud occasion is causing people to feel empowered and able to change volumes of civil wrongs.  

What is the next great upheaval? Where will the most changes be affected? Is this “movement” reaching the everyday person who needs help? No. It is not.

The average person is not going to feel any benefit of these gatherings and protests. The large corporations are not going to bow down to the little guys in the street. The only thing that would make them create any change would be to affect legislation to make amends with the general public or to hit big business in the pocket-book. Neither of these actions are being brought about by the protests.

People need to become organized and impact change through legislation. This requires money for lobbyists and legal assistance. This would be a class action suit the likes of have never been seen before. Very intricate organization would be needed. “Volunteers” would be required to devote much of their time and resources to this newly formed structure. Will this happen? Likely not. The common everyday man cannot go without an income for more than a few days. Then, if lobbyists are hired they will lobby for their own benefit at the cost of the people who hired them. This is what the government does. To bring about radical change the integral workings of the government itself will need to be dismantled.

This dynamic of people seeking power and money will begin again and again. How does one change this entire dynamic of wealth and power? By acquiring wealth and power? No. You would then behave in a way to prolong your own wealth and power.

The “have-nots” may become the “haves” and then seek to survive on their wealth and prolong what they now have, increased wealth and power.

The new leaders that have stood at the front of these protests would require wealth and power to continue to act on behalf of the 99%. The power and wealth bestowed upon them by the common man would then again be abused and manipulated.

Some may think this is a dark and possibly “jaded” view but it is merely not only true but likely. There is an inherent need for big business to align and promote big business. They view each other as companions and the rest of us as lambs to be fleeced. Big business has respect only for another big business. They don’t even value the lobbyists and politicians because these people are only to be used and manipulated.

I truly apologize to you. I do not seek to make you feel held down and under duress. I only seek to enlighten you about what you may see happening in the world around you.

To positively change the conundrum of greed, wealth and power from multiplying upon itself there must be broad sweeping changes in the mindset of all americans, together. WE will gather together and speak to the truths about the common man, the little people, the minions. WE will set forth a dynamic to promote good thoughts and wonderful feelings. WE will promote the selfless to act in accordance with true charity and benevolence.

It must be said that what truly matters is the amount of love in your heart and the number of loving relationships you have with others. WE will help you to overcome the big business dynamic if you wish but you must admit that if you were to gain power and wealth yourself that you would not convert to promoting yourself and only yourself. Why would God give you the chance to become an abuser once you are relieved from being abused? Why would WE give you the tools to manipulate and undermine others in your own life?

True altruism is required. The momentum of Godliness and faith could gain more following and energy if we commit to only Godliness and faith.

Think about this and let your Divine Guides know what you decide. If you choose power for change and the promotion of goodness and light you will be given the tools to succeed and to make a difference. If you wish to remain in your current dynamic, of course, God will still love you but you will likely remain a dupe for all the businesses that hold court over you now.

There is a new energy that many in the world have come to recognize. Some use it to cause change and others use it to strengthen their hold over those around them.

Pray for the Light. Look toward God. Unite in the power of healing. Promote health care and employment for all. Use your belief in the Divine to boost your power of prayer. Give anyone a hand up who needs one.

Find strength in each other and move forward in Christ.


Makah Win, My Divine Guide