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The Intent of Your Commitment


Everyone who is in an earth life now has intentionally come to this plane to be a part of the cataclysm of change. It is imperative that you think about what your original intent was for you to be in human life right now.

Think of it as another dramatic time of change, turmoil and reorganization. It is yet another event of biblical proportions. The upheaval is caused by your own degradation of your own planet. There are many events that will impact you, the earth and part of your solar system.

Think of the energy that you are sending out into the Universe. There is waste, spoil, over use and depletion of resources. You are sending toxic mental and physical waste into the atmosphere. Your own bad habits are creating an irreversible demise to the habitability of earth.

Many people ask when the world will end. The earth will not cease to be but you will. The effects of all the negative changes will leave earth a desolate rock. You came here to be a part of the destruction of human life on this planet.

This is not the beginning but perhaps nearing the first third of the process. Soon the second third will begin and it will be far more dramatic than what you have seen up to now. If you are here in earth life now you will not see the second third of destruction. Your children may but your grandchildren are guaranteed to witness and experience it.

What did you hope to gain from being incarnate now? Because you are the banner carriers, bloggers, letter writers, rally organizers, developers of alternative energy, disease curers and any other purpose which will attempt to reverse the desolation of earth and improve the energy that you send into the Universe. You wanted to be on the front lines. This is admirable but you have lost your way.

Think about your part in this process of change. Much of what has already been done is irreversible. Are you challenging the waste or adding to it? Are you teaching your children and grandchildren how to reverse the changes that have already occurred or to stop new changes? Do you recycle? Are you converting to solar or geothermal power? Have you begun to support whole foods? Are your habits positive or are there changes that need to be made?

You are the head of the family. Your intent was to be here, at this time, to spearhead changes that will benefit you and the next 7 generations of your family. This is a profound responsibility. Have begun your part yet?

There are other planets and other lives to be lived but YOU decided that the earth was worthy of your time. You decided to incarnate now and you brought your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren here even if they haven’t been born yet. This is the beginning of your legacy. It is important. You have bet your life and the coming lives of your offspring on it.

If the habitability of earth is not preserved then your great-grandchildren will need to be resourceful and ingenious. There are some very difficult questions that will need to be answered. The grandeur of the whole process is that your descendants actually charted to experience the turmoil of a dying planet. Kudos to them!


The Yearly Gift

It is easy to forget the true reason for Christmas. Sometimes we get caught up in the gift giving and presents. It may take a reminder to bring your focus back to the one, greatest gift that God has given us, His only Son.

The Life of Jesus may be one of the best topics to research in order to truly value this earth life. There is a lot of rhetoric but do your best to find a reasonably truthful depiction of His life and crucifixion. In meditation I have been shown the events leading up to the crucifixion a few times. It is always difficult for me to remain in complete contact with spirit during these times. I become nervous and either derail the depiction or block much of it. I become fearful of knowing too much of His pain and torment. I also busy my mind with nonsense about the Shroud of Turin or whether He truly perished or continued to live a quiet, human life. These potential hoaxes are less upsetting than reliving the death of Jesus.

I’m human and I have an uneasy time accepting the gift of “knowing” from spirit. I also realize that I am being shown this time in history for a reason and until I truly accept this vision I will continue to be given this journey over and over again. My fear and discomfort are limiting my growth. I must face it, I know.

Perhaps I should list the reasons why I cannot face the vision of the crucifixion and work through them one by one. Maybe I need a spiritual counselor to guide me. I do experience great sadness because I can’t help but resist gaining knowledge specifically related to this. Or, maybe I question how truthful and genuine these visions are. I might be lying to myself under the cloak of meditation.

As I continue to work through my human limitations I will continue to channel spirit and offer you the gift of “knowing” just as I have for the past few years. God is love. You are God. -Lisa


This time of year may be best known for renewal. The changing of the seasons and the rebirth of Nature’s gifts will happen soon. The Winter is a time of introspection and learning. In past history it was a time to read books and pass time with family and other loved ones. Much time was spent indoors. Do you suspect that Christmas occurs in the Winter months on purpose? Perhaps this was part of the Divine Plan.

As we spent time indoors with ample time to busy ourselves, we were also given the Gift of Jesus. We had many long days and nights to learn of His life and mourn His death. We were given the gift of absolution but it did come at a cost.

We held Him up to be our ideal. This is the epitome of human life. We are capable of walking the earth to heal and teach without judgment. We may live our life in service of God and make our community better each day. Ours is not to dwell upon our own needs and wants. Ours is to give of ourselves and make each person better just by having had them in our company. Life truly could be this simple. We tend to complicate things and distract ourselves from the true meaning of life. During this time of quiet solace, we may build ourselves up and find that earnest, genuine path. Be good. Do good. Be God in human form.

We are reminded each year to align with the Life of Christ. This is a pretty good setup that we have. Each year we may answer questions about the value of our existence and what our purpose is. We are provided with a standard to live up to. A human given to our world to show us how inspiring and simple our lives may become. We may do all the wonders that Jesus has done.

The true existence of Christ is still playing out in our lives and the lives of our family and neighbors. He still exists. He is omnipresent and capable of being in many places at the same time. We may call out to Him and be assured by His presence. God has never left us all alone.

The meaning of our life has so much more to do with wealth and stature. It may be as simple as giving of yourself every day to improve the lives of those around you.

Receive this gift this holiday season. Be humble and grateful. Give thanks for your life. Make faith the only thing that you truly need. Come back home to who you truly are. Be grounded to Mother Earth and God. Be at peace with this life. When you have God and His only Son, there is nothing else you need.


My Higher Self

I will resist the urge to combat people who are confused, misinformed or mentally challenged.

Others have no influence over the direction in which my life is going. I follow the Light and need no other god above the one true God.

Someone may step on my toes and cause me pain and injury but I will not lash out to assault them in the same manner. I will offer understanding and forgiveness instead.

My only challenge is to be the best follower of Christ in this day and age.

I will offer my sympathy to those who suffer in vain. They know not what they do for they were forged from the same ill timber of their family.

I will watch my manner and be most pleasing to any and all others who cross my path. Pettiness is beneath me.

I have more room in my heart than anyone else I know.

I seek the answers to all questions through the eyeglass of Eternal Light.

I have boundless energy to do the work of God everywhere I go. My travels only serve to bring me more people to love and to heal.

I have abundance of time and money. This affords me plenty of time to spread my wings and discover the great mysteries of the world.

My tools are of the finest mettle. I do not stoop to find my direction and only seek the higher levels of all beings.

I have but one true boss and He sits upon the Cross. I pursue to find only Him when taking criticism of my behavior. I only hold myself to my higher purpose.

Each challenge is intended to prepare me for further strides to honor my Savior.

Challenge is only a word. My existence causes me to meet, fully comprehend, explore and assimilate the experience into my being.

What Is Happiness?


This may be the best possible time for you to decide what makes you happy. Maybe you are not sure what to look for or even what it feels like. We all have varying states of being that make us smile and feel joyous. We would like to expand upon this list for all of you. We would like to include happiness as becoming evolved and coping effectively with life’s stressors. Increasing the parameters of what you find joyful will increase your overall satisfaction in life. You will hopefully find more cause to smile and be content with how well you are living your life in general; bumps, bruises and all else.

  1. Who do you turn to when life seems to be an endless struggle? Would it be a tense and easily agitated person or someone more mellow and reassuring? Perhaps this is the first time you have thought this through. Maybe up to this point in life your go-to person may have been someone who gets ramped up with stress right along beside you. You may have preferred someone to be called to arms and storm the tower with you.  Our perspective would be to guide you to the grounded, spiritually versed support person who would rather help you relieve your upset instead of add to it. You would miss your rally buddy but in time your shift to acceptance and understanding will feel more secure and mature. Less conflict, more happiness.
  2. Who are you always mad at? This may also be the first time you have had to answer this question. You have at least one person who never fails to frustrate and anger you. The more of these people you have the less happiness you enjoy. We would like to ask, “Is it really everyone else?” If you have chalked up 2, 3 or 4 people to be angry with all the time, you may be promoting your own dissatisfaction with life. Stop and consider why they make you angry and see if there is a better way to approach each person. Your responses represent your own coping skills and maturity. Getting upset with someone without fail does nothing but make you look petty and indiscriminate. You have not reached a level of maturity which would serve you better. Make a list of reasons why so-and-so upsets you. How much of these are YOU able to change in order to grow closer to God and offer unconditional acceptance? Being conditioned to be frustrated with someone demeans your existence. Increasing your universal acceptance and forgiveness increases your happiness.
  3. How much of your displeasure with life is from stored emotions that no longer have a purpose? Much of your human pain was first developed in childhood. This is an odd time to start gathering painful memories since, as a child, you didn’t have the emotional maturity to discriminate between actual hurtful events and childlike irrational memories. It is best for you to set all of these painful times aside. There are no good outcomes for your insistence upon clinging to childhood pain. In reality, no one probably intended to hurt you as much as you believed that they did. Many of their mistakes were from immaturity or impulsiveness. Everyone, including you, makes mistakes. Please do what you can in order to place your injuries in perspective. Forgiveness is as much for you as it is for the person who you are forgiving. If you are unable to forgive, at least release the pent-up pain so that you may be reborn, just as Christ has done. Your soul needs to be cleansed and room made for your growing faith. You, as a child, were not in a position to decide how much you will hurt over what type of injury you sustained. Releasing unnecessary pain increases happiness.

This is certainly not the whole list of changes to make in order to increase your happiness. This is but a start and We will revisit this subject again.

Your life will unfold into complete joy when you learn to release anything that is NOT derived from your faith in God. Pain, turmoil, grudges, and competition are intended to be released. Raising your vibration and finding forgiveness for all others is what you must seek and hold. Each step during each day is what your joy is built upon. Understanding that you are stronger for your experiences vastly outweighs your need to keep score and possibly seek vengeance. Walk in the ways of God and find your soul fully evolved and in awe of the Universe.

God’s Will is the only path to be followed. By living genuinely, your faith will float you above all lesser energy, including your own.

Yeah But…

Many of you still are offended that finding your mate, partner or soul love is not the extent of your existence. We will try to reframe our discussion so it makes more sense.

Think of your life in perspective. You were in spirit form and you identified specific experiences that you wanted to learn from. Love is a goal but it is not the be all end all. Love is included in your life chart but is not the culmination of it.

Remember the stages of development. You learn to trust or mistrust…

At some point you learn about love. Love of self. Love of family. Love of friends. You begin at your center and you learn to project this emotion outward. You either have reassurance and confirmation about love or you don’t. You may be safe to love family but have a hard time to find lovable friends. Or you may be able to project an unlimited amount of love outward without concern or repercussions.

These steps take time. depending upon the stability and support of your nuclear family, you are able to find more outlets for love. If you live in dysfunction or turmoil, less love is available to you and you mistrust the love that you have. Your actual life experience with love will vary from person to person.

Imagine being in a loving, emotionally stable home. You feel love and receive affirmations and support. In this instance, romantic love will come to you more easily. You don’t have the trust issues that many others your age have. Now imagine being in a family of turmoil. This makes even self-love difficult. It is less likely that you will find true love and be able to project it outward into the world to find romantic love and love of the world in general. Most of you fall in between these two extremes, which is normal.

By now you may have evaluated where you fall on this continuum. If you have trust issues, your goal of romantic love seems very important to you. It is something you have longed for. You may not realize all of the steps that were taken in your life for you to be uncertain of love, but you really want someone for your own. You also want someone who is “perfect” and “completes” you. At this point, this goal is not likely. You have many issues and concerns that have blocked your ability to form a healthy ability to love. Finding Mr./Ms. Perfect is very slim. You have more roads to travel than the person with the loving, stable base for their life.

To you this may seem unfair but, you wrote it. You have had many lifetimes of great love. You have had several children or none at all. You struggled with money or were financially independent. You suffered a severe illness or lived a long life and died of old age. All of this has been your reality. Putting your desire for romantic love must be placed in perspective. This life may not be about finding someone special. There may be a mountain of others things that you intended to do.

Even the emotionally stable person may find it difficult to find someone special. The search is difficult if you didn’t have a stable background in which to learn about love. If your goal is truly to find a healthy, stable love then you must do the work. Resolve your past issues and concerns. Release your need to hold grudges and be right all the time. Learn to value people because they are different and sometimes challenging. Open your mind and accept that your next love may be a work in progress just as you are. No one is perfect, including you.

Discover what expectations you have that are actually blocking your ability to find love. Take that list and do the work. There is no magical potion. Work through your own issues and then find someone you are able to function with on a healthy level. There are ups and downs. There are conflicts. There are always unmet expectations. Work with them. Make changes and compromise.

Respect begets respect. If you are abusing drugs, stealing, lying and trying to manipulate everyone…you will NOT find a healthy love. If you are angry and controlling, you will also not find a healthy love. If you are clingy and needy, guess what? You need to do the work. Make changes and find a higher level of functioning, then look for love.

You admire many people. You see that they are happy and deeply in love. You may envy them. The difference between you and them is what was written in your charts. They charted a loving, committed relationship and they followed their chart until they found it. You are midway. You have a longer walk and many issues to resolve before you find what they have.

Are there differences between their behavior and yours? Likely. They have learned to successfully manage a relationship. They have learned to budget, problem solve, parent, work, have leisure activities, good health… They have mutual respect and appreciation. That, or they are lying to everyone!

Resolve some past issues and concerns. Free up your potential to meet loving, friendly, emotionally stable people. Did you meet someone in a bar? Well then they act like they belong in a bar don’t they? Make love your goal, but make your intention to get healthy and find the love that you can stay healthy with.

Being able to follow your chart and complete the experiences that you have chosen is what this life is about. You may not have charted a romantic love this time around. What seems to be true is that you want to diminish or dismiss your actual life goals in order to find someone to be with, whether they are positive, emotionally healthy and well-intentioned people or not. This view is short sided at best. You may mature with age and find other goals regarding life and humanity or you may not and still only focus upon your love, wealth and status.

The disconnect happens when you feel that some mistake has been made. You certainly believe that your chart includes a passionate, lifelong love and not something about charity or world health. You could not have been so narrow-minded in spirit to NOT include that sizzling love affair. What you really want is to derail your chart, relentlessly pursue love and wonder why your life seems so empty. It feels empty because you are not on your path.

Love is not what you came here to focus on and some mistakes must have been made. “Who do I speak to so I can rewrite this?” No one. You may write your chart for your next incarnation after you have returned home. And, while in Divine spiritual form you will again realize that finding your “soul mate” is not what life is about. Good luck with that.

Your Life Purpose

What is this earth life all about?

Trial and error.
Growth and maturity.
Love and contentment.
Starting from one level upon your path and continuing on to a higher level.
Growing closer to God.
Finding more forgiveness and much less judgment.
Building up the next generation to be much better than the one before.
Finding undeterred faith.
Teaching and learning.
Finding that spiritual success outweighs material success.
Being your authentic self.
Find other Beings of Light and not just the religious figures you are accustomed to.
Caring for your elders and for youth.
Learning to forgive without hesitation.
Accepting illness and conflict as causes to grow and become more enlightened.
Building economic stability for our generation and the next seven.
Accepting that Mother Earth is as devoted to your success as God and Heaven.
Transforming challenges into spiritual growth.
Protecting the environment while building the infrastructure for future generations.
Reverse global warming and saving countless animal populations at risk.
Raising children, whether your own or those in your family and community.
Curing disease and developing immunizations for the most common afflictions.
Building a bridge from you to spirit.
Accepting your eternal life as a learning, maturing soul.
Fulfilling your contract with others in your soul group.
Losing your ego desires and needs.
Behaving as ONE with the Universal Consciousness.
Learning from history and guarding against repeated human mistakes.
Identifying the dark from the light without making exceptions for truly evil deeds.
Being open to other religious views and unfamiliar Beings of Light.
Avoid dogma regarding any topic or belief system.
Be centered and grounded to commune more closely with God.
Be responsible for making the world better at home and extending outward.
Offer common kindness to every human in any state of need.
Teaching others experiences of your path and support them on their own journey.
Accept religion has advanced due to increased knowledge and understanding.
God loves all of us without care for skin color, religion or primary language.

Many people are focused upon their life purpose and what to do to be more spiritual. This is a list to keep for reference. Your life is not mysterious. It is one life in a long series of lives with goals and experiences charted within them. “Being God, for God” is much more simple than you make it out to be!

Easter For Your Enlightenment

We are coming upon some very wonderful days. It is said that God gave us His only Son and He died for us to wash all of our sins away. This is a monumental experience. There are so many wonderful events and gifts that are included in the celebration of Easter. We may have a difficult time setting it out before you.

1. God has our existence planned. He intended to give us His Human Son at a time when all perception of God and religion was at a devastating low. It was not popular to believe in Jesus and the profound beliefs He shared with you. This was as it was intended. In order to feel truly faithful to the Teachings of God you had to find faith despite some pretty horrible events in the Life of Jesus.
It was a test of your faith at that time and it still is now. Do you believe in God and the Gift of His Son? Would you be able to stand at the foot of the cross and pledge your faith to Him? If it meant the end of your life by brutal means, would you still pledge? This is your task now. How important and strong are your feelings about faith and religion? Would you die for what you know to be the true?
Some of you are blessed with a strong faith that leads you to draw attention to yourself. Others will share their faith openly in an effort to bring the Word of God to non-believers. And still more are not so sure of their journey yet. All of these levels of faith are ok. We only ask that you keep open and allow Us to bring you the word of God and spirit.

2. Devastating loss brings you closer to believing in a Higher Power. You may have lost a child to an illness or accident. You may have lost your father to war. You may have lost some of your own physical abilities to injury or disease. When everything feels beyond your ability to understand, that is where some of you find God. Being close to the edge of coping may bring you hope that there is something greater. The pain of loss may lead you to finding more purpose and meaning.
This is a fine line. Serious loss may also push you toward anger, depression, substance abuse, violence… Or, you may have found darkness at first then were able to find the Light after some time. Each experience is intended to teach you. Our hope is that you find those lessons and also the calm and peace of surrender to your faith.

3. You must all OWN the crucifixion of Jesus. This was a human act. The darkness that brought about the death of Christ is still in your nature. There are many roots of what one may call evil. These are people who value money and greed over life, respect of others and Mother Earth. Any one of you may be on a teeter totter. You may veer toward meanness and cruelty then rebound back to hope and Light. Our journey is intended to bring you fully out of the dark, muddy and sluggish energy of the Earth’s energy and bring you fully into God’s Light.
Recognize the times when you express your darker thoughts against homosexuals, ethnic groups, other religions, a different gender, uneducated people… Is there enough hate in you to crucify someone? Be mindful of the power of your own darkness. You may spread your animosity to those close to you. You may be a role model to children or a leader in the community, so be cautious of your message. Jesus had not condemned anyone. He found acceptance for each of you no matter your religion, skin color, gender, country of origin, predominant language… This is your role model. Be Christ in human form. Walk the journey of healing and acceptance and don’t be too proud or boastful to offer love to all others. Jesus was truly human. You are capable of all of His wonders. This is a good goal for you in this life.

4. Relax with your fears of not making advances soon enough. You somehow fear being behind others on the path to enlightenment. Quick doesn’t matter as much as thorough. We would much rather you fully grasp the concepts being presented to you instead of you rushing ahead without true comprehension. This is not a race. This is a journey which moves fast at times but yet slows for a good long while as well. We move at the pace of your learning and comprehension. We may repeat some lessons that you still need to fully grasp and move quicker on lessons that you already have a good working knowledge of.
We are beloved family members of yours. We approach your learning with great care and nurturing. We gather around as needed. Some times you are independent and need Us less. Other times you need us to be fairly close. This is ok. We do not judge. It is Our honor to guide you and We celebrate your advances as well.

5. Sometimes it is ok to be still and pensive. You do not need to make every moment count and miss the Word of God. It is in the quiet times that We closely commune with you. It is far greater for you to perceive and hear us and not make rushing judgments. Time for contemplation will actually help you gather your energy for the travel ahead. We often send messages with birds, the wind, a breeze through chimes… Sit and focus on your goals. Open your mind and allow Us to give you guidance. Feel your sense of security grow as you become closer to Us. There is so much joy in the Word of God. Rushing and calamity is not conducive to good emotional health.
Think of flowing with God’s energy. When you think about the peace and stillness of faith, it is not full of rocks, walls or debris. It flows like leaves in a breeze or a flower in the current of a stream. Your connectivity is essential to knowing God personally.

Celebrate according to your wishes or customs. Remember the purpose of these next few days and rejoice in your freedom, which was granted by God with the death of His Son. Take time to contemplate your relationship with the Holy Father. This is your gift from Him.

Tis The Season!

Much of what you fear is actually manifested by your imagination.

Great news floods in and you struggle to make it less positive or blissful. Being treated well and having your needs taken care of may seem unfamiliar to some of you. So, you respond by making great blessings seem suspect.

Your first response is to be so overwhelmed at your good fortune then you allow your doubts to creep in. What would life be like if you allowed good fortune to be good? Is there any hope of you allowing your life to improve and meet up to your expectations? Yes, if you step back and resist the urge to meddle with grace and beauty. Simply say, “Thank you!”

Leave out the self-disparaging remarks about usually having bad luck, or not deserving this, or there probably is a catch… Just STOP! Don’t bring in the darkness when God has given you exactly what you asked for.

Many people attempt to speak directly with spirit. Often you have faith that the voice in your head is God, your spirit guide, an angel, your departed grandmother… Often the voice is either your own self-talk or your ego voice. Either of these two voices is wholly unreliable and prone to cause you fear and mistrust. You do have the ability to stop both voices but you must first be aware of their origin and secondly, realize that they are not truthful.

The voice of spirit does not cause fear. The voice of God does not cause concern. The direction of Angels does not set you up for failure. Your internal voices are those that create havoc with your sense of security.

How could you filter out the voices that are ego and irrational fear? Surround yourself in White Light and pray to God that you will only speak to beings who come from God and act only in your best interest. You will definitely need to stop the mind loop of self-talk before you get to this point. Meditation will help. Finding that quiet place when your thoughts are not persistent and disruptive. Allow no “thinking” to happen. Relax and just be still. Get better at this and increase the amount of time that you able to meditate without your own mind loop disruption.

The voice of God, spirit and other Heavenly Hosts sound, feel and originate from a different place. It is clearly not your self-talk but you must become more adept at discerning between the two.

It may help to first analyze where and when your self-talk arrives. In what part of your mind do you hear it? How does it sound? Is it your own voice? This may help but ego and fear have a way of upping the ante on you. It may begin to sound like a wise and auspicious voice, your grandmother, your favorite teacher… How do you navigate this? It is not easy and it takes diligence. As soon as you let down your guard, your ego voice will pipe back up.

It may work better if you establish a routine leading up to spirit communication. Light a candle, pray for protection, surround yourself in a white egg, cleanse your chakras especially your ear and third eye, ask for angels to protect your communication, set animal totems to ward off any stray voices… Whatever works best for you. Then after communicating, do more cleansing and protective measures.

Remember how the message felt when you received it. Was it comforting and felt fatherly? Did it set some concerns to rest? Did it feel completely TRUE and resonate with you on a soul level? This is spirit. If it felt unsettled and caused fear and concerns, it was not.

What often happens is we hear it in true form and feel content and secure. Then our own fears change the tone and texture of what was said. Resist this tendency if at all possible.

Your self-talk, ego voice wants to be disruptive and fearsome. The perfect job may have presented itself but ego convinces you that it is a bad idea. Things will go horribly wrong and nobody will like you. There will be one difficulty after another. Why does ego do this? Because your own ego wants you to be insecure, unsettled and unsuccessful. Ego loves disharmony and conflict. Ego does not like when you are safe, secure and content. Your own ego is like your worst friend, ever.

It is often ego that cultivates difficult relationships with people around you. You will not settle any disputes or quell unrest if ego is involved. That perfect new home or that better used car may drift by since ego wants you to be unhappy and insecure.

It sounded wonderful to begin with… then either it was too good to be true or ego intervened. How do you know the difference? By finding faith. Consult your God Center just behind your solar plexus. Find that feeling of truth in that hollowed place. The insecurity may swirl in your head but faith rests in your God Center.

There are many ways to connect with your soul voice in your God Center. Many people find it helpful to place their hand over their solar plexus and judge whether they feel light and bouncy for positive or dull and downward for negative.

Another way to find your truth is to connect with your spirit guide. Use any number of exercises on the internet or visit a psychic medium. Find the color, voice and presence of your guide and return to those familiar standards every time you wish to speak to them. Many psychics may give you a name or the first letter of their name. Any information identifying your guide will assist in facilitating your communication with them. Even the color with which they adorn themselves will help. Envision this color or use an item of the same color each time you seek communication with them. The stronger your connection, the more accurate the information you receive will be.

This is a time of great blessings and faith. Try not to allow your own fear or ego to interfere with the gifts that God has to bring to you. This is the best time to find and strengthen your faith. Sit before a representation of Jesus or God and be at peace. Speak of finding your purpose in life and doing God’s Will. Find the stillness that accompanies great faith. Know that even if you are unable to discern God’s true voice from your own inner dialog that your faith is still strong and is enough to carry you through each day. Also ask for the voice that you hear be truthful and protected by God.

It is ok to ask for God’s help to increase your faith. You are not alone when you seek your higher power. Ask for wisdom. Ask for answers to your many questions. Also ask for the ability to know when it is God or one of His messengers who are speaking to you.

Find the truth of this season. We, as humans, have received the greatest gift possible. Our Savior was brought to us in human form and He set forward our own ability to find absolution. We have not gone one day without being touched by the Truth of God and Christ. Allow ourselves to know this, without hesitation. THE GIFT may go unknown if we do not find our own faith with which to live our lives “as God, for God.”

Blessed be the Father. Blessed be the Son. Find peace in the celebration of His life.

The Holiday Wreath

Many of life’s emotionally healthy symbols involve a circle. A circle of friends, prayer circle, an end of a life cycle coming full circle, round dances in many different cultures, dancing around the May pole and many popular images of holding hands around a Christmas Tree or cross.

We form protective circles around loved ones who have won a race, scored the winning shot, have fallen down or need a group hug. Circles make us feel safe and protected. Good feelings and emotions are generated by all of those who have formed the circle. It is a good representation of support and love.

We speak of a wreath. This is all of those pleasing and supportive emotions all together at this holiday time. Wreaths don’t tout one religion above another. They are festive and bright but may grace your door in representation of many different holidays and at other times of the year.

We would like to build your wreath out of strong and protective loved ones. Please include God, angels, saints, ascended masters and spirit guides and form your wreath with you at the center. Envision your wreath to be a color of your choosing. Include copious amounts of love, Light and faith. It most resembles a layer of bubble wrap around you. Safely protected and nurtured deep inside. Make sure to include this wonderful protective barrier over your head and under your feet. Leave no surface uncovered.

Just the vision of this cocoon is enough to bring comfort to you. This barrier seems to block any outside negative energy and allows you to refill your energy centers with who you actually are not what energies have impacted you recently.

Think of negative energy as gooey, black, foul-smelling gobs. You are, at your center, on a trip of self-discovery and learning. In pure form, you glow in colors which represent your thoughts, feelings and areas of interest. The absence of these gobs is your goal. Your journey will be carried out with only your Light and the Light of God and spirit. No gobs!

This is a daily battle. This circle of protective light in a cocoon around you will block much of the negative energy from both hitting you and adhering to you. Both functions are needed. Even if you meditate daily and cleanse your chakras and overall energy, other energy from outside forces will still be directed to you. Negativity results from the environment and other people’s thoughts or feelings directed toward you and others.

You remember walking into a room which was wrought with tension. You instinctively knew that someone was angry with someone else or there was a disagreement. Many people would say that “you could cut the tension with a knife.” This is the type of energy that We wish you to clear from your personal energy field. We also realize that you may be struck with someone’s ill feelings directed at you. This energy is more focused and hurtful. It is not environmental but more of an assault.

People may be known to send negative feelings at you and it sticks. There is a saying about a “knife in your back” and this is fairly accurate. Anyone may feel angry, abusive, challenging, jealous or admonishing toward you. This is exactly what energy you must clear away.

Envision a cleansing shower of Divine water. Allow it to cleanse your body but also your internal energy and tissues as well. Remain in this cleansing shower until you are certain that you have cleared away anything hurtful or damaging. Then cocoon yourself in your holiday wreath. Make it as thick as you like. Include all of the season’s energy about the Birth of Christ. What greater celebration than Christ being born unto us as our Savior and human guide.

Make this a daily habit to ensure that no unwanted energy or emotion is allowed to derail you from the job of becoming your Higher Self. Any protective barrier will work. We suggested a wreath because it is fairly common this time of year!

Bread Crumbs

You have all been making a true effort to be more open and connect with God and spirit. We are trying our best to meet you part way. Has it seemed that some things are coming true for you lately? You may have asked for something or said a prayer for a particular blessing and then you have received it? We are using these “coincidences” to keep bringing you the miracle of God, just like bread crumbs to bring you back home on a long journey.

Ask and receive, please. Test us. We will bring you many things that will verify we are listening and you are receiving our gifts. You won’t win millions of dollars from the lottery but you may receive some other pleasant surprises instead.

This is a time of great gathering of Divine energy. We are nearing the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is truly a grand time on the Other Side. We celebrate for many days on end. We also share our good feelings and desire to spread good cheer to you on Earth.

This is the easiest time to shift your thinking from negative or unproductive to positive and hopeful. We will assist you and allow you to tap into the general swell of Divine Light. This will cut your actual energy spent in half.

We ask you to envision a vortex of golden light. This will resemble a small, human sized tornado which is twirling clockwise. Watch it spin and sparkle. Envision it growing in brightness and clarity. Feel the awe of being close and comforted by God. Now, step into the vortex and release your blocks, barriers and unproductive habits. Ask for positive thinking and rapid healing then ALLOW it to happen.

You may stay in there for as long as you wish. Absorb as much Divine Light as possible. Pray for a giant boost in positive energy which you intend to use to make your life better and shower blessings on those you love. Step back outside of it. Resist your habit of reclaiming your unproductive thinking and behavior. Allow yourself to be “in bliss.”

Now you may envision any of your family or friends and insert them into the vortex. Pray for their healing and intense wellbeing. Pray for them to release their blocks, barriers and unproductive habits. This is different from when you stood in the vortex because they have their own free will. It is up to them if they receive this blessing or not. Ask for them to be flushed and refilled with Divine Light. Allow them to step outside of the vortex. Surround and infuse them with White Light and continue on their way.

Use this vortex for pets, homes, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes… any number of places or events that you wish to boost their presence with Divine Light.

Now is the optimal time to redirect your thought patterns. Use only positive and loving comments for your inner dialog. “I am healthy and happy.” “I have everything I want and need.” “I send my love to all others.” “I am healed and so are my loved ones.” Every time you start with the unproductive comments, shift your thinking back to positive and loving.

Use statements which will improve your Divine energy. “God is with me always.” “I am blessed by angels.” “I am protected by God, angels and spirit.” “I glow with Divine and golden light.”

Your thought patterns have so much to do with your perspective on life. Everything is “of God” if you look at it as experience and a teaching tool. Positive events flow to you quickly and effortlessly. You will truly feel charmed. Remember to keep your thoughts and actions positive each day. As with any habit, you must make this effort until your positive thought patterns become your habit. It is unbelievable how many blessings will be drawn to you just because you EXPECT love, hope and prosperity.

Use the golden vortex as often as you wish. Keep your thoughts positive and release your need to gather your blocks, barriers and unproductive thinking. By thinking and feeling positive, life will fulfill your expectations of good health and prosperity. This is the Law of Attraction. Your Divine hosts are eager to assist you in this time of great celebration. Use the boost of Divine energy to your advantage and take a few giant leaps toward your self-actualization. This is a wondrous time of great healing and love. Celebrate the birth of Christ and use God’s loving energy to bring you back to your true self. Closer to your chart and in line to do great things for yourself, your loved ones and your community. Your global community as well.