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The Evolution of Energy

Energy may be a physical manifestation. You may recognize that being near certain people will give you a sense or feeling. They make you feel good or not so hot. This is energy emanating from each person. You may also know someone and can sense when they are angry, happy or excited. Many times this is by looking at them but it also may be noticeable by feeling the energy that they cast off.

You are amazed by spirit being able to manifest orbs of light. This same phenomenon may be responsible for the effects that you feel when someone sends you energy or you produce your own energy with a positive or negative origin. There are many instances that this sensation of energy will either help or hinder you.

  1. Pain or discomfort will produce a negative sensation around you. You may feel perfectly fine everywhere else but your lower back. It is this area that energy healers will sense and be drawn to. A healer has intuition which will guide them to the affected areas of your physical being.
  2. Anger will also send a signal outward. Sensitive people will pick up on it and approach you to see if they can help or they will run the other way. This emotion may fill a room. People who are angry or depressed may fill their environment with the same dark and dismal energy. If you spend any amount of time in their location, your mood will also suffer. This person may  also complain of aches and pains and you may begin to feel the same ailments.
  3. People may also send fear out into the area around them. If they are upset or uncomfortable others in their environment may also become upset. The person responding to the bad energy may not actually know why they are so nervous or fearful.
  4. Sometimes a person may actually send energy to you. This is ok if they love and appreciate you but not so positive if they are angry at you. Their energy may feel very real to you. You may begin to feel irritated, grumpy or ill. If they are staring at your back in anger you may begin to get back ache, perhaps a headache at the base of your skull like a stress headache or any other general malaise of your posterior. Once the person is gone, your symptoms will likely be relieved.
  5. Energy may also get stuck in or around an object. Perhaps a worrisome person has sold some personal items. People begin to feel anxiety after they have taken ownership of one or more of the objects. There may be no sense of reason to why someone feels so unsettled. Some people may know to cleanse or clear an object of any energy prior to bringing it into their home or environment. These items may be nondescript but they also may be highly significant such as a wedding dress, inherited jewelry or a favorite chair.
  6. Sometimes an illness or injury may be created by thoughts or actions. If you tell yourself that you have a broken heart since a relationship ended, you may actually sense some shortness of breath, perspiration and/or pressure in your chest. If you persist with this thought, an actual cardiac condition may develop. This is the Law of Attraction. Do you feel like you carry the load for yourself and many others? You may develop back pain or a back injury. Is someone a pain in your neck? Yes, this is something that may be created by continuous, repeated thoughts or verbalizing this sentiment often. The Universe gives you what you ask for and the product of your repeated thinking.
  7. The best news is that others may also heal you and send you pleasant, loving thoughts. Have you heard of a Prayer List? Many people may gather and send the same wish or blessing to people. They are in agreement to focus upon certain people for specific assistance. The power of prayer will grow exponentially when many people are involved. The energy grows greater and carries more impact. You may be uncomfortable with the word prayer but you may call it what you wish. It is a blessing, wish, hope or any other word which suits you. You don’t have to attend church in order to pray.
  8. Healers may sense what pain or injury you are suffering from. They may do a body scan of you and send their healing to areas that need support or healing. They do not need to be in your presence. This type of healing may be done from anywhere in the world. It is called remote healing. This form of energy may be as successful as a hands-on healing.
  9. People who work well with energy know that many different things may be possible. Some will shield their vehicle while travelling so they are not stopped by the police. Others may block an unfamiliar dog from approaching them and their vulnerable pet by building an “energy” wall around themselves. Some people will enter a room before a party and bring the colors up to bright and vibrant so that everyone has a good time. Students may surround themselves in white light while taking a test to block any distractions.
  10. While enlightened people may use energy to boost and heal others, there are darker humans that will hurt, injure or cause illness. Daily self-care includes protecting yourself from these hurtful people. Surround yourself in white light and keep your mood, energy and behavior positive. Many delightful and enjoyable things will come to you more easily. With daily communication with God and your guides, everything that you want and need will flow to you.

What you send out into the universe is what you will get back! Be that enlightened soul who sends love and healing to all others. Resist sending dark energy to anyone and also be reminded to recognize any dark energy that you may have received or gathered. Always be in the LIGHT!







Flashes, Sparks and Balls of Light


Since you have the gracious presence of blissful energy of 2016, spirit may present themselves to you in colorful sparks, flashes and other forms of “light.” You may notice something move in your peripheral vision, near things that you are looking at or perhaps around your physical being.

These are guides, departed loved ones, angels, archangels or other forms of Heavenly beings. They present themselves to you so that you know and understand that they are with you.

At times they are near things of interest to you such as a chair you would like to purchase, your check book if you are about to spend some money, near someone who may need you or influence your life soon, around some photos of loved ones they align with or perhaps who they are or any other meaningful place where you are likely to see them.

Other times they appear in areas that have no bearing to who they are or what message they would like to give to you. This would be described as random and their presence near you is the only important factor.

This is a good sign. We repeatedly remind you that you are never alone but in times of stress you may forget this and feel alone and without support. These lights are visual embodiments of your spiritual entourage.

The colors represented are what the spirit or guide is adorned with, the emotion they are sending you, the chakra color which represents the areas of your life they are helping you with, their favorite color, their stage of healing if they are a departed loved one or perhaps the common color they are associated with such as archangels. Many colors are possible.

They need to absorb energy to make themselves visible. They don’t need much. They will use enough energy to present themselves for as long as they feel would be noticeable. Sometimes the guide or departed loved one will be very adept at using our energy to manifest many things which will attract your attention. They are either well rehearsed in energy usage or they have recently left human form so our energies are still familiar to them. The better they are the more bright and noticeable the display.

The best direction to take would be to acknowledge someone’s presence. Resist the urge to feel fearful. Perhaps you are not familiar or don’t understand the orbs so you respond in fear of the unknown. Remember that beings who are of the Light and come from God will be able to present as white, gold, blue, pink, silver… Any darker being will not be able to present or maintain a bright color. Relax. Be comforted that loved ones, guides or other beings of light are near you for support, to bring you messages, healing and encouragement. Or, it may be a special occasion, an anniversary of a death, birth or other significant event.

You are not going crazy or losing your eyesight. These embodiments of light are near you out of love. God takes many forms and there are a multitude of Heavenly beings that were created by Him to bring you feelings of peace, comfort and grace.



Becoming Your Higher Self

We have been trying to convince you of the importance of your initial commitment to this planet and your Universe. It may seem unnecessarily grim but We want you to know that you came here with intent and you have not followed through…yet.

There are concrete ways to become more positive, visually bright and vocal. We will guide you through these steps so when it is your turn to be called upon for service you will be ready. You will not be prepared if you are full of conflict and chaos. We will prepare you to accept your duties and be cleansed and cleared in order to function optimally.

  1. Have positive thoughts and perform positive actions.
  2. Hold yourself up to a higher standard.
  3. Dismiss thoughts of gossip and forming alliances to hurt someone.
  4. Find more freedom to relax and allow your actual life to come to you easily.
  5. Be mindful through out your day. Avoid extremes in mood or behavior.
  6. Release your need to judge.
  7. Send love and prayer to those who need help and understanding.
  8. Give any upset or turmoil to God.
  9. Release your need to control people, alliances, situations or events.
  10. Give thanks for all of your gifts, blessings and experiences.
  11. Nurture the next generation and teach them to nurture the generation that follows.
  12. Be a positive role model.
  13. Send hope, light and forgiveness into the Universe.
  14. Do not just see others with your eyes. See with your heart, soul and commitment to help.
  15. Teach others about God and how to find their own life purpose.

Changes may happen daily. Do your best to avoid being overwhelmed by needed changes which may block any actual changes from occurring.

Remember that when you are on your path it is not a wall, fence or barrier of any kind. Paths are gentle, nurturing and full of hope. Your footfalls are soft and there is much to behold as your journey continues. People, spirit and beings from the Divine may approach you, walk with you or influence your progress. Your path is never stagnant. It evolves and flows like your life’s energy.

You are never alone. There are many loved ones, guides and Divine beings who accompany you at all times.





The Intent of Your Commitment


Everyone who is in an earth life now has intentionally come to this plane to be a part of the cataclysm of change. It is imperative that you think about what your original intent was for you to be in human life right now.

Think of it as another dramatic time of change, turmoil and reorganization. It is yet another event of biblical proportions. The upheaval is caused by your own degradation of your own planet. There are many events that will impact you, the earth and part of your solar system.

Think of the energy that you are sending out into the Universe. There is waste, spoil, over use and depletion of resources. You are sending toxic mental and physical waste into the atmosphere. Your own bad habits are creating an irreversible demise to the habitability of earth.

Many people ask when the world will end. The earth will not cease to be but you will. The effects of all the negative changes will leave earth a desolate rock. You came here to be a part of the destruction of human life on this planet.

This is not the beginning but perhaps nearing the first third of the process. Soon the second third will begin and it will be far more dramatic than what you have seen up to now. If you are here in earth life now you will not see the second third of destruction. Your children may but your grandchildren are guaranteed to witness and experience it.

What did you hope to gain from being incarnate now? Because you are the banner carriers, bloggers, letter writers, rally organizers, developers of alternative energy, disease curers and any other purpose which will attempt to reverse the desolation of earth and improve the energy that you send into the Universe. You wanted to be on the front lines. This is admirable but you have lost your way.

Think about your part in this process of change. Much of what has already been done is irreversible. Are you challenging the waste or adding to it? Are you teaching your children and grandchildren how to reverse the changes that have already occurred or to stop new changes? Do you recycle? Are you converting to solar or geothermal power? Have you begun to support whole foods? Are your habits positive or are there changes that need to be made?

You are the head of the family. Your intent was to be here, at this time, to spearhead changes that will benefit you and the next 7 generations of your family. This is a profound responsibility. Have begun your part yet?

There are other planets and other lives to be lived but YOU decided that the earth was worthy of your time. You decided to incarnate now and you brought your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren here even if they haven’t been born yet. This is the beginning of your legacy. It is important. You have bet your life and the coming lives of your offspring on it.

If the habitability of earth is not preserved then your great-grandchildren will need to be resourceful and ingenious. There are some very difficult questions that will need to be answered. The grandeur of the whole process is that your descendants actually charted to experience the turmoil of a dying planet. Kudos to them!

Why Are You Confused?


Your confusion and frustration comes from not being on your intended path. You are chasing goals that are not in alignment with what you came to this plane to do. It is this blind struggle that causes you to feel lost.

Your soul knows there are plans in place and it may be putting some pressure on you to open up to your higher self. Your constant mind loops are interfering with the guidance of God and spirit. It is like you living your life as you wish when there is another life waiting to be lived in your subconscious. It doesn’t lie dormant. It pops up and tries to get your attention. Your soul may be saying, “You’re supposed to be over here.” You know there is some type of conflict but you don’t fully understand what it is.

This ambivalence gives you feelings of unrest, irritability, confusion and being unsettled. The peace that you find through meditation is your temporary alignment with your spiritual self. As soon as you allow your self will to be foremost again, you lose the serene connection that you made. This could be a trigger. If you continue to practice mindfulness you would be able to maintain that sense of peace for much longer. Then, your intended life would be brought to you and changes could be made to your life direction.

This positive direction would be cyclical if you were to see when you have diverted away from your life chart and make adjustments to again find that peace and serenity. Watch for the clues that you are lost again and regain your chart. It is a part of daily self-care. You would lose those uncomfortable feelings of frustration and be grounded with a firm connection to God and spirit.

Finding and maintaining your chart would change the course of your life. You may miss some of your more ego-based, impulsive needs, but the contentment will be a reward in itself. Your mind would follow the word of God and you would feel your purpose. You would be fulfilled with the thoughts, emotions and actions of being in alignment with God.

You may look at others around you and recognize the same pressures that you used to react to. The daily drama would escape you and everything will seem possible. Stress would be replaced with purpose and positivity. You may even lose the lust that you have for material things and money. Having no more than what you need may be enough.

It is all about perspective. Did God send Jesus here to build mansions and amass immense wealth? No. He sent Him here to heal others, bring ideas of peace, encourage forgiveness and give you the knowledge that there is so much more after this earth life.

Modesty and moderation. Leading through words and actions. Looking upon others with love and the desire to heal them. Unconditional love and the absence of judgment. Giving of yourself to those less fortunate. These phrases are you. They are the foundation and essence of who you are. Did you believe that We were describing Jesus? Yes. You are a child of God and you are here for the same purpose.

Do you find this comforting or unsettling? No part of those phrases are difficult or impossible. It is all possible and your connection with God and the Universe will be secure. No more confusion. No more struggle to find your path and maintain it. No questions about who you are and why you are here.

There Is Balance

We see some bruised egos after the post yesterday. You are feeling misunderstood. Maybe you feel chastised because you want things and not necessarily what God has intended for you. There is a balance. It is called moderation. Resist your urge to go too far to any extent and remain more moderate.

We have discussed in the past how many of you have money goals included in your agreement with God. Get your degree, work the hours and embrace the spoils of success. Then, give back. Wealth is not negative if you are loving, honest and considerate. Giving of yourself does not have to be a burden. Find something that brings you joy and provide this activity, past time or place to others who are less fortunate. Do what you love and include others. Share. Give gifts and be available.

Your prosperity must be tempered with some qualities.

  1. Do not expect recognition.
  2. Do not expect anything in return.
  3. Do not boast about what you have done.
  4. Do not judge those you have chosen to give to.
  5. Do not be disappointed if your gift was not received in the manner in which you hoped.

You may be worried about the disparity of what God wants and what you want. You may have gone as far as to feel inadequate because your current goals are not worthy of Heaven. Be reminded that God and other Heavenly Hosts do not judge. We accept you just as you are and do not demand you take another direction. We guide. To guide is to gently present you with options that you considered when you lived in spirit and were busy developing this life chart. As a soul you had different goals than you have now as a human. This is the truth and it is not intended to hurt your feelings. We want to guide you back to your chart. Simple.

You may find your chart by allowing God and spirit to speak to you and bring about opportunities for changes. Your life may be laid out nicely in front of you but you must be able to “see” it. This sight comes from meditation, prayer, cleansing and existing in the moment. If you allow your mind to stop churning, God will be heard. It is in the stillness that true inspiration arrives.

You may begin to sound different, make unexpected decisions, be more relaxed, appear to be at peace, seem wise & emotionally mature, be loving, be generous and well rested. Do these qualities sound like being a failure? No. This is what you gain from allowing God to speak to you and guide you to love and forgiveness. Keeping only positive thoughts in mind will push your spiritual success forward. Allowing any ego, want or despair back into your life will begin to undo all of your progress. Even then, We will not judge and We accept you still.

God has created unconditional love. We find joy in Our hearts just to be able to share some part of your life. We exist only because you exist. We have never felt disappointment during your life. We only wish to bring you back to the agreement that you made with God when you planned this earth life.

What happens if you continue to seek other goals and more earthly pleasures? You return home and then you remember what your original intent was for this life. You look from your stack of things and possessions and then look at the list of goals that were left undone. Looking between the two you realize that you became misguided by earth life and were lured away into thinking that so many other things were more important than God. You may feel disappointed but We are forever hopeful.

Our purpose here is to give you the direction that you need. Guide you to the pathways that you once were on but somehow lost. Present you with opportunities to regain your true intent and bring you face to face with the goals that you set in harmony with the Divine. Gently, loving and respectful.

It is never too late and you may always regain your original purpose. Can you still chase the $? Yes, but begin to introduce more altruistic goals. Communicate only within the light. Live honestly. Find time to give back and share your good fortune with those who have lost their way still. Be God, for God.

Your idea of success is not exclusive of the goals that you set for God. They may exist in your life together. This balance would be the epitome of success. You do not need to revamp your entire life. Moderation is the key. Your joy in what you do and what you have will function beautifully with the joy of knowing God and your true self.

What Brings You Peace?

This is such a beautiful time in the earth time continuum that We hope you take advantage of this breath of freedom and fill your life with some things that bring you joy. It may be flowers, artwork, a new pet, some new classes, a change in the colors of your living space or an exercise routine. You have not fully experienced the relaxed energy of this year yet.

Be at peace. Be humble and thankful. Stop asking for things and allow God and spirit to bring you what you need. Asking for things comes from a different place than gifts from the Universe. It originates from lack, want and need. There is a darkness to this basis of being needy. If you ALLOW you are empowering gifts from the light, love and God. The intent is formed in light and received in light.

Hopefully this is a relatable concept. Your focus now may be of desire and deserving. I want this and I need that. If you stop asking then God has the freedom to “provide.” Often, things that you think you need are not actually what will add fullness and purpose to your life. God will bring you what you need first.

You may ask a question and feel you have received an inaccurate answer. But, the answer you got is what you need to hear first. It will continue this way until spirit, departed loved ones and God have given you everything they want you to know. Then, you will receive the answer to the question that you asked. You may feel confused or misunderstood but God will use your openness to answers as an opportunity to guide you. If you hadn’t asked a question to begin with you likely would not have been receptive to the information that you ended up getting.

Be patient. You must believe that God will provide and you will receive your answers in time. The things you are asking for may be intended for later in life. Perhaps a beautiful new home when you are ready to retire and some acceptable rentals now. Improved health but you must practice meditation, clearing and cleansing in order to properly receive the healing. A new wardrobe but some resolution of emotional issues first so that your true identity will be represented. You will not be given the gift if you are not prepared to receive it.

It would be like God giving you a white, silk robe as you rest in a pig pen. There would be no understandable purpose for what you ask for if you have not prepared yourself first.

This may sound shocking and absurd but there is truth to this concept. This is why God is able to provide, if you stop asking. You have chosen to trust in your chart, the Universe and God to bring everything to you when it is time and in the proper circumstances. This is faith.

Spend your day being grateful for all that you have and be open to more. Gratitude will always bring more good things and events to you. It is the openness, joy and acceptance of prosperity that lays the groundwork for God’s gifts. Being appreciative brings more to appreciate. It is the Law of Attraction.

Your list of 10 things to do is not the same as God’s list of 10 things for you to do. Will you be given something before its time? No. Will you meet the perfect mate of you haven’t resolved some personal issues? Likely not. What you will receive is someone who fits into the framework of your current issues to bring you more of the same. The Law of Attraction works in the negative sense as well.

You may shop for a new home day after day. Things do not come easily and your finances are not in order. You watch each “perfect” home pass by and wonder when you will receive what you want. Then, your energy improves, you choose to be more realistic and you find a home which has promise. Then, you find the financing you need and are willing to make some changes in the home to meet your preferences. This was the time when that home would be made available to you and the details would resolve easily. The process will feel charmed. That year you pushed and tried to force the purchase of that “perfect” home did not coincide with your chart. You were not given something before its time.

Or, you forced the purchase of a home that you could not afford, extended your commute, was impractical or you discovered a serious structural issue after the purchase. You used your free will and forced something into being that was not charted. You experienced road blocks at every turn and things fell through or were confusing. You pushed through all of those RED FLAGS and bought it anyway. Now you have a money pit. Just stop. Send your wishes out into the Universe and allow God to fulfill your needs. You may have such an extensive wish list that no one could fill all of your expectations. This will block everything from flowing to you. It is like asking for nothing less than a colonial home with blue shutters and an oak tree out front. How about a colonial home with solid bones and you paint your shutters blue and plant an oak tree.

Don’t give the Universe so many specifics that you will be left unfulfilled because of it. Allow God to bring you joy, love and happiness because you have faith. Perhaps the process has more to do with a smaller home that needs a little work then a more suitable home after a few years. You don’t give people everything they ask for. Wouldn’t you expect them to be prepared for what they have asked you for? Otherwise, it is like flushing resources down the toilet. You’ll have regrets.

God will provide, but you must do the work. Get prepared and leave options flexible. The you who wrote your chart may have little in common with the you that is currently living for the perfect home, a new car, an island vacation home, winning the lottery, being president of the company… The you who wrote the chart had more in mind about the earth, animals, plants, curing disease, reversing climate changes, developing alternate energy sources, employing many people in a new business, establishing a community garden, bringing yourself and others to God…

Be still. Enjoy each moment. Stop sending pressure into the environment when things will happen in due time. The actual key to having everything that you want is to be OPEN. Don’t complicate the process or insist on too many specifics. You will never be allowed to skip from A to Z in any area of your life. There is a process which you may liken to growth and maturity. There is no learning in skipping all the steps to having all of your desires. You came into this life to experience and learn. If you have luxury and all the pieces of a wealthy life, then you are expected to give. Just having possessions is not God’s Will.

The pressure and negativity of this planet may have caused you some confusion. Stop and allow God to remind you of the agreement you made to live with faith. There is so much more to life than shiny, new things. Live it and grow into that soul being who wrote this chart. Align with God and embrace who you intended to be.

Some Interest in Animal Totems

The previous post mentioned animal totems and this has piqued some interest in this topic. It may be accurate to call them animal guides as well. We all have these guides and their identity reflects something intimate about you.

It may their qualities are similar to those qualities that you already have or perhaps some that you may need. The animal, fish or bird may also have a cultural significance, something familiar from childhood or a representation of something that brings you comfort. You may choose a male or female of the species, or both. You may also choose the age of your guide depending upon your comfort level or what resonates with you.

If you desire safety, an older, more mature guide would likely make more sense. You may choose a grizzly bear as a fierce protector, a deer for being light-footed, a lion for being a leader of family or other group, an eagle for sharp focus… Try something out and see how well it works. Or, try a few at a time for their different qualities and make changes to the ensemble as needed.

Any guide is an option. They don’t have to be real. A phoenix would do well. Perhaps a dinosaur. Which ever you choose, you must envision them and make them as real as possible in your mind’s eye. Please do not give them any negative qualities. Even a hint of darkness will bring about more darkness. The negative quality may take over and bring chaos and evil to your life.

Reinforce good things and good behavior. Repeat to the guide what ever it is that you seek from them such as, “I feel safe because you protect me,” “I am creative because you allow me to be inspired,” “I know great joy because your energy leaves me free to be loved and contented.”

Envision your protectors at your doors and windows facing out. You may also form a barrier of animals facing outward at home, your office, your auto, your parents house… You must reinforce the vision or it will lose its effectiveness. Your daughter may be going to a movie with friends and you may want to send a mother bear with her for protection. Or, to keep your son from being injured in a football game you give him a lion, who is king of the pride, to keep him from harm.

Animals are loyal. They have no problem existing for you and your loved ones. They understand their purpose and bring positive energy to those you sent them to. This is part of the universal energy that you may use for healing. You have merely created it in a physical form.

Do as many different things to keep them positive. Ask God to bless and watch over them. Surround them with intense white light. Flush them with bright light all around. Don’t forget the back, top, bottom or inside.

Animal guides are great to help you feel protected and secure. Reinforce your intent for their purpose. Bring God to them as well as to yourself. This is another aspect to help you release your fear of opening up to ALLOW God.

Serenity Now

We have been gifted with solemn, sweet and sincere energy in this year of 2016. You have fallen behind on your daily self-care and it shows. Your wish to be in tune with your Divine self has been neglected for some time. Perhaps you think that the Universe will bring about your ascension all on its own? This is not accurate. You are the most important aspect of your evolution. You must take an active role and when things are failing to transpire, you must make some changes.

There will be little to do if you were able to release your stagnant energy and allow the synchronicity of the Universe welcome you. Your guides and departed loved ones wish to help but you must be in alignment for this to happen. If you practice your protective exercises you would actually have little to fear about the influx of energy.

Use White Light, a white bubble or sphere, a stunning white net, outward facing mirrors, a vortex of gold light, a battalion of angels surrounding you, animal totems … Use one or more and make this a habit. Once you are fully protected, nothing will pierce your sanctuary unless your guides, loved ones, angels, God or Jesus allows it. Relax and release.

You really do need the Chakra Waterfall. Please don’t minimize or belittle the importance of this one means of cleansing and purifying. Without releasing your pent-up, stagnant energy, you may make very little progress toward your enlightenment.

The time will not be better for you to experience not only less resistance with your spiritual growth but also atmospheric, energy assistance. You envision smooth sailing, the Universe will give you smooth sailing. You envision good health and healing, the Universe will oblige. You envision optimal communication with your guides and other Divine beings, you will be given a clear conduit.

This year is your best chance to achieve a higher level of existence with much less interference. Gather together your hopes, dreams and wishes and move forward in grace. Envision yourself fully present in the Kingdom of Heaven and you will bring about that energy, experience and existence.

Renew your protective energy, cleanse and clear your being and fill to overflowing with brilliant bright, white light every day. The details of your chart and your intended existence will flow to you. You will notice more synchronicity, luck, positive messages from your environment and feelings of being blessed.

The struggles that you experience are barriers that you maintain in your energy and being. You have placed those blocks in your own way. You insist upon thinking that you have to struggle, persist and earn the blessings and good fortune that is readily available to everyone.

Stop blocking your own progress. Be content, positive and hopeful instead. Expect the fulfilling job, beautiful home, the close family and intimate relationship with God. The Law of Attraction works well. Be accustomed to the energy of the possible. Your own doubt is what clogs the attraction of success and prosperity to your life.

Daily self-care is essential to your evolution. You may not “check out” and still expect self-actualization. Set your intent and follow along with your intended life. The feelings of success and inspiration build upon itself and more spiritual gifts will follow. Be humble and gracious. Always give thanks and show genuine appreciation. God will meet you more than half way. Once you have opened the doors and removed all of the barriers, He will bring you what you need.

The Waves of The Universe


We still have some encouragement for you to open up to the energy of the universe and be fluid. Your tendency is to hold on tight and block any change from happening. This is self-defeating. If you want ascension and spiritual growth then things must change. If you are not at the point on your spiritual path that causes you to feel fulfilled and productive, you must allow more changes to occur. Your white knuckle approach is not beneficial.

Envision sitting on a warm, inviting beach. Sit in the very shallow water facing out toward the sea. Imagine the gentle waves bubbling up to wrap around you as the energy that God wants you to have. Then, imagine the water that has hugged you flows back out to sea as your energy that you send into the universe. It is constant, rhythmic and necessary. This communication is essential for the growth that you seek.

Do you know why you resist being open and available to new energy? It would help Us to work with you if you were to answer this question. Our assumption would be fear. You fear what you don’t understand and to be stagnant and bound up with familiar energy feels more safe to you. It is those horizons that you currently avoid that will bring about a positive, proactive and enlightened life. Any horizon. Any locale that you are not familiar with.

Sit in that warm water at the beach and listen, smell, feel, hear and embrace the gifts from the Divine. Send out your love, emotion and intent so that God may know what you need intimately. You are not trusting just anyone. You are entrusting God with your life. It is that release which will give you an elusive glimpse of God and the Divine.

Why is it elusive? Because you may not have allowed it until now.

People describe that glimpse of God in many different ways. Often there is a warm, inviting light. There may be the sense that other beings are near you like loved ones and good friends. You may feel like you are floating or somehow suspended. It seems like a look in any direction is overwhelming with love and feelings of peace. You may have an inner knowing that all is well and you understand your place in the universe. Many emotions will swell within you and each one is beautiful and motivational.

Your entire being will be full of light and you may cry tears of joy. It is like all of the cares of the world are meaningless because you are exactly where you need, want and try to be. There are no unanswered questions. Nothing left to chance. You fit perfectly into the fabric of evolution and you have your purpose.

The similarity of people’s experiences is unbound, bright, vibrant and fluid energy. No blocks or barriers are present when you behold God.

This is Our primary goal when We guide you. We must assist you to release any barriers that you have created within your being. The more you allow yourself to be fluid and inviting, the closer you are to finding the perfect state of being in the presence of God. Your progress would actually be measurable. By being self-aware, you may scan your physical body and release any block or barrier that you find. The fewer the blocks, the lighter and brighter you feel. The closer you are to God.

Make a plan of daily self-care. Start by grading yourself on how happy and relaxed you feel. Try to be specific and record your progress in a journal. Pray, meditate, ground and center yourself, use only positive self-talk and flush out all negative energy. Then after a weeks time, grade yourself again. You want measurable results so start to measure. Keep up your daily self-care and grade yourself after a month. In order to feel a measurable improvement you must adhere to a daily schedule. If you skip days or forget you will not see the benefit you would have by being vigilant.

We also want you to include your responses to stress or illness. Be specific and keep your journal. Do your best to assess if your coping with unexpected or unpleasant events has improved. Do you release your anger more quickly? Are you more positive and resilient? Are you better able to lead and follow?

You want a measurable improvement. We want you to find success through faith and fluidity. Release barriers and experience emotional growth. Notice that your mood, behavior and coping strategies have improved. You experience more joy each day and you have found your faith in God to be comforting and reliable.

Experience the waves of the universe. Be calm and still. Allow God to surround and caress you. Be content in your natural state and be prepared to glimpse the beauty and grandeur of God. You will easily understand the positive state of people who have regular contact with God. You have noticed that they are serene and resilient. There is always a purpose and coping becomes instantaneous. The description of being “fluid” makes sense when you find these enlightened people. Information flows in and gently flows out. They see no reason for upset or turmoil. They only see yet another reason to accept and have faith in God.

The milestones that you seek will not happen in your current state of existence. Fear will not bring you to the alter of God. Have faith and tell yourself that all is well. By filling your mind with only positive possibilities you will cast aside any heartache or turmoil. All is well. Believe that all is well and everything else will reveal it’s purpose. There is nothing left to chance. It is written already. You are on your path as you visit this site because your intent is to become your higher self. You seek ascension and absolution and We are here to help.

Find that trust in God, release and let go. Be content and confident. Remove whatever stands in your way and behold the Kingdom of God. Allow your light to be part of the glory of the universe. It is written and you are here for this reason.