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It is going quite well for approximately two dozen of you. This is good to see. Your enthusiasm is feeding your motivation. This is also increasing the accuracy of input from God and the Divine. Being within the shower of Heaven’s Light is most inspiring. You are drinking it up and looking for more.

The next step is to, again, increase your vibration. You have found a good time of day to meditate and be open to God, spirit, angels and other beings of Light. You have also found the download process, though it seems upsetting because is it unfamiliar. Please keep up with everything that you are currently doing. Don’t be discouraged. Your uncomfortable responses will begin to feel more normal. The benefit will monumentally outweigh the downsides. Stay the course.

Now during your daily meditation We are asking you to ground yourself in fresh water. Envision yourself in a pond, pool, stream, river, lake or creek. Do not cover yourself completely with water, just sit in it. Make sure it is crystal clear and fresh. Stagnant water will NOT bring you the same results. Now, connect your tailbone to the ground beneath the water with roots that are tree-like. Close your eyes and find that quiet meditative state. FEEL the water flow around you. Allow your hands and arms to move fluidly along side of you. Imagine the smell of the fresh water and believe it to be cool and refreshing or warm and bath-like, whatever is attractive to you.

Your guides have approached you. They each invite you to join their prayer circle with you in the center. Keep calm. Do not lose your meditative state just because you sense others around you. Stay relaxed and breathe slow and deep. One of your guides stands up and flushes your entire being with pure, fresh and blessed water. You feel the water wash over you from your head down and rinse away in the form of water that you are sitting in. This continues until your being is completely clear and free of any shadows or darkness. Now this guide will pour water over you that is crystal clear and bright white. The vividness of this shower is unmistakable. ALLOW this water to fill your being. Make this state your new “normal” state of being.

At this point you are connected to God and Mother Earth. Your entire being is clean, clear and full of God’s Light. The water is positive and helps the flow of information to you from all of your Heavenly Hosts. Remain here until you feel refreshed and inspired. Slowly return from your meditative body of water and imagine yourself standing up and going about your day.

This water meditation is positive and promotes Divine communication. Being in the presence of your guides is naturally the next step on your path to enlightenment. Become accustomed to the sound and feel of them. Resist the urge to build any blocks or barriers between you and them. Allow yourself to commune with your guides without fear or hesitation. Absorb their guidance and love.

Our next step will be to accept their presence at all times during your day. Yes, this is exciting, yet some of you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of this. We will give you some time before this next step so you may become accustomed to your new water meditation. Do not allow fear or emotional discomfort to stand in the way of your enlightenment. Relax and We will continue to gently guide you. We cherish you. There is no one more important to Us right now. We will honor your greatness and give you the time that you need. Trust in Us. We love you as We love Ourselves.


The Rush of Your Chart

What have you chosen to be? Have you had enough time to think about it? Do you need my help? We all struggle with our own self-expression, but to align more closely with your chart you would release many of your unnecessary distractions.  All matters would seem to fall into place. Often We say that your life would seem charmed, but this is the truth of it.

Being in alignment feels very different than what you are used to experiencing. Your vision will become crystal clear and vivid. You may feel taller. It will seem like you are towering over everyday items like you may have grown a foot taller. Even looking into a mirror will seem different.

You may have tunnel vision. Meaningless distractions will be dismissed quickly. You will hone in on important matters. Your thoughts will be effective and streamlined. It will feel like you have gotten a lot of things done.

The downside is that you may have less patience for communicating with others who are not in alignment with you. It may seem like they will have limited understanding about what you are saying and you might be better off if you skip the conversation altogether. You may feel like some people are wasting your time.

You may also become lightheaded. Your perception may seem to swirl a little different than usual. Almost like your timing is a little bit off. You may also get a feeling like time is passing more quickly. It may feel like you are ten steps ahead of where you actually are. This is where the tunnel vision will possibly cause you to become dizzy. Looking forward may resemble the environment leaping toward you.

The good news is that these feelings are temporary. It may be like a boost to your knowledge and understanding, then returning to normal. It will be very helpful to be grounded. The discomfort would be minimized if you were anchored to God and Mother Earth. The best way to look at it is that you are on or very near who you are intended to be.

Those enlightened moments must be celebrated. You have done your work and you are making progress. You may actually feel close enough to Heaven to touch it. Your heart will leap when you feel all of this. This moment of clarity will give you a glimpse of true grace. Your departed loved ones will be very near to you. It will feel like you have found the perfect wavelength and your loved ones will gather for you. All at once, it all makes sense and it is vibrationally perfect.

If you remember the rush of an amusement park ride, this is so similar. Brief, yet perfect. If you have ever had those moments in life where you are doing everyday, non-eventful things and you realize that you don’t remember every minute of your trip. Your mind went somewhere. It may have felt surreal or dreamlike. This is exactly what it feels like.

We will work the next few posts on finding your chart and allowing your purpose to manifest. It will be exciting and stimulating. You may need some more practice meditating, so keep trying and We will catch up to you in time.

The Colors of God’s Rainbow

This is our first chakra lesson. The chakras are energy centers that are in alignment at the center of your being. Many problems that manifest in life are due to unhealthy, blocked or misaligned chakras.

It is encouraged to investigate chakras further through books or internet sites. There is so much valuable information available.

The base chakra is red, large and spins slowly. It is located at the base of your spine and affects health, appetite, breathing and some aspects of digestion.
Focusing crimson red in this area will feed this chakra with healing light. Visualize it as crimson red and spinning slowly clockwise. Make certain the color is clear. Abolish any muddiness or cloudiness.
Increase the brightness and breathe good health and balance into it.

The sacral chakra is orange. This represents your love and sexual responses. There is some influence upon health and healing as well.
Visualize this chakra at your midline, lower abdomen.
Feed this chakra with a deep, healthy and vibrant orange color. Imagine it spinning clockwise with health and vigor. It spins more quickly than the base chakra. Remember to clear away any dull or cloudy areas.
Imagine the color pulsing and becoming brighter with each pulse. Visualize it so bright that it is difficult to look at directly.

The solar plexus chakra is yellow. This energy center focuses upon digestion, physical strength, and cellular health & growth. Visualize this chakra in your solar plexus region and as with the other chakras cleanse and brighten its color.
Imagine the yellow of a Summer sun. Build it brighter and more vibrant. Imagine this chakra spinning clockwise and more rapidly than the sacral chakra. The yellow so bright that it is blinding.

The heart chakra is green and is located behind your sternum. This chakra aids in love and emotional health & healing. As with the other chakras cleanse and clear this one. Imagine it bright and vibrant. Add more and more beautiful green light to this chakra as you sense it healing and growing.

The throat chakra is blue and is helpful with communication, song and creative expression. Do as you have done with all other chakras and re-establish optimal health to this chakra.

The 3rd eye chakra is indigo.

The crown chakra is violet.

Focus your healing upon each chakra in alignment starting from the base to your crown. If the chakras are not healthy they may have shifted to either side. As you do your visualization, bring all chakras back to the midline and infuse them with great health.

They each must be spinning clockwise. The cleaner and brighter they are the more they will naturally spin as they were intended to do.

They must also be connected to each other with a cord from the base all the way up. You may choose your own cord color. Green is for healing. Blue is for communication. Violet is for spirit. Gold or white is for God.

All of your chakras in alignment is what we refer to as being centered. Grounding is the cord through all of your chakras and then anchoring you to Mother earth.

To finish this exercise we ask you to open your crown chakra to God and spirit. Imagine an intense, bright light shooting out from your crown. This beam may be violet, white or gold. Clear away any cloudiness or debris. Increase the intensity of the beam’s color until it is too bright to look at directly.

To sense an immediate rise in good health and well-being, connect all chakras with a cord to Mother Earth and to God. This is your natural state. It doesn’t feel familiar does it? Keep working at it and never neglect your spiritual health again!

Be grounded, centered and connected to God and Mother Earth every day. This is a part of your agreement with God. This is the #1 avenue for you to receive Divine Guidance. Congratulations!

We welcome you home each time you are able to achieve this state of being. Connect with us and we will move forward as God has intended.