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Yeah But…

Many of you still are offended that finding your mate, partner or soul love is not the extent of your existence. We will try to reframe our discussion so it makes more sense.

Think of your life in perspective. You were in spirit form and you identified specific experiences that you wanted to learn from. Love is a goal but it is not the be all end all. Love is included in your life chart but is not the culmination of it.

Remember the stages of development. You learn to trust or mistrust…

At some point you learn about love. Love of self. Love of family. Love of friends. You begin at your center and you learn to project this emotion outward. You either have reassurance and confirmation about love or you don’t. You may be safe to love family but have a hard time to find lovable friends. Or you may be able to project an unlimited amount of love outward without concern or repercussions.

These steps take time. depending upon the stability and support of your nuclear family, you are able to find more outlets for love. If you live in dysfunction or turmoil, less love is available to you and you mistrust the love that you have. Your actual life experience with love will vary from person to person.

Imagine being in a loving, emotionally stable home. You feel love and receive affirmations and support. In this instance, romantic love will come to you more easily. You don’t have the trust issues that many others your age have. Now imagine being in a family of turmoil. This makes even self-love difficult. It is less likely that you will find true love and be able to project it outward into the world to find romantic love and love of the world in general. Most of you fall in between these two extremes, which is normal.

By now you may have evaluated where you fall on this continuum. If you have trust issues, your goal of romantic love seems very important to you. It is something you have longed for. You may not realize all of the steps that were taken in your life for you to be uncertain of love, but you really want someone for your own. You also want someone who is “perfect” and “completes” you. At this point, this goal is not likely. You have many issues and concerns that have blocked your ability to form a healthy ability to love. Finding Mr./Ms. Perfect is very slim. You have more roads to travel than the person with the loving, stable base for their life.

To you this may seem unfair but, you wrote it. You have had many lifetimes of great love. You have had several children or none at all. You struggled with money or were financially independent. You suffered a severe illness or lived a long life and died of old age. All of this has been your reality. Putting your desire for romantic love must be placed in perspective. This life may not be about finding someone special. There may be a mountain of others things that you intended to do.

Even the emotionally stable person may find it difficult to find someone special. The search is difficult if you didn’t have a stable background in which to learn about love. If your goal is truly to find a healthy, stable love then you must do the work. Resolve your past issues and concerns. Release your need to hold grudges and be right all the time. Learn to value people because they are different and sometimes challenging. Open your mind and accept that your next love may be a work in progress just as you are. No one is perfect, including you.

Discover what expectations you have that are actually blocking your ability to find love. Take that list and do the work. There is no magical potion. Work through your own issues and then find someone you are able to function with on a healthy level. There are ups and downs. There are conflicts. There are always unmet expectations. Work with them. Make changes and compromise.

Respect begets respect. If you are abusing drugs, stealing, lying and trying to manipulate everyone…you will NOT find a healthy love. If you are angry and controlling, you will also not find a healthy love. If you are clingy and needy, guess what? You need to do the work. Make changes and find a higher level of functioning, then look for love.

You admire many people. You see that they are happy and deeply in love. You may envy them. The difference between you and them is what was written in your charts. They charted a loving, committed relationship and they followed their chart until they found it. You are midway. You have a longer walk and many issues to resolve before you find what they have.

Are there differences between their behavior and yours? Likely. They have learned to successfully manage a relationship. They have learned to budget, problem solve, parent, work, have leisure activities, good health… They have mutual respect and appreciation. That, or they are lying to everyone!

Resolve some past issues and concerns. Free up your potential to meet loving, friendly, emotionally stable people. Did you meet someone in a bar? Well then they act like they belong in a bar don’t they? Make love your goal, but make your intention to get healthy and find the love that you can stay healthy with.

Being able to follow your chart and complete the experiences that you have chosen is what this life is about. You may not have charted a romantic love this time around. What seems to be true is that you want to diminish or dismiss your actual life goals in order to find someone to be with, whether they are positive, emotionally healthy and well-intentioned people or not. This view is short sided at best. You may mature with age and find other goals regarding life and humanity or you may not and still only focus upon your love, wealth and status.

The disconnect happens when you feel that some mistake has been made. You certainly believe that your chart includes a passionate, lifelong love and not something about charity or world health. You could not have been so narrow-minded in spirit to NOT include that sizzling love affair. What you really want is to derail your chart, relentlessly pursue love and wonder why your life seems so empty. It feels empty because you are not on your path.

Love is not what you came here to focus on and some mistakes must have been made. “Who do I speak to so I can rewrite this?” No one. You may write your chart for your next incarnation after you have returned home. And, while in Divine spiritual form you will again realize that finding your “soul mate” is not what life is about. Good luck with that.

Barriers to Wellness

Many of you seem shocked that God may touch you so intimately that you experience a shift in consciousness. This is merely the tip of the ice burg. There are so many blessings that are possible to you once you have made the commitment to be “available.”

You may have noticed that religious leaders are serenely calm and flexible. They respond to stress with openness and compassion. They know how to be objective and see things from someone else’s perspective. They have simple yet calming solutions and always encourage you to learn and be humble as well. It is in this serene state that God guides you personally. Yes, your spirit guides, divine guides and angels pay close attention to you but God is also very capable of helping you along the way.

All of Heaven is at your bidding. You are the one that is blocking the sharing of Divine guidance. Some of you were so excited by the prospect of being elevated above your current state to be caressed by the Universe. Yet, these same people are the most weighed down by unnecessary blocks, barriers and baggage.

In order to touch the Realm of Heaven, you must be adept at meditation AND free from stagnant energy. There are many meditations and cleansing exercises on the internet, in books or offered in group settings. Please find one avenue that resonates with you and do the work. Resist reclaiming your darker energy that you have learned to release. Without this one step you will not find the upper realm accessible.

We have gone over meditation in the past. To receive some direct guidance We offer you a potential opportunity. Surround yourself in White Light. Ask for protection from God, angels, guides and loved ones. Rise above the earth into a higher elevation. Cut all cords and ties to earth. Focus on “floating.” You may feel tipsy. Please only try this exercise when you are safe and sound, not while operating heavy machinery. Stay above the earth plane and allow energy to flow to you and be absorbed. Remain in this state until you feel you have received all of the information that your guides and loved ones have sent to you. Return to an awakened state and sit quietly for a while. Make sure you are firmly attached to the ground before doing anything. You may feel unsteady and possibly fall or stumble. Remember to perform another protection exercise when you are done.

Some people remain in that high, floaty, surreal state. They may feel like they are at peace and absurdly relaxed. It may seem like a high. This is not recommended. In this state you will be late, miss deadlines, forget some responsibilities, lack supervision over your children, neglect relationships, quit your job… This would be detrimental to your earthly existence. You may feel that God will provide, but in truth, you still have to pay your bills, earn money and be responsible.

This is very refreshing. This is your opportunity to reach new heights. Continue to increase your meditative skills and get rid of all of your dark energy. Pray for help. Ask your guides and angels to flush your being clear. Fill back up with intense White Light.

This is but one step to more clearly find your path. Your availability to the energy of God will help you attain and maintain your path and make progress on your life chart. You may feel overwhelmed with information the first few times you reach this heightened state. It is true. It is also true that you will feel less overwhelmed if you connect with the higher realms more often. Think of it as updating your computer. The first time you do it takes longer, but once you do it regularly, the process is quicker.

The idea of walking directly upon your path is exciting. We will help you every step of the way. Our goal is to bring you closer to God and this series of posts will increase your direct connection to the Divine. Life is so much easier than what you have made it. We will offer guidance and create an alignment which will propel you forward. Communion with God is possible and very real.

More Chakra Work

Envision yourself sitting upon the lush, green grass in a peaceful meadow. Your base chakra connects to Mother Earth and you receive some much-needed soothing and support. This chakra is about your basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. It is also about your feelings of being safe and secure. If you have had some emotional problems in your past, this may influence the clarity and health of your connection to Mother.

Imagine flushing out all of the dark or muddy energy in your red chakra. Flush it until all of the energy runs clear. Envision the improved connection to the Earth and allow roots of your being to permeate the fertile ground. You may feel physically and emotionally stable. The attachment is firm and unmistakable.

Now move up to your orange chakra and attach it firmly to your red one. Flush out the dark or stagnant energy of this one as well. You may have had a longstanding break in your ability to be happy, creative and emotionally satisfied with your life. Maybe you are in a career that blocks your flow of self. Perhaps you are being belittled or abused. There may be any number of reasons why this second chakra needs to be repaired and returned to good health. Once it is completely clear and spinning blissfully, reaffirm the attachment to the base chakra and in turn to Mother.

As you may see, each chakra has a direct link to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Issues of abuse or neglect may permeate any of the chakras. Some damage may even be from past life issues as well. It does not matter when or where you received the damage, it only matters that you cleanse, clear and repair your chakras right now. It is never too late to begin again. That is truly why you are here visiting this site in the first place. You want to repair your own injured psyche and move forward to find your purpose for God. This is closer than you may think. Making this effort will go a long way toward your healing. Continued chakra health will also keep you fully aligned with God and Mother Earth.

There are no amount of lists that you may make that will heal you now. You don’t need to do a running count of wounds and injury. Wash that all away and connect all of your healthy chakras to each other in succession. Allow them to spin gracefully and remain firmly attached one to another. Your lower chakras will meet your upper chakras at the 4th or heart chakra. This is where your identity from above meets and blends with your earthly identity. Once you have all of your chakras cleared and connected, you may continue to realign them each day. Without constant attention, they will again fall into disrepair especially if you have not released your trauma or repaired your current life.

What some people may not realize is that chakras may also be out of alignment toward the left or right. Every chart you see has the chakras all lined up neatly from top to bottom. This is not the case especially if you have not tended to your chakra health at all. Stay vigilant. Remind yourself daily to maintain your spiritual health and pray.

Many people do not pray very often. This is also one of the most effective and simple steps that you may take to heal and be well both emotionally and spirituality. Please do not feel that your thoughts and feelings are not worthy of God’s attention. We all came here to learn and to grow and constant communication with God, spirit guides, angels, saints, departed loved ones… was expected and encouraged. You matter just as much as any other person. You have a direct communion with God simply through prayer. Being ONE with all source guarantees this.

Practice your chakra cleansing and attachment daily. Allow the Divine energy flow up from Mother Earth and back down from God.  Envision sitting upon fertile ground with Heaven above and allow the energy to flow through you. Always remember that healing must not just wash over you. This Light must soak, rinse and flow throughout your being. And be certain to remember behind you! Envision your brilliantly clear chakra energy all around and through you.

There are many exercises in books and on the internet. Find one which resonates with you and keep using it. Kundalini energy also arises from the base of your spine or your sexual essence. This will also benefit your overall health and wellbeing. You are not alone and you were never intended to live your life without guidance. The spiritual energy that you have just begun to tap into is only a small part of your true self. Resist the feelings that you are an island in an imperfect, dismal world. This is so far from true. Accept your divinity. Embrace your eternal life and use all of the energy of the Universe to GUIDE you.

We have made a commitment to you. We hold you in great regard and We wish nothing more than to help you along your way. The closer you come to your higher self, the more We embrace you and bring you closer to home. Stay on course. Allow yourself to move and think more freely. Remember your chart and always count upon Us to walk beside you. Each injury does not need to brought into the Light. It is truly enough to cleanse and clear yourself and release what is not “of God.” Please resist your need to say, “but…” ” I can’t…” or ” it still hurts so much.” God is letting you know that it is ok to let go, let God and forgive.


What does it mean to forgive others as you would have others forgive you?

We speak often about forgiveness. This is essential for soul growth. You must wrap your mind around releasing others from the negative impact that they have upon your life. We are steadily learning that their influence upon you has actually been a part of your learning process. To hold animosity against someone because they have harmed you brings darkness to your soul. There is no need for retribution or keeping score. They have taught you exactly what you asked them to teach you!

Forgiveness is something that happens when you realize that your life has been orchestrated for your optimal learning. Always be thankful for the lesson. During prayer or meditation, be certain that God understands your gratitude. This is how your life was intended to be. You either learn your lessons quickly or slowly. If you have made the most of your experiences your life will flow quickly and holding a grudge is not recommended. If you learn more slowly, the same lessons must be taught to you multiple times until you learn it or block out any benefit you may have planned.

Be mindful that you have been enlisted to teach others lessons as well. In retrospect you may now realize what your behavior has taught others in your life. Are you a bad person for causing another person some emotional pain or a difficult lesson? No! Just as the other people who have shaped your life are not bad people either. Immaturity accounts for many difficult interactions. Now that you have aged and your loved ones also have more experience, the subject of life lessons may be more positive and productive. You need not go backward and explain every detail of what others have taught you, it is enough for you to know this for yourself. Now that you understand their purpose in your life…forgive.

They have taught you by contrast. Their emotions and actions impacted your life and the direction in which you were going. Please do not be naïve. Forgiving someone does not mean that they are allowed to reenter your life and cause further damage. It merely means that you have acknowledged the lessons that you learned through contact with them. Simple.

There are bad people in the world. They carry darkness and disregard for others deep within their soul. The truest blessing will probably be that you realize what evil looks, sounds and acts like and you may readily avoid these dark souls in the future. All humans must learn to avoid the darkness of evil. Some may have a slight brush and learn very quickly what to avoid. Others may need an in-depth interaction with darkness in order to learn the same lesson. Your experience with darkness may be influenced by anger, violence, substance abuse, crime, impulsiveness, greed, hate…

Your own heart may carry too many detrimental qualities to avoid darkness. In childhood and youth, many people react with anger and rage to the dysfunction that they live within. It may take many years for them to learn to speak rather than react. Maturity takes a huge weight off of the shoulders of people who find rage and darkness as their only means of coping. This change may not actually occur in one’s human life. They may continue into the afterlife and wreak havoc on strangers and loved ones from there as well.

We are asking you to forgive but not forget your lessons. Do not leave yourself vulnerable to those who have damaged your life in some manner. Or, approach someone after they have allowed time and grace to positively influence their lives. Even parents and siblings may have had a detrimental impact on your life. We would never ask you to remain beside them and subject yourself to abuse. Our perspective is for you to mature and evolve into an emotionally stable person, then choose how much contact you will have with your lower vibration family members or other loved ones. Sometimes you may not be able to have any relationship with certain people and that is ok too. As long as you have gathered enough wisdom, maturity and faith to know that they will not add any positive benefit to your life.

We had released a post much earlier on this site about your life being a garden. This continues to be true. Include plants and flowers that are positive and loving. Weed out any growth that brings decay or other forms of darkness around it. Look at your garden every day. Be sure that it is positive and Light. Does it represent who you want to be? If not, make some changes. There is no room for dark and oily substances. No matter the origin, this illness must be removed. The more you review your life you may actually discover where the sludge comes from and this may actually surprise you. Some of your dearest loved ones may have brought you conflict and turmoil without realizing it. This is often the case with loved ones. They may have a hard time accepting changes that have been made to society and mistakenly judge you. Love does not mean that they will not hurt you, but it may make it easier to heal from.

Forgive others as you would have others forgive you. You have been a teacher for many people in your life. The lessons you have taught may have been negative or out of darkness while you were young. Now that you seek spirituality, your lessons for others will hopefully be more positive and loving. True faith brings God and love into every interaction. This is who you intended to be and We will stand beside you as you find this blissful state of being.

Tried And True

There is always more to the story. Tried and true refers to the significance of regular prayer, meditation and spiritual growth & awareness. We always want the next best thing. How do we make things easier, more streamlined or unique? We really don’t have to. Stick to the basics and perform them regularly. The next new trick is actually making the basics a steadfast habit.

How many of us are making these habits a daily thing? Do we really need a nifty trick if we aren’t yet fully functional of the ground-level basics?

The habit of twice daily prayer, meditation and opening to spirit & God will bring bountiful new energy and inspiration. Begin here. Don’t skip ahead until you have mastered these tried and true skills.

You cannot imagine how much beauty and energy will flow to you by being in this grounded, centered and open state. Make this your natural being and then the magic and miracles will flow automatically. Then, you may feel stuck and out of touch again. Why? Because you have drifted away from being grounded, centered and open.

Think of it as needing a starting block for further gifts and inspiration to be stacked upon. If you lack a good foundation, the more exotic gifts will be out of whack and unpredictable. They will not last and you’ll experience only fleeting episodes of connectedness.

This is very common. You may have asked God for a newer, better running car. The Universe delivered and you found something perfect. Then, the deal is difficult or the price becomes unmanageable. Why? Because you lost the foundation of connectedness. The deal went sour because of your excitement of finding something special. You again turned inward and ego based and the deal fell apart. Or, you asked for a healing from cancer. The Universe answered and you were given some encouraging news about your health. Then, more bad news came along. The miracle you felt you received is now on shaky ground. Why? Because you again forgot that for your miracle healing you needed to surrender to God and have complete faith. You shifted again toward independence and ego. You lost sight of the miracle of God.

This is true in all areas of life. Allowing God to be first and foremost brings unimaginable joy and prosperity. The moment you begin feeling responsible and accountable for all of your blessings, they disappear.

There is an analogy about who is driving the bus. If you are in the driver’s seat, conditions are uncertain. You feel at the mercy of fate and keeping your sense of control diminishes. If you begin to allow God to drive the bus, life flows and you feel safe and secure. Your chart flows to you and all of your questions are answered. You feel connected to God, spirit and nature. Answers to your everyday struggles arrive on time. You want for nothing because you understand the synchronicity of the Universe. There is no longer any pressure to feel in control.

Many of us want the magic key to unlocking the miracles of life. We want something more exotic or unusual. Often we overlook the necessity of being grounded, centered, cleared and cleansed. We don’t meditate because there must be something more obscure that we may do. We neglect good self-care because we want something more unusual to rely upon.

This is truly inaccurate. We must begin at the beginning. Being spiritually available and open to God is required. Prayer, meditation and spiritual growth & awareness are the foundation for connectedness to God. We must do our share in order to be available for grace. If we skip the first few steps, there will only be fleeting moments of the Divine.

This is a TRUTH of the Universe that we may recognize in life. Be perceptive to when you have allowed grace to lead you and when you have assumed control and things begin to go awry. Faith is an answer. Faith is a way of life. Step back and release your need to direct everything. Allow life to flow and you’ll immediately begin to see more success and prosperity.

This is your answer to good spiritual health. Begin with the basics and resist the urge to reclaim control. Life itself is magic. There isn’t any need for miracle products or skeleton keys.

Where To Find Help

Many of you have underlying concerns that need to be addressed. There are many emotions and fears that began in childhood and they have not released their grip upon you yet. Do we really have to go that far back and attempt to resolve them? Yes.

Most concerns originated from your relationship with your parents or a parent figure. As a child you felt very much at the mercy of everyone else around you. If your parent was not observant, you may have suffered at the hands of siblings and other family members. perhaps even a neighbor, school teacher or a religious leader.

Not all abuse was physical or sexual. By far the most frequent abuse was neglect. No one was there for you. Whether you were happy, sad, ill, needing help with your homework or on vacation, you spent too much time unsupervised. You played outdoors much of the day or disappeared to a neighbor’s home or hangout until bedtime and no one checked to see how you were or what you were going through.

You realized, through repeated conditioning, that you kept quiet about any troubling or dangerous experiences. Your older sibling stated that if you told mom or dad then you wouldn’t get to go on your daily adventures anymore. The neighbor said that if you told on them, they would get into trouble or worse your family wouldn’t care or wouldn’t believe you. Or you would be taken away from your family.

The bully was able to hurt you and not get told on. You were hurt or robbed and you kept quiet, for some reason. This pattern continued until you were older and the level of danger or abuse grew. Older children found more dangerous and serious problems. There began drug and alcohol use and abuse, teenage sex, driving impaired or intoxicated, gang violence… You may have stayed in school or maybe you didn’t.

Why did you get left to your own devices? Parents or grandparents had their own issues. A full day at work and they may not have wanted to provide supervision or help with homework. They believed that if problems occurred they were out of sight, out of mind. You didn’t tell them and they didn’t want to hear.

Or, parents and grandparents had their own issues with drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, unemployment… Your problems may have mirrored their lives and that may have seemed “normal.”

Why do we still stay quiet about what we went through? Parents or guardians never want to be confronted. They respond by feeling defensive and some may even blame you for your own abuse. “You wanted to drink,” “You were having unprotected sex, what did you think would happen?” “I don’t believe that your uncle would ever treat you that way.”

How many times has a person brought up concerns with their parent and were met with understanding, sympathy and an apology? Rarely. If you had the courage to mention your unpredictable childhood you likely walked away feeling worse. Many adults are unprepared to accept responsibility for their own behavior and mistakes.

How do you heal when you don’t hear any words of comfort or acknowledgment?

1. Counseling. If you step out of your comfort zone and seek counseling make sure you find someone who’s belief system allows for your total honesty. If you are not comfortable with the counselor that you found, find another one. You are the most important person in the professional realtionship. Make sure you get the help you need.
2. Support groups. This is a good way to speak out about your concerns and be accepted by other people. You’ll also find that all of you are in different stages of healing so you are able to make progress and help others as well. Some groups are faith based and others are not. Find one that fits. There are vast numbers of groups that deal will many different life experineces. You will be surprised how diverse this tool of support groups is.
3. Seek medical treatment. Ask your doctor for help. There are many types of medication that address a variety of issues. You may need an antidepressant, anti-anxiety medication, a mood stabilizer, something for OCD… Do not buy into the stigma of seeking treatment. A good medication regimen and other supportive services will help you to uncover a lot of concerns and deal with them. Even medication alone will help to lift the fog of emotional problems.
4. Journal. Write about whatever comes to mind. Keep your journal private so that you may write even the most secretive things and not be afraid of someone finding out. Journaling is a good way of processing daily problems and long past concerns. Write about whatever seems to be on your mind. If done properly and consistently you will uncover and cope with things that may surprise you. Sometimes organizing your words and putting them on paper can be liberating all on its own.
5. Find a book. This is good for people who would rather make some progress on their own. If you really don’t want to see your doctor or join a group or discuss issues with family, a book may be an ideal start.

Relax and allow yourself to open up some doors that may have been long ago bolted. Allow yourself to be angry, sad, frustrated, lonely… Then allow yourself to heal. Anxiety is common when you allow yourself to feel emotions again. You may want to have some counseling in place before you begin.

Take good care of yourself. Do not expect any recognition or apology from any family members. Remember that they have had their own stressors to deal with. No one wants to be confronted. Only approach a parent, grandparent, or gaurdian at the direction of a counselor or therapist. Doing this on your own may increase any emotional damage that you are trying to resolve.

Find forgiveness. The adults and/or siblings in your life are human and imperfect. We all make mistakes and we all want forgiveness as well.

If you have a history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, drugs or alcohol in the home, or even a mentally ill family member, you may not find forgiveness so easily. That is OK too. What we want is for you to heal emotionally and begin the transformation into a productive, proactive leader. Secrets have a way of damaging your soul. Let us begin the journey back to the doorway of God. You are valued and perfect and God wants nothing more than to watch you heal. Your self-esteem may not have to suffer. You are doing the best you can with the life you have been given.

Find strength with God, your spirit guides, your angels and your departed loved ones. It is good to find your way back home.

Know the Journey

Times are much calmer now. We have released some of our bonds and allowed them to flow away. It is beginning to make more sense now to many of you. It is truly possible to “release” all of our attachments and still lose nothing. The loved ones and possessions that we count on are still here. It isn’t necessary to cling to them in order to keep them in your life. In fact, by releasing your grip there is a vast amount of room for new energy to flow toward you.

Relax. Be still and enjoy this auspicious time. Find contentment in your state of being and know that you need not look too far for completion. Practice your meditation. Be prepared for the full moon on Wednesday. This is the Christed moon. This happens during this time of year when the energy of Christ is ever-present.

Some may argue the meaning of the Christed Moon. Many religions know the energy of this moon and have no content of Jesus in their beliefs. We may accept the presence of Jesus because he is ONE with God and us. No need to argue. Accept the energy of this moon without unnecessary conflict. It is ok for others to pursue their own perception of God and His Disciples.

Welcome the contrast with your belief system. This is how we learn and experience. If there were no differing views, our life would be too stagnant. Instead, open up and allow alternate views. We may learn from them as they may learn from us. This would be a successful relationship under the watchful eyes of our Creator. He answers to many names and He knows no boundaries for the love that He feels for us.

Relax and accept your bounty. Many waves of enlightenment will flow to us these next few weeks. It is impossible to know just how many blessings we may accept. We must be open and “allow” grace into our lives. Even the excitement of these “holidays” may unwittingly block some of the energy. Be sure to make time for meditation, prayer and allowing. Always surround yourself in White Light and ask your guides and angels for protection from any negative energy. This is very important since you will be open to God and spirit and may need to block any earth-bound imposters.

Sing, rejoice and be merry. Ask for full knowledge of the travels of Christ. Seek an intimate understanding of His sacrifice and accept those gifts that He forged for us.

Celebrate. Know love. Give your love to all others and be content in your belief of Our Father and His only Son. This bounty is yours and you need not wait to receive your blessings.

With Ease

Everything is calmer and sailing more smoothly right now. Mercury retrograde has ended and we are able to move forward with more grace.

Many of us have begun to feel more spiritual. There are events in our lives that have caused us to feel “blessed.” We have asked for assistance and we have been given some timely, well-needed answers.

You may be testing your bottomless bank account. You’re finding that God truly does respond at a moments notice. Now, you may want to give other guides a chance?

Angels and Archangels are always ready to help. You merely have to ask. Some people have been saved from accidents by stating, “Angels help me now!” Then miraculously, trajectories shift and bumps soften. People who felt they would surely be killed or seriously injured where left with minor injuries!

Never resist calling upon angels. They do not care if your needs are big or small, they only wish to assist you. We all have angels that remain with us but we may also ask for more. Then, make sure you give them permission to help you otherwise your requests may be futile.

You may even send angels to the side of loved ones or other people in need. Send angels of comfort and contentment, angels of safety and security, angels of healing and well-being, angels of prosperity…Keep an open mind and always seek their help and guidance. You may even send an angel hug to someone to celebrate joy or to comfort them.

Archangels are well-known and have specific areas of concern. If you want more information please do a search for Archangels. We all have our own personal Archangel as well. Just by reviewing their areas of prowess you will likely figure out which one is your Archangel guide.

Spirit guides are not deceased loved ones. They are souls who usually reside on the Other Side. They have many generations of experience guiding humans in this earth-realm as well as other realms where we may travel to for experience. They are likely a good friend of yours and they have agreed to be with you during this incarnation.

There are also temporary spirit guides who are with you at specific times in your life. Then, there is your Higher Guide. They reside at your apex and they are often the voice that you hear most often. They remain with you for your entire incarnation. Other guides may come and go.

There are earth guides. These are people who you would call a mentor or teacher. They are human but you would swear that God had sent them at just the right time! This is true! Your earth guides charted their time with you. They have specific lessons to teach you or to help you process certain events. They come in at the designated time and they may leave your life as well. Some earth guides may remain in your life for years! It happens just as the two of you agreed to prior to this incarnation.

You also have deceased loved ones who visit you at various times. They enjoy being near during special times such as birthdays, holidays or the birth of a baby. They also come near when you are ill or stressed. They try to help and they may que you of their closeness by signature smells, songs, phrases or many differing hallmarks of their earth life that you would connect with them.

The ones who are not so familiar to everyone are the elementals. People who practise earth-based religions will be familiar with these beings and the souls of all contents of earth. There are guides associated with trees, water, plants…Even those who don’t practise earth-based religions may have elementals with them. Some of these were acquired in childhood by adventuring outdoors and utilizing your imagination. You spoke to all things alive or stagnant and may have developed a relationship with some of these beings during that time. Many people may ask for elementals now. It is part of our return to nature and attempting to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Elementals may also be helpful with other areas of life. If you would like to know more please do a search for them. Just a caution, there are definite musts and don’ts for engaging with elementals. Make sure you know exactly what it entails prior to asking for their presence.

There are a vast numbers of religions here on earth. The list of guides, helpers and workers is very long. There are Saints, Gods and Goddesses, and spirits of earth and her 4 directions. Trust your heart and know that you are never limited to amount of divine guidance you may receive.

We may begin in one religion as a child. Then, we may seek other sources of faith. We may completely change to another religion or we may utilize different aspects of many beliefs to form our own unique view on life.

It is possible to have a reading to discern what entities are near you at this time. Seek your familiar sources and see if they may give you some information. Whether you prefer psychic mediums, card readers, divination practises, prayer or any other guidance sources. Find out who your guides, angels, and other supporters are and why they are with you at this time.

Become familiar with the many avenues of spiritual assistance you have available to you. Live with ease. Tap into the bottomless bank account and KNOW that each day may be brighter and more blissful just by using your divine support system!

Making Each Moment Count

We are busy beings. We have charted many goals and sub-goals and ancillary-goals. We packed many tasks into one lifetime. Is it any wonder that we may lose sight of some of them? It is a lot like packing your bags for a trip. Once you get there, did you remember this or that?

Some of us are planners and others like to be spontaneous. Either way is ok except if, in the end, you don’t accomplish what you came here to do.

How well are you doing so far? How many goals are attained and how many are still left to be accomplished? Are you at the point in life that you expected to be? Or, have you gotten side tracked?

By increasing your connection to spirit, you may get a more accurate assessment of the progress that you are making in this life. Open your channels and allow spirit to guide you. You may find yourself changing directions altogether! In fact, you may be surprised where your true path will actually lead you!

Another way to judge your progress is to consult a psychic/medium. There are many who have decided to be spiritual advisors. Just make certain that they are channeling messages from spirit and not giving you their personal advice.

Another avenue for becoming more closely aligned with your true life purpose is to join a meditation circle, spiritual classes or psychic development classes. Please don’t limit your possibilities to just these few ideas. There is a vast amount of groups and courses that will help you actualize your higher self.

Take classes in Reiki, reflexology, Wicca, shamanism, yoga, pendulums, herbs, crystals, astrology… There is a world of possibilities! Find what subjects speak to your interests and strengths. You may also study some other religions and choose which beliefs and practices fit with who you are. Martial arts have spiritual aspects to them!

Broaden your boundaries and bring more experiences into your life. God is amazing! You may join one group and meet and become familiar with people who lead you to another group. Finding people of like-mind is a powerful step in self-actualization!

We all want to know that we are not alone. There are people who share our views on many differing aspects of life. Find them! The energy of a group is far more powerful than the energy of one person alone.

This is an important journey that we have decided to embark upon. There are road signs and detours as well as spans of smooth sailing! How are we doing? What areas do we need to focus upon? How do we find that next exit on our highway?

Reach that beautiful meditative state and allow God and spirit to give you all the help they promised to give to you. Surround yourself with angels. Ask them to lead you to your next goal. the Universe agreed to work with you and guide you through your chart. The only fallible part is you and your faith!

Try to distinguish 4 goals from all of your thoughts and feelings. Make sure that they are positive and full of Light. What would God have you do? It may not be that new home or that expensive car. It may be volunteering at a nursing home or building homes for those less fortunate. What goals would God set before you?

Don’t forget that just being happy and at peace is also important. If you love to garden then you are filling your neighborhood with positive feelings! If you express joy while riding your bike, this also fills the world with love! Creating art or short stories may also be a goal since it gives you happiness and a sense of accomplishment! Fill the world with love by doing things that you enjoy!

The only goals which God would not provide would be of greed, anger, manipulation, theft, fraud, substance abuse…It should be easy to set 4 goals while avoiding negativity and darkness.

Begin today. Use the positive energy that swirls around us. Set some goals and take action toward achieving them. Find love, comfort and success in God’s world. Be active in the Light and work to create more Light.

Remain within the rays of God’s Light and become your Divine, Higher Self.

All our love. Amen.

How to Use the Inbound Energy, 10 Things

I asked my guides this morning what most people would like to hear about today. My answer was how to utilize the energy that is incoming. We want to be strengthened by it. If we sense that we are flailing we want to adjust our course and continue on. Being overwhelmed and fractured would feel like failure.

1. Get grounded. This involves connecting yourself to God and Mother Earth. Bury your roots, from your tail bone, deep into the soil and send a rod of golden light from your crown up to God in heaven. Feel how solid the connection is. Renew this image often.

2. Become centered. Cleanse and clear your chakras. Meditate upon your energy flowing all throughout your being without blocks or barriers. Pray for God, your guides and your angels to clear out all dull or dark energy. Imagine crystal clear chakra colors flowing all along your spine. Keep meditating on these energy centers until they are healthy and in alignment.

The connection from Mother Earth to your tail bone, through your crown, and then to God, should feel inspiring and energetic. If you practise this connection, your receptivity to God and spirit will be powerful.

3. Count your blessings. As we step back from technology we must also increase our appreciation of what is near to us or we may feel solitary and disconnected. Count on your health and well-being , your family, your loved ones and what you have in your possession. This may not be the time to add purchases and luxuries. Keeping it simple will reduce the chance of chaotic energy playing havoc with your existence. Some items you may need to let go of, if the turmoil takes it away or breaks it.

4. Look for fellowship. It makes sense that many of us are experiencing the same changes. We may find comfort in communion with fellow enlightened souls. Take a look in your own life and count the people who understand or at least have some inkling of what is taking place. These may be the people who will help you to process life’s intermingling changes. At the very least, you will not be standing alone. We humans are meant to be in clans. We are social, and sharing insights may be inspiring.

5. Cut your losses. Many people have already found the urge to step away from certain groups or organizations. We are feeling insular and self-protective. By keeping it simple, we will reduce the amount of turmoil in our daily lives. Some have changed jobs or moved to different locations. There is something inherent that is causing us to simplify what we have in our lives. We are preparing to hunker down and wait out the energy storm.

These changes we are making may not even be obvious to us until we inspect our actions and discover a pattern.

6. Find faith. KNOW that you are ok even through illness, injury or disease. BELIEVE in yourself and God, including all of your Heavenly Hosts. Renew that faith each day and whenever needed. We came to this life with a plan and we did not choose to fall victim to the coming energy swell. We chose instead to use it for personal growth and to remind us what is truly important in life.

7. Save for another day. Step back and keep your expenditures down to a minimum. Watch what happens from day-to-day and choose your actions carefully. This time of unrest is not everlasting! We will see the calm again in 2013 after the swell dissipates.

8. Hold your loved ones dear. If you have children or grandchildren, help them to navigate the times and earn experience and knowledge. Help to guide anyone who will listen. Be a positive and hopeful teacher. Use language that each person will respond to and lead them to find stability in some of the same things or help them to discover their own. Being a good role model is always on God’s list of things to do! 

9. Pray for peace and love. Fill your spaces with joy and excitement. Shine your Light on the people, places and things that need God’s love. Always remember that your prayer is more powerful if you’re in a group. The potency grows with two others, five others or twenty others.

10. Accept Divine Guidance. During times of being grounded, centered, clear and being receptive, your Divine Guidance will come through more strongly. Your connectivity will bound off the charts. Discover how you will receive this guidance. Will you write in a journal, ask and look for signs of affirmation, decide where your energy will be most helpful, go for a psychic reading, or have faith & believe that God speaks to you and guides your way.  Pray for guidance and accept that angels, Archangels, spirit guides, higher guides, and even your higher self, will guide you. You are never alone and you need only ask for your Heavenly Hosts to affirm that they are with you, always.

This is a time of rapid growth. Position yourself to gain the most benefit and limit your losses. Follow God, always. Be kind to yourself and others for we have not been given a list of instructions on how to proceed, unless you count this one!