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Save Yourself First

This is expertly defined by the common example of applying your oxygen mask first in an airplane emergency. If you fall unconscious then you are unable to help anyone else. By saving yourself first, you increase the options of people who will be helped by you, including your children or other loved ones.

This is a difficult concept for many people to grasp. Of course we would “save” our child first! But this is not the best option. By saving yourself first, such as emotional and physical healing, you are better able to save those around you, with healing, love and support. Everyone is better off if you are safe, stable and emotionally healthy. You will be stronger for everyone. You may lead by example and teach others how to promote emotional health and wellbeing.

The difference in teachers is profound. Some are knowledgeable, well-versed, organized and able to get their point across. Others are disorganized, unreliable and emotionally limited. Which type will teach better? The organized one with experience and emotional stability.

Any leader will have better results if they have done their homework, are receptive to variables, truly wish to promote the success of others and resist any breakdown in communication.

What happens when you challenge a leader who does not have any stability? They react poorly. They may lash out, make you the cause of the problem, become distant, lose their focus, appear undone or ignore the breakdown in communication. These are not positive reactions. They lack the strength to teach and lead.

Your intention is to be the better leader/teacher. Through emotional strength and stability you will withstand many conflicts. Faith will show others how grounded and resilient you are. They will lower their defensiveness and be more available to you. You have saved yourself first. Who must you lead? Many people. Most are likely children, coworkers, family members, community members and so on…

We have mentioned many times that you came into this life to teach and to learn. Both sides of the coin. What you are not accepting is that you may lead others and NOT be their parent, boss or partner. Even brief encounters may have the potential to help, improve or benefit someone. Please do not be so literal. God has never sent anyone to earth to live in isolation and not impact those around them. This is part of your life.

You may have positive influences on others and negative ones. The list of these influences would be as expected. Are you a better leader by showing others to steal and commit fraud or by encouraging others to volunteer for charity? Very few things in life are black and white but this list is one of them. Be good, do good. Show others to be good and do good as well. Easier said than done.

The hard part is healing yourself. You have to pick apart many layers of pain and turmoil and resolve them enough in order to be whole. A lot of cleansing and forgiveness is needed. Seeing people as fallible will help. Sometimes loved ones behave in certain ways because that is all they know. You are capable of the same missteps. This doesn’t make you a bad person either. It only means that you and them are still learning and have not found a better way yet. With age usually comes wisdom but this is not guaranteed.

Many people who have been asked if they could would they return to a younger age? Often, the answer if yes but only if I could know what I know now. Many people see that they have made some mistakes along the way. The people who have harmed you may also realize it now. BUT, you must not wait for someone to acknowledge their wrong doing or apologize. You will waste too much time waiting for something that may never happen. Learn to be whole on your own. Just you. This is when you have healed enough to help others to heal as well. Everyone will benefit from your stability.

Immediate healing would take releasing all harmful memories, negative thinking, flushing any dark or muddy energy and complete faith in God. Most people find it much harder than that. Any guide, whether here on earth or on the Other Side, would suggest small, manageable steps since the changes are easier to maintain. Do your best to not fall back into your old habits. The more clarity and light you achieve, the easier the journey becomes.



The Stories Are True

Our intent is to increase your faith in God. The sightings of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, angels and many other spiritual figures may be very true. These servants of God connect with you in many different ways. Sometimes they appear in a dream, you see a vision, you hear their voice, their name comes up in everyday life or they appear in human-like form.

Their purpose is to support you and bring you closer to God. They may present with healing, premonitions, advice, comfort, news, a departed loved one to give you assurance… Their presence is intended to give you more faith. If they give you good news and it comes into reality, they have proven their existence to you as well as increased your faith in the Divine. You are not expected to find faith without testing it for validity.

You may also have faith but then lose it due to some troubling times or feelings of being abandoned or misunderstood by God. Perhaps you will question the existence of God. Then, these beings will bring you more evidence and reasons to have faith again, perhaps even stronger. They do the bidding of God. You are all of part of God and these beings are no different. They don’t need to be acknowledged individually. They are content to work tirelessly for your soul growth and be One with all Creation. All of Creation is from One Source.

Sightings and apparitions are real evidence for you to accept into your realm of faith. These miracles happen all over the world but you may become aware of this news anyway. There are many visions that have been investigated by the Catholic church and deemed to be real. Many places around the world are well-known for specific sightings. The energy of certain angels may permeate a physical location as well as saints, the Virgin Mary and other spiritual figures alive and passed.

Your test is to be open. Hear the stories and believe that it is possible that it is real. Find more evidence if you like. Read personal accounts or visit the sites yourself. This proof is offered to you to strengthen your faith in God or many other Divine beings. Believe because you KNOW and believe because there is proof.

There are some instances of fraud and perhaps mental illness but there are true sightings, miracles or visitations. These may be just what you are looking for when you ask for proof. It lends credibility to your desire to be fully involved in faith.

Some of you lean more toward science than belief. This is ok too. You may not be convinced by these occurrences but the facts of any investigation may help you to accept that these events may be possible. Being dogmatic about scientific proof will fall short of winning you over. Sometimes you just have to “know” that God is real and there are many conditions around the world that are impacted by Divine energy. Being unavailable to God may be the true tragedy of insisting upon scientific proof.

Dogma is common when discussing spirituality. Many people will need solid proof and personal experience to find faith. This may be a barrier to the beauty and joy of knowing God. If you set up too many barriers and blockages you may miss out on the actual presence of these Divine beings. Also common is being shown a vision, foretelling dream or Divine presence and then convincing yourself that it wasn’t actually real. At the moment it occurred you felt the wash of powerful energy and “knew” you were in the presence of God. There was no other way to explain it. Then… you talk yourself out if it. You eventually lose the feeling of that moment because the earth’s atmosphere is heavy and confining. That it is why they call it faith. Sometimes you believe even though there is no proof that you may offer to others or even yourself.

There is a loneliness in being unavailable to God. You have your requirements that no one may reach and you stand outside of a potentially blissful existence. You live each day wondering what is all of this about? Why go through any of this? Faith is the vehicle which brings you the meaning of life. You are here to fulfill your soul journey. You are not hopelessly disconnected. Your isolation is your insistence on turning away from God. He awaits you as they all do.

This life is one portion of a long journey. You are learning and making progress. You are improving your knowledge of the Divine and rising up to meet God. There is an afterlife but it is truly a soul life for you are eternal. Resist your need to stand outside of the comfort of faith. Find something which helps you to believe. Don’t allow anyone looking for empirical proof talk you out of your purpose for this life. It is ok to “know.” It is good to believe. It is even better to test your faith so you will satisfy your need for knowledge and understanding. At times you may feel like you are standing alone with your faith but this is wholly untrue. You have guides, departed loved ones, angels, saints, animals guides, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and God, intimately with you. You are never alone. Promise.

Seeking others of like mind will help you to grow. You may share with them and they will be available to you. It is possible to find an earth guide as well. This is another human being who you have contracted with in order to learn, teach and experience. Sometimes they are temporarily in your life. Sometimes they are with you till the end. Your family and friends may be earth guides as well as the person who may have caused you the most pain and stress. They may be your greatest teachers and they are also members of your soul group. This is all included in your chart. Even your lapses in faith have been addressed. AND, you becoming aware of sightings, visions and miracles are in there too!

There are times that you charted events to realign yourself with faith. You expected that it is possible to have lost your way. So, some of this proof is exactly what you asked for.

The Rush of Summer



The rush of Summer slows to a moderate Autumn. The energy is still here but you may receive it like a warm bath. Smooth, steady and serene. Ask for what you want and need. Too many people neglect asking for the blessings of their guides, angels and God because they feel greedy or insignificant. The Power of God is too majestic to be concerned with the needs of just one follower. This is not true. You have many guides, angels and departed loved ones who are near you for your sake only. The entourage. You deserve it and you are worthy of it.

This whole life of yours is important. You came here with the approval of God and many other Heavenly Hosts. You are part of a soul group and you have commitments to uphold. Your life is mingled with the lives of so many others who also matter greatly. God would never belittle your existence and neither should you.

Your life impacts many other lives. All of humanity is a fabric of shared experiences. You learn from others until a time when you are able to teach. You will lead and follow. Success in life is to relearn the basics and start your chart where you may have left off in your previous life. Or, begin a new chart. Even the process of relearning is expected. You have reached many milestones in previous lives and some of these lessons are relearned to assist you now.

It would be far more efficient if your “relearning” didn’t take as long and you were able to rejoin your chart earlier in life. This may be accomplished through meditation, prayer and faith. Spirit is able to teach you quickly and thoroughly if you are open and receptive. The process of basic life skills would be so fast that you would have much more time for new learning. This is optimal.

Relax and allow the basic premises to be absorbed. Good vs. bad, love vs. hate, trust vs. mistrust… You spend far too much time trying and retrying the basic premises if life. This is not efficient. By far, the best lesson to restart your learning is to resist being selfish. Richness and spiritual rewards do not reach you if you are surrounded in greed. Relax, let your guard down and exist. Accept each lesson, give thanks and move forward.

You know what greed, selfishness, anger, destructive behavior… are. Stop doing it. Restructure your thinking to be honest, hopeful, trusting and benevolent. In this enlightened state, the lessons of this life will flow to you. Faith is a good catalyst for positive change.

Open to God and be receptive. Lose your need to judge, criticize and condemn. Simply be. Relax and open to the flow of life. Very little matters. You busy yourself with how others see you, what they think, do they like you… It is far better to choose a handful of people whose opinion truly matters. Close friends and family and if you work you need to be on good terms with certain people there. Beyond that, be yourself and set some goals. Set aside the daily rhetoric about the small things. Keep up on the matters that involve your life learning and spiritual success.

Scan your body from time to time and release any tension or blockages. Allow life to flow. Envision your body as fluid, brightly colored and stunning. The stress of tedious small stuff will clog your energy quickly and block any positive and loving blessings from your entourage. You will be bogged down with gossip instead of being awash in forgiveness and deep faith.

The answers to life are really this simple. Be good. Be loving. Embrace forgiveness for yourself and others. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Consistently choose to behave as God, for God. You are not here yet and your anxiety for real progress will not be realized until you are. The entrance into Heaven must be worked for. You believe that you only must want to rise up to meet God. This is untrue. You must do the work and make the positive changes to be One with Creation. It is not a wish. A wish won’t work when the rest of your life is dark, negative and self-serving.

Please accept that enlightenment takes attention and changes in thoughts and behavior. Each success may build upon another success. The path to absolution is up. Literally up. A higher vibration, a more lofty pattern of thinking and behavior, charity, benevolence, a brighter aura, prayer and meditation. Up, quicker, lighter and brighter.

Systematically remove everything in your thought, energy and physical body that is darker and lower. You are not able to shine and fly with these barriers to enlightenment. Once you have reached a more vibrant state of existence, God will bring more of your true life to you. In order to maintain your elation you must continue to remove all lower thinking and behavior. This is an energy cycle but it is a positive one. This is the Law of Attraction.

Love begets more love. Faith brings more faith. Charity brings more to give. Healing is its own reward and the confidence that you gain is not superficial or petty. This is true self-actualization, not water cooler chatter.

The Better Half

We do not refer to your spouse. We are actually speaking about the portion of you that is spiteful, selfish and hurtful to others. All of you have good qualities that set you apart from many others. And yet, you each have some darker qualities that arise during different situations. There are trigger situations, topics or people who ignite your anger and frustration. You respond in negative ways to these situations and have a more difficult time understanding that your reactions must change.

There is a stark difference between reacting with the intent of God and reacting with darker motivations.

The BRIGHT side has you feeling positive and hopeful. You find it easier to forgive than to hold a grudge. You are able to empathize with situations and people and give them your best effort to honor and uphold who they are. You realize that you have made similar mistakes in your life and you find understanding and grace in your perspective. Being lofty and supportive feels good and you thank God for the opportunity to be One with Him.

The DARK side is much different. You are isolative and insular. The help of the Divine does not reach you inside of your darkened cocoon. Your ideas and feelings pull you downward and you lose touch with reality. In this sullen state you only see selfishness, vengeance and anger. Your entourage of guides, angels, animal totems… are unable to pull you back up. You enjoy the power that you feel by being hostile, angry and untouchable. The darker energy lulls you into this false sense of achievement. The company you keep in this lower, darker state are actually very frightening but you are unable to see this clearly. You worry about eternal damnation yet somehow these certain situations, people and events “deserve” your displeasure.

How many times will you react in unsavory ways before you realize the effect you are having on your own energy?

Positive energy, emotions and behavior will buoy you up and bring you closer to God and Heaven. There will be highs and lows but for the most part you are on your chosen path. With every positive action you gain more spiritual momentum and motivation. Meditations of rising above the physical world will be close to reality. The sensation of floating and becoming a source of Light will improve your reception to Divine gifts and meaning. Leaving the dull energy of earth will bring more love, joy and inspiration. Rising above petty, negative energy is its own reward.

Strive each day to attain this state of bliss. Be nice, honest, positive and proactive. Be the answer to what you are looking for. No one else will make you happy. You are the only one who is capable of this. The BRIGHT side is always the answer no matter what your history or experience.

The only person who you may damn is you. This seems shocking but you have the power to lower your energy and become mired in darkness. There truly is no just cause for this. Every event, every person and every goal is intended to be managed. There is nothing in God’s chart for you that will push you toward damnation. You are the one who is choosing this route. You are misguided. You are unaware. You may not yet realize the error of your ways and that is why We are here.

Lose your excuses. Change your perspective. Behave as God, for God and make this world a better place. There is truly no situation in which you are expected to diminish, harm or victimize anyone. No one on earth has that right.

You attempt to justify your behavior because of this… or that… Your difficult childhood, abusive relationships, a significant illness, a tragic accident… You are an adult now. You are to take your experiences and still rise above any darker emotions, reactions or acting out. You choose which path to take. No one else is responsible. It is your choice to overcome and make your life better, more fulfilling and enriched. Resist your need to blame anyone. Take responsibility for how you respond, react and change.

Find that strength inside of you. It has always been there. God is within each of you and it is your goal to find and embrace that Divine particle. There is untold strength in the Light. You have your guides, departed loved ones, saints, angels, Jesus and God beside you.

The darkness only gives you solitude, bitterness and communion with unspeakable beings. That power that you feel is actually the claim that damnation has over you. It is heavy and sickening. YOU must turn toward the Light again. This is your right, but no one will do it for you.

This is something that will obviously take some time. Changing habits may be a challenge from day-to-day. Remind yourself. Place objects or images in your environment which push you to be benevolent and loving. Making a positive shift in your thoughts, feelings and actions is success.  You will gain the bounty of Heaven but it is yours to improve and not for just any benefits or payoff. Living in the Light is its own reward. You came here to learn and promote this.


What If You Don’t Understand?

Good question. We have some new faces in our crowd and the shift in energy is wonderful. Welcome and be loved. I am your “earth guide.” I love you as I love myself and we will grow whole together.

God’s love is unconditional. You have this strength, grace and support even if you feel out of sync. God does not expect you to be perfect. There would be no learning to be done if you were. Mistakes are always placed in perspective. Are you young and independent? Then perhaps some missteps will happen as you grow. Are you more mature? Some mistakes are still expected. Are you elderly and near the end of this earth life? It is possible to make some poor decisions.

No one is perfect. Ever! This is a journey of trial and error.

Many people fear hell and damnation. Some of our new people have this concern as well. Please release your fear of eternal condemnation. No one is ever restricted to the darkness. You may always choose a better way or more positive existence. The problem would be if you believed that you were done learning!

Mistakes of youth are placed in perspective. Mistakes in relationships are expected and also placed in perspective. Even some negative or disruptive behavior is understood if you haven’t yet learned to behave in a positive manner. You are never doomed because of any mistake or misjudgment. You are learning and it is expected. The time to reconsider your life choices is when you have a negative pattern of behavior and you purposely choose to continue this way. You may even choose to become more dark and damaging. It is then that your guides will give you every opportunity to turn your life around.

God, Jesus, angels, saints and guides will never leave your side. YOU are the one who walks away. If you cannot feel their love and presence, you have turned your back. Even in the lower energy levels of the Afterlife, you may always look for God. This is always available to you.

You feel damned because of your own self-doubt, lack of confidence or perhaps restricted religious thinking presented to you in life. God has not damned you. It is possible to release your fears and bathe in the Light. Ask for God to be with you. It is ok to ask for forgiveness but it has already been given. The act of seeking salvation may help you to open your mind to be One with God. This is not God’s requirement but you may feel this is needed. Do whatever you need to be whole, healthy and available to God.

You want to find examples of people who surely went to Hell. This is not necessary. Even Hitler, Sadam Hussein, serial killers, career criminals, pedophiles… pass on into Heaven. Are they in the same realm as Mother Teresa? No. They start in the 2 lower levels. They decide if they will choose to learn and grow closer to God in the Afterlife or if they will continue to breed hate, vengeance and fear. Why would this be accepted in Heaven? Because we are all eternal.

It is difficult to accept that “bad” people are a part of God’s plan. Each life is intended to teach others through experience. You learn to expand your life through positive role models and to learn and distance yourself from negative ones. It is this simple but you choose to be outraged by it. Your desire to learn and grow includes all types of experiences. This is as God intended. We all may say that we have learned mountains of lessons from very great or very egregious people.

Sometimes our greatest teachers in life are the ones who have harmed us the most. This is still God’s Will. Our Father wishes us to learn through negative and positive means. This is a well-rounded approach. You have had many lifetimes in which you were the teacher and others when you were the student. You have taught your loved ones through positive and negative actions even now. This makes sense to you now. It is the human experience. You are here on this site seeking these answers. Are We going to give you only the sugary sweet details? No. We are giving you the truth. All of God’s creation has positive, uplifting events and painful, disruptive ones.

You exist to weather all of this. You sought to be enlightened and guided to salvation. Now that you are here, you are disappointed that absolution is available to everyone. This is not Our intention to make you feel common. You are special and that is why We guided you to this place. We have the answers that you want. In fact, We are still at the very beginning. You are not late.

Release your need to feel that “bad” people need to go to Hell. You have had some times in your life when you felt “bad.” God did not condemn you. Forgiveness is Divine and so are you. It is expected that you learn and understand. These basic concepts will open so many doors for you. We ask you not to judge as We do not judge you. Everyone is worthy and this is a good place to start.

Dogma and rhetoric have no place here. Good begets good. Love creates more love. Your enlightenment will improve your life as well as the lives of those around you. Be the Light that you seek.

Relax and shed your desire to feel above this process. God is humble. You will be given so many more messages of hope, joy and love if you realize that everyone is family. You have much to learn and We have much to teach. Be still and open to peace.

It Is Up To You

Your perspective on life is your responsibility. View the cup half full, see the bright side and manage all contrast with optimism. If you are the downer of the group then you have some changes to make. You are NOT being realistic, you are being negative.

Does it matter to those around if you always introduce the harsh, painful, worst-case scenario details? No. Many people offer advice that you have hope and optimism but prepare for the worst. This may be true unless you have faith in God. With faith, the worst is still manageable.

What is the worst outcome? Returning to Heaven and being reunited with God, departed loved ones and your guides? That doesn’t sound so bad. The struggle is remaining in life and finding ways to cope and be healed. This is not to encourage taking your own life. You are expected to manage all of your experiences and then return home when it is time. Some people believe that making it to the natural end is a success.

Tears are for the living. There is nothing tragic about leaving earth. The pain of loss is ours alone. Yes, you will miss them and it may take a while to overcome your grief but it is not your loved one who is lost. You are lost to the reality that you are eternal and the Other Side is your true home. You exist as a soul and your goal is to mature, find wisdom and be successful in your incarnations.

Earth lives are actually very brief. They don’t seem like it because of the heaviness of our atmosphere. It is this phenomena that makes us feel sluggish and burdened. Our natural excited and elated state is a struggle against the pressure of our environment. Earth is a tough school to experience but this is why we came here. We knew of the negative, dim, troubled energy and chose this to push our learning forward. You are an overachiever. You undoubtedly experienced a previous earth life and yet you decided to try it again. Kudos to you.

Each life is charted by you in agreement with the Divine, your guides and the people who you contract with for life experiences. A talented medium, psychic, card reader… may be able to view your chart and give you some helpful direction. This is not evil. It is God’s way of giving you some support. Jesus was a prophet and a seer. He foretold the future many times.

Try to relax about evil and sin. There are many reasons why you may have darker energy but the “idea” of sin is more profound. If you are trying your best and managing to learn as you go, this is good. If you are intentionally harming others, being dishonest, stealing and being disruptive in the lives of others, this is not good.

Do you make innocent mistakes? Everyone does. Do you go to hell for this? No.

Do you use profane language? Some people do. Do you go to hell for this? Not literally. If you swear, steal, lie and destruct property, your energy is darker than people who do not behave this way. Then, your place of residence in Heaven is in the lower levels. Not Hell so much as a darker and more dismal place.

Do you have sex outside of marriage? Some do. Do you go to hell for this? No. Are you harming anyone by this? If you are both single and not cheating, there is no harm. Are you cheating, forcibly raping someone or intentionally spreading disease? Then your energy is darker. Again, your space in Heaven will be darker as well.

Do you covet what your neighbor has? At times. Do you go to hell for this? No.

These examples are purposely simple. You may have a broad range of behavior that adds up to whether you exist in the Light or in the dark. This will also change as you shift to a higher or lower vibration. Being upbeat and positive aligns you more closely with God and your vibration is naturally brighter. Lower vibrations result from negative behavior and thinking.

This is why meditation is important. By being calm, quiet and centered, you increase your vibration and your behavior will naturally shift to being positive and hopeful. When you make a habit out of meditating you will cause your vibration to be more stable. You will have fewer ups and downs in how you feel.

Prayer will also help you to make positive changes. You may think that God already knows what you think and how you feel. This is true. Prayer will ALLOW God to be a part of your life because you have invited Him in. You have free will. This means that you may decide how to act despite the outcome on your vibration and whether you are being positive or negative. Free will may block much of your expected help. You may ask for angels, Archangels, Jesus or God to help you. If you maintain your own free will, none of these Divine beings will be able to help. Then, likely, you will feel abandoned and alone. You may even feel unworthy of God’s love.

You must ask for help and allow it. This is harder than you may think. If you truly are at the end of your rope and you have “given up,” this surrender may actually allow God to enter and be your Savior. In this state, you have released your free will and have allowed the Divine help you. This instance teaches you to release your free will before you have lost all hope. Why wait so long?

Your life is a continuous response to experiences. There is always room to grow brighter and more positive. The simple truth that you charted this and it is all written will help immensely in your struggle. Your idea that you control the circumstances of your life is untrue. You control your RESPONSES to what you have charted. You believe in God and allow the Divine to be with you or not. This may also be erratic. When things are going smoothly your faith is strong, other times it is not. This does not doom you to darkness but it is time to seek God and the light again.

God is a choice. You have free will and there certainly is God’s Will. Remind yourself of this daily through meditation, prayer and faith. Relax your need to control what God has already set in motion. Your response to life is when you choose to be positive, uplifting, supportive and humble.

Believe In Yourself…


Believe in yourself as much as you believe in God.

Despite the daily quest to grow closer to God, your true purpose may still be derailed. Your intent to do your best may be overshadowed by some inaccurate thinking that you may have. You are worthy of love just as anyone else is. You tend to put yourself down or undermine your own confidence. The reasons for this habit are wholly inaccurate. You may feel like you are being modest but this thinking is not promoting your relationship with God, the Universe and spirit.

Your daily activities must include many things. This promotes a balance in your life that is necessary for spiritual growth.

Have faith in God. There is a purpose for this life and you are mistaken when you believe that you make errors. Each experience is intended to teach you. Whether you feel successful or not you are making progress in your chart. By releasing your need to label something right or wrong will improve this process.

Remember to allow yourself the space to make improvements. Getting something just right may take a few tries but it will still get the job done. The cycles of learning that you may have recognized in your life are leading you to a specific outcome. The lessons themselves do not matter as much as the overall shift in your maturity, wisdom and grace.

Do your best to accept all of your experiences and pray for the intended learning. Give thanks for the process and let the Universe know you are being objective and you are ready for more. It is this eagerness that will realign you with the Universe to bring everything to you more quickly. If you feel stale and sluggish, this boost will signal your readiness for more. This flow toward you will give you a sense of purpose and success. You will reach some spiritual goals and this may make you feel better about your current circumstances.

One “success” will build upon another, but this will only continue if your perspective remains open and hopeful. If you start to measure and complain again, your growth will slow down. Stay positive even if things are not so warm and cozy. The most difficult lessons are likely painful and profound. This is the contrast that you need to keep choosing God and a higher purpose.

Believe in your own strength. All experiences are manageable if you allow them to be. This is no easy task. People die, have tragic accidents, are struck with harsh diseases, lose their job, get divorced… The moment you tell yourself that you cannot get through this is the very same moment that you will not. If you give up, everything that you endure will seem hopeless and you will feel helpless. It will feel like life happens to you. This is not optimal. You are a necessary part of your life. To be overcome and to give up is not having faith.

To believe in yourself as much as you believe in God is very profound. You are perfect in the very state that you now exist. You are in the process of learning and making changes to your earth life. There are things that you have yet to learn and that is why you are here. To believe in only these four walls is a tragedy. You have the power to heal, love, create, promote, support, honor and be God in human form. No one takes this away from you if you haven’t first given it up.

You may wonder how you may view tragedy and still see God? It is a lesson which has many purposes. You may still grieve and be sad but then there will come a time to place all of this into perspective. If it is a personal loss or death, send love. If it is a community loss or tragedy, send love. If it is a global loss or monumental event, send love. You literally are not here on earth to stop all bad things from happening. Have an influence on matters if you can, but then place the rest in perspective. God provides you with the experience which propels you to grow. You are continuously being pushed off that fence. You won’t reach the heights of a spiritual life by sitting on the fence. You may see painful events and suffer great loss, but this is your time to choose God all over again.

This cycle will continue in your life because people get hurt, sick, have accidents and some die. When you have reached the point where you see God at the same time as you become aware of the event, you have made great strides in your learning. You cut through the pain, sorrow, anger and despair and seek God for reassurance and comfort. You understand that this is a learning experience and you open to God and receive the lessons. Then, you give thanks that you were able to weather the storm and not lose your faith.

We all suffer some bad things. It may be an accident, illness, depression, trouble with the law, bankruptcy, divorce… These are teaching us as well as those around us. You are a part of a soul group. You came here with a select number of people to experience life together. It is as God had intended and you are living up to your commitments that you made with them. Life is many different things, but it is always temporary. Learn, teach and go home.




Flashes, Sparks and Balls of Light


Since you have the gracious presence of blissful energy of 2016, spirit may present themselves to you in colorful sparks, flashes and other forms of “light.” You may notice something move in your peripheral vision, near things that you are looking at or perhaps around your physical being.

These are guides, departed loved ones, angels, archangels or other forms of Heavenly beings. They present themselves to you so that you know and understand that they are with you.

At times they are near things of interest to you such as a chair you would like to purchase, your check book if you are about to spend some money, near someone who may need you or influence your life soon, around some photos of loved ones they align with or perhaps who they are or any other meaningful place where you are likely to see them.

Other times they appear in areas that have no bearing to who they are or what message they would like to give to you. This would be described as random and their presence near you is the only important factor.

This is a good sign. We repeatedly remind you that you are never alone but in times of stress you may forget this and feel alone and without support. These lights are visual embodiments of your spiritual entourage.

The colors represented are what the spirit or guide is adorned with, the emotion they are sending you, the chakra color which represents the areas of your life they are helping you with, their favorite color, their stage of healing if they are a departed loved one or perhaps the common color they are associated with such as archangels. Many colors are possible.

They need to absorb energy to make themselves visible. They don’t need much. They will use enough energy to present themselves for as long as they feel would be noticeable. Sometimes the guide or departed loved one will be very adept at using our energy to manifest many things which will attract your attention. They are either well rehearsed in energy usage or they have recently left human form so our energies are still familiar to them. The better they are the more bright and noticeable the display.

The best direction to take would be to acknowledge someone’s presence. Resist the urge to feel fearful. Perhaps you are not familiar or don’t understand the orbs so you respond in fear of the unknown. Remember that beings who are of the Light and come from God will be able to present as white, gold, blue, pink, silver… Any darker being will not be able to present or maintain a bright color. Relax. Be comforted that loved ones, guides or other beings of light are near you for support, to bring you messages, healing and encouragement. Or, it may be a special occasion, an anniversary of a death, birth or other significant event.

You are not going crazy or losing your eyesight. These embodiments of light are near you out of love. God takes many forms and there are a multitude of Heavenly beings that were created by Him to bring you feelings of peace, comfort and grace.



Serenity Now

We have been gifted with solemn, sweet and sincere energy in this year of 2016. You have fallen behind on your daily self-care and it shows. Your wish to be in tune with your Divine self has been neglected for some time. Perhaps you think that the Universe will bring about your ascension all on its own? This is not accurate. You are the most important aspect of your evolution. You must take an active role and when things are failing to transpire, you must make some changes.

There will be little to do if you were able to release your stagnant energy and allow the synchronicity of the Universe welcome you. Your guides and departed loved ones wish to help but you must be in alignment for this to happen. If you practice your protective exercises you would actually have little to fear about the influx of energy.

Use White Light, a white bubble or sphere, a stunning white net, outward facing mirrors, a vortex of gold light, a battalion of angels surrounding you, animal totems … Use one or more and make this a habit. Once you are fully protected, nothing will pierce your sanctuary unless your guides, loved ones, angels, God or Jesus allows it. Relax and release.

You really do need the Chakra Waterfall. Please don’t minimize or belittle the importance of this one means of cleansing and purifying. Without releasing your pent-up, stagnant energy, you may make very little progress toward your enlightenment.

The time will not be better for you to experience not only less resistance with your spiritual growth but also atmospheric, energy assistance. You envision smooth sailing, the Universe will give you smooth sailing. You envision good health and healing, the Universe will oblige. You envision optimal communication with your guides and other Divine beings, you will be given a clear conduit.

This year is your best chance to achieve a higher level of existence with much less interference. Gather together your hopes, dreams and wishes and move forward in grace. Envision yourself fully present in the Kingdom of Heaven and you will bring about that energy, experience and existence.

Renew your protective energy, cleanse and clear your being and fill to overflowing with brilliant bright, white light every day. The details of your chart and your intended existence will flow to you. You will notice more synchronicity, luck, positive messages from your environment and feelings of being blessed.

The struggles that you experience are barriers that you maintain in your energy and being. You have placed those blocks in your own way. You insist upon thinking that you have to struggle, persist and earn the blessings and good fortune that is readily available to everyone.

Stop blocking your own progress. Be content, positive and hopeful instead. Expect the fulfilling job, beautiful home, the close family and intimate relationship with God. The Law of Attraction works well. Be accustomed to the energy of the possible. Your own doubt is what clogs the attraction of success and prosperity to your life.

Daily self-care is essential to your evolution. You may not “check out” and still expect self-actualization. Set your intent and follow along with your intended life. The feelings of success and inspiration build upon itself and more spiritual gifts will follow. Be humble and gracious. Always give thanks and show genuine appreciation. God will meet you more than half way. Once you have opened the doors and removed all of the barriers, He will bring you what you need.

Angels May Go To War

You have made so much progress in facing terror and being open to the practice of God. Are you a bad person because you smiled when the Paris terror leader died? No, not necessarily. Did you have a hand in it? Likely not. It is ok to view the world through the observers eyes. But, what would a faithful person do? Send love. Praise God. Pray for peace and resolution.

Did it occur to you to flood the city of Paris with White Light and angels? Perhaps this is where We will begin our discussion. There have been many wars and sadly more wars to come. Will death come to American soil? Yes. The next time you have to face this type of evil be positive and proactive. This may seem like a passive means to deal with violence, but what else would God have you do?

Be safe and make sure you know where you are going and who will be there. Make sure people know where you are. Do your best to avoid any criminal activity or areas where such incidents occur. Be alert and observant.

Surround yourself with White Light always. Ask God, spirit guides and angels to protect you from harm or injury. Give them permission to act on your behalf. Use any protection exercise that resonates with you and don’t allow this protection to falter.

Now, send angels into battle. This is done through prayer and envisioning it. Send legions of angels. Surround a site with angels facing the commotion and an outside layer of angels facing the surrounding community. Flood the area with God.

Why is this the best way to respond to any threat? Because there is an increased likelihood of a peaceful resolution. None or a limited amount of lives will be lost. There will be less trauma to the area and an influx of first responders and law enforcement. The best possible outcome with God involved.

This works anywhere. Movie theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, religious buildings, hospitals, schools… Life still unfolds but the power of God brings about more optimal results.

Then, do not forget the victims, their families, the community, or even the first responders, law enforcement, legal teams and judicial proceedings. Be vigilant about sending love and Light to the situation. Sometimes a trial can take years to occur. Why not be considerate of everyone involved and boost your blessing every so often. People don’t stop being harmed after a specific amount of time. The effects may be lasting and possibly permanent.

Send angels. They are never put out or annoyed by your request. They wish only to serve mankind and make all matters better. You will not drain them of their Divine energy. This would be impossible. The Universe is unlimited and so is God, Jesus and angels. By sending love and hope you also receive love and hope. This is an awesome deal.

Perhaps you think this perspective is passive. You may feel like anyone would be able to take advantage of you if you offered peace instead of anger and violence. What is life about? Who are you here to emanate? Your life chart is written in the name of God. Vengeance and violence are not “of God.” Many books and foretelling of religion have spoken of death, sacrifice and violence in the name of God. This is not so. Many of these historical events were brought about by someone interpreting the word of God. This has happened for many reasons but usually to bring about some circumstances which the interpreter prefers or is commissioned to support. Many people have died in the name of God but this has not been His own doing. We will revisit this topic at a later date.

Please understand that you are love. You are a healer. You are an instrument of God. Send any turmoil or crisis White Light, love and angels. You need not go to war, but angels will gladly march into any battle and bring about the most positive outcome possible. Their legions are majestic. They fill any space with the vibrant colors of healing, justice and peace. Anyone would bow to their glory. Their mere presence is breathtaking. Be proud that this humble response is your doing. You are far above the darkness of violence, as you should be.