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Yeah But…

Many of you still are offended that finding your mate, partner or soul love is not the extent of your existence. We will try to reframe our discussion so it makes more sense.

Think of your life in perspective. You were in spirit form and you identified specific experiences that you wanted to learn from. Love is a goal but it is not the be all end all. Love is included in your life chart but is not the culmination of it.

Remember the stages of development. You learn to trust or mistrust…

At some point you learn about love. Love of self. Love of family. Love of friends. You begin at your center and you learn to project this emotion outward. You either have reassurance and confirmation about love or you don’t. You may be safe to love family but have a hard time to find lovable friends. Or you may be able to project an unlimited amount of love outward without concern or repercussions.

These steps take time. depending upon the stability and support of your nuclear family, you are able to find more outlets for love. If you live in dysfunction or turmoil, less love is available to you and you mistrust the love that you have. Your actual life experience with love will vary from person to person.

Imagine being in a loving, emotionally stable home. You feel love and receive affirmations and support. In this instance, romantic love will come to you more easily. You don’t have the trust issues that many others your age have. Now imagine being in a family of turmoil. This makes even self-love difficult. It is less likely that you will find true love and be able to project it outward into the world to find romantic love and love of the world in general. Most of you fall in between these two extremes, which is normal.

By now you may have evaluated where you fall on this continuum. If you have trust issues, your goal of romantic love seems very important to you. It is something you have longed for. You may not realize all of the steps that were taken in your life for you to be uncertain of love, but you really want someone for your own. You also want someone who is “perfect” and “completes” you. At this point, this goal is not likely. You have many issues and concerns that have blocked your ability to form a healthy ability to love. Finding Mr./Ms. Perfect is very slim. You have more roads to travel than the person with the loving, stable base for their life.

To you this may seem unfair but, you wrote it. You have had many lifetimes of great love. You have had several children or none at all. You struggled with money or were financially independent. You suffered a severe illness or lived a long life and died of old age. All of this has been your reality. Putting your desire for romantic love must be placed in perspective. This life may not be about finding someone special. There may be a mountain of others things that you intended to do.

Even the emotionally stable person may find it difficult to find someone special. The search is difficult if you didn’t have a stable background in which to learn about love. If your goal is truly to find a healthy, stable love then you must do the work. Resolve your past issues and concerns. Release your need to hold grudges and be right all the time. Learn to value people because they are different and sometimes challenging. Open your mind and accept that your next love may be a work in progress just as you are. No one is perfect, including you.

Discover what expectations you have that are actually blocking your ability to find love. Take that list and do the work. There is no magical potion. Work through your own issues and then find someone you are able to function with on a healthy level. There are ups and downs. There are conflicts. There are always unmet expectations. Work with them. Make changes and compromise.

Respect begets respect. If you are abusing drugs, stealing, lying and trying to manipulate everyone…you will NOT find a healthy love. If you are angry and controlling, you will also not find a healthy love. If you are clingy and needy, guess what? You need to do the work. Make changes and find a higher level of functioning, then look for love.

You admire many people. You see that they are happy and deeply in love. You may envy them. The difference between you and them is what was written in your charts. They charted a loving, committed relationship and they followed their chart until they found it. You are midway. You have a longer walk and many issues to resolve before you find what they have.

Are there differences between their behavior and yours? Likely. They have learned to successfully manage a relationship. They have learned to budget, problem solve, parent, work, have leisure activities, good health… They have mutual respect and appreciation. That, or they are lying to everyone!

Resolve some past issues and concerns. Free up your potential to meet loving, friendly, emotionally stable people. Did you meet someone in a bar? Well then they act like they belong in a bar don’t they? Make love your goal, but make your intention to get healthy and find the love that you can stay healthy with.

Being able to follow your chart and complete the experiences that you have chosen is what this life is about. You may not have charted a romantic love this time around. What seems to be true is that you want to diminish or dismiss your actual life goals in order to find someone to be with, whether they are positive, emotionally healthy and well-intentioned people or not. This view is short sided at best. You may mature with age and find other goals regarding life and humanity or you may not and still only focus upon your love, wealth and status.

The disconnect happens when you feel that some mistake has been made. You certainly believe that your chart includes a passionate, lifelong love and not something about charity or world health. You could not have been so narrow-minded in spirit to NOT include that sizzling love affair. What you really want is to derail your chart, relentlessly pursue love and wonder why your life seems so empty. It feels empty because you are not on your path.

Love is not what you came here to focus on and some mistakes must have been made. “Who do I speak to so I can rewrite this?” No one. You may write your chart for your next incarnation after you have returned home. And, while in Divine spiritual form you will again realize that finding your “soul mate” is not what life is about. Good luck with that.


Barriers to Wellness

Many of you seem shocked that God may touch you so intimately that you experience a shift in consciousness. This is merely the tip of the ice burg. There are so many blessings that are possible to you once you have made the commitment to be “available.”

You may have noticed that religious leaders are serenely calm and flexible. They respond to stress with openness and compassion. They know how to be objective and see things from someone else’s perspective. They have simple yet calming solutions and always encourage you to learn and be humble as well. It is in this serene state that God guides you personally. Yes, your spirit guides, divine guides and angels pay close attention to you but God is also very capable of helping you along the way.

All of Heaven is at your bidding. You are the one that is blocking the sharing of Divine guidance. Some of you were so excited by the prospect of being elevated above your current state to be caressed by the Universe. Yet, these same people are the most weighed down by unnecessary blocks, barriers and baggage.

In order to touch the Realm of Heaven, you must be adept at meditation AND free from stagnant energy. There are many meditations and cleansing exercises on the internet, in books or offered in group settings. Please find one avenue that resonates with you and do the work. Resist reclaiming your darker energy that you have learned to release. Without this one step you will not find the upper realm accessible.

We have gone over meditation in the past. To receive some direct guidance We offer you a potential opportunity. Surround yourself in White Light. Ask for protection from God, angels, guides and loved ones. Rise above the earth into a higher elevation. Cut all cords and ties to earth. Focus on “floating.” You may feel tipsy. Please only try this exercise when you are safe and sound, not while operating heavy machinery. Stay above the earth plane and allow energy to flow to you and be absorbed. Remain in this state until you feel you have received all of the information that your guides and loved ones have sent to you. Return to an awakened state and sit quietly for a while. Make sure you are firmly attached to the ground before doing anything. You may feel unsteady and possibly fall or stumble. Remember to perform another protection exercise when you are done.

Some people remain in that high, floaty, surreal state. They may feel like they are at peace and absurdly relaxed. It may seem like a high. This is not recommended. In this state you will be late, miss deadlines, forget some responsibilities, lack supervision over your children, neglect relationships, quit your job… This would be detrimental to your earthly existence. You may feel that God will provide, but in truth, you still have to pay your bills, earn money and be responsible.

This is very refreshing. This is your opportunity to reach new heights. Continue to increase your meditative skills and get rid of all of your dark energy. Pray for help. Ask your guides and angels to flush your being clear. Fill back up with intense White Light.

This is but one step to more clearly find your path. Your availability to the energy of God will help you attain and maintain your path and make progress on your life chart. You may feel overwhelmed with information the first few times you reach this heightened state. It is true. It is also true that you will feel less overwhelmed if you connect with the higher realms more often. Think of it as updating your computer. The first time you do it takes longer, but once you do it regularly, the process is quicker.

The idea of walking directly upon your path is exciting. We will help you every step of the way. Our goal is to bring you closer to God and this series of posts will increase your direct connection to the Divine. Life is so much easier than what you have made it. We will offer guidance and create an alignment which will propel you forward. Communion with God is possible and very real.


What does it mean to forgive others as you would have others forgive you?

We speak often about forgiveness. This is essential for soul growth. You must wrap your mind around releasing others from the negative impact that they have upon your life. We are steadily learning that their influence upon you has actually been a part of your learning process. To hold animosity against someone because they have harmed you brings darkness to your soul. There is no need for retribution or keeping score. They have taught you exactly what you asked them to teach you!

Forgiveness is something that happens when you realize that your life has been orchestrated for your optimal learning. Always be thankful for the lesson. During prayer or meditation, be certain that God understands your gratitude. This is how your life was intended to be. You either learn your lessons quickly or slowly. If you have made the most of your experiences your life will flow quickly and holding a grudge is not recommended. If you learn more slowly, the same lessons must be taught to you multiple times until you learn it or block out any benefit you may have planned.

Be mindful that you have been enlisted to teach others lessons as well. In retrospect you may now realize what your behavior has taught others in your life. Are you a bad person for causing another person some emotional pain or a difficult lesson? No! Just as the other people who have shaped your life are not bad people either. Immaturity accounts for many difficult interactions. Now that you have aged and your loved ones also have more experience, the subject of life lessons may be more positive and productive. You need not go backward and explain every detail of what others have taught you, it is enough for you to know this for yourself. Now that you understand their purpose in your life…forgive.

They have taught you by contrast. Their emotions and actions impacted your life and the direction in which you were going. Please do not be naïve. Forgiving someone does not mean that they are allowed to reenter your life and cause further damage. It merely means that you have acknowledged the lessons that you learned through contact with them. Simple.

There are bad people in the world. They carry darkness and disregard for others deep within their soul. The truest blessing will probably be that you realize what evil looks, sounds and acts like and you may readily avoid these dark souls in the future. All humans must learn to avoid the darkness of evil. Some may have a slight brush and learn very quickly what to avoid. Others may need an in-depth interaction with darkness in order to learn the same lesson. Your experience with darkness may be influenced by anger, violence, substance abuse, crime, impulsiveness, greed, hate…

Your own heart may carry too many detrimental qualities to avoid darkness. In childhood and youth, many people react with anger and rage to the dysfunction that they live within. It may take many years for them to learn to speak rather than react. Maturity takes a huge weight off of the shoulders of people who find rage and darkness as their only means of coping. This change may not actually occur in one’s human life. They may continue into the afterlife and wreak havoc on strangers and loved ones from there as well.

We are asking you to forgive but not forget your lessons. Do not leave yourself vulnerable to those who have damaged your life in some manner. Or, approach someone after they have allowed time and grace to positively influence their lives. Even parents and siblings may have had a detrimental impact on your life. We would never ask you to remain beside them and subject yourself to abuse. Our perspective is for you to mature and evolve into an emotionally stable person, then choose how much contact you will have with your lower vibration family members or other loved ones. Sometimes you may not be able to have any relationship with certain people and that is ok too. As long as you have gathered enough wisdom, maturity and faith to know that they will not add any positive benefit to your life.

We had released a post much earlier on this site about your life being a garden. This continues to be true. Include plants and flowers that are positive and loving. Weed out any growth that brings decay or other forms of darkness around it. Look at your garden every day. Be sure that it is positive and Light. Does it represent who you want to be? If not, make some changes. There is no room for dark and oily substances. No matter the origin, this illness must be removed. The more you review your life you may actually discover where the sludge comes from and this may actually surprise you. Some of your dearest loved ones may have brought you conflict and turmoil without realizing it. This is often the case with loved ones. They may have a hard time accepting changes that have been made to society and mistakenly judge you. Love does not mean that they will not hurt you, but it may make it easier to heal from.

Forgive others as you would have others forgive you. You have been a teacher for many people in your life. The lessons you have taught may have been negative or out of darkness while you were young. Now that you seek spirituality, your lessons for others will hopefully be more positive and loving. True faith brings God and love into every interaction. This is who you intended to be and We will stand beside you as you find this blissful state of being.

This New Age Has Begun!

“It is great to be here with all of you. We, on the Other Side have noticed that a larger amount of you have been ushered in to a new level of Creation that has just been opened.”

“This has been thought about for many ages and We decided that it was time to start. We have been in communication with many of you in the past few years. We have found many open hearts who were willing to listen to us prepare for this time in your Earth-evolution.”

“We are pleased to welcome all of you. We have sent a similar message to many of the people who channel the thoughts and messages from the Other Side. Have you noticed the similarity? Many have.”

“This is the dawn of this feminine era which is full to bursting with energy for love, family and personal advancement. Do not be put out by the ‘feminine’ distinction. This is merely a way of looking at the tenderness and nurturing side of your Earth inhabitants.”

“We will make many distinctions about the different types of female energy that is being flooded into your plane of existence. The first of which is aptly known as the Expectant Mother Age. It is completely appropriate that we begin here. All of human life begins in the womb of a mother, does it not?”

“We expect new advances in medicine. A returned focus on home and hearth and less focus upon global events and economies. We will seek to ‘take care of our own.’ This is a popular concept among many protestors. Let us take care of our homeless and needy instead of trying to relieve these issues in other countries.”

“This focus will make grand advances in healthcare and social reform. Let us heal our young. Let us empower our own youth. Let us commit to raising our own awareness about the injustices in daily life.”

“How wonderful it will be to nurture our sick and needy. What a thrill to save our own infants from an early death. How majestic to see us take care of our own elders and homeless.”

“It does not mean that we no longer love the people of this planet, it only means that we must take care of our own people living on our soil first. You may wonder what would happen to the injustices of the world? They will take care of their own as well.”

“If the banking industry were to be reformed, each country would have its own resources to use to aid their own people. We do so much cross-contamination that this will be a welcomed relief when it occurs. Leave each country with its own resources and debt. Allow them to find their own way back to well-being. Every country will be able to recuperate their own losses.”

“Empower every country to heal their sick and feed their hungry. We may all share in the medical advances but let each country appropriate the supplies they will need for themselves. This will be a liberating experience!”

“Some may question our tactics but those I would say, ‘Let there be Light in every corner of the planet not just in our own.’ Allow us to help you move forward in this new age of feminine energy. Believe in us. Take heart that we know what to do to heal what is ailing your planet.”

“Trust in us.”

” Look to this new age as an expectant mother would. Does she prepare for all the births in her home town? No. She prepares for the birth of her own son or daughter. Does she clothe and feed all babies everywhere? No. She focuses gingerly and intently upon her own.”

“Trust in this new direction. We all expected great changes with the 11-11-11 portal opening. Here it is. Care for your neighbor and your cousin. Watch over the elders in your area. Guide the children of your neighborhood. Nurture and clothe your wounded returning from war.”

“Turn your focus toward our own lives, our families, our parents and brothers. There are injustices all over this world and there are people to care for them there. Let it be. Allow God to care for each and every soul where they each live.”

“You are not the caretakers of the entire planet. Empower people to serve in their own region and right what has gone wrong in their own lives.”

“Serve and be served. Establish a community of people who live closely to you. Your neighborhood is the best neighborhood to benefit from the charity in your heart.”

“Go with God. Amen.”

Makah Win

Do we really want to affect change?

Dearest daughter and others who are listening…

There are groups gathering together. Others are uniting under various causes that make them angry or feeling vulnerable about. They gather in many different places and group their thoughts to mix as one. This cry-out-loud occasion is causing people to feel empowered and able to change volumes of civil wrongs.  

What is the next great upheaval? Where will the most changes be affected? Is this “movement” reaching the everyday person who needs help? No. It is not.

The average person is not going to feel any benefit of these gatherings and protests. The large corporations are not going to bow down to the little guys in the street. The only thing that would make them create any change would be to affect legislation to make amends with the general public or to hit big business in the pocket-book. Neither of these actions are being brought about by the protests.

People need to become organized and impact change through legislation. This requires money for lobbyists and legal assistance. This would be a class action suit the likes of have never been seen before. Very intricate organization would be needed. “Volunteers” would be required to devote much of their time and resources to this newly formed structure. Will this happen? Likely not. The common everyday man cannot go without an income for more than a few days. Then, if lobbyists are hired they will lobby for their own benefit at the cost of the people who hired them. This is what the government does. To bring about radical change the integral workings of the government itself will need to be dismantled.

This dynamic of people seeking power and money will begin again and again. How does one change this entire dynamic of wealth and power? By acquiring wealth and power? No. You would then behave in a way to prolong your own wealth and power.

The “have-nots” may become the “haves” and then seek to survive on their wealth and prolong what they now have, increased wealth and power.

The new leaders that have stood at the front of these protests would require wealth and power to continue to act on behalf of the 99%. The power and wealth bestowed upon them by the common man would then again be abused and manipulated.

Some may think this is a dark and possibly “jaded” view but it is merely not only true but likely. There is an inherent need for big business to align and promote big business. They view each other as companions and the rest of us as lambs to be fleeced. Big business has respect only for another big business. They don’t even value the lobbyists and politicians because these people are only to be used and manipulated.

I truly apologize to you. I do not seek to make you feel held down and under duress. I only seek to enlighten you about what you may see happening in the world around you.

To positively change the conundrum of greed, wealth and power from multiplying upon itself there must be broad sweeping changes in the mindset of all americans, together. WE will gather together and speak to the truths about the common man, the little people, the minions. WE will set forth a dynamic to promote good thoughts and wonderful feelings. WE will promote the selfless to act in accordance with true charity and benevolence.

It must be said that what truly matters is the amount of love in your heart and the number of loving relationships you have with others. WE will help you to overcome the big business dynamic if you wish but you must admit that if you were to gain power and wealth yourself that you would not convert to promoting yourself and only yourself. Why would God give you the chance to become an abuser once you are relieved from being abused? Why would WE give you the tools to manipulate and undermine others in your own life?

True altruism is required. The momentum of Godliness and faith could gain more following and energy if we commit to only Godliness and faith.

Think about this and let your Divine Guides know what you decide. If you choose power for change and the promotion of goodness and light you will be given the tools to succeed and to make a difference. If you wish to remain in your current dynamic, of course, God will still love you but you will likely remain a dupe for all the businesses that hold court over you now.

There is a new energy that many in the world have come to recognize. Some use it to cause change and others use it to strengthen their hold over those around them.

Pray for the Light. Look toward God. Unite in the power of healing. Promote health care and employment for all. Use your belief in the Divine to boost your power of prayer. Give anyone a hand up who needs one.

Find strength in each other and move forward in Christ.


Makah Win, My Divine Guide