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My Hope for Channeling For You

A reminder for those who stop by and read my blog, the content is channeled from my higher guide Makah Win. She is draped in golden/white light and is stationed at my apex.

I am psychic and have been aware of Makah Win only since this summer. I was attending a mediumship development class and happened to notice her presence.

Some times the words posted seem so foreign to me. I ususally read through them a few times before I am able to fully comprehend what has been said.

There are even times when I am not so accepting of her words! I credit my own ignorance for that.

I hope this is helpful to more people than just me. I enjoy being in contact with such beautiful beings. I have spoken to angels and Archangels and even Jesus! I am able to read my guides and the guides of my children. We have plenty of family that stop by because they know we will hear them and know that they are there. My daughters’ paternal grandfather is witty and playful and he loves them very deeply.

We even have a spirit cat that will be with us until we go home as well. We have no doubt that she will be one of the first souls to meet us!

My hope is to bring love and wisdom to those who happen by. The words are not my own but I trust that she speaks many truths that we all need to hear.

I hope this note finds you at peace and in divine balance.

Love & Light,


channeling my higher guide

I am Lisa. I have been channeling for just the past few years and only seldom. These posts are composed by channeling my higher guide, Makah Win, pronounced mah-kah ween. She is draped in golden light and places herself at my apex or directly above my crown. 

When I started this blog I thought I would be discussing the many difficulties of my life both in the past and present. That didn’t happen. I ended up channeling instead.

Remember, I am human just as you are. Theses posts are information channeled from a higher energy plane. Sometimes I struggle to completely wrap myself around what is being shared in these posts.

There are times I feel far inferior because I am not able to fully accept what is being spoken. I am human and on a spiritual path. Me, as a person, may not have any more answers than you. I do enjoy spending this time with you and I have no intention of stopping.

Remember, WE are in this together. I am imperfect as we all are.

Love & Light, Lisa