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It Is Time To Prepare

Spring is the time of rebirth and regrowth. The Earth shakes off her winter chill and looks again toward the sun.

We begin to think of warm weather and outdoor activities. We look all around and see the new beginning of this growing season.

We watch as birds and plants become more active. All of us reach for the sun and seek the warmth of her rays on our upturned faces.

Gone are the listless days of winter; overcast and damp. We plan and prepare for the fun and sun of summer.

How do you feel spiritually? Are the bright, sunny days breaking through and giving Light and Love to your soul?

This is a good place to start. Renew your faith in God. Make plans for being more active and send your Spring Joy out into the universe! 

Add color and fresh scents to your home and place of work. Wear your bright and festive clothes and smile as bright as the sun!

What changes has this year brought? Are you still feeling the waves of energy? Have you decided what the Mayan calendar truly means? Has this election year changed any part of your life?

There is so much happening that we may not be able to absorb it all. The best place to start is right at home. Make sure you feel well and take good care of yourself.

Are your relationships in order? Is there someone who you need to reconnect with? Is there someone who needs your forgiveness?

Let go of all of your tethers. Send joy and love into the world. Release any need to be dark and moody. Now is not the time to focus inward. Look out and absorb the wonderful and positive sensations that Mother Earth is sending to you.

Embrace the coming full moon and open yourself to the transformation that needs to take place. Let go of your need to be controlling and unforgiving. This is NOT how God wants you to be.

True strength and resilience comes from being a knowing Child of God. You are great. You are powerful. You are loved. Understand and be still.

Take great comfort in your faith. We are ONE with God and it is time to step out from the shadows and be heard and be seen.

Every one of us has a road to take and goals to meet. This is a year of great transformation and we cannot allow ourselves to lag behind. Move forward and take your place in the House of God. Meet all the wonders of 2012 with hunger.

Find your center and grow outward from there. Spring is for growth and birth and your intentions take on more meaning. Draw that crowd to you and speak highly of our new direction in this age. It is time to build upon the hard work done in 2011.

We bind ourselves together as we move our Earth-Home ever closer to God. The plans are made, the supplies are readied and we are the workforce. 

There is much to be done in the name of God,



Romney vs Obama

“I have requests for follow-up posts about, Always Take the High Road, Pan for Gold and Stepping Stones. I can’t resist asking Evelyn for her take on the political race now that Santorum is out. Lisa”


Anger, shock and despair. He believed that people would follow him simply because he spoke some harsh truths that others are not strong enough to speak. He felt that the more people who heard his words of God that they would be pressured, by their sense of what is right, to back him AND raise more awareness of his righteousness.

He was stunned to find out that people would so easily turn away from the dogma of his beliefs and follow others to poll. He is in disbelief, for certain. he fears for the salvation of our souls since we indignantly turned away from him and what is inherently right.

It is as if he is unable to comprehend that he was wrong about “us.” We must truly be sheep if we are unable to grasp even the most simple “truths.” 

He is questioning all of our upbringings. How could we be led so easily to our own demise?

He has not wavered in his personal beliefs, he merely looks around him and wonders what would need to happen in order to wake us up.

Whatever his next direction is he will surely take a moment to pray for our souls.


Tickled. Happy to have the spotlight for himself. No happy words or encouragement for Santorum. “Good-bye…just, good-bye.”

He intends upon running a positive campaign. If he feels like he is behind in the polls he may take off the gloves, but he would prefer not to.

He feels like he is behind Obama. He is not exactly sure of the numbers since Santorum stepped out just yesterday.

He is acutely focused on the election road ahead. He will bear down and stay as busy as he is able to. He does his studies and follows his handlers more closely than before. He feels how important these next few months will be.

His acuity is heightened like that of an eagle. He is quick to respond and sure in his steps. The lack of one competitor is stoking the wind in his sails.  

His point of view has narrowed considerably. There are fewer options to consider and he knows who his competition is. 


Sitting in the cat-bird’s seat. Confident.

Always Take the High Road

Love. All communication need involve love.

Look around and take inventory of all that your life includes. If you have faith, hope and charity there is little else that you “need.”

The important thing to remember is that you are eternal. Your soul has existed for a millennia and will continue to exist far beyond the pulse of 2012. You are an expansive being with the intentions of spiritual growth throughout each incarnation.

There are goals to be faced. You may be early in your ascension or you may be very well advanced. That matters little. We all progress at our own rate and no one is better than the other. Every soul’s experience is part of the collective “source.” We all have a part to play in the expansion of our collective pool of experience.

Some may have been grey or dark for a period of time. They eventually turned toward the Light again. They may further behind but still welcome in our collective experience.

Some may still be dark. We came here to Earth to experience that  blend of negativity. Earth is a hardened school experience because of the dark. We chose this place for our heightened expansion. If we existed in pure Light we would know love and contentment but we would lose the lessons spurned by negativity. 

Knowing that we are God in human form makes our goals more clear. Exist in love. Interact in love. Speak with love. Give everyone a helping hand. Raise up the poor and destitute. Offer compassion. Offer hope. Light the way for another human being.

No one wins in this life. We all experience, then go home. There is nothing to be gained by not helping your fellow man. Your soul would actually gain purpose and strength by helping others.

This is 2012. There are many expectations of this year. Adjust your course to meet the needs of your own soul and add depth and understanding to our collective experience. In all of your interactions, offer love, offer compassion, offer hope. Exist as the eternal being that you truly are!

Throw out the roadmap. Lose the instruction manual. Give to the world the greatest, most profound gift; LOVE.

In the footfalls of God we tread,


More Politics

The political race seems to be slowing down. The candidates are watering down their beliefs and feelings in order to bring people closer, not to push them further away. They have made many missteps and have paid dearly for their errors.

Each mistake they make costs them in support and money. Their financial backers may be put off by some of their stronger statements as well. They lose points and gain points daily.

Truly, at this stage, they feel as if they are living in a glass house. Even off-handed remarks influence the electorate. One day they are leading, the next day they are falling behind.

It is as if the candidates are playing an end-stage game of Twister. They are hopelessly entangled on their own and then we add the other candidates.

They practice over and over what should be said and cautioned over and over what shouldn’t be said. They are well-rehearsed. The successful candidate is certainly the one who may be trained most efficiently. The best one at following the rules will suffer fewer missteps.

Have you noticed that the best candidate is the one who accepts direction more easily and is able to retain the lessons taught to them by handlers all throughout the day? If you have difficulty following direction, you will not do well in the political arena.

What about the smaller offices up for re-election? Have you seen a candidate that does not tolerate the pressure to be non-offensive? They usually make a statement about the scrutiny of the political arena and then drop out of the race. Their egos do not respond well to being reigned in. Being corrected is intolerable.

There are also politicians who aren’t able to stand up to the personal scrutiny of the press. Their lives have been more colorful than the candidate who has been married to the same woman and apparently resisted the urge to cheat.

Everything comes into play during an election! Who could stand up to this barrage of criticism? Do we realize how WE make it nearly impossible to elect good leaders? Is it any wonder that there are fewer and fewer candidates when it finally gets to be election time? Or, is this how we want it to be? Survival of the fittest is actually survival of the image makeover.

Perhaps with this New Age of 2012, things will begin to change. Maybe the energy turmoil will help us to  narrow our focus upon what makes a good political leader and what is the best option to elect our future leaders? Maybe.

It is possible to focus the reform movements on the election process. It may actually be very successful in changing our political direction. If our focus on money reform and banking reform now focuses on politics, we may take the next 4 years to improve the process. That would be an enlightened plan!

Doesn’t it make sense for us to reform our political system so we may care for our selves, children, elders, families and homes? We may also focus on the environment, energy alternatives, healthcare and Social Security. If we elect the best leader then these humanitarian goals would be easier to address and attain.

Add your positive and enlightened energy into the political race. Make the bast decision about who gets elected so that we may see our culture grow and prosper. We have the responsibility to make the needed changes for the next generation and the one after that.

There are so many different floods of energy coming this year. We have used some of it to better our own lives, now we may make improvements to our entire society. Just as we care for our own young so must we care for all of our young.

Look to the new energy for the strength to do what is positive and good. Make some well-informed decisions and take steps to achieve the goals toward a better society.

Be Present and Be Active,



Stepping Stones

Have you set your goals for 2012 yet? Some of you have. Some are still pondering. I have a great suggestion for how to proceed…steps.

Establish your long-term goals and then break them down into smaller steps. A chart would be helpful especially if you are a visual learner.

If you want to increase your income, establish a small step of a manageable amount. Then a larger goal, and so on. An example would be an extra $25 per month then after a few months, $50 per month…

Make sure to chart your progress. It helps to keep you motivated.

Do you want to eat less red meat? Set a smaller goal and then move on to an intermediate goal, then a larger goal. Set a long-term goal to be red meat free in 6 months or 1 year. Whatever goal is reasonable to you.

What if you need to bring down your blood pressure? How about bringing up your good cholesterol level? Do you want to quit smoking?

Your goals are up to you! Do you need a reward at the end? Be reasonable. Don’t celebrate “no red meat” by having a steak!

Small, reachable steps. Intermediate goals. Long-term goals. This is very personal so try not to allow anyone else decide what you need.

This is a high energy time in all of our lives! Let’s make the most of this giant energy push that God is giving us.

Bring more art, reading, painting, writing, and other self-pleasing activites into your life.

Be the BEST role model for everyone around you. The year 2012 is a challenge to some and a springboard to others.

My Best to You, Always,


Enjoy the Bounty of 2012

Where do you go from here? Anywhere you wish.

This year is one of great change and limitless energy. If you open up to the energy you may achieve many things that you have longed for.

Does success make you nervous? Do you feel prosperity coming and you unintentionally block it from reaching you? Many of us do just that!

Sure we have grown up with fear of failure but there is another powerful emotion known as fear of success. How could we not want more of what makes us happy? What purpose does this fear serve? Absolutely none.

Another term applicable here is “sabotage.” We derail our success by strategically placing blocks and barriers in the way. Why? Because we feel unworthy of the good things in life.

Obviously, there are some concerns at work here from your childhood or young adulthood. There are many books on the subject or find a support group. Counseling is a great solution. Someone may help you by recognizing what you are doing to sabotage your success and you may discover what your motivation is.

Did or does someone tell you that “you would never amount to anything.” Or that you are “worthless” or “pitiful.” Was a sibling favored over you? Did you remind your mother of your father and it just so happens that she hates your father?  

It is a great relief when you finally realize that no one should have ever made you feel so bad about yourself. It was actually their own depression or their own dismal life that caused them to say such things to you. You actually didn’t deserve any of it.

Was there alcohol, drugs or violence in your home while you were growing up? These conditions create dysfunctional spousal and parent/child relationships. Again, none of this was your responsibility.

Find forgiveness for what you believe about yourself that isn’t true. That voice in your head that puts you down isn’t even your own. You may think it sounds like you, but it actually began with someone else who decided to make you feel lower and more worthless than they did about themselves.

Find the answers. Ask the questions. There are books and support groups everywhere that may help you make changes to your damaged self-worth.

Release the lies and manufactured blame. Allow God to love you as deeply as your actual true value is. Partake of this bold and stimulating energy that is currently bathing the earth.

Reach for and grasp the success that you deserve. Let no one single you out as unworthy or invaluable. Keep from blocking what is rightfully yours.

God looks at no one and states that they are unworthy. Humans do that. We hurt others because somehow it boosts our own feelings of worth. The truth is it never works that way. The people who have harmed you still did not gain any benefit from causing you to cry. It darkened their soul as it should have.

Enjoy the bounty of 2012. Let loose the binds that unfairly hold you back. Dream and prosper. Enjoy the good life and spread words of love.

It is as God had intended,



You are Important to Us

The road to ascension is paved with actions that are done for others. We find many reasons to avoid community service but many of those reasons may sound a little thin or forced.

We sit back and count our blessings but what about the blessings needed by others? It is ok to keep it simple. Any attempt to help others in your community is better than no effort at all.

Start small and build up your comfort with this new role of public benefactor. Many have asked out loud about what your life purpose is and this is one very important aspect of that.

Just think, if we donate some time or money and others are encouraged to spend a little time or money. This will build upon itself and create a lasting impact. It would be a “movement” of sorts and you would be in on the ground level. That would make your heart soar! You would step forward and be accountable for knowing what your divine path involves. This is not the only thing on your path but it is an important one.

As we gather at the center of human and earthly health we will pass along the knowledge that we have gained and others will be inspired to build upon it. How many times have you had the conversation lately about the time shift and energy influx? You have a working knowledge of these events and you are sharing this knowledge with others. This means that you are already a leader and a teacher for this New Age. Congratulations!

See how simple it is? Your enlightenment feeds the souls of others on their path to enlightenment. This is already a movement and you are an important part of it.

Continue to seek answers to God’s Will and the Energy Shift of 2012. Have those conversations with those who seem open to spiritual direction. Their life will have gained depth and understanding and you will have fulfilled God’s expectation for you to teach and to lead! How wonderful!

Awaken to the new direction that your life is taking. With an open heart and an open mind we will all move closer to our Divine Purpose. Just by reading these words you are seeking greater knowledge about your world. Keep this process going and make certain that you recognize when you have achieved something important and note-worthy.

How lucky we are to be the leaders of this new era in the existence of our Earth.

Love begets love. Hope begets hope. Honor begets honor. We will usher in a new age just by being open to the wonders of God and the Divine.

You are welcome here, in this place of leadership. You have a divine purpose and you will never be left without the loving attention of our Creator.

Go forth with grace,



The New Wave

As luck would have it, we are entering into a new phase of this enlightened period. There are fresh waves of Divine Energy being sent to us from above. 

We may feel it as another level of awakening. If one had not been awakened with the last flush of profound energy then perhaps they will sense this one more and begin upon their path to becoming their higher selves.  

This is a process of gathering enlightened souls together so that we may connect with larger numbers of humans at the same time. You may have noticed the push already in your meditation circles, mediumship classes, healing events and prayer circles.

WE are bringing those of like-mind ever closer together. You will state in the next few weeks that the world is truly much smaller than you realized. You will have contact with healers in Japan and Australia. Seers in England and Mexico will communicate with each other. The world will become very small and profoundly vast, all at the same time!

Go where your intuition tells you to. Connect with others through chat groups and forums. Read the newsletter that appears to be about healing and love. Search for blogs about enlightenment and ascension.

Gather together with others who understand your search and add to the wealth of your knowledge. Share your healing energy with souls you immediately recognize as similar to you. Enjoy the company! Have you ever made so many new friends so easily?

The one thing to remember is to stay grounded. You will fare much better against the waves of energy if you are not floating freely.

If you are not grounded, the energy will hit you and be diffused instead of being taken in and being blended with your already heightened perception. Use this Divine Light for your highest and best intentions. Grow, nurture and BE the Light that everyone needs now.

Share the love that God has given to you. Use your heightened knowledge to make progress toward enlightenment. Share with others who understand what you now know.

This is a beautiful time. God walks among you and is ever closer to your touch. Open your heart and your mind. Gather with others who have also found God’s Eternal Love. This era is for you! We may wish and hope and see all of our dreams come true.

We are ONE and this will never be so obvious as it is now. Follow your heart through the door to the Divine. Be welcomed there and know Peace.

Make your place next to mine and I will bring you along into the Light,


You Would Love Another “10 Things” List!

Look around and take inventory of your current life. Have you forgotten to ask for all of your hopes and wishes? Did you get caught up in the possibility of loss and change?

Ask for all that you desire. If you experience a life altering change then find God among the reasons and results. Please don’t live in fear. Instead we want you to loosen your tethers and live more fully!

Learn from everything in your existence! Experience each sensation and dream. Take whatever this year brings to you and make your life better as a result. Even loss can be an invaluable learning experience.

No FEAR! Faith is stronger than fear. Choose to dwell in communion with God.

Here are the 10 things we know right now.

1. Change is good. It may be uplifting and refreshing. The difference between good change and upsetting change is all about your perspective. Always find the Light in change.

2. Faith is what will bring you through these trying times. Believe that you expected everything that you now have in your earth experience. We all asked to be here in 2012. We wanted this energy-flooded life! We asked for lemons because we love lemonade!

3. Friends and family may stay beside you through this energy shift. Some may not. Please don’t feel like you have done anything wrong. We are all at different levels in our own expansion and some of your loved ones are more shrouded in immaturity or fear. They have their own path and it may not stay joined with yours at this time. It is possible to reconnect when everyone achieves more growth. 

4. Money does NOT make your life meaningful or satisfying. Grasp the concept that happiness comes from within your being and the rest is just incidental. It is possible to be happy with an exceptional income OR when just getting by. It is your perspective and faith that create true bliss.

5. Not everyone has enough medical insurance. There are many Americans who are in the gaps. They don’t have enough income to keep good coverage and they make too much money to qualify for the subsidized programs. We are learning harsh lessons about universal healthcare. There are people all over this country in serious financial trouble because of persistent illnesses that they cannot afford to keep treating. Many more suffer catastrophic illness or injury that may cause them to file bankruptcy.

6. We need more focus on healthier food and fewer additives. It is fine to create hybrid plants but only if the intent is to increase their nutritious value and prolong freshness. We are moving drastically toward widespread, artificial food products. This is not healthy for any of us, especially for children.

7. A full-disclosure government would probably send many of us into a panic state. A great many things have been kept from us or redacted for our comfort. This would be better accomplished in a more subtle shift toward truth and openness. Be careful what you wish for. More than likely, even with full-disclosure legislation, our government would still find loopholes and pockets of protection where many secrets would continue to be kept. 

8. Travel if you must. God loves us dearly. We were brought to this plane to learn and to grow. Our focus was meant to be on family and community. If we have more than enough resources then we were to make improvements in and around our homes. God intended for us to enrich our existence in our own neighborhood. Bring joy and good fortune to the people who you grew up with and continue to see every day.

9. Give to others what you no longer need. Charity is one of the most important things we do in our every day lives. Charity is good for the heart and the soul.

10. God honors us in this difficult time. We came here for a reason. We no longer remember what that reason was since the earth’s energy has dulled our Divine connection. We chose to learn and to grow in intense conditions. We believed ourselves to be strong enough to not only overcome this energy shift but to excel! We had that much faith in ourselves. Anchor yourself to this path that you have chosen. Accomplish and achieve! Do not let the changes in your experience leave you without strength or faith.

This is the path that you chose to show yourself and God that you will overcome adversity and succeed. Make faith is stronger than fear. Prosperity comes to you from your own perspective on life.

Allow God,


Political Answers From Spirit

Love. Gather around and share love. Express your heart in terms of well wishes from you to the universe.

There have been some difficult times recently. We are now feeling a lull in the turmoil around us. The political scene has dwindled down and there are definite alliances seen between the major players.

There will be some major missteps from some of the more visible candidates. They will speak from their heart and not after any forethought and it will resonate badly with the electorate. Oooops.

We will see some very obvious disconnects with what they have been saying all along. We may see them in a more genuine light but then we won’t like them! We will retrace our steps and critique where we went wrong. This is good for all of as a growth process. We will again move forward with a better understanding of who these people are and what their agendas are after attaining office. 

Who is genuine? Who is power-hungry? Who just wants to make waves?

Be still and seek direction. You may choose a format by which spirit may give you input. Such as a chart with different names in differing colors. Perhaps, slips of papers with initials on them. Some simple way in which to receive specific answers. Then don’t second guess or over think what you receive right away! Allow it to be settled at first.

 Write down your results and let it go. We often change our own direction by over-thinking everything! Allow some time to pass and then think about the advice in more detail. 

Then, the bad news. Sometimes information given from spirit is intentionally inaccurate! This is done to push you in a different direction so you will either make a stand or switch gears.

An example would be if you were in a bad relationship and a psychic, tarot card reader or other intuitive where to tell you that this person is “the one.” This is the person to marry and begin a family with and invest all of your energy into. You are intended to say to yourself, “This person is cruel, untruthful and they cheat on me. This is NOT who I belong with. I deserve better! ”

I hope this example makes sense. Intentional misinformation is to cause you to stand firm about something that you truly believe in. Or, if you are on the fence this is intended to force you to make a choice and commit to it. Or, spirit may give you inaccurate Lotto numbers because you are trying to work the system!

In reference to politics, you may be given direction to follow candidate A. No questions, it is definitely A. Then the more you think about it, A is on the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to what you feel is important to you and your community. Then you realize that following A would be a mistake and then you search for a better match to your own ideals.

Always remember that we are here on earth to learn. Spirit is willing to teach you but not spoon feed everything to you. You actually learn more by going through a process of making decisions through trial and error.

Some decisions are handed to you but only because this situation was not on your list of lessons to learn independently. You do get a helping hand but not across the board.

(This is a good process by which to get any information from spirit. If you attempt to get direction and want to verify your results with a psychic, I will definitely give you assistance. Just email me your question and the answer your recieved. I will get back to you. Lisa)

WE are definitely improving our internal guidance system each day we interact. It is a process and practise will improve our results.

Walk with me in the Light of God,