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The Blueprint to Recovery

Now what? Was your introduction to 2013 uneventful or did you experience some excitement or drama?

I have been sick so my New Year’s was very quiet. Now that we have all arrived in 2013, what does spirit have to say?

Time will speed up quite a bit. Whatever you are thinking and feeling will come to you almost immediately. Be wary of the Law of Attraction. If you expect financial turmoil and lean times that is exactly what you will get!   

If you focus upon financial success and personal gain that is what the Universe will bring to you. Remember this when new circumstances arrive. Think back and survey your thoughts. Is this exactly what you asked for?

Catch yourself when you are replaying that negative loop about loss and financial hardship in your mind. Stop yourself as soon as you realize what you are saying internally. God will bring you exactly what you wish for so make sure it is positive and loving.

Spirit also states that we will continue to experience illness for at least 2 more months. It will either be ourselves or someone close to us. Don’t fear, it is not any more serious than a cold or virus. Our illness will run its course then leave. Be prepared, some of our family groups will have one or more ill people at the same time! The good news is that it will end in late February or early March. Good luck to you!

We will see an influx of more positive energy and hopeful circumstances. We will buy that home or that newer vehicle. Our savings will grow and job security will make a well needed comeback. We will all make a collective sigh of relief.

What did you learn? How much more prepared are you for tough times?

Remember everything that caught you by surprise in 2012. Be wary of certain banks and lenders. Watch for Ponzi schemers and deals too good to be true. Invest in better flood insurance. Make certain your health insurance covers what you and your family needs. Seek better pharmacy coverage or more reasonable co-pays.

Review the security of your homes, schools and community centers. Be watchful of others who pose a risk to you and yours due to untreated mental illness or lax gun control. Have you noticed how many families are coming forward to state how their mentally ill loved ones have been underserved by health care for extended periods of time? Or, under supervised by the legal system?

I grew up with a violent, untreated, paranoid schizophrenic in our home. I know what some people have to deal with on a daily basis. I grew up in fear. Unlike some mentally ill people, my brother was violent to our own family members and destructed our personal property. How scary would it have been if he targeted the schools or the community?

There are many untreated mentally ill individuals. We have seen a second subway pusher now and she has been violent and untreated for years.

Let us remember. All of these difficult lessons were experienced so that we may learn from them. The real shame would be if we again reverted into denial and made no progress toward improving the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those close to us.

What will we learn from Obamacare? What will the sun flares and global warming teach us this year? How many more animals species will progress toward extinction? What about this treatment resistant malaria? Where do we stand on hazing? What should be done with schools and institutions that are proven to not report or under report child sexual abuse? How can we respond to fraudulent construction companies that feed off of our home/auto tragedy survivors? What about fracking?

There have been some stunning events that came to be in 2012. Please make certain that progress is made toward recovery. We have had many opportunities to learn some very important lessons. Don’t allow our pain and suffering to resolve without a prudent amount of oversight.

Let us have the strength to make things better. We are here to do God’s work and we know that there is more than enough that needs to be done. The blueprint is there. We only have to review this past year in order to develop a productive “to do” list.


The Glory of 12/12/12

I had a beautiful awakening on 11/11/11. I am eagerly anticipating another one on the 12th.

My hope is that I will allow myself to drop all of my baggage and barriers so I will be able to assimilate the bounty into my dense and awkward human self.

Last year I couldn’t help but sense the profound crescendo of energy all around us. I spent some time just being relaxed and still. I opened my chakras and third eye. I allowed the energy to bathe and infuse me.  

Remember that you must open your entire being. That is the front, back and the inside! So many of us only focus on the visible front of ourselves but there is so much more of us that needs cleansing and rejuvenating as well.

Ask your angels and guides to protect you from any dark or lower energies and give them permission to act on your behalf. Granting permission is necessary. Without your permission they will not be able to fully protect you.

Surround yourself with White Light and remember to infuse your entire being. Front, back and through-n-through.

Allow God to fill you with wisdom and healing. Speak to your angels and guides and let them know your deepest thoughts and feelings. Ask for what you want and need. Then release your need to micromanage your life.

Having faith allows you to relax and trust that your life is in God’s hands. By living each day with comfort and contentment will enable God to bring your predestined life to you. Stress and frustration blocks all the blessings that may be trying to come to you.

You may have asked for money. God is trying to bring it to you but your own stress is blocking the path. The same may be true with healing or any of your other needs. Relax and have faith!

Is it easier to hand a drink of water to someone who is gently swinging in a hammock or someone who is  power walking? (I don’t mean literally!) For God to help you need to release your need to control everything. Some things are just so simple that you may just let it be. Any way that it plays out is fine.

Make sure to place everything in perspective. If something breaks or goes wrong, look for the lesson not a stick of dynamite! We all know people who would reach for that dynamite don’t we?

Enjoy this blessing of 12/12/12. Improve your relationship with God and all of your Heavenly Hosts. Blissfully relax in that imaginary hammock and receive every wonderful lesson and journey that you have been hoping for.

Ground and center yourself. Meditate and pray. Bask in the glory of this next portal of awakening on 12/12/12!

The Spirit Election Forecast!

Dismal and disappointing.

Even when your candidate wins, you’ll still be disillusioned after a while. It seems to be more of the same for years to come.

Are some of us more aware of the shortcomings of politics? Does this have to do with 4D? Or, am I becoming more enlightened and have more insight into the political world of today? Probably all three!

We are all beginning to realize that we need to become a more integral part of our government. This idea of electing officials then stepping back no longer works for us. Our government needs continued oversight. Obviously.

What would spirit have us know?

1. Remain vigilant. Don’t walk away and “trust” anyone to make the best decisions for all of us. Being involved and aware is the best approach.

2. Don’t just cast one ballot. Stay involved and press your constituents whenever a vote in congress will impact your life, your property, your income and your health.

3. Rally when more information is needed. Call attention to votes that need to be monitored. What is best for everyone involved? Who really stands to gain from this legislation? What will be the impact upon our future generations? Don’t go quietly anymore.

4. Ensure that politicians know that they are accountable!

5. Prepare for the next election as soon as this one is completed. Be proactive instead of reactive. Have all of the information needed to make a better informed decision at the next election. Pay attention to party moves at all times and not just in the months leading up to another vote.

6. Advocate for yourself, your family and your community. Don’t ever believe that someone else will watch over you!

7. Be a party organizer. Start right away and make certain to keep all of your fellow citizens updated on all party maneuvers and tactics. Hold regular meetings designed to follow your party’s elected officials and grade whether they are making good decisions or not. Make certain that they know you are following them closely. You are a force to be reckoned with.

8. Keep financial support down to a minimum. Make sure your candidate knows that your group’s money follows whether they are accountable to you or not. If they make bad decisions or funnel support away from you and your group members, then cut off the money to make your point. It is ok to hit below the financial belt. 

9. Advertise for more group members. Make certain to seek people of like mind. Bringing adversity into your group would distract all of its members away from what is important. If they want different goals then allow them to part from you and seek their own platform. Do not engage in conflict among your group members. Staying on the same page will increase your strength.

10. Don’t forget! Try your best to stay vigilant and not let up. Good intentions are not as successful as proactive movement. Always remember that we want our world to be a better place not only for ourselves but for our next generations as well.

What To Do When The Veil is Thin

Protect yourself! Use as many self-protection actions as you may think you need. Never let your guard down and empower your guides to help you as well.

With all of these suggestions give your guides permission to intervene on your behalf. Angels may be empowered to intervene as well. It is necessary to restate your permission as their ability to intervene will fade over time. Use this approach often. Your guides and your angels are always there to protect you and don’t mind a bit, but they do need your permission.

Surround yourself with White Light. Remember to infuse the Light throughout your being and not just cover the front of your body. We always forget to protect our backs and all through and through, from top to bottom.

Envelope yourself with mirrors facing outward. Any negative entity will suffer from their own energy being projected back to them. They definitely won’t like this.

Surround yourself in a White bubble. All the beautiful energy may come in but none of the darkness.

Imagine the Light of your God center. Add more energy to this area and allow the Light to radiate outward, brighter and brighter. Allow yourself to be fully engulfed and infused by this Light and renew this image as often as you feel you need to. The brightness of this Light will repel many darker beings and not allow them any access to your energy. If done correctly they will have no port to attach to.

Pray. Ask for God and all of your Heavenly Hosts to give you complete protection from lower energies. Give them permission and give thanks for the help that you receive.

Pray also for no beings to be allowed near you unless they come from the Light AND have only the best intentions for you. This will allow your departed loved ones to be near but not any earthbound spirits or ghosts. Do not just state “from the Light” because even the dark ones have originally come from the Light, then have turned away.

Use crystals that aid in self-protection. I am not an expert on crystals but you may find some suggestions on different websites. In fact, you may have purchased one in the past and have not realized that self-protection is one of the benefits of it.

Light a candle and again pray for self-protection. Infuse the candle with the intent of protection and pray or meditate upon the candle until you feel that Source has accepted your intent and will act upon it. I would do this at least once a day. Two times if possible. A white candle will focus upon God, angels and Heaven. A blue candle will focus upon Archangel Michael who has a golden sword to block connections and cut ties to lower energies.

Burn sage in your home or apartment. Voice the intent to dispell any negative or dark energy from your home. Go room to room and say prayers of blessing at the same time. When dark energies are removed it is important to fill the space back up again, usually with White Light. Leaving a void will encourage any energy to enter and keep space.

Surround your home or apartment with White Light. Imagine the complete interior and exterior beaming with the brightest light you can imagine. Renew this image as often as necessary. It is also possible to infuse Light in and around your vehicle, office, neighborhood…Any space that you will occupy.

These are a few examples. Use as many or as few as you would like. A moderate amount of self-protection is all you will need. It is not necessary to establish an impenetrable fortress around you.

Earthbound spirits usually want attention. They love being disruptive and will pass from one location to another. They rarely arrive and stay. Try not to overreact.

If you block all spirits then Uncle Joe and Grandma Mary won’t be able to visit either. But, if you want no spirit contact your loved ones will understand. Unconditional love goes far beyond blocking a brief visit from them.  

The veil will thicken in November again. Intuitives will probably perceive this when it happens. Most of us may count on the veil becoming thicker by mid-November. Don’t be surprised when your loved ones still visit around the holidays. Especially if this is their usual time for a visit. They know how to cross the veil at any time, especially when your family gathers together.

The thin veil allows ghosts more strength to manipulate our environment. These are earthbound spirits who choose not to cross back over. Loved ones usually don’t fall into this category. 

Experience all the joy and celebration of these times. Halloween does not have to be associated with darker beings. This may be a time of fun just like any other occasion of coming together.

Please DO NOT hunt ghosts or use a Ouiji board unless you are with a trusted group and you really know what you are doing! This is NOT the time to experiment with spirit communication. You may find someone to chat with and then quickly realize that you are in way over your head! Don’t risk it, please.

December 21, 2012

What will it feel like? Much the same as any high energy cycle in our earth-lives. We are continuously building up what we believe is going to happen. We are prophesying and anticipating. We are planning and saving. Be are busy as bees and eager as beavers…but! What is this all about?

If you are on a spiritual path, we will be given a boost in global energy to do with it as we so choose. We may use it for a more acute connection to spirit. We may want more clarity in our life purpose. We may seek to boost the acuity of our senses. We may ask for healing. We may offer assistance to others because we finally realize how blessed we are. We may deepen our connection to Mother Earth. We may set upon the path to grow more of our own food and raise our own animals as food sources. We may lessen our dependence upon fuel. We may invest in self-sustainable housing.

There is an endless amount of energy we may use for our extended health and well-being. The boost we utilize may propel us into a heightened spiritual state. We may look around us and readily see where our lives need more depth and awareness. We may seek to commune with God.

There won’t be anything flashy or catastrophic. It will be a heightened state of being. The only choice is will you revel in it and make improvements in your life or will you try to duck out?

The people who are bracing for cataclysmic events will likely be disappointed. Just like the people who attempted to jump aboard the space ship trailing the Hale Bop Comet. Or, those waiting for spaceships to descend upon the earth at various times. Or, the people quitting their jobs and spending all their cash preparing for RAPTURE. These believers respond by adjusting their schedules and changing the dates.

We tend to build up these events into something that can’t possibly happen. We are expecting the earth to open up and swallow the “dark” people and cleanse the world all at once. We are prepared to embrace the Light so we won’t be cast into the chasm of hell…very literally.

Will the events of 12/21/12 be quite so dramatic and harrowing? Probably not.

Remember the anticipation of 11/11/11? This year will be more powerful and energizing but not the end of life on earth. If you are on a spiritual path and accept the cosmic energy in order to boost your growth, then, this will truly be a monumental event! Something to celebrate!

I, for one, had a beautiful spiritual awakening around the time of 11/11/11. I recognized it for what it really was and I thanked God for the gift! I felt so energized and attuned to the Light.

I wish for you to accept God’s gift of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. Honor our SOURCE and make a monumental leap forward in your ascension!

Prepare for what seems reasonable to you. Will people be stressed? Yes. Will others hunker down in their homes? Yes. Will some people stock up on bottled water and canned food? Yes. Will they buy a generator? Yes. Will some people back up their computers and unplug them for the day? Yes.

Be prepared. Do what you would like in order to feel safe and protected from whatever you reasonably expect. Expect to pray, ground, center, and meditate. Use the surplus energy to increase your connection to God. Appreciate and count your blessings. Spend time with loved ones. Prepare to celebrate the holidays.

Do everything that you would normally do awash God’s Light, upon our earth home. The Mayan Calendar may end but, WE will not.

How to Use the Inbound Energy, 10 Things

I asked my guides this morning what most people would like to hear about today. My answer was how to utilize the energy that is incoming. We want to be strengthened by it. If we sense that we are flailing we want to adjust our course and continue on. Being overwhelmed and fractured would feel like failure.

1. Get grounded. This involves connecting yourself to God and Mother Earth. Bury your roots, from your tail bone, deep into the soil and send a rod of golden light from your crown up to God in heaven. Feel how solid the connection is. Renew this image often.

2. Become centered. Cleanse and clear your chakras. Meditate upon your energy flowing all throughout your being without blocks or barriers. Pray for God, your guides and your angels to clear out all dull or dark energy. Imagine crystal clear chakra colors flowing all along your spine. Keep meditating on these energy centers until they are healthy and in alignment.

The connection from Mother Earth to your tail bone, through your crown, and then to God, should feel inspiring and energetic. If you practise this connection, your receptivity to God and spirit will be powerful.

3. Count your blessings. As we step back from technology we must also increase our appreciation of what is near to us or we may feel solitary and disconnected. Count on your health and well-being , your family, your loved ones and what you have in your possession. This may not be the time to add purchases and luxuries. Keeping it simple will reduce the chance of chaotic energy playing havoc with your existence. Some items you may need to let go of, if the turmoil takes it away or breaks it.

4. Look for fellowship. It makes sense that many of us are experiencing the same changes. We may find comfort in communion with fellow enlightened souls. Take a look in your own life and count the people who understand or at least have some inkling of what is taking place. These may be the people who will help you to process life’s intermingling changes. At the very least, you will not be standing alone. We humans are meant to be in clans. We are social, and sharing insights may be inspiring.

5. Cut your losses. Many people have already found the urge to step away from certain groups or organizations. We are feeling insular and self-protective. By keeping it simple, we will reduce the amount of turmoil in our daily lives. Some have changed jobs or moved to different locations. There is something inherent that is causing us to simplify what we have in our lives. We are preparing to hunker down and wait out the energy storm.

These changes we are making may not even be obvious to us until we inspect our actions and discover a pattern.

6. Find faith. KNOW that you are ok even through illness, injury or disease. BELIEVE in yourself and God, including all of your Heavenly Hosts. Renew that faith each day and whenever needed. We came to this life with a plan and we did not choose to fall victim to the coming energy swell. We chose instead to use it for personal growth and to remind us what is truly important in life.

7. Save for another day. Step back and keep your expenditures down to a minimum. Watch what happens from day-to-day and choose your actions carefully. This time of unrest is not everlasting! We will see the calm again in 2013 after the swell dissipates.

8. Hold your loved ones dear. If you have children or grandchildren, help them to navigate the times and earn experience and knowledge. Help to guide anyone who will listen. Be a positive and hopeful teacher. Use language that each person will respond to and lead them to find stability in some of the same things or help them to discover their own. Being a good role model is always on God’s list of things to do! 

9. Pray for peace and love. Fill your spaces with joy and excitement. Shine your Light on the people, places and things that need God’s love. Always remember that your prayer is more powerful if you’re in a group. The potency grows with two others, five others or twenty others.

10. Accept Divine Guidance. During times of being grounded, centered, clear and being receptive, your Divine Guidance will come through more strongly. Your connectivity will bound off the charts. Discover how you will receive this guidance. Will you write in a journal, ask and look for signs of affirmation, decide where your energy will be most helpful, go for a psychic reading, or have faith & believe that God speaks to you and guides your way.  Pray for guidance and accept that angels, Archangels, spirit guides, higher guides, and even your higher self, will guide you. You are never alone and you need only ask for your Heavenly Hosts to affirm that they are with you, always.

This is a time of rapid growth. Position yourself to gain the most benefit and limit your losses. Follow God, always. Be kind to yourself and others for we have not been given a list of instructions on how to proceed, unless you count this one!

But One Gift From God

Welcome to some new faces! I am psychic and my content is channelled. I pass along information from my personal guides and from Higher Guides.

Everything I post is for positive change. This is not one of the typical blogs where I stand on a soap box. This blog is about God, love and finding our way.

The Energy Dynamic-

As we know we are headed toward the energy swell of 12/12/12 and of December 21st, 2012.

Many things are being affected. Appliances, autos, and other items are breaking down. People are feeling frustrated and out of balance. We may lose a job or be need to change careers. Our health may be suffering. There are many influences that this building energy vortex may be having upon our lives.

Many spiritual people are advising to reconnect with Mother Earth. Why does this make so much sense? Because if we sit on the ground we are beneath the vortex and if we lay on the ground we are definitely out of the blender. Literally.

The cosmic turmoil affects many things electronic and mechanical. The ground, trees, water, flora and fauna remain minimally altered.

We know that there are crises in the animal kingdom with regards to lack of food, diminishing habitats, and climate changes. The idea I would like to share is that for the most part, Mother Earth is more stable than our global economic systems and mechanical devices.

Return to Earth. Reconnect with the trees and underbrush. Lie still under the nearest canopy. Feel the beat of Her heart. Smell the soil, listen to the animals go about their day. If you are truly blessed you may be near water and you may silently absorb the trickling vibrations and hear it lapping its earthen shores.

Bow out of the vortex, literally. Bring yourself closer to what is constant and simple.

Have you thought of how you may survive this coming surge of unpredictable energy? It does make sense to rely less upon computers and mechanical devices. This is prudent advice.

People may also be overruled by the influx of energy waves. We may be more emotional and unpredictable. Our patience may wane and our coping skills could become strained and ineffective. 

Communication with others may be difficult, at best. Conflict may overrule common sense.

If we remain in the Light and recognize the changes that have been created by this rapid influx of energy, we may know how to use it to boost our spiritual growth. We could  burst from 3D through 4D and arrive handily in 5D.

This growth may happen individually for some and in groups for others. Remove yourself from the lower energy groups and avoid the human tendency to create chaos.

Find your spiritual place now and continue to prepare for the tidal waves to come. Gather your loved ones and do your best to be positive and proactive now and through the end of the year. If your circle experiences the tug of unrest than respond to it and make the needed changes to bring stability back into your fold.

If you remain grounded your loved ones may seek to connect with you when times become overwhelming. Or, you may be drawn to another who seems to be handling all changes with minimal upset.

Count on Mother Earth to keep you, always. Take walks, tend to plants, sing with the birds, and sit on the ground and have a picnic. Work tirelessly to rebuild the ecosystems that have been depleted or destroyed.

Being in nature will keep you away from the products and industries that may be faltering under the pressure of incoming energy. When the Mayan calendar ends would you rather be in a board room or in a prayer circle seated on the ground? The answer is easy if you remember that this life is a spiritual journey and money has fewer implications upon us as we grow and learn. 

The world is not ending but many false and misleading aspects of our life will, if we allow it. When the thrum of December 2012 is directly upon us, gather loved ones and seek knowledge and faith not money and possessions. We will not be harmed by failing technology if we place more reliance upon the ground we stand.

Mother Earth is one of the many gifts that God has given us.

Are You Able to Watch?

Have you been watching the coverage of this years election? Do you feel good after or does it  make you feel kind of uncomfortable?

Each candidate tries to tug at your heart-strings. They want you to FEEL that they know you personally and what you need to make things in your life better.

Are you buying into it? Are you clearly on one side or the other? Are you able to clearly define exactly what it is that each candidate has to say that has made you choose? Or, is your support purely partisan?

Clearly each candidate is making adjustments to their campaign in response to feedback and social pressures. They are being coached and molded every minute of each day. They have made the same choices many times and may need to clarify their beliefs as they go.

Who makes you feel most hopeful? Do you trust what is being said to you? Are you confidant that the next president definitely will make much-needed changes to our current situation?

Does it make more sense at this time to have faith in God? If we trust in God will we be assured of the perfect pick come November? Perhaps not.

We are a part of a global consciousness. We learn and grow together, sometimes. We may also suffer and become disillusioned together. As in our own lives, we learn more from controversy and issues which require problem-solving.

Do we know what is next on our agenda with God’s will? Is this the age when government becomes a perfectly oiled machine to meet all the needs of each citizen? ( I almost couldn’t keep a straight face when I asked this.)

This is 2012. The end of the Mayan Calendar. We have a much longer way to go. We are in a unique position now that we are expected to be self-directed, productive and prosperous. WE in this global community must make decisions which actually do benefit both ourselves and our neighbors.

It is time for us to be all grown up. Adults making adult decisions. Being accountable AND reliable.

Is the best place to accomplish these much-needed, human-centered decisions in the political realm? Perhaps not. When there is a loved one in need do you offer your help and resources or do you take them to a government institution and leave them on the door step? 

How cold does that seem? Does your loved one feel cared for or nurtured? No. They feel unprotected and abandoned. That is the same way you would feel in the same set of circumstances.

Politics are a reality but community and love are far more personal and effective. Send love and prayer into the world. Respond to the needs of others with your heart. Gather together with others and make some much-needed decisions which will benefit many people.

This is the most basic representation of “working from home.” Give the proper amount of attention to the presidential election and then take care of those in your community. Start in your own home and then expand outward.

Always be heartfelt and nurturing. When you see a need, respond to it with your own convictions and the desire to do God’s work. 

Have faith in God and know that you are just as important as the next president. You have as much or more ability to do good things for those around you. Never place yourself in less powerful company than God.

The goals of God are easily known and they have very little to do with the election process.

What the Olympics Do for the World Peace

The Olympics are a time of high energy and camaraderie. The positive emotions and experiences far outweigh the negative ones.

We gather together to be proud and supportive. We admire the athletes for their skill and strength. Many countries are united to cheer for their own brothers and sisters. The athletes experience pride in themselves and pride in their country.

The opening ceremony was a grand gathering of positive emotions. It was a great beginning for a global refreshing of energy.

What a beautiful experience, if we take it as positive and rewarding. As long as we stay in the Light we will be blessed with every benefit. Use the wave for promoting good health and well-being. Receive the love and send it back out into the Universe.

Take what you need and pass it on! This is but one of the positive forces happening in 2012.


What Does the Super Moon Have to Say?

Some very wonderful, enlightening things!

1. Lay your soul bare. Speak to the moon as if it is your most trusted friend. Let all of your wishes and dreams be carried by the universe to the moon so that it may keep your secrets and give you blessings in return.

Just by saying your secrets out loud you will experience a great cleansing. Do not hold back. There is no shame, fear or editing of your thoughts. This moon is full of love for each of us and she wants you to “begin again,” now. 

2. Get back on your path. The super moon wants you to find that one true path again. She recognizes that we all stray from our true destination for various reasons. It seems this year has us straying even more. Why? Because of the increased solar energy that is washing over us and the Earth.

There are so many enlightened possibilities that have bombarded us and will continue to do so throughout this year. Never forget that 2012 is a monumental year in our Earth existence. There are many sources of energy that have been brought to us and we may have veered from our paths because of the increased pressure.

Pray, meditate and seek direction to come back to your life path, now.

3. Look for love. We have turned inward again. Whether it is distraction or self-preservation, we have not noticed all of the wonderful people and events in our environment.

Are we done hibernating? I believe so. Now is the time to see how many wonderous and beautiful people have entered our circle of existence.

Spring is the perfect time to give and receive love!

4. Clean up the clutter. There are so many objects in your life that the Light cannot fully embrace you. Some things may be thrown out and other items donated. Now is the time to do it.

The Earth is being flushed with energy for growth and renewal and you have too many distractions. Make time and space for your communion with God.

 The super moon will give you the added boost to get these things done. 

5. Plant and tend to existing vegetation. The amount of joy in your life may be increased 10-fold if you increase the amount of plants that you nurture. 

After you have done your gardening, don’t you notice the peace and tranquility that comes over you? This is your attachment or reconnection with Mother Earth.

The super moon gives strength and energy to all life while she is present. You may increase your attachment to Heaven and Earth with her help.

6. Trust. Have faith. Let go and know that you are cared for and protected by all of our Earth guides, including the moon.

Sit and watch as she takes over the skies. Connect with her and feel the strength she brings. The energy she gives to us may be used in many differing and positive ways. 

Embrace her in complete faith and feel the gift of love that she envelopes you with. 

7. Look to the moon as your trusted friend. She has watched over you for many a lifetime and she holds only love for you in her heart. She has known you for a millenia and she has not stopped supporting you, even once. 

Use this time of your closest connection to her as a time to let go of negative energy and to heal your body, mind and soul.

The moon has never let you down. Her Light is always there for you to behold. It wouldn’t feel like home without her.

Blessed be this enlightened time and close connection of universal love,