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When Darkness Calls

We have 2 more days until the Winter Solstice and the End of the Mayan Calendar. How are you doing? Are you confident in your faith that this world will continue on and the day will come and go just like any other day? Or, have you been swayed by the rhetoric and fear surrounding some of the end-of-times prophesies?

My older daughter is a substitute teacher at 2 different schools. She told me that many students are fearful of this coming day. Many have told her that they will stay home from school that day. I asked her if their parents knew this and she stated that she didn’t know.

There is also much talk about the tragedy in Newtown. There are rumors of certain teens that have made threats against the schools. Some are talking about bringing their own weapons to school to protect themselves and their friends. There are mob mentality responses planned for the different alleged school shooters.

There is a teenage female who is rumored to have made a school shooter threat and the other students state that they will hold her down and beat her until she gives up her weapon. They plan to continue to beat her until she does!

Do you know what your children are feeling and thinking? Have you spoken to them about these monumental events? Are you allaying their fears or stoking them?

This is a highly emotional time. There are fears both real and blown out of proportion. How do many of us manage? Do we reach out to our parents, siblings and other loved ones and see what their view is on this upcoming day or do we remain insular and keep mostly to ourselves? Is there a gentle balance in between?

The perpetrator at Newtown had a parent who fed into the Doomsday mentality. They had weapons in the home and she taught him to shoot. Are we also walking that same fine line?

This is a time of introspection. How do you want to prepare yourself for 12/21/12? How will you prepare your family? How do you wish your community to respond? What are your coworkers saying about this much maligned day?

What would you say about your own perspective if you were someone else looking into your life? Are you being reasonable or are you overreacting a bit? Or, are you overreacting a lot? What is your mindset doing to those close to you?

Fear is a lack of faith in God. 

Fear overrides our rational minds.  

Fear feeds our deepest insecurities.

I have been silent for much of this Doomsday talk. I’ve been content to allow people to react in fear if that is their wish. I have my own perspective, for certain, but they are entitled to their own opinion.

What has caused me to speak out is the conversation with my daughter about the talk in the schools. I’m deeply saddened that our children are forced to feel so vulnerable. Is there an adult in their lives willing to work through some of these emotions? Are they truly without any mature direction? Do most of us know that they are planning for the worst?

I remember when some believers were awaiting Rapture. There was a young man in our community who stationed himself at the local fast food place. He urged my children to get their matters in order and prepare for the end of times. My heart broke because he truly believed in Rapture and feared for my daughters’ souls.

How did he feel when it didn’t manifest? How did we all feel January 1st, 2000 after the Y2k scare? How will we feel this Saturday? 

Find comfort in God. Bring your loved ones close and celebrate how beautiful life is. Give hugs and kisses freely. Be thoughtful and supportive. Then,  and wake up on Saturday and thank God for another day and keep this practise going until you die of old age. 

Do not give fear a foothold and help your children to do the same.


A Metaphor for Clarity

I was gently resting yesterday. I was allowing thoughts to flow freely through my mind. This epiphany came from spirit, I’m sure!

If you want to have an image of how to best absorb and assimilate the incoming wave of energy, I have found a metaphor!

Think of Jesus as he stood to part the Red Sea. Imagine yourself about to follow him through the divide. If you are open and able to utilize this powerful flow of energy, then view yourself as standing in the divide with the flow of water sweeping outward away from you.

You are safe. You feel confident at the sight before you and you know you will cross the sea with ease.  You’ll not be harmed in any way and you have faith that you are benefiting from God’s Grace. Your joy is growing immensely. You have great faith in your own ability to accept God’s Will and to use it for your own ascension.

As you cross the sea, you feel the spiritual energy raising you up closer to your higher self. Your travelling with God is amazing for your confidence. You believe that you are truly one with God and no longer question your path. It is simply to do God’s work.

Now imagine standing at the edge of the Red Sea and following Jesus into the divide. This time you are self-conscious and unprepared. Your faith wavers and you fear the water crushing in upon you.

Your anxiety causes you to lose your way. Instead of looking to God for the steps to follow, you close down your second sight and look fervently at your feet. Your fear has its hands around your throat. You struggle to breathe and question your every step.

The water has not imploded upon you but you still have not allowed yourself to see God’s Light. You lose control over your fear. Each step feels exactly like the wrong one. Your anxiety is draped over you like a cloak.

You feel abandoned by God. The pressure around you is unmanageable. Who could have left you in such an impossible situation? How will you ever survive? 

All of the tools are around you. Your guide is there with open arms. The instructions are clear from that place of God inside you, but you cannot hear it. You feel like you are alone. You sense no love or Divine Guidance for you. God must certainly have abandoned you.

Your circumstances are no different in this image. God has never walked away from you. He has never lost love for you or left you alone at any time. The difference is your perception and your ability to open up and ALLOW God. 

Following Jesus into the divided Red Sea requires faith and surrender. If you are able to relax and use the 12/21/12 portal of energy you will follow God through the sea and grow spiritually. If you are closed down and unenlightened, the energy will pound down on and around you. Little growth will be made. You will wake to find that the world is going on as usual and not much has seemed to have changed.

If you have opened your soul to the intensity of the Light, you will wake to find that your mind seems endless. A vast amount of opportunities will make themselves available. There will an unknown amount of levels in your thinking. Your proximity to Source will be palpable.

I hope I have described this metaphor with enough clarity so that it helps you with your perception of this portal. Have faith. Trust in God and know that this is a Divine gift for each of us. Place no barriers between you and the flow of ascension!

4 Steps to Surf the Wave!

This is truly an auspicious time. We are coming upon the alignment of planets, the winter solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar all at once!

How do we prepare? By more closely aligning with who God wants us to be! This is the best opportunity to use all of the incoming cosmic energy to boost yourself into an immense spiritual evolution!

Who does God want you to be? Always remember that it has nothing to do with material possessions or monetary wealth. The only avenue that this type of “success” would be advantageous is if you give to charity or in some way benefit others. Then this type of wealth is spiritually powerful. If you plan on keeping all of your monetary wealth to yourself then it is not considered a lofty goal.

When you evaluate your life try your best to put it in a context of how much you help or give to others. Again, self-enrichment is good as long as you assist others as well.

It is fairly common for some of us to feel off-balance or irritable. There is a massive crunch of solar energy pressing down upon us. Use prayer (1) to ask for assistance in effectively utilizing this inbound energy. Meditate (2)to regain or maintain your chakra alignment and cleanse them of muddy or dark energy. Repeatedly ground yourself (3) and bathe in bright White Light (4)! 

Using these 4 simple steps will increase your feelings of connectedness and stability.

Continually check yourself for how you feel and if you are displaying symptoms of misalignment. Discover for yourself what your own cues are. Do you become irritable, lethargic or sullen? Do you feel sad or angry? Does it feel like everything seems to be working against you? Then it is time to ground, center, and open back up to God. Take the time you need to infuse yourself in bright White Light.

Good self-care will help you to navigate this truly complicated and inspiring time in our existence. The more stable and confident you feel , the more you will be able to help those dear to you. This is a win-win situation!

Imagine yourself as you sat down to write your life chart. You planned to be here on Earth during this high energy cycle. You did NOT write, “I will become so frustrated at work that I may lose my job,” or, “I will alienate all of my loved ones because I am not capable of utilizing this cosmic energy for positive change.” “I choose to respond to change by becoming sullen, angry and depressed.” These statements definitely would not have God’s approval.

Imagine more accurately that you wished to use this energy as a springboard for positive change and true charity. This is a challenge not an ending. Set some goals! Make them positive, hopeful and helpful. Give more love to yourself and others. Be spiritually successful and give your insight and guidance freely to those who continue to struggle.

See how many positive and inspiring goals that you can come up with! Then decide how many you would be able to accomplish! Then set about achieving as many as you can between now and the end of the year!

Try new and different things. Invite someone along and share in the beauty of this magical time!

Remind yourself to accept and utilize this inbound energy for positive change. Recognize when you become less inspired and use the 4 steps above to regain your composure.

As a whole, we are transcending from selfish, isolating goals to awe-inspiring, collective goals. It isn’t about “just me” anymore. This transition is much-needed and wanted. We are beginning our journey to global brotherhood and a more beautiful gift for the holidays could not be imagined.

God loves us very dearly and it is time to embrace  this new age with love and inspiration.