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Are We Becoming Enlightened?

Gratitude is catching on.

There are many people being drawn to others of like-mind. We find comfort and solace among those who share our perspective.

Do you seek out the complaining busy-bodies or do you seek out the propagators of gratitude? Are certain people rubbing you the wrong way recently? Does complaining seem to be a waste of your time?

Even the Occupy Protesters are directing their energy to making changes NOT just complaining.

Why is everything so different lately? It is because we have received a large influx of Divine Energy. Remember the dramatic tales of 11-11-11? This is the energy that we now sense and people are deciding to make positive changes or perpetuate negative changes.

It is as if we were bed-ridden and listless for many days and then we were given a clean bill of health instantly. This wave of Divine Energy was gifted to us but what did we do with it? Hopefully, we have made life better and more meaningful for ourselves and for others.

Did we know what this energy was for or did we experience it and react in some way to make use of it? Both! Those of us who seek enlightenment may have been aware of this coming energy tide. Others who are not in these circles may not have been aware and used this energy for other purposes.

This also makes sense. This is a progression of enlightenment. The next wave of energy will come with more and more people aware of it and so on… It is a gathering of souls. Our global spirituality will gain strength and force with each influx of Divine Energy.

Literally, it is a time to spread the word. Bring others to your same realization. Grow and heal with each wave. Those you bring will then bring more people of their own.

There is a meaning to our life here on earth. We are intended to learn, grow, mature and become enlightened. None of us have just this one life. It is a progression of learning over ions of time. Make this one life as special as possible. Think of love and hope. Spread good fortune to others in your life. Make this the point at which you make the most profound changes for the better and be in the best possible situation when the next wave of Divine Energy descends upon us.

Life gets better and more fulfilling over time. See povertyand illness as opportunities to learn and evolve. Embrace God and make each day more special and fulfilled. 

Be aware. Be open. Be loving. Be ready!

All my love,

Makah Win


This New Age Has Begun!

“It is great to be here with all of you. We, on the Other Side have noticed that a larger amount of you have been ushered in to a new level of Creation that has just been opened.”

“This has been thought about for many ages and We decided that it was time to start. We have been in communication with many of you in the past few years. We have found many open hearts who were willing to listen to us prepare for this time in your Earth-evolution.”

“We are pleased to welcome all of you. We have sent a similar message to many of the people who channel the thoughts and messages from the Other Side. Have you noticed the similarity? Many have.”

“This is the dawn of this feminine era which is full to bursting with energy for love, family and personal advancement. Do not be put out by the ‘feminine’ distinction. This is merely a way of looking at the tenderness and nurturing side of your Earth inhabitants.”

“We will make many distinctions about the different types of female energy that is being flooded into your plane of existence. The first of which is aptly known as the Expectant Mother Age. It is completely appropriate that we begin here. All of human life begins in the womb of a mother, does it not?”

“We expect new advances in medicine. A returned focus on home and hearth and less focus upon global events and economies. We will seek to ‘take care of our own.’ This is a popular concept among many protestors. Let us take care of our homeless and needy instead of trying to relieve these issues in other countries.”

“This focus will make grand advances in healthcare and social reform. Let us heal our young. Let us empower our own youth. Let us commit to raising our own awareness about the injustices in daily life.”

“How wonderful it will be to nurture our sick and needy. What a thrill to save our own infants from an early death. How majestic to see us take care of our own elders and homeless.”

“It does not mean that we no longer love the people of this planet, it only means that we must take care of our own people living on our soil first. You may wonder what would happen to the injustices of the world? They will take care of their own as well.”

“If the banking industry were to be reformed, each country would have its own resources to use to aid their own people. We do so much cross-contamination that this will be a welcomed relief when it occurs. Leave each country with its own resources and debt. Allow them to find their own way back to well-being. Every country will be able to recuperate their own losses.”

“Empower every country to heal their sick and feed their hungry. We may all share in the medical advances but let each country appropriate the supplies they will need for themselves. This will be a liberating experience!”

“Some may question our tactics but those I would say, ‘Let there be Light in every corner of the planet not just in our own.’ Allow us to help you move forward in this new age of feminine energy. Believe in us. Take heart that we know what to do to heal what is ailing your planet.”

“Trust in us.”

” Look to this new age as an expectant mother would. Does she prepare for all the births in her home town? No. She prepares for the birth of her own son or daughter. Does she clothe and feed all babies everywhere? No. She focuses gingerly and intently upon her own.”

“Trust in this new direction. We all expected great changes with the 11-11-11 portal opening. Here it is. Care for your neighbor and your cousin. Watch over the elders in your area. Guide the children of your neighborhood. Nurture and clothe your wounded returning from war.”

“Turn your focus toward our own lives, our families, our parents and brothers. There are injustices all over this world and there are people to care for them there. Let it be. Allow God to care for each and every soul where they each live.”

“You are not the caretakers of the entire planet. Empower people to serve in their own region and right what has gone wrong in their own lives.”

“Serve and be served. Establish a community of people who live closely to you. Your neighborhood is the best neighborhood to benefit from the charity in your heart.”

“Go with God. Amen.”

Makah Win

We are on the Edge of this New Age of Co-Creation

Here we are! Excitedly with the tips of our toes on the edge of the next, true leap of faith! Can you feel the excitement? Do you see your fellow travelers at each side of you? Are you ready for that swoop of ascension and well-being?

How exciting a time for the humans of this Earth plane. We all share in this giant step of Divine Expansion! There are so many new faces in the crowd. WELCOME! Welcome one and all!

We have waited for a long time to see some of you. It is good to be here for this wave of co-creation. Use this energy to the betterment of yourself and others. Take this Holy, Divine Light to everyone near and dear to you. Love abounds!

Isn’t this Age immensely profound and life altering? We have boundless energy to use for the purposes of God and God’s Children. Take a ladle full of Divine Light and fill your soul. Nourish and replenish every particle of your being. Step forward into your predetermined role to lead and to follow God in this Earthly domain.

Love is the most splendid of gifts to share with those who have come before you and will go on after you. Shout about how wonderful you feel. Take count of how many blessings have been given to you at this wondrous time!

Celebrate this New Age of Co-creation! Set your intent. Make your plans. Finish your chores and start anew.

Live the life that God has intended for you to live. Gather your loved ones and spend this time in jubilation. Honor and be honored. Share and be shared with. Love and laugh and be content in this unfolding of golden light.

Be at peace. Be content. Be honored. Be the embodiment of God’s Light that this world needs.

All my love, Makah Win 


Let No One be Left Behind

Love Divine! Intent Divine. Awareness Divine. Support Divine.

Love is the universal language for all ages. We notice the feelings of love from others even when we are not involved in their interaction or their conversation. We sense it. We feel it. We want to experience it.

Love transcends all barriers of age and wisdom. We long for love and yet do not know how to get love. We have not seen that providing love to the universe is the key to that magic door of attaining love.

We may express love in all manners and in various ways. We look to nature as well as to our human relationships for love. We wander and seek for much of our lives until we realize that what we want and need was right here all along!

God has given us all that we need. Love is the most abundant and precious resource we have. We are not alone. We are not isolated. We are not abandoned. We have never been sent away from love, at all. If we feel a lack of love it is because we have turned cold to it all on our own.

Our own lack and feelings of need have overshadowed our acceptance of God’s Love. We have placed the barriers between God and ourselves. God has not.

We spend much of our lives feeling unworthy. These are feelings isolated to us alone. God has not, even once, determined that anyone is undeserving of His Love. 

Turn your pale face into the bright and intense glow of God’s Love. Surround yourself in the warm comfort of God’s Grace. Accept that you are loved above all others because you choose to accept it. You realized that you are not excluded. You have not been shunned. You have long been accepted into the fold of God’s Eternal Grace! 

We have much to do in this Time of Grand Enlightenment. We will bond together and bring ourselves and others forward into success and prosperity. This is a time of brotherhood and faith. No longer will we walk alone and shun those who offer us eternal life. We will move forward in strength. We will express our need for everyone to succeed and to accomplish.

Turn away your desire to stay in darkness. Turn toward and seek the Light. There are many who will be touched by the Grace of God in this New Age of Hope and still be determined to turn away yet again. Those lonely few will shun the chance at eternal salvation because they know no better. These souls are accustomed to being put down and disrespected. They will find discomfort in the glow of this energy shift. They will yet again turn from hope to hopelessness.

Let us Light Workers remember these lost and lonely souls. If they yet again turn from the Light let us give prayer to their pain and torment. Let us infuse their desolate lives with the energy of God, Angels, Jesus and all of our Heavenly Hosts.

Let no one be left behind. Pray for the enlightenment of all of our fellow humans. Stand in prayer to bathe our lost brothers in the Light of God and Eternal Salvation!

We have brought ourselves to the Lord. Let us not forget to bring all of humanity to God. Take part in the universal meditations that blanket your area. Attend your local prayer group. Start your own prayer list.

Offer a hand to those in need and see that this is what God has wanted you to do all along.

Go with God, Amen.

Makah Win

This New Age of Enlightenment

This is a time of TRUE enlightenment! Love abounds. Honor overcomes. Wellness is pervasive.

We will all stand together at this point of true awakening and bask in the Glory of God and the truth of this demension.

We will all stand one beside the other and sing a choral to the Heavens! Angels will abound! All of the Glory will seep into every particle of our beings leaving us content and blessed.

We will look upon this world with eyes anew. We will open our hearts to our neighbors and worship the Earth upon which we stand.

It will be impossible to miss the jubilation of God’s True Glory.

the pool of love will be boundless. The potential for forgiveness never ending. The depth of praise unfathomable.

We will walk forward together with locked arms and true awe-inspiring wisdom. We will look to each side and honor our fellow traveler in this rejuvenated land!

What will we gain from this time of rapid enlightenment? LOVE! HONOR! FAITH! REDEMPTION! SALVATION!

We will awaken the next morn and know deep in our hearts our minds and our souls that we have come to the precipice of God’s Glorious Home. We will “know” in our hearts that we have met our Creator and basked in His Glory.

What grand honor we have received! What will we do with all of the new found energy and enlightenment? Who will we honor at our table? Who will we support in matters of law? Who has gained our deep respect?

The possibilities are endless! This is truly a time when God will walk beside us and lead us to salvation.

Honor ourselves. Honor our ancestors. Honor our loved ones. Honor God.

In The Glory of His Name, Amen.

Makah Win

The Rising Tide of 11-11-11

We sit in our neutral lives and make mention of the New Age. We tip our teacups and sip of sweet liquid. What will come of us on this auspicious occasion? Who will we be after the tide has ebbed? What new direction will our lives take?

The truth of this new era is that your life will expand in the areas where you are intended to dwell.

A speaker will speak with more grace and fortitude.

A healer will heal with precision and acuity.

A helper will find many new ways to meet the needs of the people they help.

A physician will be inspired to heal with thoughts of Earth and natural medicine.

A political leader will stop and ponder who’s needs are they meeting and if the process is working for all involved.

A seer will see different levels of all creation and deliver messages from those who have gone before us.

A writer will be inspired to tell the tales of a thousand new existences.

An angel will find a million new souls open to Grace.

God will be proven. God will be available. God will be uplifted to his place of prominence in the lives of you and all others.

We will find communion with our fellow human travelers. We will share untold stories of retribution and faith. We will break bread with those of a different cloth.

This day will come down to the deepest of human need which is to belong.

We will all gain insight and momentum in this dawn of new energy. We will take the most basic of skills and spin them into fine tapestries of faith and love. We will look to one another and instantly recognize our brothers in faith and the Divine.

This New Era of communication will lead us to the threshold of a vast awakening.

We will all commune in the needs of a mother and child, of a woman and her mate, of a teacher and their pupil, of a healer and their patient, of a poet and their prose. We will come together and uphold the needs of us all. We will challenge those who seek to demean and control us. We will find new roads to meet the needs of a nation.

We will come together in the Grandeur of God. We will be as one family under the eyes of the Creator. We will gather together and honor ourselves and our ancestors and our generations yet to come.

All This Under God, Amen.

Makah Win