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Eternity Requires Some Effort

There are some strong emotions about your imperfection in Heaven. You had hoped that all of your stressors and turmoil would magically dissolve once you left this earth life. Now you find out that the issues that are on your plate will either be dealt with in life or requiring to be dealt with after death.  This is a powerful blow.

It seems that most of you were just going to white-knuckle this life and enjoy a peaceful retirement in Heaven. Your disappointment is palpable.

When you are residing on the Other Side, you wrote your charts in order to learn and grow. It is the density of this earth environment that has seriously interfered with your motivation and intent. When writing the chart for this life you were eager to challenge yourself with a broad variety of experiences. In fact, you may have charted too much conflict and contrast and your guides, Ascended Masters or God may have asked you to delete some of it. They understood that earth life will push you down, strip you of divine energy and oppress you. You were the eager student who was cautioned against completing too many projects for extra credit. The higher energy beings tried to keep your goals manageable.


  • In your perfect state on the Other Side you charted this earth life to challenge yourself to learn and expand. You focused on areas that you were lacking in experience.
  • Any issues and turmoil left at the end of your earth life carried over in Heaven. You still have to meet the challenge, process it, learn from it and embrace the knowledge in your expanding soul.
  • Then, in your perfect state, you chart another earth life with different experiences in order to challenge yourself and grow.

Your assumption was that you just needed to get to the end of your human existence and retire peacefully. Your human body and brain do not want to work so hard. This, however, was integral to the challenge. It would be less of a challenge if you weren’t dealing with the darkness and negativity of earth.

It is like attending college at 1000 ft. below sea level. How easy is it to read, focus on someone talking, organize your homework and make adjustments after the lesson? The pressure is seriously limiting. You may attempt to drop out of school since it is so difficult. The problem is your life, experiences and soul growth is necessary. You cannot drop out of this earth-school. You are here until you cross back over.

Any attempt to avoid learning ends in automatic failure. That is having serious dysfunction at the end of life and carrying all of it over. Your desire to skip the difficult things is not productive. You may choose to live your afterlife wrought with trouble and have no interest in further ascension. You may spend eternity over eating, abusing substances, abusing or being abused, acting out in anger/ violence, immaturity, impulsiveness… This seems so disappointing doesn’t it? You had wanted so much more for your soul. The ideal existence you wanted for yourself was so much more joyous and serene. Now, you want to opt out?

This is the time to rethink your perspective on life. Eternity requires more effort.

“Being God, for God” is NOT simple or easy. You understood this prior to this incarnation.

Imperfect and Still in Heaven


It seems to be unbelievable that once you have crossed over to the Other Side that you would be anything but perfect. It may be hard to comprehend that you may have the same limitations and struggles that you have in this life.

Ideally, you chart this life for further experience in certain areas. You want to learn more and there are specific events that you want to experience in order to expand your knowledge. Each of these contrasting events is intended to teach you lessons. Then, there may be further events that will build upon this knowledge and teach you more depth about the topic. This cycle of learning regarding this one area of life may continue in sequence or be broken up into separate events over time.

The entire learning process for this particular lesson or series of lessons are intended to be met, dealt with, placed in proper perspective and woven into the fabric that is you. Each event was never intended to stop you from functioning or proceeding with future learning. If you are stalled by one event, you are not accomplishing what you came to earth for. You have ineffective coping and you must learn to process any conflict or contrast appropriately. If you cannot get through these earlier lessons, you will not successfully complete your chart.

An example may be helpful.

You begin using alcohol at 15 years of age most likely due to some dysfunction in the home. Probably someone who uses alcohol and causes turmoil or at the very least is a role model of ineffective coping for you. There are the usual milestones of school, graduation, first relationship, selecting a career… If your alcohol use significantly interferes with life you may not progress to high school graduation. Any relationships will be significantly impaired by your dysfunction and alcoholic behavior. You may be in a relationship and actually live with that person but it will not be emotionally healthy. You may have children but they will succumb to the dysfunction as well.

Fast forward to age 60. You are still abusing alcohol. You have tenuous relationships with your family. You may have had many abusive relationships with the opposite sex. Your children will either be lost to you, abusive, troubled or inappropriately codependent with you. After all this time, you have experienced bad health, legal problems, money problems, trouble keeping a job, car accidents and property damage.

Optimally, you would have beaten your alcohol addiction at any time before the age of 60. After that you would have begun to heal and reverse some of the damage that you suffered. You may rebuild some relationships, find a steady job, resolve your legal troubles and re-enter the lives of your children and grandchildren. This resolve would require a lot of work on your part. It isn’t magic. Just because you no longer drink alcohol does not mean that everything will realign into positive, hopeful and healthy behavior. Much of the damage must be undone.

You need to be healthy then rebuild your life from the inside out. Think of all of the experiences that you missed. The ages from 15 to 60 were spent abusing alcohol and missing volumes of intended lessons. Emotionally you are still 15 years old. There really is no way to turn back the clock and experience the life that you intended. At whatever age someone stops abusing alcohol, they could begin to experience some lessons and recover some life experiences. If this person does not stop drinking, very little will change for the better. Much of the illness, turmoil and dysfunction will get worse with organic changes in the body and brain.

Tragically, some elders who stop abusing alcohol much too late and will suffer so much depravity that life is mired in medical illness, severe mental impairment and loneliness because many bridges were damaged beyond repair.

If you were to abuse alcohol until death, you will enter the afterlife still craving it. There is treatment on the Other Side but you have to want to change. This is one example. You may still indulge in any negative behavior even though you have returned to spirit. Your life in Heaven would heal over time as long as you are seeking help and making the necessary changes. The treatment process is similar to what you may experience here in life. You would improve at your own pace and become stronger emotionally. At a certain point in healing you may also choose to help others as well. Eventually you may resolve your dysfunction and continue forward focusing on positive challenges, hobbies, higher education, spiritual advancement or any area of interest. After you have done the work you would experience Heaven more like what you would expect; unlimited joy, love and peace.

You may think of many different situations that would fit into this cycle. The earlier you reverse any damaging behavior, illness or dysfunction will help you to continue along your chart and live your intended existence. You came here to challenge yourself and overcome troubled times. You didn’t come here to fail. No one would be able to enter life intending to fail unless you are here to teach others through contrast. Do not assume that you are here to fail so others may learn from your mistakes. Always assume that you came here to overcome. Even if you were here to model negative behavior, you must still choose to heal and travel in the Light again. This is the best lesson for you and anyone else involved.

Who You Are After Death

We spoke about your potential existence after your earth life death. Obviously this was a brief overview. There is a lot of information about your spirit existence available and you may research it in depth or gather information about specific topics.

We will offer a snippet of information again, this time about who you are in Heaven.

You are not a saint. People do not pass and become omnipotent. You have limitations and attitudes much like you have now. The act of dying does not have to change you very much unless it is something that you choose to work for. You may choose to continue learning and experiencing. There is much you still will not know. That should be obvious because there are upper 5 levels of existence and you only go as high as what your current knowledge and skill set determines.

If you are in the higher levels you may travel to the lower ones. You may go to the bottom 2 levels but this would not be advisable. If you have attained a significant amount of light and higher energy, the darker beings would be drawn to you immediately. So, if you travel there you must not stay for very long. You may want to find someone you are close to. Perhaps you feel that you could give them some positive direction or encouragement. There would not be too many more reasons to travel this far down.

The lowest level would not give you any viable reason to be there. Even if someone you know dwells there, they would not be receptive to any prodding to raise their vibration. They may not even realize that you are there with them. The next level up would have a small amount of light and someone may be able to respond to your presence.

Much of what you choose is up to you. People still here on earth may falsely believe that you are now an expert on their life. You may even believe that you are the best option for loved ones to get advice and direction. This is not accurate. If you choose to stop learning and growing you will actually be much like you are now with all of your opinions, attitudes and prejudices. If you were ignorant in life, you will be ignorant after death. Nothing changes but your form.

The truly amazing part is if your loved ones ask for advice or direction, you respond with information that you would have given in life. You may not care that there are records of everyone’s earth life. You may even speak with someone’s spirit guide, an Ascended Master, Jesus… But you just give them the same rhetoric that you did when you were still alive.

If you didn’t believe in mixed race marriages you would not condone one now. This may be in direct opposition to someone’s chart. If you had a gambling problem, you will still have addiction issues. You may advise a loved one to bet on the horses with their nest egg. This would also be in direct opposition to their chart. And, if you didn’t like someone’s spouse or life partner during life you will still not like them after death. Your relationship advice would not be positive or advised. Just because you are in spirit does not mean you have everyone’s best interests in mind. The worst luck would be your loved ones still here on earth believing that you have all the answers. You may drink this up and love all of this unwarranted attention. But your input is likely going against what people have charted.

You may go to the Akashic Records but that doesn’t mean that you will. You could read someone’s chart and offer real inspiration but you may not know this or even care.

You still have addictions in the afterlife if you had them here at your passing. You may still overeat, smoke, drink, behave promiscuously, lie, steal, cheat… You have the option to resolve all of your dysfunction on the Other Side but you would have to want the help. The lower levels are full of souls who wish to stay unevolved.

There is treatment available to you in Heaven. You may enter counseling, attend groups and receive healing. Treatment may take time but it is possible to increase your vibration and function at a higher level. Then, you may be able to give loved ones some positive direction which is in alignment with their chart.

You may live how, where and with who you want. You may pursue gardening, carpentry, writing books, curing cancer, working with animals… It is all there and you have many choices. How long you stay depends upon when you scheduled your next incarnation. Healing takes time just like on earth. You can make improvements or stay mired in dysfunction. Heaven is what you make it but whether you are here or there, you still have to do the work to get better.


Existence After Death

We often hear questions about damnation and where does one go after death if they haven’t been positive. Today there are questions about life after death. What is it like in Heaven? Assuming that you expect to pass over to someplace nice and full of light, what will your existence be like?

There is a multitude of information available on this subject. You may be able to find books, articles, websites and speakers on this subject. There is usually a common theme. There is a bright, white light at the end of a long tunnel and loved ones are waiting for you. Homecoming is a celebration.

The tunnel is horizontal not vertical. Heaven waits in another dimension that exists alongside this one. You don’t go up or down. You cross. People describe a suspended feeling inside the tunnel and as you get closer to the Other Side, your trip speeds up. Some people describe loved ones along the inside of the tunnel, others do not.

Once you arrive, there is a blissful feeling of grace, belonging and peace. You are greeted by loved ones and you recognize everyone. You even meet people from previous generations and lifetimes. Pets are there as well.

After some much needed support and reassurance, you are placed in a protective cocoon. This is intended to decompress you from the end of your earth life, allow you to release some issues or problems and shift from your physical self to your current energy existence.

The cocoon lasts as long as you need. You are in no hurry and this time in peaceful suspension feels really good after your recent earth experience. Once you are released from your cocoon you meet with your guides and some loved ones and prepare for your life review. You stand before a large object which projects the images of your earth life. You and your guides view and review everything. This is when you probably would wish that you volunteered, donated to charity, visited VA hospitals, supported animal shelters, meditated every day, been a foster parent and switched to whole foods. You are not judged but an earnest review is needed.

It is at this time that it may strike you that some of your life goals or lessons were left undone. You may have begun a lesson track but then shifted away to something uncharted. This or you didn’t start the lesson track at all. As you read this it may be somewhat of a letdown. Everything that you eagerly planned for this existence was incomplete or missed. You may have written a particularly difficult chart because you wanted to get a lot done. Then, any number of distractions pulled you away.

While in spirit you are completely cognizant of all of your lifetimes and experiences. You had some areas of study that you wanted to focus on. Then, the density of earth and the presence of dark energy diverted you. This you see perfectly clear as well. You are able to comprehend where things went well and where things went wrong. You are able to make an objective assessment of this life.

Some people feel that just being here and getting to the end is good enough. This lacks the required benefit expected of earth life. You could skip all of your lessons and still get to the end but actually accomplishing very little. Obviously, we do not agree that just surviving is enough. In the spirit world if there is no gathered knowledge or learning than there is no reason to experience it.

Life charts are essential. You have worked long and hard on this one. You probably were pretty ambitious otherwise you would have little reason to come back. This discussion is sobering. Yes, you do have a multitude of things to accomplish. You charted conflict, negativity, illness, sorrow, loss as well as joy and love. Without contrast there is little to learn.

There are lifelines where someone charts longevity, good health, marriage, children, success and prosperity. This life would have some lessons as well but likely it would be to teach you about jealousy, negativity, competition and whether you would injure or otherwise sabotage this exceptional person. Would you be able to accept the obvious bounty of someone else? Could you be happy for them without envy? What would their life teach you by contrast? So, yes! Some people win the lottery, inherit millions, strike it rich and live a charmed life. Is this your chart? Probably not. You came here to do the work!

Once you have decompressed from your earth life you may settle into an existence on the Other Side of your choosing. You still have learning to do. You want to reconnect with loved ones and focus on your beloved hobbies. Maybe you still want to “work.” This is up to you.

There are living sites to match any earth environment. You may want a mountain lodge, a beach cottage, an inner city townhouse or whatever resonates with you. There are five levels of existence. You may be a tradesman or philosopher. You may gain entrance to a higher level by working for it or you may stay just where you are and fully enrich your current existence.

Some people work through the levels and either stop at the highest individual existence or choose to be reabsorbed into Source.

What some people don’t realize is that you may have charted many lifetimes and do not return to the Other Side to “live” but rather re-enter earth life again. While in spirit you likely believed that you could do this and succeed every time. You never came into earth life to fail. Your guides, the Ascended Masters and God review your charts. There are times when your goals are achievable and they allow you to proceed or they ask for rewrites because you may have written something nearly impossible. It would serve no purpose for you to live a life that you could not achieve anything but failure. This would not uplift you.


Peace, love and tranquility flow out of the lighthouse that is you. Don’t waste any more precious time on thoughts that are so far beneath you. Fill up with the love of God and be eternally emitting that same light out to all others.

Be “there” when someone needs a hand. Be “there” when someone needs encouraging words. Be “there” when love is the answer. Most of all be “there” when others need as much love from you as you need in return.

What does the lighthouse teach you? What does it say during those long, lonely nights? Who could benefit more from the teachings of the lighthouse? Where do we go when we need comfort which the lighthouse provides?

See at once the bright and forgiving rays. Know that no dark or damaged energy survives in that beam. It is always there and ready to provide. It beholds you with grace and brings you close to feel content and secure.

You may appear at the threshold of the lighthouse. You may feel weary and unwell. It may have been a long time since you have felt joy. It seems each day is dismal and empty. You are having a hard time finding your purpose. You have walked a great distance yet you feel like you are in the same space. You have called out many times asking for help but it seems that no one may hear you.

Where do you go from here?

You look to one side and then the other. You see no footsteps of anyone else beside you. This makes you feel even more alone. This certainly is not the life that you asked for. You never wanted to feel so alone.

Sit and simply “be.” Realize that you have forgotten to connect yourself to Source energy and Mother Earth. That beam of light has never wavered, not once. You have also forgotten that your guides, angels and departed loved ones are not tangible. They exist in another energy state. They leave no footprints, kisses on your cheek or tear drops. They feel for you. They long to be known to you. You forgot that they are always beside you. They never left.

Why have you walked so far away? You traveled for far too long without faith. Now that you have reconnected with the energy that you need, look and see where you are. How many bumps and bruises did you suffer while you walked alone? This was not necessary. This was a detour that you never needed to take.

Come back “home” to your center. Be grounded and aloft. Wrap the love of God around you like a well-worn quilt. See that you only feel alone when you have lost your faith. You have never taken one step by yourself. The times you felt alone were the very same times that you had the most guides, angels and departed loved ones around you.

The lighthouse never fades or takes a break. It is true as your savior. It is always there to show you the way. Resist looking away or down at your feet. Follow the Light until you come home. Your support is steadfast and enduring. Rest assured that you are never alone or without love.

(This is more of a poem or song. Not what spirit usually gives to me.)



Go Big With a Better Attitude

It is time to go big. Your natural tendency may be to bring your energy layers closer to you. If you envision yourself smaller, there will be fewer things that may potentially go wrong. This is inaccurate. To be successful in life God wants you to expand. Make yourself bigger and push your energy layers further out. Accept more input from some trusted sources and have more information infused through you. There is so much that God and spirit would like to bring into your life but if your shrink and recoil, you are essentially blocking their bounty.

It would be like falling behind in any area in life. If you refuse updated information eventually everything you know and utilize to function in life will also be outdated and useless. It is like buying a new computer but using an owner’s manual that is 10 years out of date and from a different manufacturer. Any hope of successfully using the new computer is severely impaired by you insisting upon using outdated information.

Get spiritually current and stay current. Expand and improve your vibration. Make sure to cleanse and clear your energy and fill up with bright, vibrant, fluid colors. Your ability to function spiritually will depend upon your receptivity to the energy around you. You may be a rock trying to absorb God’s love or a light, fluffy cloud. Obviously, the cloud has a better chance of being in contact with the Divine. Clouds don’t have physical blocks, barriers, tethers or anchors. They are free-flowing and expansive. They naturally have a higher vibration and exist above the negativity of the earth. They occasionally fill with moisture and rain but you would cry as well if you were soaked in God’s love!  It is truly that beautiful.

Any social movement will encourage you to “rise up.” Of course, you must be free of any dark heaviness that will interfere with your desire to overcome something that has held you down for far too long. A higher vibration will help you to see everything more clearly and in better perspective. We have spoken about perspective in the past. This one action will improve your emotional well-being better than any other. Your perspective on life is the best way to be positive, optimistic and resilient altogether.

How you look at life is essentially important to what type of life experience that you will have. If you feel down and are constantly sorry for you, your life will be a series of lows and disappointments. You will walk through each day expecting to be let down and disillusioned. This vibration will bring more negativity and sadness. You will lock yourself into this negative life cycle wondering why others have love and joy and you do not.

Your perception of someones life may actually not be so accurate. Maybe they don’t have everything. What if their life were very similar to yours only their perspective is more optimistic? They respond to stressors with a better attitude and more optimism. They greet life as an adventure and accept that things may not always go their way but life is still very beautiful. This is perspective.

Have you ever known 2 different people who are battling cancer? One is optimistic, hopeful and eager to complete their treatment so they can move on to brighter, happier matters in their life. The other is dark and moody. They complain about life being unfair and each day is a chore. They see nothing of any benefit to this experience and they lash out with anger when loved ones rally in support.

Now consider that the hopeful person actually has a more aggressive form of cancer. The moody patient may have something that is treatable with a better prognosis. The bright person may recover more quickly with less need for ongoing treatment. The sullen person suffers at length and requires more treatment than what is expected. This is an actual example. Your perspective may drastically change your life experience. It is how you perceive, process and assimilate the events of your life. 2 people may have similar experiences but manage their lives vastly different.

My sister-in-law had an aggressive form of cancer several years ago. She went through 3 rounds of chemo and has been in remission ever since. While hospitalized she came into contact with people who were not hopeful, positive or motivated for treatment. Sometimes these people were her roommates. Their negativity would have an effect on her but she would always resist being sullen and come back around to being positive with an intent to recover. She currently works full time and thoroughly enjoys babysitting her grand kids. After her remission began, she married my brother and wore a wig for the ceremony. She had better things to do with her life and refused to allow cancer to keep her from fulfilling her dreams. She isn’t waiting for the cancer to come back. She prefers to believe that she beat it for good and will never look back, but of course she goes for her follow up appointments. Hope is one thing but medical self-neglect is another.

Attitude is everything. Be positive and hopeful always. Even if things seem hopeless and bound for pain or failure, still be motivated to accept, process and benefit from the lesson. If you adapt the proper perspective everything that life brings to you is an adventure.

Expand, increase your vibration and have a positive perspective. You wrote this adventure with the full intention to grow, experience and prosper. Keep an open mind and allow your chart to unfold before you. It is truly possible that you have already missed many of your lessons but it is still ok to rejoin your chart again.

The pain, struggle and agony that you feel are self-imposed emotions. You have created a difficult life when what you actually charted is beautiful and full of growth and learning. Opt back in and be eager for life. This most closely aligns with who you really are. Your strength is impenetrable. Your faith is stunning. Be perfect in every sense of the word. Release your misery and embrace every opportunity to rise up and ascend to your proper place in Heaven.



Not Pill Pushing

No, we are not pushing meds on you. There are several ways listed to improve your mood without medication. In fact, the medication section is a small part of the entire previous article. This was used to show you the various types of chemicals in the body which influence how you feel.

It is a real relationship between chemicals and mood/behavior. If you have a chemical imbalance there must be some form of treatment which will stabilize the imbalance or at least improve it so that you may be able to do more self-healing.

Many people think you just have to “change your mind,” “pull yourself up by your boot straps” or “get over it!” It may not be this easy if you are dealing with an imbalance. People may have good intentions but have limited insight into how mood, behavior and feelings are improved. If you are depressed because you have a chemical imbalance, no amount of happy thoughts will cause you to feel better. This is a tangible concept which may be new information for you.

Even if your depression is situational (caused by specific life events) the use of medications will still help you to recover. As we said, every emotion is a chemical reaction in your brain. So, the anti-depressant will help to balance those chemicals and give you the opportunity to heal your depression in other ways. In this case, the use of medication may be temporary.

Anxiety is also common and will respond to medication. Again, if you do the work and make behavioral changes to combat anxiety or panic, this type of medication may be temporary. Anti-anxiety medications will take the edge off and allow you to pursue emotional healing through other ways. If you experience some relief you may have a better perspective on what you may need to do and why.

Outbursts or anger may also be treated so that you may adjust your impulse control, work through some emotional problems or relieve you from overwhelming stress and worry.

Some people are prescribed medications and then do not follow up with any others treatment options. They are happy to take a pill and not make any effort to deal with any underlying emotions or conflict. This is what we would advise against. We will not encourage you to rely upon medication alone. We want you to combat any emotional distress with real intervention. There are 10 suggestions in the previous post, “When Layers Attack!”

You or your family, friends or other loved ones may self-medicate with drugs, alcohol or other mood-altering substances or behavior. Many people who engage in this behavior don’t realize that this is what they are doing, even if you point it out to them. In this case the person is not dealing with any actual issues but they are compounding everything with another problem. Using substances for relief is problematic because addictions may grow worse and actually end up making your emotional problems more severe. Self-medicating may also mask your real symptoms making it difficult to get appropriate treatment.

Substance abuse also interferes with the natural maturation process. The age which you begin to abuse substances is the age that you remain emotionally. Mood altering substances stop you from gaining wisdom, perspective and objectivity. This will create another cycle in your life of upset, substance abuse, depression/anxiety and dysfunction. Any chance for real emotions or life problems will be forever clouded by self-medicating. Then, if you address the substance problem you are left with the actual issues of depression, anxiety/panic or other mental health concerns.

There are many treatment options for what causes you upset. Start anywhere as long as you start. If you are not currently abusing substances to manage emotional symptoms then please don’t start. You will be adding another layer of problems that will need to be addressed before you discover the issues at the core of your concerns.

Review the 10 suggestions listed in a previous post. If you should choose counseling or any treatment by your medical doctor, they may suggest some type of medication. This is not the cure-all. You must address the issues that are underlying your emotional symptoms. Always remember that medications may be a temporary treatment if you do the work and resolve some of your issues. If you do not work on the problems, any treatment will just be a temporary fix for any ongoing emotional turmoil.

Addressing and releasing layers requires active treatment. Choose some modalities that sound like they would be successful for you. Healing requires intent. Bringing up problem areas does cause discomfort. Once you manage some problem areas, your healing will begin and any emotional pain will have been well worth it.

2017 Wikihow; Current Meds Listed

wikiHow to Deal When You Have a Chemical Imbalance

Two Parts:Balancing Brain Chemicals Naturally Getting Help from Medical Professionals Community Q&A

The body is filled with numerous chemicals of various types, such as hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters. Chemical imbalances happen due to diseases, injuries, aging, chronic stress and poor nutrition. When most people talk of chemical imbalance, however — especially doctors and researchers — they’re referring to an imbalance of neurotransmitters or chemical messengers of the brain.[1] The prevailing medical theory is that depression, schizophrenia and many mood/behavioral disorders are caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.[2] Psychotropic drugs are commonly recommended by doctors to try and balance these neurotransmitters and improve mood, although there are also many natural methods of establishing and maintaining healthy brain chemistry that don’t trigger serious side effects.

Part 1

Balancing Brain Chemicals Naturally

  1. Image titled Deal When You Have a Chemical Imbalance Step 1

    Exercise more often. When you have anxiety or depression, exercise may not be high on your priority list, but research shows that it can make a big impact on mood by stimulating and/or balancing numerous chemicals and neurotransmitters in the body.[3] Regular exercise is theorized to help ease depression and anxiety in a number of ways, such as: releasing feel-good brain chemicals (neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids); reducing immune system chemicals that are linked to worsening depression; and increasing body temperature, which seems to have general calming effects.

    • Research published in 2005 found that walking briskly for about 35 minutes daily five times per week or 60 minutes daily three times per week had a significant impact on mild-to-moderate depression.[4]
    • Other types of cardiovascular exercise that may provide similar benefits include swimming, cycling, jogging and dancing.
  2. Image titled Deal When You Have a Chemical Imbalance Step 2

    Consume more omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fats, which means your body (particularly your brain) needs them to function normally, but the body can’t make them.[5] As such, you must get them from food or supplements. Omega-3 fats are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be important for cognition (brain memory and performance) and behavior. A variety of studies have shown that supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids (between 1,000 and 2,000 mg daily) can help relieve symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).[6][7]

    • Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, halibut), other seafoods, including shrimp, algae and krill, as well as some nuts and seeds (walnuts, flaxseed).
    • If supplementing, consider taking fish oil, krill oil and/or flaxseed oil.
    • Symptoms of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include poor memory, mood swings and depression, among others.
    • In one study, it was shown that 10 grams of fish oil daily helped bipolar patients treat their symptoms.[8]
  3. Image titled Deal When You Have a Chemical Imbalance Step 3

    Make sure you’re not vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is necessary for a variety of body functions including calcium absorption, healthy immune response and normal mood fluctuations. In fact, vitamin D is much more hormone-like in its actions than any other vitamin and a lack of it has been linked to depression as well as other mental disorders.[9] Unfortunately, many people (including most Americans) are deficient in vitamin D, which may be responsible for some of the nearly 15 million cases of depression among adults in the United States.[10] Vitamin D is made by your skin in response to intense summer sunshine and found in some foods.

    • Avoidance of the sun may help explain why such a growing number of people are vitamin D deficient. Ask your doctor for a blood test to see if you’re deficient.
    • Vitamin D is stored in the body, so getting enough summer sunshine can last you throughout the winter months.
    • If supplementing, use the D3 form of the vitamin and aim for between 1,000 to 4,000 IU per day (up to 40,000 IU daily has been shown to be safe).
    • Foods that contain vitamin D include the flesh of fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel), fish liver oils, beef liver and egg yolks.
    • Keep in mind that vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning excess amounts will be stored in your body (unlike water-soluble vitamins, which would just pass through in your urine), making it possible to overdose. The Institute of Medicine has defined a tolerable upper limit intake level to be 100 mcg or 4,000 IU a day in healthy adults.
  4. Image titled Deal When You Have a Chemical Imbalance Step 4

    Consider taking plant-based medicine. If you are feeling depressed or anxious and realize that your thoughts and behaviors are not healthy, then consider plant-based therapy to help balance your brain chemistry. It turns out that more than 1/2 of Americans with panic attacks or severe depression use some form of herbal therapy to combat it.[11] Valerian root, passionflower, kava kava, ashwagandha root, St. John’s wort, L-theanine, 5-HTP, ginseng and even chamomile are used as natural sedatives or antidepressants because of their ability to impact the brain and reduce stress and anxiety.

    • Valerian root contains phytochemicals that interact with a brain chemical called GABA, which is involved with regulating anxiety, depression and related moods (drugs such as Valium and Xanax work in similar fashion) — best thought of as a sedative and sleep aid.
    • St. John’s wort reduces symptoms in people w/ mild-to-moderate, but not severe depression. Some research it works as well as antidepressant drugs Prozac and Zoloft.
    • L-theanine (found in green tea and some other plants) increases GABA and dopamine levels in the brain and causes psychoactive changes, including reducing anxiety, improving cognition and balancing mood.
    • 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid that’s converted in the brain to serotonin (brain’s feel good chemical).
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    Try acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture involves sticking very thin needles into specific energy points within the skin/muscle in efforts to reduce pain, combat inflammation, stimulate healing and balance the body’s processes. .[12] Recent research suggests that acupuncture may be as effective for depression and other mood-related problems as antidepressant drugs, but without any of the side effects.[13] Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works by releasing a variety of substances including endorphins and serotonin, which act to reduce pain and improve mood.

    • It’s also claimed that acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy, referred to as chi, which may also be involved in balancing brain chemistry.
    • Acupuncture points that may provide relief for your chemical imbalance are spread throughout the body, including the head, hands and feet.
    • Acupuncture is practiced by a variety of healthcare professionals including some physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths and psychologists — whoever you choose should be certified by NCCAOM.

Part 2

Getting Help from Medical Professionals

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    Consult with a mental health professional. If stress, anxiety and/or depression is negatively impacting your life, then talk with a mental health professional. A psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor can give you insights on your issue and attempt to address the underlying cause of your imbalance. Mental health professionals sometimes use drugless techniques and therapies, such as psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.[14] Whether psychotherapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy can balance brain chemicals is unclear, but both therapies have a track record of success dealing with depression and anxiety — although it often takes many weeks or months.

    • Psychotherapy is a type of counseling that addresses the emotional response to mental illnesses. Patients are encouraged to talk through strategies for understanding and dealing with their disorder.
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves patients learning to recognize and change their thought patterns and behaviors that lead to troublesome feelings.
    • Unfortunately, there are no blood tests that can directly measure neurotransmitter levels in the brain; however, an imbalance of hormones (such as insulin or thyroid hormone) can be detected by blood tests and may be related to altered mood. Other measurable components in the blood that have been linked to depression include very high levels of copper, too much lead and low levels of folate.[15]
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    Ask your doctor about SSRIs. The neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are closely tied to depression and anxiety, so most antidepressant drugs are designed to affect these chemicals. For depression, doctors typically start by prescribing a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) because these drugs are relatively safer and cause fewer serious side effects than other types of antidepressants.[16] SSRIs relieve symptoms by blocking the reabsorption (reuptake) of serotonin by certain nerve cells in the brain, which leaves more serotonin available to improve mood.[17]

    • SSRIs include fluoxetine (Prozac, Selfemra), paroxetine (Paxil, Pexeva), sertraline (Zoloft), citalopram (Celexa) and escitalopram (Lexapro).
    • SSRIs are considered relatively effective for treating all anxiety disorders, including depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
    • Common side effects of SSRIs include insomnia (inability to get to sleep), sexual dysfunction and weight gain.
    • Although SSRIs are often given to patients with an assumed chemical imbalance of serotonin, their use sometimes triggers “serotonin syndrome” — dangerously high levels of serotonin.
    • Symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome include flushing of the skin, elevated heart rate, elevated temperature, elevated blood pressure, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you are having these symptoms and are on an SSRI then consult you doctor immediately.
    • If you are having problems with side effects from SSRIs talk to your family doctor or psychiatrist. There are different profiles for each medication and each have different advantages and disadvantages. You doctor will know best which medication to prescribe.
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    Consider SNRIs as an alternative. Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) are similar to SSRIs, but they have a dual mechanism of action: they increase the levels of both serotonin and norepinephrine by inhibiting their reabsorption into neurons in the brain.[18] SNRI drugs are considered as effective as SSRIs, so they are also considered a first-line treatment that’s commonly prescribed by doctors, especially for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder.

    • SNRIs include duloxetine (Cymbalta), venlafaxine (Effexor XR), desvenlafaxine (Pristiq, Khedezla) and levomilnacipran (Fetzima).
    • Common side effects of SNRIs include insomnia, stomach upset, excessive sweating, headaches, sexual dysfunction and hypertension (high blood pressure).
    • Some SNRIs like Cymbalta are approved to treat depression in those with chronic pain disorders. A drug like Effexor hand might be used in people with generalized anxiety disorder as well as depression.
    • Taking SNRIs can also trigger an imbalance of serotonin levels in the brain referred to as serotonin syndrome.[19]
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    Be cautious with benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants. Benzodiazepines are an older class of drugs still used for short-term management of anxiety. They can be highly effective in promoting relaxation, reducing muscle tension and other physical symptoms associated with anxiety by enhancing the effect of the neurotransmitter GABA.[20] Benzodiazepines are not appropriate for long-term use, however, as there can be serious side effects, such as aggression, cognitive impairment, addiction, and deeper depression. As such, concerns about long-term use of benzodiazepines led many psychiatrists and physicians to favor tricyclic antidepressants before SSRIs and SNRIs came on the market. Tricyclics are relatively effective for treating anxiety because they increase serotonin levels in the brain, but they are also problematic long term. Consequently, tricyclic antidepressants aren’t usually prescribed unless you’ve been on a SSRI and it hasn’t worked for you.[21]

    • Benzodiazepines include alprazolam (Xanax, Niravam), clonazepam (Klonopin), diazepam (Valium, Diastat) and lorazepam (Ativan).
    • Tricyclic antidepressants include imipramine (Tofranil), nortriptyline (Pamelor), amitriptyline, doxepin, trimipramine (Surmontil), desipramine (Norpramin) and protriptyline (Vivactil).[22]
    • Tricyclic antidepressants have the potential to be cardio-toxic and have to be used in caution in people with heart disease.[23]

When “Layers” Attack!

The release of layers is complicated and emotionally trying. The average person will resist bringing up any upsetting layers and prefer to squash it back down. Out of sight, out of mind. But, this does not heal anyone. This is only a band aid which works only for a specific amount of time. Usually when you are seriously ill, have just been in an auto accident and your favorite aunt is in the hospital is when these buried layers rise up out of control. Why? Because your defenses are down. Your usual coping strategies are extended beyond their effectiveness. This may be “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” You are tapped out emotionally and one more thing happens.

How do you handle this? This is individual. There are a variety of responses which depend upon how you cope and handle stress.

You may:

  1. Lose it. Turn completely inward and shutter yourself inside.
  2. Act out. This may be any avenue as well. Abusing substances, unprotected sex and/or promiscuity, driving recklessly, burning bridges of supportive people or extensive binges of any type of behavior.
  3. Develop thoughts of self-harm or harm to others.
  4. Gain/lose weight.
  5. Neglect personal hygiene and also neglect to properly care for your child(ren).
  6. You may lose your job or get behind financially.
  7. You may also have trouble with law enforcement or other legal problems.

Your response to being completely overwhelmed varies in length as well. If you have better coping strategies you may recover in a shorter amount of time. If you have behavioral problems, a dysfunctional life and limited insight, you may suffer for much longer.

Then, you stuff everything back down because you actually don’t know the content of this extensive upset. You understood that many things went wrong at the same time and you had difficulty working through it. You just don’t know that much of that anguish was the upset that you have stuffed for years. Your layers broke through your usual defenses.

So how do you actually release layers and let them go without recapturing them? These are some suggestions:

  1. Find a deep meditative state and allow whatever comes to the surface so you may face it, work through it and let it go. Use this option daily. The most difficult part is to actually allow your feelings to surface. You are used to pushing them out of your mind and that becomes your first response.
  2. Go to counseling. This is a big step if you choose this route as one of your options. Things brought out in counseling are painful and may overwhelm you for a time but the counselor will also help you process these emotions. Sometimes people go to counseling for a period of time then take a break to normalize again, and then go back.
  3. Take prescription medications. Every emotion is a chemical reaction in your brain. A form of depression is an imbalance of neurotransmitters. This will not resolve without prescription medications. Some people have to take this type of med every day in order to be emotionally stable. Another type of depression is a reaction to life stressors. Depression is only one example of the need for prescription medications. There are many types of mental illness and a majority are improved with medications. God believes in Western Medicine. Some of our earthly treatments where originally developed in Heaven and provided to healers on this plane to be developed for our use. It is like treating a fever. Medications are specific to intent and help to heal you. Breaking a fever may make you better just like achieving chemical balance may make you think, feel and function better.
  4. Join a support group. This refers to some of the best advice; seek people of like mind. A vast amount of understanding and healing may happen in a group of people who know exactly how you think and feel. Some people have resolved more of their issues and they help guide those who are less advanced in the healing process. It is structured so that you receive support, new information and reassurance. The purpose is to share and gain insight from those who have similar problems.
  5. Get a healing. Any form of healing which you prefer. Reiki, reflexology, chakra opening and balancing, acupuncture, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing or any other form which resonates with you. Sometimes word of mouth is spirit’s way of giving you hints. If a friend or coworker mentions something they tried or they had heard someone else very happy with some service, you may have been meant to hear this.
  6. Journaling is a good way to open up some doors that you have closed for a long time. You may start out on a very benign topic and then tangent to something more personal. God and spirit have a way of bringing about some thoughts and feelings about something they want you to consider. The challenge is to follow this topic whether it is painful, upsetting or makes you angry. Do your best to avoid stuffing these emotions again.
  7. Prayer starts as a conversation with a higher power about anything you wish. Then through introspection, insight and Divine guidance some issues may be brought out. Trust that you are being guided by loving, supportive and protective beings in order to help you heal. Faith is important. Believe that you have goals to reach deep into your being to connect with your genuine self. These destructive layers are obscuring the beautiful, spiritual being that you truly are. Know for sure that any upset or emotional pain is all worth it eventually when you stand strong, healthy and independent.
  8. Use meditations that seek and release emotional upset. Buy them online, at a music store or use YouTube. Some are called meditations, hypnosis or subliminal. There are guided ones where a person directs you how to proceed and there are ones that are just music. Use the ones that resonate with you. If you have a positive result from a particular one it may work well to keep using it or try other ones from the same company.
  9. Build up your confidence, self-esteem and independence. This is done through a variety of sources. Books, self-help tapes and workbooks, support groups, setting short and long term goals and counseling are a few suggestions. Your self-talk has a lot to do with how you feel about your strength and confidence. Daily affirmations are a positive step.
  10. Develop a strong support system. This is important. It helps to have people supporting you and understanding what you would like to accomplish in your life. You may need a pep talk, someone who will listen to you vent or someone to acknowledge the improvements that you have made. Trying to find your strength is more difficult by yourself. Choose people who are always supportive and able to give you some feedback. It is a bonus if they love you, like a close friend or family member.

Where Is the Real You?

Just when you think you have everything figured out there is some surprise. Something unexpected. You react in shock but it really is true and you cannot deny it for very long. There are forces at work when you don’t realize it. There are so many different areas of your life that it takes some complex organization to keep everything working in harmony. You are the only aspect that is not always in alignment. You are the only reason that things may spin out of control or go awry.

Even now you are attempting to argue against this logic. You want to believe that there are so many more things that contribute to what type of life experience that you are having. You feel it is impossible for you to be the only thing between you and a truly beautiful, blessed life. It is true and we will explain this to you.

As we have said before your troubles are in layers. There have been many negative experiences, genetics or environmental contributions to create these layers. Underneath all of it is you. The genuine you, with your psyche intact. You may become overwhelmed to realize that everything that feels wrong or unsuccessful is your own doing. You may take a few steps back in order to embrace this concept.

If we look at every dysfunctional behavior, bad habit, limitation or repetitious cycle in your life it is attributable to some thought, occurrence or event.

There are exceptions. Mental illness, birth defects, serious disease or any handicap which is attributed to real injuries or biochemical imbalances. These instances are definitely treatable but you must actually seek and comply with treatment. Other exceptions are any disease, illness or disability that you intentionally came here, into this life with, in order to learn from and teach others through contrast and experience.

There is also some dark energy at work. If someone were to lack a conscience or be possessed by a dark being, this is definitely darkness at play in your world. It is possible to look deep inside this type of person and not find any Light. This may be a random event that you must learn to quickly get away from. There are no learning moments from every bit of contrast and conflict. Sometimes you really have to walk away and protect yourself. This dark person will live with you, marry you and even have children with you but only because these connections will increase the amount of anguish they may put you through. You are not going to “save” them. You will be the one who needs saving.

Layers occur when you are not able to or don’t know how to deal with something. If you were to have exceptional coping abilities throughout your life you would have a minimal amount of layers. If you were unable to process any conflict, trauma, illness or negative life event, you have more layers build up over time.

Then, when you have an ample amount of layers, you are truly unable to deal with anything stressful and more layers are created. If this is you or one of your loved ones of course you believe in every ache, pain or diagnosis. This is not to be confused with actual illness or injury. This is an emotional type of layering which is a result of complex upset and stress.

People often turn their upset, anger, frustration and depression inward. This is the phenomena that we are referring to. Perhaps as a child, this person was treated poorly, ignored, isolated or shunned for having negative feelings. This anguish is more potent when the emotions are caused by your parent or other caregiver. Perhaps a child has an upset stomach, nausea and tends to cry because mom and dad are in a Domestic Violence relationship. Or, the parent is molesting the child and the upset is directly caused by this abuse. Or, an older sibling is beating this child. The adults who are unwilling or unable to make positive changes in the environment turn their anger, hopelessness or feelings of being overwhelmed against the child. This is an outlet for the adult(s) but the child is harmed. This child has no positive outlet and may turn the upset inward.

It is also common that a child is non-verbally taught that an upset stomach is acceptable when fear, depression or anger is not. Again, this is what the environment has taught this child. Grandma will help your upset tummy but will be spurned by your anger. Your mother will nurse your illness and protect you from your abusive father. If you are upset about your father’s behavior, she may react differently. She may actually side with the father in order to save herself from additional punishment at his hands. The child is inadvertently taught that physical complaints get a better response.

Then, there are situations when the child has no way to express any emotions.  Often they will turn their upset inward. As an adult, these layers were developed through effective or ineffective coping. The adult may not be aware of the origin of their dysfunction since they were young when many conflicts began. The beginning is still there; the adult just has lost or buried their awareness of it. They are left with their current behavioral problem, non-specific illness or mental disorder.

We use some generic examples to make our point. If you haven’t had these specific experiences then please tailor this post to include situations that are familiar with you. We don’t want you to miss the lesson because we are using examples which don’t resonate with you.

There are many times when a child suffers from negative circumstances in life and they turn their rage outward. This is also a response to layers of dysfunction. Each negative aspect of their personality was developed from some specific set of life circumstances. This adult has suffered from years of being misunderstood and mistreated. Even the family or other circumstances that created their upset will no longer deal with them. The abusive father will kick the abusive son out of the household. Or, the ineffective mom will refuse to accept any responsibility for the chaos in their lives. Auntie is always there to help your tummy problems but will not step in if you are fighting the system. Everyone stays in their role, unless they want to change.

Now we come back to the layers that you have developed in response to what you have experienced in life. Under all of this cause and effect is your genuine self. Unearthing layers of dysfunction seems like a daunting task, and it is but, finding some aspects of the real you is exciting. “You” are in there.

Where do you start?

  1. Cleanse & protect
  2. Meditate
  3. Pray
  4. Reduce your stress
  5. Remain in the Light

We will continue this topic in the next post.