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The Pressure of 2020

The stress of the Coronavirus and the many areas of our lives that have been impacted have created an intense pressure situation for us. What you may or may not realize is that the extremes in how people behave, respond and react were likely issues that were there all along.

Many of us manage our lives as long as things are fairly expected. Then if stress comes along, our feelings of security and self-confidence may lessen whether we realize it or not. We may always have feelings of paranoia or mistrust but stress will heighten them. We also may be suspicious of law enforcement, government or the medical field. What we are seeing now is the exaggerated behavior of people who have little or no reserves in coping left.

This cycle of behavior will also ebb and flow in response to the demands of daily life. Many of us hit rock bottom a few times in the era of Coronavirus. Then, when we recover some ability to cope, something else changes. Our normal safe places may not be so safe anymore. Many people have changes in their employment, childcare, health, finances and other important aspects of life. Our stability has taken some major hits and some of us may not have had a great deal of emotional health to begin with.

What is true of many people in our lives is that paranoia is very common. Many people keep these ideas closely under wraps to exist in work, school, the grocery store, the doctors office… With little reserves in coping, ideas of suspicion, fear and conspiracy may be presented more boldly to the people around you. Then, people find others who are experiencing these same fears of being at risk and they heighten one another in private or public. Many of us are taken back by the seemingly irrational behavior that we see daily. These thoughts were always there and were also being taught and modeled to their children, we just didn’t realize it.

What does God want you to know.

  1. Nothing is handed to you that you are unable to cope with.
  2. God created Western Medicine and healers.
  3. Anything in life is manageable through faith and perspective.
  4. No one is above illness. Prayer alone is not enough to protect and heal you.
  5. Resilience may wane and require an increased effort.
  6. No one culture is above another. Unless the culture worships dark entities.
  7. Racism is fear and shows a lack of faith in God.
  8. Violence is not warranted in the majority of all situations between humans.
  9. We teach and raise up our children for their generation to be better than ours.
  10. Humans created government. We have a responsibility to see that our creation is productive.

This era of fear was unexpected by most of us. Our response is best when placed in the perspective of belief, faith and understanding of God. What we experience is what God has intended. Do you learn and prosper or embrace fear and falter? Each problem will test our faith. Will we absorb ourselves and our loved ones in fear and darkness or will we gather together and offer support and encouragement? This is a daily choice for some of us. True strength lies in faith.

We have spoken of terminal illness before. Each instance of incurable disease is meant to test us and our loved ones, over and over. No one gives up immediately. There are stages of grief for ourselves and those we love. This situation fits into this dynamic as well. What do we believe about the virus? How much control do we feel we have in response to it? Are we open to wearing masks, social distancing and the new vaccines? What do we have to learn? What do we have to teach?

All of this is a test of your faith and resilience in your belief in God. There may be some precautions you are okay with and others you don’t want any part of. If you deny any truth to this pandemic then you may be tested on more levels than others. You may have friends and family that are positive for the virus, then does your response change? Then you may lose a loved one to the virus, then how do you feel? Has anything caused you to change your perspective or do you hold steadfast in your beliefs? Then, you may test positive for the virus. Now has your opinions changed? Then what is your next test? Do you recover in some manner? How do you feel now? Or, do you succumb to this illness and return Home?

Can you imagine meeting your guides and loved ones and explain that you chose not to learn from any experience, change or loss related to the Coronavirus. This may be something to think about now. Where do you stand on the spectrum of virus preparedness or denial? If you had to explain your thinking to an observer, do you stand firm in your current beliefs? Is there room for learning, flexibility and caution? More importantly, are you able to tell an observer what and how you are teaching your children and those of the next generation about this time in our lives? Does your perspective hold up? Or, do you recognize some lapses in your judgement or belief?

What does all of this mean? You are a child of God. You are being tested by an unusual event in the medical field. You have had ample opportunity to adjust and prepare. Your soul has had many such tests throughout eternity.

The truth is likely better than worse. You are here on a site that has an obvious reference to God in the title. Your faith is likely modest or better. Your ability to lead and follow is made stronger by your belief in God. What is hoped is that you understand that even a strong faith will not protect you from illness or disease. In fact, the stronger your faith, the more you may be tested by conflict and contrast. This illness will ravage your body and if you survive you may have lasting damage. If you do not survive, you have taught others about love, faith, perspective and triumph. Going Home is not a bad thing. Living by being modest, careful, knowledgeable and practical is even better.


Love Letter From Your Spirit Guide

I walk with you daily.

I make my bed with you each night.

I hold the light for you when darkness nears.

My heart goes out to you each time you cry.

I made this life to walk beside you and fulfil what your heart desires.

It is not my wish to cause you pain and sadness but instead to cause your expansion & learning.

I love you above all others and you are worthy of my time & attention.

I have but one gift to give you and that is My Eternal Love.

We are one and the same. To demean you is to demean me as well and I do not deserve it.

The Gift of Love

It is a far better deed to give love than to receive. People “want” and “need” but rarely look at exactly what it is that they want and need. Sometimes we just need someone to know how we think and feel. It is that companionship that makes us feel loved and that someone cares about us.

You want someone to know when you struggle, tire and feel overwhelmed. You also want someone to know when you love, overcome and accomplish. You may think you need “this” or “that” but you may just need someone to notice what you go through and acknowledge when you have made progress.

If you lack this kind of interest from loved ones you may feel that life is empty. It may not be empty but actually void of some simple things that you believe you need. There is a difference.

Some of what you lack you may actually provide for yourself. You may have gone on for days, months or even years feeling that you lack “someone” when you only lack some basic support. By rewriting your self-talk you may give yourself some love and nurturing that will make a world of difference in your everyday life. Loneliness isn’t as lonely when you realize that you have everything that you need.

Start a habit of being super nice to you. Be pleasant, positive and hopeful. Always look at the bright side. Never disparage, chastise or demean you. Be your own best friend. This is a good place to start when you want a fuller life with more love and joy. If you notice your inner dialog becoming negative again, stop it and become super nice again.

Every day-

  1. State that you feel well and look good.
  2. Be encouraged by stating you have abundant positive energy to accomplish everything that you need to do.
  3. Comment to yourself that you enjoy the company of the people in your life.
  4. Remind yourself that your work is fulfilling, positive and allows you to express your creativity.
  5. Enjoy your commute to work, preparing a meal, exercising, chatting with loved ones… Tell yourself that every action in your life brings you joy and love.
  6. Smile more.
  7. Release your need to be angry with people you don’t even know. Strangers in traffic, at the coffee shop, in the elevator, at the store… Let your anger go. These people mean nothing to your life and your chart. You are giving them some of your personal power by focusing on them.
  8. Keep your strength in your core and add to it, never take any away.
  9. Walk with energy and purpose. By greeting the Universe in this way more positive events and emotions will come to you.
  10. Always be thankful. Express gratitude for everything that impacts your life both positive and negative. Everything is intended to teach you and the problems actually teach you more than the successes. With joy and gratitude, each event will fill your being to overflowing.

Celebrate every day that you remember to add depth, acceptance and gratitude.

This One Life

Observe your own behavior in the context of God’s Love. Who has the right to decide whether someone is way off the mark or essentially inspirational? If you both reach the same quality of life and spiritual freedom then no one is really in the wrong.

You have stood before Me to receive judgment in the past. It was not Mine to put you down or cast aside your direction. Your heart was pure and your guidance was certainly justified. You came along and stood beside Me still. I did not turn you away for your heart longed for love and healing. I came to you and gave you all of My love. We walked together for many miles and now it is you who must walk beside another disciple of Mine. It is your turn to be above judgment. You must find faith, respect and honor the questions that reside in their lonely, misguided heart. You must step in My shoes and be holy.

Now is the time to trust your name. You have lifted above all others for very specific reasons. It is not time to be selfish or greedy. This is the time to turn your focus outward. It is a far greater gift to give than to receive. The time has run out for you to “expect” gifts from God. Now it is your journey to give gifts to all others in My Name, Jesus Christ.

Step forward and be counted among the many that have toiled and fought for Me. It is a far greater job to heal others and remove the thorns that diminish their being. You have been spared many unwanted tasks, jobs and responsibilities in order to do My bidding. This is your path alone.

Look to your loved ones and count them upon the many that would benefit from your grace as well as Mine. This is but the beginning. You stand waiting upon thine own threshold. To take the first step is to announce thyself One with God and the Divine. Your path is fairly direct. There need not be any confusion. To heal is to serve and to serve is to exist. These are each one and the same.

Carry your mantle forward. Refuse to bend at its weight. You did not arrive here at this point in order to avoid this work. You came here eager to serve God as a human servant on Earth. You see, feel and understand their pain. Move forward in grace and behold your duty. To shrink away and feed your own greed is not what you came here to do. There are many blessings that your family have afforded to you but the understanding between you is that there is work to be done. “We will release you from your daily toil in order to hold you up as Our servant to God, in Our family name.” You alone have accepted this responsibility. Your siblings need more than they may give. With healing you may very well bring them to the table of service. This would be ideal but this is not yours to know or ensure. God will deal with each soul one by one. You have come to this space ahead of all others and this is a tribute to all of your hard work and commitment to God. Be proud yet humble. This is your honor and this grace is yours alone, for now.

Tend to your small, effective and inspirational flock. They will also do great deeds in Our name and for Our Father. This is your legacy. It is time to renounce your pain and misery for the finest oils and linens. Your lessons were needed for additional clarity. Without pain and suffering you would not know the hardships of anyone, including you. It is good to be you. To serve is to exist. By managing to remain on this holy bough you bring yourself and others to the Alter of God. This is enough and yet this is not all.

Clarity is a way to find Me, your Heavenly Father. Too much stress and anxiety only serves to diminish your connection to the Divine. It would do well to find the stillness and calm and speak to me of your sadness and woes. If you give these to Me I will release you from the bondage that they create. This is but one step on your continued road to recovery and solace.

Trust My love. Know that you always dwell in My heart. I care for you as any devoted parent would. With My continued love and support there is nothing that you cannot do for yourself, your loved ones and the rest of humanity.

You spend far too much time wrapped in caution and negativity. This effectively blocks your ascension. If you were to function in truth and grace you would be much further on your chart and the gifts of life would be always available to you. The blocks that YOU create do more damage than you realize. Much of your life is spent looking elsewhere to place blame. This is far from true. Through stillness and faith many of your self-imposed barriers would be relieved.

This will be done in unison between you and the Divine. We cannot carry you the entire way through this life. You must do your best and meet us more than half way. There is a saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is both true and inspirational. Even in Our vast abilities, We are unable to overcome the barriers that your lack of faith has caused. Release these unnecessary blocks and allow yourself to be brought forward in great haste. This is Divine.

Your path is intrinsic. It is a part of you at your very core. To begin your journey from that pure space deep in your soul, there would be no questions or confusion about where you are going and what you are to do when you get there. Through years of pain and disappointment you have developed some extensive layers of negativity which effectively serves to block your internal guidance. To reach that space would open a new universe to you. It would be well worth the effort to seek this space. The revelation would be awe-inspiring!

Life is a gift. Healing is yours to seek. You may live your entire life and not see your way back to good health. Sadly this is the path that many people are on. This is yours to do for you. If you wish to remain unevolved you may do so but this life will then be lived in vain.

The success that you seek does not occur outside of you. It is something that you realize, nurture then grow. To wait for someone else to do this for you will leave you languishing and mired in darkness. You have this one life to make the most of what you have and to give that beauty and wonder to others. The next life will hold more avenues, streams and surprises. That you will leave for another day.

Search & Rescue

You are always where God may find you and bring you back home. You just have to want to be brought back. No one may bring you back against your wishes. As we have said before, you may come back to God even in the last moments of this earth life. You are not judged and you have every opportunity to seek absolution. No one will ever question your motives.

ABSOLUTION is a word that always captures your attention. This is what you truly seek. You always want to know that you have the ability to give up all of your negative behavior and return home in Heaven. We purposely do not use the word “sin.” As we have stated in the past, your life is a culmination of positive and negative energy. If your life consists mostly of good emotions and actions, you are closer in vibration to the Divine. If your thoughts and behavior reflect negative aspects of life, you have drifted further away from God.

We won’t label you as good or evil. These extremes are unnecessary and evoke too much fear. Your collective energy is positive or negative. It is also possible to be fairly moderate in your energy profile. You may have a mix of opposing thoughts and behavior leaving you closer to a midline.

Midline is good. We don’t judge or question. You may be fairly confident that your energy is fairly moderate in between the two poles and this is ok. Wherever you fall in this continuum, you always have the potential to embrace God. This is fact. Perhaps embracing this truth will help alleviate the fear that you feel when discussing your behavior and the afterlife. The fear is what clouds your ability to choose right above wrong.

If you had clarity, there would be no fear and you would behave in a manner that represents who you are at the time. This is genuine.

Even if your first step toward absolution is being genuine, we would applaud this choice and provide you with more options to choose a higher path. Be genuine and honest and we can absolutely work with that! This would be a grand place to start but you need to release your fear before this would be possible. You are never judged and you have the freedom to choose your behavior at any time, this should divert any need to fear.

You rescue kittens and you are not judged. You avoid caring for your elderly mother and you are not judged. You volunteer serving meals to the homeless and you are not judged. You loot homes and businesses after a tragic hurricane and you are not judged. It really is this simple. There is right and wrong but you have the freedom to choose. Always.

Set aside any worry or anxiety. You judge your own action, that is not our way. It has been said that worry is a lack of faith in God. This is true. If you were to release the shackles of fear, you would see that life and its choices are far simpler than what you make it out to be.

You decide midline on the continuum of spiritual energy is ok for now, that is fine. Even if you choose more instances of negativity and still believe this is your truth that is also ok. If we could pick you up as a newborn and carry you to the alter of God, what would we accomplish? What have you learned in that brief trip? There would be no point. This irony is lost upon you and that is good as well.

You came into this life to learn a series of lessons. You then engage in the negative earth environment and energies that push you into darker territory. You are impacted with nature and nurture. Then, when you are an adult you have the ability to choose the energy of your thoughts and behavior. Once you establish your own accountability, the direction of your life is your own choosing. Shockingly simple isn’t it?

Refuse to fall victim to fear, ego, jealousy, anger… Cut the emotional ties to any false beliefs about absolution and decide when you want to increase your vibration and grow closer to God. All of this without any outside judgement. To cloud this simple arrangement with anything but love and appreciation would be needless. Recognize your tendency to be worried or afraid and stop allowing it. You are responsible for you. End your bad habits and deal with life absent of unnecessary emotions. Stay connected to God and refuse to be held hostage by negativity.

Keep it simple. Choose to do good and be good. When unnecessary fears arise, banish them and choose to do good and be good. Be embraced by our love and always know that we are here.




Another Step Forward

It has taken this long to finally convince some of you that you are never alone. Perhaps the image was helpful? This has always been true. You are surrounded by guides and loved ones who have only your best interests at heart. They want the highest and best for you in this life and all of your lives past and future.

Many of your fears and distractions are unfounded and only serve to derail your progress. It is this drama that keeps you from gaining progress on your chart. If you had the focus to release all of these distracting stimuli, you would calmly and quietly follow your path. You never came into this life to engage in drama. It is part of the earth energy that tends to block and derail you. It is this negative confusion that you expected when you wrote this chart. You had every intention to stay focused despite the negative energy dogma that represents what earth is about.

The GOOD NEWS is that this is not your true home! Isn’t that a relief? Just imagine the disappointment that would accompany the realization that earth was simply all there is? That would be a real downer. Take heart and know that your true home is bliss. Everything that you naturally think of when you envision Heaven.

Love is part of everything that you are, feel and exist in.

The beings that are with you would probably surprise you. They are not usually loved ones from this life alone. Many times they are loved ones from different lives. In all likelihood they are probably your best friends. They care enough about you to stay beside you through this trying time. This is a true commitment. This is something that each being would carefully consider before making this agreement with you. Then you may have agreed to stand beside them in their next incarnation. After all, you are best friends.

You also have contracted with your soul group. The people that comprise your friends, family and other loved ones are likely part of this soul group. You all charted this existence to teach and learn from each other. They may stay beside you for entire lifetime or they may have charted being with you for a significant period of time. Parents and siblings are definitely soul group members. When one may say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree this could be in reference to many shared life experiences.

Your agreement with your loved ones may also vary. You would learn from conflict and contrast. You may also learn from true companionship. Then, you may also alternate between two extremes. The important matter is that you both agreed to share some part of this experience to better each other.

The hardest part of these agreements is that the person who harmed you the most was likely your best teacher. If you review some of your relationships you may be surprised by who ends up being significant to the person you are right now. These individuals may have caused years of heartache and pain but without them you would not have learned so much. “Thank you,” may be the furthest thing from your mind!

Your soul needs such contrast to learn the lessons that you have charted. A simple, quiet life would teach you very little. A deep love may be the best outcome of this uneventful life. You didn’t come here for “uneventful.”

This is such a significant time in the history of earth. We are about to make our own planet completely uninhabitable. The earth will not end, WE will end. It is very likely that we will have another realm to inhabit and hopefully we will care for her better than what we have done here.

It has been said that earth is the least pleasant of our options when we choose to incarnate. This is the honors school of our universe. Yay for us!? What this translates to is that we are far enough advanced that we came here to achieve greater growth. We didn’t go to utopia because we wanted to challenge ourselves. Now that this is becoming clearer to you, why are you trying to pamper yourself and avoid the toughest lessons? You are a high achiever. You have better things to do than skip out on some tough experiences.

What are the 2 most important things that will get you through all of this?



All of it is manageable. Even a terminal illness is intended to teach you and those around you. This is one of the most difficult lessons to accept. Why would someone dying of a tragic illness be ok? Because of the lessons that they are learning about their own life choices and what you are learning about supporting them as they cope with their condition. It is a process that everyone involved goes through.

Imagine being a victim of Harvey or Irma? People are interviewed and they mostly state that they are happy to be alive and they appreciate that their loved ones have survived as well. Material possessions can be replaced. You can buy more clothes, get a good meal, celebrate another birthday… none of this would occur if you did not survive. This teaches you the value of human life. It is a harsh lesson but it is still a lesson.

What is another lesson of this disaster? It brings us all together as a global community. We love, we care, we support and we offer help. We cry when we read the news stories and we may say a prayer for those who are suffering. Disaster defies the lines between race, religion, culture, lifestyle… Perhaps the most baffling is that the people impacted by these storms actually charted this. Why? Because they are the strongest and they knew they would persevere. This is a gold medal round. The stories of survival will cause you to marvel at their resilience.

What if they didn’t survive? This is a series of lessons as well. What can you learn from those who perished? A mountain of knowledge. What did they do right and what did they do wrong? You may learn a lot about tropical storms, evacuation, where to go to stay safe, what to do with your pets, not to feel anguish if you evacuated for no reason… How many times did you hear about Katrina? Yes! Katrina was an awesome lesson about how to handle Harvey and Irma. This is the whole point. We came here to learn and this was a powerful lesson. The tragedy would be if we have learned nothing from this.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain that people chart their involvement in tragedy would be 9/11. If you remember the numerous stories about people who missed their flight, called in sick to work, changed their plans at the last minute and felt uneasy and somehow avoided either a plane trip or being at ground zero. These were the people who did not chart death in this terror tragedy. They may have charted some reprieve, survivors’ guilt, personal loss, death of co-workers or loved ones, financial loss or even the illness that plagued the first responders. There were many different roles that we all played in that event and we may remember where we were when it happened. Then, there were a multitude of responses. This was all intended. The lessons were tragic and hard-won.

Why is any of this ok? Because we are greater than this earth life. We have agreements, commitments and soul groups. This is where faith and perspective make the difference between languishing as a victim or succeeding as a survivor. This is about continuing to move forward. Learning the lessons at hand and making better progress the next time around.

Treasure the emotional growth that came with any of these disasters. If you have been terribly injured by something, you chose to learn through it. How many heroes have we seen this past week? These are fellow travelers who chose great triumph over loss and destruction. They have given of themselves to respond with honor and we are capable of making these same choices in our own trials. We are here to survive and overcome. We are the hero in our own story. This is as it should be.


Outside of You

How do you feel about religion? Does it serve to guide and comfort you? Is it more of a chore you engage in just to ensure your destination after death? Your spirituality is not intended to be a chore. It is meant to uplift you, show you the way of God in the world and offer you guidance in order to learn & prosper.

The guidelines are pliable. You learn them in order to adapt them to your lifestyle. You have a lot of freedom in how you use our guidance. As long as you are not stagnant, many choices are still yours. It is also beneficial to be honest, caring, supportive, charitable and send love into the world. The balance between you and the rest of creation is individual.

A common mistake is to exist without any balance between you and the rest of the Universe. Many people are insular. They focus inward and seek interaction with the world in order to benefit themselves. This is far too common. Even religious people may behave in this same manner. They will love God but they want it to be a reflection of themselves. Notice how perfect they are. They are loving and charitable but they also seek recognition. They never act simply to act. They want someone to know of their benevolence.

They busy themselves with the finer things in life and surround themselves with precious items. They find themselves above all others. They feign surprise. “Look how wonderful I have become!” This lofty attitude may have risen out of ego but these people may have actually started out very genuine. With success, yes even spiritual success, the ego grows out of proportion. There is an accumulation of money, recognition or other material rewards and the perspective changes. It turns into a one-sided flow of accolades and attention.

It is good to seek knowledge and spiritual advancement but always remain humble. Stay grounded and remember where you came from. You started out with injuries and turmoil just like everyone else. The gifts will continue to flow if you remember that you are a conduit for God’s love. You are the messenger. Keep your ego in check and continue to prosper in order to serve others.

You are the vessel through which the beauty flows. Improving your health and well-being makes you a better conduit. You receive the Word and more easily pass it along. Being stagnant in fat, sugar and unnecessary calories doesn’t help. It is also a good thing to stay active and commune with others of like mind. This is good for you but also good for the work you are destined to do.

Recall our discussion of your “core.” It is the center of your being through the top of your head out through your tailbone directly down your midline. Envision a core that is cluttered with grief, anger, selfishness and petty behavior. The Divine flow will not easily pass through this core. There is too much debris in the way. After making changes in your health, energy level and receptivity to God, the flow of Divine passes smoothly through.

You are able to receive this Light. Fill with bright and beautiful energy. Allow emotional and spiritual healing. Make drastic changes to your life in accordance with God. This is one outcome. Then envision accepting the Light of God to mend your mind, body and soul. Then, you send this Light into the world. This is the next possible step. You are here in this site likely to rebuild and heal yourself. Then, our desire is for you to begin to heal your family, friends, community, the people of the world and the global environment. It is all about you and yet it isn’t just about you!

Some people get stuck converting to a global mentality. Especially if you have had some trying times in your life. Being wounded and frail tends to make you focus only upon you. Your tendency is to feed your healing and continue to move inward. Injury to your physical, emotional or spiritual self makes you want healing but also layers of success, prosperity and enrichment. You build walls of better health and well-being to counteract your time of lack or need. You may forget to balance the inner and outer world. This is understandable. Now, we want you to take that next step and begin to heal the world around you.

The more love and caring you have for life, the better your acceptance of Divine energy and blessings. You benefit from taking care of yourself and others. You may not be at this point yet and that is ok. We merely want to know that there is another step beyond making repairs to your own life. You still gain and benefit from God’s love. Only your benefit is compounded and will grow exponentially.  Then, you may join a group of like-minded people and your healing energy for the world will grow even more. This is the next step on your ascension.

It is possible to advance on your own but the outcome is limited. Finding others who feel and believe similar to you will cause your inner and outer growth to bloom wildly. At this point it is more than ok to change groups or start your own. If you find you don’t completely resonate with the thoughts and actions of others in one particular group, please don’t stop there.

A good place to begin your journey is to attend a meditation group. You will learn how to calm your inner self in order to receive Divine inspiration. This is very important. If you try to connect to your Higher Self without finding stillness first you will get inaccurate, insincere or needlessly negative information. Be certain that any group you join does a prayer or exercises for protection from negative energy. If the thoughts and feelings don’t resonate with you, find another one. Be mindful that being open to God and spirit will bring unfamiliar feelings. The group may not be a bad one but you may not be familiar with this type of energy. It is ok to start out small and build strength over time.

No one ever stops learning. There is always a next step. We are here to guide you and we will take the next few steps together. You are not alone. You have an entourage of guides, angels, higher beings and departed loved ones around you every moment of your life.


Your Human Truth

With the birth of a child the world won over darkness. The sun rose on a new world and the people saw hope. As the believers hurried about to honor the child, hopes & dreams replaced darkness and chaos.

The world was still new. There were no messengers or heralders that could bridge the gaps of oceans and seas. Word would travel but not with the speed of today’s technology. Word would come but the timing was delayed or detracted. Even this auspicious news of our savior having arrived would come to some well before reaching others.

This is just the same as it is today. There are those who have been saved and others who have yet to get the word.

If you accept that God exists and has a Holy Hand in each life, then you are better off than many others who have yet to embrace this “truth.” Think of the lost and lonely days when you did not yet understand the purpose of this life. You felt alone. Each day lacked meaning. You walked the walk but did not seem to get the point of “why?”

It seemed like everyone else was having a better time. They busied themselves with school and earning money. You never grasped that lifestyle. You felt that there had to be something more.

Now you are here. You understood there were answers for the questions about life. You now know where to begin and why. You have a place to start. You know that you don’t walk this path alone. There is a comfort that comes with having faith. Everything has a reason and it all matters. You just have to keep moving forward.

You’re on this path now. You have found these words and taken value in this guidance. You have come so much further than others and this should give you a sense of security. You have found the Light even when others have marched back and forth to church for years and still not “know.” You understand your value despite lacking a church, temple or other house of worship. You have come to this place and know that you worship, believe in and have faith in God inside of yourself.

You have been touched deeply by love. You have been given so many necessary answers and many more clues and direction. You don’t have to go anywhere in order to worship God, the Creator or whatever you call that Divine being from which all life flows. You have touched that spiritual space that dwells inside of you. Looking at the world today and everything that people go through, you know that there is a purpose. There is something to learn and even more to teach.

You have been handed a ring of keys. Each one has a different meaning and use. You tumble them in your hand and carefully note their differences. Some keys you “know.” Some keys are still a mystery. Other keys are yours to hold but have more meaning for friends and loved ones with whom you share. This knowledge is as tangible as a set of keys. It works. It helps. It will get you through.

We want you to think of your faith and burgeoning knowledge as solid as a set of keys. What you learn here is substantial. This knowledge is real, whole and user friendly. You are not chasing fairy tales or mistruths. You have been handed some very real information and you have yet to receive so much more. All that We have taught you and We are clearly still at the very beginning. This is not intended to be daunting but rather a guide to gain and maintain flight. Once you have chosen to lift your soul and be free, the rest of Our knowledge will be absorbed with ease. More of our teachings are very much the same and still completely the truth.

Your connection to spirit, your own God Center, your soul and your Higher Self will absorb any further teachings easily. You have found Us. We have given you all of our love. Together We will reach the end of this journey and welcome you back Home.

The only trouble will be your own ego, fear or worry. In times of stress you may forget your Divine connection. As you accumulate more fear and stress, the further you get away from Us. You may fear that We have left you or abandoned you in times of need. This is never true. You never walk this earth alone and We will carry you for a time if you fear losing yourself completely.

Come back to the truth. Remember these lessons that you have learned and truths that have shaken your understanding. You are eternal. We are One. Never walk so far away that you forget this.

What Do I Know?

I am working on a lot of self-discovery and have had a giant boost in energy, intuition and spiritual growth. I am nearing the end of this life phase and will start another one. I just don’t know when. Spirit may say “soon” and it happens 3 years later! That is the problem with psychic readings or direction from spirit. Their timeline and ours are very different.

As a psychic I have learned to ask for more specific information like month, season or even year. I had a psychic reading perhaps 5 years ago and I asked her when I would receive something very specific. She answered “August.” Naturally I thought it was August 5 years ago. It wasn’t. This event seems to be starting now. So I could have asked, “August of what year?” Try to remember when you are given information from spirit that you may need some additional information.

When I speak of people charting 1/3 of their life with difficult lessons and turmoil, I speak from experience. My childhood was very difficult and I still don’t openly discuss what I went through even with my own children. But, my childhood was tragic up to the age of 18 or 19. Then, as an adult (more or less) the tragedy was part my own doing and part abusive marriage. As I aged I did ask spirit for the meaning of my childhood situations and that is when they told me about the common 1/3 tendency.  Part of what you read on this site is me and most of it is spirit over the years. I would never author this blog on my own. I am a conduit, not a spiritual leader!

In my own life my childhood was wrought with trauma and difficult situations. My young adulthood I began to learn that those harsh lessons were meant to teach me something. My marriage taught me too many difficult lessons about abuse, self-worth, parenthood, consequences… Then, I started my actual learning phase. I found God, began to pray and understood that I had charted this life in order to learn some specific lessons. What I struggled to learn, I could help to teach others in similar situations.

Thankfully, I am beyond my 1/3 of trouble. This next phase is something better and coming from a vastly different perspective. My connection to spirit is very good. My ability to “read” other people has improved immensely. My willingness to step forward and help those around me is still not enough, this I know. I tend to avoid turmoil if I can. My ability to accept direction from spirit is awesome. I am given dialog, charts, graphs, timelines, agendas, song lyrics, life stories spoken as fairy tales… I have no doubt that my ability to comprehend and share spirit guidance is pretty good.

We have been told in the past that your greatest teachers are perhaps those who have harmed you the most. This is true in my life. My mother and ex-husband taught me volumes of learning and knowledge. Each sibling has come with a different set of lessons. Aunts, uncles, cousins and community members have taught me some important things as well. This is so important for you to understand. Yes, it hurts, but what is the purpose for what you have experienced? What are important are the lessons. Even if you have to write things down to figure out what the purpose was, get something positive out of everything that you go through. Always be willing to learn.

I have continued to learn from my parents even beyond their death. That is one benefit of being psychic. They have each changed so much after leaving this life. It will bring me to tears. I am on better terms with each of them now. This is a blessing. They want me to share information with my siblings or other family members but I tend to avoid these expectations. Why? Because I think they will focus on me and not the message. Who am I? What do I know? Keep this to yourself!

As a psychic, it takes a while before people are ready to accept that information, guidance and direction are not coming from me. I get a lot of anger because I don’t mince words. Spirit is direct and so am I. This may hurt your feelings, and it usually does. I believe that my duty is to give you all of the information that spirit wishes you to know. If I start editing or paraphrasing, I am doing you a disservice. So imagine how interesting a spirit-guided visit would be for one of my siblings. Yikes. I am the youngest of 8. No one wants to hear my mouth even though I am in my 50’s and have changed a lot. A drop by reading is never good.

Please take the information provided by spirit with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. If your life were nothing but kisses and flowers, there may be less emotional pain but how often is that? Get a recording or write it down. Review it from time to time to time and be objective. I have had people offended when they receive the reading and then truly grateful after a year. This is common. The truth hurts. Sorry.

Always be sure whether you are getting actual spirit information or if the psychic is giving you advice or somehow altering the message. I stopped seeing a psychic because I was getting her own advice! This is not what a reading is for. If someone is genuine they may give you the factual information then expand upon it if you have questions. But ALL of the information is from spirit or other Divine beings.

Remove the emotion from what you have heard and set about discovering the lessons.

If you hear voices and are not psychotic, be careful who you think that they are. It is usually your self-talk but it could be something more troublesome. I find I hear inauthentic voices often. By being psychic, spirit is drawn to me. I shine like a beacon. Earthbound spirits may dwell in my space in order to soak up my energy or provide me with false information. I call it debris. I am able to pray and ask for the debris to be blocked, meditate and seek my higher guides to block it or envision blocks myself using energy and light. I still get caught unaware so I can imagine it may be easy for you to get derailed.

This is where the advice comes from about information being upsetting. If it is not matter-of-fact, it is not genuine. This is one of the more difficult situations to comb through.

“The voice sounds just like my uncle.” A ghost will flip through the files in your brain and represent themselves as your uncle. They may provide the smell of cologne, whiskey and breath mints but it still isn’t your uncle. Our own minds are very creative. This discernment takes time. As I have said, even after 15 years I still get debris. It is constant.

Often I get a voice that either tells me what I want to hear or taps into what I want or need just to cause me emotional pain. This could be my own ego voice which will cause upset intentionally or debris. The best way to discern where the voice is coming from is through my God Center, being grounded and full of Light. If I touch my fingers to my God Center, I get a sense of truth about it and I am able to either quiet my ego voice or banish the debris. This is a great way to double check the origin of a lot of different energy.

Usually in a reading, spirit will say something about an object, event or situation that is current. This is to let you know that they are in your life at present. They like the new paint in the kitchen, your new hairstyle or congratulations on your son’s wedding. This lets you know they are near you and share in the special events of your life or perhaps some upsetting moments as well.

Be careful taking advice from spirit. They may have crossed over but they still offer some bad advice. Spirit will retain their usual prejudices, paranoia or preferences. Don’t take financial advice from a loved one who died heavily in debt. Just because they are on the Other Side does not make them experts.

You may receive wonderful information about your health and well-being as long as the details come from a genuine source. Be cautious and double check where the information is coming from.

I get information about car accidents, illnesses, injuries, presidential elections, and the gender of unborn babies… Do I always pass along this information? No. There is a purpose to each event. I had become aware that my nephew would total his new truck. I was told when, where, the circumstances of his loss of control of the vehicle and that he would not be seriously harmed. I did not inform him or my sister. He needed to learn about speeding, winter road conditions and driving under the influence of alcohol. He learned those lessons without me.

Sometimes I will pass information along but this is usually to people who know where this information comes from and are open to psychic/mediums. I am not the psychic that will walk up to you in the supermarket and tell you to get to the Dr. This isn’t me.

If you want that type of information, make sure that the psychic knows. If you don’t get the information it is because you can’t do anything about it. Nothing would be influenced if you were to know. It is that simple. Someone isn’t a bad psychic if they don’t have all the information.

This is some gentle information about psychics, spirit guides, hearing voices and getting accurate information. It is truly a blend of me and spirit. I find that the more I love you and others, the better and more accurate the information is that I am provided. If I was trying to make a million dollars, I would be acting from ego and the details would be wholly untrue and possibly inflammatory. Not matter-of-fact.

I will be sure to let you know when my new life phase starts. Now that I know it is August of 2017! It has been a wild ride but you will know what I know. I have done the work and have tools that you may not. Thank you for being here.



The Blessed Journey Within

Finding God does not take a trip of a thousand footsteps. You merely have to look inside to find HIM.

Why do you feel that faith is something that you find somewhere? Your soul has all of the necessary information on God and life that you will ever need. Looking outside of yourself may be a deterrent to finding those “truths” that you know exist.

You don’t live life inside of yourself. This would accomplish nothing. You must balance what happens around you and what is in your soul. To initially find your faith you must touch upon it where it resides in your God Center. This is in your solar plexus or the area behind the tip of your sternum.

Often advice comes suggesting you follow your heart or what you have determined to be factual in your mind. These two energy centers may not give you the most accurate information. Emotions cloud much of the information that spirit may provide to you. It is this fact that skews your guidance.

Emotions will keep you actively involved in negative loops of thinking and behavior. If you are in an abusive relationship will you leave and get safe if you follow your heart? No. You will likely stay because you love that person. You love them enough to keep forgiving them over and over again. What does your mind say about this? Whatever you choose to tell yourself. Your self-talk may be keeping you in this relationship as well. “I love him, he will change, and she made a promise this time… I know she will change for me.” Either your heart or your mind has not provided you with truthful information.

You will be chasing emotions for the rest of your life but this will not get you anywhere. The truth is in your God Center. Touch your fingers to the lower portion of your sternum. Be still and meditative if possible. Find that truth that is there. To know you have successfully made a connection to your true self you will feel a sense of calm and knowing.

This knowledge is based in truth so there is no emotion attached to it. This is also a good state to be mindful. In this inner connection you find truth and stability that you may have not known before. Emotion makes you run here or there, become upset with what is and mood swings from euphoria to desolation. This is not spiritual health. This is being a slave to your emotions.

Have you found that you haven’t made any real progress by following your emotions? If you make decisions by what mood you are in, there is no authentic motivation. These decisions may leave you feeling empty, lost or alone. You may also feel like you never get ahead. It may be like climbing a mountain of fine sand. You have images of never reaching the top.

Your chart is in your God Center. Your guides and God are there too.

If you find your mind whirls with chatter, who are you actually listening to? Most of the time it is your own inner voice. Occasionally it is a guide or other Divine being. Sometimes it is a ghost or earthbound spirit who offers you useless or upsetting information. There are darker beings that may invade your mind but that would take a skilled seer to discover this. NEVER go to someone who has no training or background in dealing with attachments or nefarious spirits. This will only deepen your struggles.

Information given to you that is frightening is not a spirit guide. Genuine guidance from spirit guides is matter-of-fact. They are verbally blunt and expressionless. This emotionless exchange is true. You always have to remember how you felt the moment you received the information. Why? Because you will add emotion, fear, excitement, dread, hopelessness… It may be helpful to write it down so when your mind or heart begins to add layers of nonsensical information you may reconnect with how you felt when you originally became aware of the information. Weed out the mind/heart interference and remember what the genuine message was.

Receiving genuine guidance may not make you very popular. You tend to become matter-of-fact as well. Things make sense and seem obvious. You have a direct line to what your intuition states from this life and perhaps a few others. This unquestionable “knowing” may irritate those you deal with. They may feel that you are uncaring or a know-it-all. They may also mistake your mental strength and stability as some type of personality disorder. You really want people to know that you love them and offer support, care and nurturing. You are not an emotionless robot so do not present yourself as one. This is one caveat. Remember to offer love and support because when others are still dealing from their heart or mind they will not comprehend your God Center directness. Find truth but remember how to love.

Have you known spiritual leaders to seem arrogant or lofty? This is that caveat that we make reference to. You may have profound faith and dedication to God but still seem unapproachable or distant. This really doesn’t help you or anyone else. Life does not occur in a vacuum. You need information from within AND still participate in life. This is one of your life goals.

To be lofty and above all others will make your soul group connections diminish. You will seem to travel in isolation. You may only communicate with others who have your same lofty beliefs. Then what good are you doing for your loved ones, family and community? Be a real person with a direct connection to God. Remain humble and stay connected to loved ones. Be aware that they are still dealing in terms that you have found to be ineffective and obsolete. They still deserve your love and attention. If they cannot deal with you on your spiritual level then choose to send them angels, pray for their well-being and jump in with help where and when you can.

Don’t be a silo in a world of too many silos. Use your knowledge and awareness to help everyone along. Send love, hope and healing to all others. You are not going to break bread with them or allow them to live in your guest room but a thoughtful prayer and blessing is awesome. There are struggles throughout this world. Send something positive to these places or situations. Many spiritual beings will offer that LOVE is always the answer. Embrace this and see where it takes you.

Love is truly in your God Center. Self-love, love of others and love for all Creation does not just reside in your heart. The entirety of “your” truth is in your God Center and real life will flow from there.