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Not Pill Pushing

No, we are not pushing meds on you. There are several ways listed to improve your mood without medication. In fact, the medication section is a small part of the entire previous article. This was used to show you the various types of chemicals in the body which influence how you feel.

It is a real relationship between chemicals and mood/behavior. If you have a chemical imbalance there must be some form of treatment which will stabilize the imbalance or at least improve it so that you may be able to do more self-healing.

Many people think you just have to “change your mind,” “pull yourself up by your boot straps” or “get over it!” It may not be this easy if you are dealing with an imbalance. People may have good intentions but have limited insight into how mood, behavior and feelings are improved. If you are depressed because you have a chemical imbalance, no amount of happy thoughts will cause you to feel better. This is a tangible concept which may be new information for you.

Even if your depression is situational (caused by specific life events) the use of medications will still help you to recover. As we said, every emotion is a chemical reaction in your brain. So, the anti-depressant will help to balance those chemicals and give you the opportunity to heal your depression in other ways. In this case, the use of medication may be temporary.

Anxiety is also common and will respond to medication. Again, if you do the work and make behavioral changes to combat anxiety or panic, this type of medication may be temporary. Anti-anxiety medications will take the edge off and allow you to pursue emotional healing through other ways. If you experience some relief you may have a better perspective on what you may need to do and why.

Outbursts or anger may also be treated so that you may adjust your impulse control, work through some emotional problems or relieve you from overwhelming stress and worry.

Some people are prescribed medications and then do not follow up with any others treatment options. They are happy to take a pill and not make any effort to deal with any underlying emotions or conflict. This is what we would advise against. We will not encourage you to rely upon medication alone. We want you to combat any emotional distress with real intervention. There are 10 suggestions in the previous post, “When Layers Attack!”

You or your family, friends or other loved ones may self-medicate with drugs, alcohol or other mood-altering substances or behavior. Many people who engage in this behavior don’t realize that this is what they are doing, even if you point it out to them. In this case the person is not dealing with any actual issues but they are compounding everything with another problem. Using substances for relief is problematic because addictions may grow worse and actually end up making your emotional problems more severe. Self-medicating may also mask your real symptoms making it difficult to get appropriate treatment.

Substance abuse also interferes with the natural maturation process. The age which you begin to abuse substances is the age that you remain emotionally. Mood altering substances stop you from gaining wisdom, perspective and objectivity. This will create another cycle in your life of upset, substance abuse, depression/anxiety and dysfunction. Any chance for real emotions or life problems will be forever clouded by self-medicating. Then, if you address the substance problem you are left with the actual issues of depression, anxiety/panic or other mental health concerns.

There are many treatment options for what causes you upset. Start anywhere as long as you start. If you are not currently abusing substances to manage emotional symptoms then please don’t start. You will be adding another layer of problems that will need to be addressed before you discover the issues at the core of your concerns.

Review the 10 suggestions listed in a previous post. If you should choose counseling or any treatment by your medical doctor, they may suggest some type of medication. This is not the cure-all. You must address the issues that are underlying your emotional symptoms. Always remember that medications may be a temporary treatment if you do the work and resolve some of your issues. If you do not work on the problems, any treatment will just be a temporary fix for any ongoing emotional turmoil.

Addressing and releasing layers requires active treatment. Choose some modalities that sound like they would be successful for you. Healing requires intent. Bringing up problem areas does cause discomfort. Once you manage some problem areas, your healing will begin and any emotional pain will have been well worth it.

When “Layers” Attack!

The release of layers is complicated and emotionally trying. The average person will resist bringing up any upsetting layers and prefer to squash it back down. Out of sight, out of mind. But, this does not heal anyone. This is only a band aid which works only for a specific amount of time. Usually when you are seriously ill, have just been in an auto accident and your favorite aunt is in the hospital is when these buried layers rise up out of control. Why? Because your defenses are down. Your usual coping strategies are extended beyond their effectiveness. This may be “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” You are tapped out emotionally and one more thing happens.

How do you handle this? This is individual. There are a variety of responses which depend upon how you cope and handle stress.

You may:

  1. Lose it. Turn completely inward and shutter yourself inside.
  2. Act out. This may be any avenue as well. Abusing substances, unprotected sex and/or promiscuity, driving recklessly, burning bridges of supportive people or extensive binges of any type of behavior.
  3. Develop thoughts of self-harm or harm to others.
  4. Gain/lose weight.
  5. Neglect personal hygiene and also neglect to properly care for your child(ren).
  6. You may lose your job or get behind financially.
  7. You may also have trouble with law enforcement or other legal problems.

Your response to being completely overwhelmed varies in length as well. If you have better coping strategies you may recover in a shorter amount of time. If you have behavioral problems, a dysfunctional life and limited insight, you may suffer for much longer.

Then, you stuff everything back down because you actually don’t know the content of this extensive upset. You understood that many things went wrong at the same time and you had difficulty working through it. You just don’t know that much of that anguish was the upset that you have stuffed for years. Your layers broke through your usual defenses.

So how do you actually release layers and let them go without recapturing them? These are some suggestions:

  1. Find a deep meditative state and allow whatever comes to the surface so you may face it, work through it and let it go. Use this option daily. The most difficult part is to actually allow your feelings to surface. You are used to pushing them out of your mind and that becomes your first response.
  2. Go to counseling. This is a big step if you choose this route as one of your options. Things brought out in counseling are painful and may overwhelm you for a time but the counselor will also help you process these emotions. Sometimes people go to counseling for a period of time then take a break to normalize again, and then go back.
  3. Take prescription medications. Every emotion is a chemical reaction in your brain. A form of depression is an imbalance of neurotransmitters. This will not resolve without prescription medications. Some people have to take this type of med every day in order to be emotionally stable. Another type of depression is a reaction to life stressors. Depression is only one example of the need for prescription medications. There are many types of mental illness and a majority are improved with medications. God believes in Western Medicine. Some of our earthly treatments where originally developed in Heaven and provided to healers on this plane to be developed for our use. It is like treating a fever. Medications are specific to intent and help to heal you. Breaking a fever may make you better just like achieving chemical balance may make you think, feel and function better.
  4. Join a support group. This refers to some of the best advice; seek people of like mind. A vast amount of understanding and healing may happen in a group of people who know exactly how you think and feel. Some people have resolved more of their issues and they help guide those who are less advanced in the healing process. It is structured so that you receive support, new information and reassurance. The purpose is to share and gain insight from those who have similar problems.
  5. Get a healing. Any form of healing which you prefer. Reiki, reflexology, chakra opening and balancing, acupuncture, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing or any other form which resonates with you. Sometimes word of mouth is spirit’s way of giving you hints. If a friend or coworker mentions something they tried or they had heard someone else very happy with some service, you may have been meant to hear this.
  6. Journaling is a good way to open up some doors that you have closed for a long time. You may start out on a very benign topic and then tangent to something more personal. God and spirit have a way of bringing about some thoughts and feelings about something they want you to consider. The challenge is to follow this topic whether it is painful, upsetting or makes you angry. Do your best to avoid stuffing these emotions again.
  7. Prayer starts as a conversation with a higher power about anything you wish. Then through introspection, insight and Divine guidance some issues may be brought out. Trust that you are being guided by loving, supportive and protective beings in order to help you heal. Faith is important. Believe that you have goals to reach deep into your being to connect with your genuine self. These destructive layers are obscuring the beautiful, spiritual being that you truly are. Know for sure that any upset or emotional pain is all worth it eventually when you stand strong, healthy and independent.
  8. Use meditations that seek and release emotional upset. Buy them online, at a music store or use YouTube. Some are called meditations, hypnosis or subliminal. There are guided ones where a person directs you how to proceed and there are ones that are just music. Use the ones that resonate with you. If you have a positive result from a particular one it may work well to keep using it or try other ones from the same company.
  9. Build up your confidence, self-esteem and independence. This is done through a variety of sources. Books, self-help tapes and workbooks, support groups, setting short and long term goals and counseling are a few suggestions. Your self-talk has a lot to do with how you feel about your strength and confidence. Daily affirmations are a positive step.
  10. Develop a strong support system. This is important. It helps to have people supporting you and understanding what you would like to accomplish in your life. You may need a pep talk, someone who will listen to you vent or someone to acknowledge the improvements that you have made. Trying to find your strength is more difficult by yourself. Choose people who are always supportive and able to give you some feedback. It is a bonus if they love you, like a close friend or family member.

Where Is the Real You?

Just when you think you have everything figured out there is some surprise. Something unexpected. You react in shock but it really is true and you cannot deny it for very long. There are forces at work when you don’t realize it. There are so many different areas of your life that it takes some complex organization to keep everything working in harmony. You are the only aspect that is not always in alignment. You are the only reason that things may spin out of control or go awry.

Even now you are attempting to argue against this logic. You want to believe that there are so many more things that contribute to what type of life experience that you are having. You feel it is impossible for you to be the only thing between you and a truly beautiful, blessed life. It is true and we will explain this to you.

As we have said before your troubles are in layers. There have been many negative experiences, genetics or environmental contributions to create these layers. Underneath all of it is you. The genuine you, with your psyche intact. You may become overwhelmed to realize that everything that feels wrong or unsuccessful is your own doing. You may take a few steps back in order to embrace this concept.

If we look at every dysfunctional behavior, bad habit, limitation or repetitious cycle in your life it is attributable to some thought, occurrence or event.

There are exceptions. Mental illness, birth defects, serious disease or any handicap which is attributed to real injuries or biochemical imbalances. These instances are definitely treatable but you must actually seek and comply with treatment. Other exceptions are any disease, illness or disability that you intentionally came here, into this life with, in order to learn from and teach others through contrast and experience.

There is also some dark energy at work. If someone were to lack a conscience or be possessed by a dark being, this is definitely darkness at play in your world. It is possible to look deep inside this type of person and not find any Light. This may be a random event that you must learn to quickly get away from. There are no learning moments from every bit of contrast and conflict. Sometimes you really have to walk away and protect yourself. This dark person will live with you, marry you and even have children with you but only because these connections will increase the amount of anguish they may put you through. You are not going to “save” them. You will be the one who needs saving.

Layers occur when you are not able to or don’t know how to deal with something. If you were to have exceptional coping abilities throughout your life you would have a minimal amount of layers. If you were unable to process any conflict, trauma, illness or negative life event, you have more layers build up over time.

Then, when you have an ample amount of layers, you are truly unable to deal with anything stressful and more layers are created. If this is you or one of your loved ones of course you believe in every ache, pain or diagnosis. This is not to be confused with actual illness or injury. This is an emotional type of layering which is a result of complex upset and stress.

People often turn their upset, anger, frustration and depression inward. This is the phenomena that we are referring to. Perhaps as a child, this person was treated poorly, ignored, isolated or shunned for having negative feelings. This anguish is more potent when the emotions are caused by your parent or other caregiver. Perhaps a child has an upset stomach, nausea and tends to cry because mom and dad are in a Domestic Violence relationship. Or, the parent is molesting the child and the upset is directly caused by this abuse. Or, an older sibling is beating this child. The adults who are unwilling or unable to make positive changes in the environment turn their anger, hopelessness or feelings of being overwhelmed against the child. This is an outlet for the adult(s) but the child is harmed. This child has no positive outlet and may turn the upset inward.

It is also common that a child is non-verbally taught that an upset stomach is acceptable when fear, depression or anger is not. Again, this is what the environment has taught this child. Grandma will help your upset tummy but will be spurned by your anger. Your mother will nurse your illness and protect you from your abusive father. If you are upset about your father’s behavior, she may react differently. She may actually side with the father in order to save herself from additional punishment at his hands. The child is inadvertently taught that physical complaints get a better response.

Then, there are situations when the child has no way to express any emotions.  Often they will turn their upset inward. As an adult, these layers were developed through effective or ineffective coping. The adult may not be aware of the origin of their dysfunction since they were young when many conflicts began. The beginning is still there; the adult just has lost or buried their awareness of it. They are left with their current behavioral problem, non-specific illness or mental disorder.

We use some generic examples to make our point. If you haven’t had these specific experiences then please tailor this post to include situations that are familiar with you. We don’t want you to miss the lesson because we are using examples which don’t resonate with you.

There are many times when a child suffers from negative circumstances in life and they turn their rage outward. This is also a response to layers of dysfunction. Each negative aspect of their personality was developed from some specific set of life circumstances. This adult has suffered from years of being misunderstood and mistreated. Even the family or other circumstances that created their upset will no longer deal with them. The abusive father will kick the abusive son out of the household. Or, the ineffective mom will refuse to accept any responsibility for the chaos in their lives. Auntie is always there to help your tummy problems but will not step in if you are fighting the system. Everyone stays in their role, unless they want to change.

Now we come back to the layers that you have developed in response to what you have experienced in life. Under all of this cause and effect is your genuine self. Unearthing layers of dysfunction seems like a daunting task, and it is but, finding some aspects of the real you is exciting. “You” are in there.

Where do you start?

  1. Cleanse & protect
  2. Meditate
  3. Pray
  4. Reduce your stress
  5. Remain in the Light

We will continue this topic in the next post.

Stop & Consider

Begin each day with cleansing and protective exercises. Make certain that you are full of White light that is free flowing, crystal clear and vibrant. Remember to use the light that the Universe supplies so that you do not exhaust your own energy. Envision yourself brighter than the sun. As you walk, drive and attend to your daily life bring intense, bright light everywhere you go.

This state of being will bring about calm and serene feelings. You will be unable to stress or worry when you are glowing and at peace. This is the best way to start every day. If you should forget, you will notice a change in your energy, emotions and feelings of well-being.

Now that you are prepared for each day, we will talk about your reactions, input and intent. This is where we encourage you to stop and consider. Prior to each response or interaction, pause and consider what energy you want to put out into your environment. Every interaction has the potential to go very well or be less than stellar. This is your choice. You are empowered by your daily intent to be fully in the Light. What energy do you want to put into your home, family, work, school, community, grocery store…? Make a choice each time.

Why the pause? We are trying to decrease any impulsiveness that may negatively affect what you are trying to accomplish each day. Someone approaches you in anger, you respond by being angrier than them and defensive. Your energy vibration dips severely. Perhaps there is a better way. Someone comes to you to gossip, you respond by being fully involved in this negativity and your energy vibration lowers. There is a better way. Someone challenges your spiritual beliefs and insistently disagrees with how you think and feel. You respond with immediate anger and aggression. You feel personally attacked and you want to challenge them right back. How does this affect your energy?

Consider the pause. Stop and assess what response you want to make and how this will affect you and how you want to exist in this world.

It may be helpful to consider how people respond to you. Have you approached anyone and had the best of intentions but they responded poorly? Did they become irritated, angry, defensive or turn the attention back on you? This didn’t go as well as you intended. You walk away feeling hurt and misunderstood. It was your sincere hope that the other person would have been more open-minded and receptive. This person may be your spouse, child, parent, supervisor, co-worker… Their response may impact many different areas of your life.

What happens now? There is a period of anger and silence. Perhaps the end of a friendship or collaboration. They may look for opportunities to criticize what you are doing. They may involve other people in the situation just to make you feel even worse. Things may not go back to “normal.”

Consider what part you played. What energy did you send into this dynamic? Did your input have the best influence on what happened? Could you have given a better response? What type of feelings are you still holding about the entire interaction?

Use the pause to consider your part of what is about to be communicated. Make certain that your response is the type of energy that you want to send out. There are many powerful reasons to be positive, optimistic and helpful. You may take the high road even if the other party is trying to disrespect you and disrupt what is going on. It is ok to let them behave in a manner which they choose and still keep your emotional control.

Is it necessary to treat everyone with this much respect? No. You may want to consider what role this person plays in your life. If they are your family, some tact would be beneficial. Is it a total stranger that you will likely never see again? You may still want to measure your response carefully. If this person is your supervisor, definitely use caution and maintain some level of respect. Yes, even when they are clearly out of bounds with how they are treating you. Use the pause to consider your response and how much this person matters to your life.

“Going off” on strangers is never a good idea. They may be armed, high, mentally ill, in crisis…Self-care also refers to keeping yourself safe in any area at any time.

What would you do if you change the way you respond to others and those close to you do not change the way they regard you? That is your choice. Being empowered to control your emotional responses also includes family, friends and other loved ones. You may want some distance. You also may want to communicate to them your preference with regard to how you are treated. Some people may be off limits for a while. If they refuse to make changes to how they treat you there may be a parting of ways. This is your choice.

Common responses include others reminding you of your past behavior. How you may have acted when angry, depressed, under the influence, broke, unemployed, divorcing or a variety of other stressful situations. This is your opportunity to share with them your desire to be positive and proactive. Remember that others will usually not want you to change. They are familiar with your role in the dysfunction and they will resist any changes being made. They want you to stay in your role.

Be cautious, reserved and pensive. Take some time to present yourself again in a more positive light. Understand their motives and their emotional commitment to your usual relationship dynamics. The more you know about this person, the more you may be able to understand their motivation. Work with that knowledge and do your best to diffuse the situation.

You are making changes out of a desire to improve your life and your energy vibration. This is a positive goal but some implications may not be intended. Be flexible and open-minded. Staying in the Light will bring a positive influence on you. Much of what you need or do will come to you seamlessly. This is what being on your path feels like. Trust the process. Increase your faith. Many aspects of your life will improve because you are bringing the Light with you. When you become familiar overflowing with God’s Light, you may begin to fill the environment with Light as well. Grace grows in the Light, and there you are!

Cleanse & Protect


When providing direction to you for future healing and spiritual growth we must always remember that each day you must cleanse & protect yourself. No amount of encouragement and direction will help you to reach your spiritual goals unless you are clear of any energy that is not for your best and highest good. Then, you must surround yourself in protection to keep your energy bright and positive. Without these two steps, we will be unable to properly guide you with any amount of success.

The internet has become a vast resource for information. There are many pages and posts dedicated to both cleansing and clearing. It is desirable to find exercises that resonate with you. Everyone has different beliefs and values, find sites that speak to you on a personal level. If you love working with angels, please find a site with steps to cleanse, clear and protect with angels. Any variety of articles will utilize beings you find helpful and protective.

There are also many sites with meditations. You tube is common but you must decide what format will work best for you. Angels, saints, animal guides, the Virgin Mary… Choose meditations which speak to you on a soul level. All aspects of the meditation must align with your beliefs. Do not use a guided meditation which introduces new ideas or sources if you are unfamiliar with them. This is also a part of being self-protected.

The simplest visualization is using a shower or waterfall of intense, bright White light. Envision yourself sitting under a flow of water and allow the release of any negative energy, blocks or barriers. Remain in the shower until the water that runs off is also clean and clear. Make sure you flush all areas of your being including the top of your head, the bottom of your feet, inside and out. Some secretive areas are behind the sternum, throughout the spine, behind the tailbone, the base of your skull and behind the shoulder blades. By now you are an expert at hiding dark energy even from yourself. After this exercise, fill yourself with bright White light. Leaving any spaces or gaps in your energy will allow negative elements to be reintroduced.

Protection exercises also vary. The simple ones are to surround yourself in a white egg, an orb of outward facing mirrors or to envision you emanating intense, bright White light outward from your being so that nothing may enter your energy field. Please do not use your own energy for these exercises, you will become exhausted. Envision a constant flow of light from God, Source, Heaven…flowing through you. Keeping this flow will also keep you protected. Allow the light to come through the top of your head and flow out through your bottom. When people say that your cup is overflowing, this is a good reminder for you. Keep the Light of God always constant, new and overflowing.

The most simple exercise that we have presented use White light, bright & clear water an egg or orb. With some experience you may choose other bright colors or envisioning different protective images. This is purely personal to you, using ideas which align with your current beliefs.

The Sober Truth

We have reached a level of understanding regarding your energy vibration, your standing as a good person and potential implications on your afterlife. Many of you seem stunned and pensive. You have begun to consider how well you are doing with regard to being positive and negative. It has also started to matter that you are a responsible adult despite some significant events in your life. What matters are your actions. Your thoughts also play into your overall vibration, but to a lesser degree.

Now, the sober truth is that you want specific information about how you are doing. We address you as a group and it is not possible to speak to each of you directly. We encourage you to avoid over reacting. This tends to be a human habit. You tend to be your own harshest critic. You judge yourself more severely than anyone else and this is not productive for our purposes here.

Our best determination is that a few of you are about midway between positive and negative but most are closer to 75% positive. There are a few darker energy people who visit the site but they are not regular readers.

Fear is not productive, action is. If you have concerns about your overall vibration, make some changes. No one is expected to be completely selfless. We encourage you to be fairly positive. To us 75% is awesome. That is more than enough positivity to keep you traveling in the light. Moderate numbers are acceptable. 50% positivity is definitely a workable starting point. A good range for achieving your highest good would be 70-80% positive. This is an empathetic, proactive, responsible, socially conscious adult. You are not a saint and no one asked you to be.

Please allow yourself some time to adjust to this new information. Be fair to yourself and resist having lofty expectations for loved ones as well. There is definitely a learning curve. Moderate improvements are acceptable. Please do not push to be perfect. That is very unfair to expect this from you. Every day we learn more. Even a prestigious Doctor, renowned philosopher or astrophysicist still have more to learn and experience.

Be kind to yourself. Doing your best is sometimes enough. Yes, you have had some stressful times in your life and this has shifted how you feel, think and behave. Knowing that moderate emotions, thoughts and behavior are preferred is helpful information.  Be aware of times when your mood swings too high or too low. Recognize any extreme reactions to people or situations and bring yourself back to modest thinking. Absolutely avoid making threats, using violence or damaging property.  It is also very important to understand that young people lack some ability to respond appropriately to stress and conflict. Some additional patience may be needed. Elderly or ill people also need your understanding.

One of our best directives is to “be God, for God.” This is not as stringent as you may think. God always forgives. Each of you may always turn your life around and accept the light again. Absolution is yours. You may accept your Creator at any moment and seek forgiveness. This is also what you may offer to others. To “be God” is to not judge and condemn. There is always one more chance.

We speak of those who walk a darkened path and seek to hurt others. You may decide there is little to save in a person like this but God is always open to embrace them again. Even the darkest human may approach God at any moment and receive patience, understanding and forgiveness. It is not up to you to determine when someone is beyond hope. This is Divine. Offer empathy and sympathy and step back. You will not want to be harmed or possessed by such a person. Protecting you and your loved ones matters as well.

Love is always the answer. Offer prayer or a passing blessing for those in need but do not venture in to dangerous territory. Our intent here is to remind you that God forgives even the darkest of souls but this is NOT your responsibility. Do not interfere in this situation.  Being God, for God is resisting judgment.

Do not overwhelm yourself thinking you need to tend to impoverished people in third world countries. You have your life. You have your own family and personal responsibilities. You are employed and have bills to pay. This is all as expected. Give what you can. Volunteer if possible. Donate to a cause that resonates with you. Send love in passing to someone in need. Travel in the light always.


Sympathy and Empathy

People often ask how to be a better person? It is always a simple answer. If you look at the behavior, thinking and intentions of anyone you may see that they are basically positive or negative. This may be easier for you to decide about other people since you would tend to be objective. If you are asked about your own overall wellness and positivity, you would tend to split hairs, justify certain behavior and make excuses. You would be offended by someone’s quick assertions about you.

Basically, if you do good things and have a positive attitude, you are a good person. If you harm people intentionally, steal, lie, manipulate and live without sympathy/empathy for anyone, you are a bad person. Any action may be assessed in this manner. It is much like a judge in a court of law. This person will accept descriptions, facts, information and testimony then make a determination. This is also how the Universe decides what your energy vibration is. Just the facts.

What does your behavior say about you without any excuses or explanations?

This is a difficult way to look at you. In your current world you have a list of reasons and explanations for your behavior. You are depressed, you are reacting to something, you are getting back at someone, you are jealous, you have trauma in your past… There are so many layers for why you act, feel and behave in a certain way.

If you are happy, well-adjusted, flexible and self-determined you rarely act out against others. You may have thoughts of vengeance but why would you go through with it when everything is good in your life? Your own flexibility takes over and you move on to much more interesting and positive things. The people who seek vengeance and actively sabotage people in their lives usually have a lower vibration. They are dark. They see no benefit to responding to stress in a positive manner. They move from one conflict to another and try to get the better of anyone who they feel is in their way or have spoken out or acted out against them.

Their darkness varies. Some people are very dark and evil. Other people are grey, darker grey or intermittently dark. You have been in contact with truly evil people. They make you cringe and you go the other way ASAP. You get a creepy feeling and perhaps your skin feels like it is crawling. Some are described as having dead eyes. You see no emotion or feeling in their gaze. Or, they may look right through you.

What you may not actually know is where you are on the continuum of energy vibration. Are you mostly good or mostly bad? Making an assessment about your own behavior will be difficult because of your explanations and justifications. Make your best effort to decide where you stand on a scale of 1- 10.

Be honest and then go about raising your vibration. No excuses, explanations or justifications. Simply good behavior or bad behavior. Be a nice, supportive and friendly person. View your actions alone. You don’t get this yet, we know. Why would we negate all of your past experiences in reference to how you interact with the world today? Because you are an adult and you must overcome adversity and find goodness in yourself and others.

This is also how we answer the damnation question. If you are a higher vibration person, you cross over and dwell in the upper 5 levels of the Afterlife. Those who have a lower vibration cross over and find themselves in the lower 2 levels.

Why would you knowingly behave in ways where you may end up in the lower levels? The extensive list of questions about how to get away with as much as possible and still not go to Hell was eye opening. It seemed like a very childlike agenda. Can I cheat on my spouse if they deserve it? If my mom did not properly care for me as a child do I have to take care of her now that she is older and sickly? Is harming someone in the name of religion still wrong? Again, look at the action and not the backstory. Harming others, stealing money, lying, cheating, violence… is never OK. If you cannot get past what has occurred between you and the other person than the only thing you can do is walk away. Do no harm and seek no vengeance. This action will increase your vibration.

It is the acting out in harmful ways that lowers your vibration. It is best to not have the darker thoughts as well but the important thing is to not act upon them. Then, work on yourself every day to resist having the darker thoughts as well. Have you noticed that we did not take into account the layers of why, who and what? It is the thoughts and actions, not the backstory.

Enter the concepts of sympathy and empathy. These considerations are for others, not you. Rate your own actions according to how you influence or impair another. If you have no need for sympathy and empathy, then your path is much longer. If you are able to embrace your potential influence upon others, you are much closer to a resolution.

Meet all of your darker thinking and overcome them. Being an independent adult who is self-directed means that you are accountable for your thoughts and actions. You may have been seriously harmed yet God expects you to overcome and offer the Universe love and forgiveness. You are absolved for your sins as well. This is a global event. Everyone is eligible for absolution unless you are dark and treat others with dark thoughts, behaviors and actions.

It is very simple. There is no ambiguity. Your vibration determines your life experience and where you cross over to in the afterlife.

3 Excellent Starting Points

Fight your urge to over react. Everyone is not against you but there may be some underlying dynamics that you may not have counted on. It is possible to be independent yet not alone.

Emotional healing will naturally pull you out of some problem relationships without that being the intention. If you are seeking emotional stability and some of your current relationships cause you to react poorly, then you may distance yourself from them. Or, limit the amount of time that you are in contact with them. Once you have some inner strength and confidence you may approach them to reconnect at a deeper level. It may take time to find a healthy balance with some of your closer friends and family.

You are not alone but you are being prudent about how much contact you have with emotionally charged people. It is a selective aloneness. You begin to make better decisions about how to maintain your own stability in a group of people. The pronounced mood swings that you may have noticed become less intense. You find more neutral ground from which to interact with the world.

This is finding moderation when all you used to know was intense reactivity. It is important to recognize the highs and lows and realize that there is a better balance in moderation. This is what we are trying to introduce when we speak about the Inner Child and other emotional issues that need to be addressed. Uncovering the layers of emotional turmoil must occur in order for you to find mindfulness and balance.

By refusing to look deeper into your emotional make-up you will not actually reach any level of moderation. Any crisis will send you either too high or too low. You will be right back to where you started. You will react by being pulled out of your balance and stability. After things blow over you may realize that you lost your cool, again.

There is balance when you are grounded, centered and comfortable inside of yourself. Emotional events will pull at you but your best reaction is from where you are; comfortably inside of you. You will eventually remember to respond to life and remain grounded inside. Your decision making and problem solving skills will be strong. You will maintain a level head and present others with the best possible solutions. That emotional roller coaster has been shut down for removal.

You will also notice other people who are still reacting with extreme emotions. Then, from your stable viewpoint, you will see how irrational a lot of people actually seem. You may remember that you used to react in the same manner. Perhaps at that time you would express thanks to the universe that you have found a better way to interact with your environment. You will resist any urge to get pulled out of your center because there is so much more comfort being in complete control of your emotions.

There is so much to learn in a short amount of time. This may seem to be progressing quickly but there are some more important matters that we must get to soon. What we want to do is lay groundwork for future learning. We will present these topics and provide direction then ask you to do some searching on your own.

Meditation is obviously very important. This is how you find inner peace and a deeper connection to spirit. If you increase your intuition you may navigate troubling times with more ease and wisdom. It is much easier to respond to life when you are deeply connected to yourself and understand that you will always be emotionally well.

The second matter is the Inner Child. We have presented a much abbreviated overview of this topic. There is so much more to this and we hope that you enjoy your research. This will become more evident when healing your layers of emotionally charged topics. If you hit a bump in the road and memories of your childhood experiences pop to the surface, you will know this is your Inner Child.

The next topic is balance and moderation. When emotions boil to the surface it is important to remember your way back “home.” In this instance, home is inside you. This is where you are safe, secure and minimally reactive to life experiences. You resist being pulled out of your core and you will respond with strength and wisdom.

These three topics will help each of you to navigate your healing more successfully. There is so much more to cover but let us begin with these first three concepts. There is a mountain of information for you to look through. Find some pieces that resonate with you and be watchful when each of these topics present in everyday life. Remember to be your own positive, proactive, supportive parent and maintain your inward balance.

Unhealthy Chakra Issues

Colors of the Chakra

Number Common English Name Location Color Related To
1 Root Chakra Base of spine Red Survival, safety, physical self
2 Sacral Chakra Low abdomen, lower back, reproductive organs Orange Sexuality, creativity, pleasure
3 Solar Plexus Chakra Solar Plexus (upper abdomen between navel and sternum) Yellow Personal power, will, self-esteem
4 Heart Chakra Center of body at heart level Green Unconditional love, healing
5 Throat chakra Base of throat Light blue Communication, truth, self-expression
6 Brow chakra, Third Eye Forehead, between and slightly above eyebrows Indigo Intuitive sight (insight), physical sight; intellect
7 Crown Chakra Top of head White or violet Spiritual life and experience, connection to the divine, sense of oneness, pure consciousness, transcendence

Stated above are the optimal functioning of the 7 major chakras. Stated below are issues and concerns with stagnant or damaged chakras

Chakra Color Chart: Variations

Color Condition Possible Problem
Basic color is weak Chakra is under-functioning
Gray areas or overlay Chakra function is depressed, tainted or shadowed with thought forms, unprocessed emotions, illness, drugs, addiction, contamination from another person, depression, etc.
Brown areas or overlay Over attachment to physical world; chakra is manifesting at the low end of its possible vibration
Black Can mean many things, including power, excessive use of power, despair, blind spot, dead zone
Too much white Can mean many things, including spirituality, higher consciousness, purity, excessive spirituality, coldness, dead zone
Unclear purple Problems in spiritual life; misdirection or thwarting of spiritual power; difficulties with choices; self-delusion/grandiosity; difficulty experiencing the divine; spaciness; undirectedness; impracticality; “head in the clouds”; depression, alienation, confusion
Unclear indigo Lack of imagination, lack of vision, distorted vision, self-delusion, distorted imagination, misuse of intuition, blocked or clouded intuition, headaches, vision problems, nightmares
Unclear light blue Difficulty expressing self; needing to over-explain self; problems with seeing or expressing truth; creative difficulties; difficulty expressing own needs; deception of self or others; problems with neck, shoulders, thyroid
Unclear green Problems with forming or keeping relationships; holding back love; difficulty accepting love; love manifesting at a low vibration; unhealthy relationships; unhealed emotional trauma; lack of sense of connection to the divine or to nature; unresolved sorrow; problems with heart or lungs; asthma
Unclear yellow Over-emphasis on thought; unclear or distorted thinking; rigid thought patterns; limiting or distorting thought forms; depressed personal power; low self-esteem; compromised will; overuse of will to manifest desires; difficulty manifesting desires; shame; problems with digestion, hypertension, fatigue, adrenals
Unclear orange Emotions are unhealthy; energy level is depressed or distorted; exhaustion; compromised sexual energy; inability to experience joy; difficulty changing; guilt; problems with sexual or urinary systems, lower back
Unclear red Survival fears; insecurity; lack of groundedness; over-emphasis on ego; anger issues; over-emphasis on the physical world (usually due to fear); lacking awareness or subtlety; lacking imagination, hopes, or dreams; over-grounded; plodding; habitual; “tied down”; problems with legs, feet, skeletal system, large intestine; weight problems (over or under); problems with bowels

Spirit is happy to begin our lessons about the chakras and our other energy fields. There is much to consider when you have problem areas in life. Many of these blockages may overlap. You may have one area of concern but actually 2, 3 or more chakras involved. Today is a good day to become familiar with the 7 major chakras and We will begin our lessons soon.