Living The Absolution Life

I recently lost my brother-in-law. He was healthy most of his life and began to deteriorate about 5 years before his death. The odd thing is he never received a diagnosis. For that many years of obvious mental decline, there wasn’t an answer. He was 82 when he passed.

I don’t make a habit out of scanning the lives of loved ones or other people I know. That’s ethical. No one needs me snooping around unless they want me to. So, what I didn’t realize was how very spiritual he was. I was blown away by his faith that I wasn’t aware of until after he died. My niece wanted to know how he was doing and she definitely had fear about his opinion of her. There were many troubled years in their family that really started well before she was born. She felt very responsible for a lot of struggle she brought to her parents. So when I tapped into his existence after death, I was stunned to find that he held no ill will or grudge of any kind. None. He died in absolution. What I didn’t know was that he lived in absolution as well. I shuddered in the realization and was reduced to tears. How does someone live over 80 years and have no guilt, remorse or unfinished business!

I went to his wake and my sister asked, “What did you see?” Again, I told of how he passed without negativity, unfinished business or remorse. I told her that I have never seen that before and how truly special this is. She didn’t seem surprised. She took what I had to say as if it was precisely what she expected. She smiled broadly.

I sat with another sister and told her the same news and she said, “I hope to do the same.” Yes, this is a grand goal in one’s life. I would like to do the same, but I know that I won’t. I carry too much around with me. I don’t know how to let go.

I knew immediately that I had to share the news. This was unheard of in my circles but also a good goal for each of us to share. Now where do we start?

To me it seems like a daily rite is needed. Likely at the start and finish of every day. We have to set an intention to be open to grace and release all negativity that we tend to gather. Then at night we must let go of what he either chose to hold on to or what we held on to unbeknown to us. Cleansing and release. Flushing out whatever we hold that is not knowledge, learning or forgiveness. Letting go of energy that is not worthy of us.

We must also look upon others with the same grace that we wish for ourselves. Any negative experience is intended as a lesson. Acknowledge that lesson and remember it so we must never experience that same negativity again. In this perspective we don’t hold any grudges because we are grateful for the knowledge. The messenger is merely the means with which we are taught. Someone in our circle was tasked with teaching us something important. We must harbor no ill will for they are a part of our learning and the ascension of our soul. They have done us a favor of sorts. With that awareness we may move forward in peace.

One thing that I will acknowledge is the need to protect ourselves from the negativity that we have now been made aware of. Fool me once… fool me twice… Your awareness is always growing and aligning with your purpose. If someone is repeatedly damaging your energy in the same ways, you must be aware and protect yourself from repeated damage. Can you do this without anger or frustration? That is likely something we need to practice. I envision with repeated attempts it may become easier and hopefully second nature. “Thank you for this experience, I have learned from it, and I harbor no negative energy toward you. God placed you in my life as a teacher. I am grateful for this experience. Now, go with God.”

It seems possible. It will take effort and daily attention. Perhaps the best way is to recognize when you are angry or frustrated. Look inward to see what lesson you are learning and why. If we may release the negativity at the inception of contrast, we may be in a constant state of acceptance. This sounds like a worthy goal.

You may want to look for posts about absolution in the history of this site. I focused on this idea many times over the years. In fact, I wondered why more people weren’t interested in this topic. If you have the attention of a psychic medium, why wouldn’t you want to know how to get into Heaven? I have posts about Heaven as well. There is a gold mine of information here for you. Hopefully you will find what resonates with you.

Becoming aware of a person who was able to Cross Over without any baggage or unfinished business was an eye-opening experience for me. It pushed me to post about it and find the first of many steppingstones on which to find this path. It is a worthy goal. I didn’t know that this was possible. I assumed that we all had instilled experiences which would carry over. Now that I know, I am excited to find a way!

It may not surprise you to know that some of the most dedicated followers of religion may have the most anger and toxic energy toward others. I have known some of these people in my life, you probably do as well. Spirituality is all about acceptance. We may accept all different people but again, accepting is not leaving ourselves to be victims. Knowledge, experience and self-actualization does not require walking down every alleyway or darkened corridor. Accepting others may be achieved in your heart and your intent to send God’s Love into the world.

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