Troubleshooting The Booth

There should not be any rumbling, shaking or other disruptive types of action while using your booth. If there is, you have disruptive energy around you. It is likely some being that is trying to disrupt your intent to seek spiritual enlightenment.

Over the years you may have gathered some disruptive energies into your personal space. Some may be ghosts but it is also possible that you have created beings through fear, confusion or trauma. You may carry images of situations or events that were traumatic and this energy has formed a sort of entity. You may also have intentionally created an energy being which certainly was misguided at best.

Perhaps someone assaulted you. In your mind’s eye you carry that image of this person and have attached emotion, behavior and control over you. The perpetrator is gone but you have embodied the assault and the attacker into one form and have fed it power over you. This may be more common with continued victimization such as sexual, emotional or psychological abuse over time. You likely don’t know this energy is even there. We create images all the time and some gain more significance either with or without our knowledge. You may have created a “monster.”

There are also people that could have attacked you intentionally through anger, jealousy, greed or despondency. Their continued negative focus on you may have taken form either with or without their knowledge. People who are abusive and controlling routinely create a dynamic of control that may be so intense that it takes form. It’s like having your abuser constantly looking over your shoulder. There may be cords involved and you may actually have given consent to form this energy being just to appease your abuser. By giving in to actions to control you this may have taken form and you feed this monitor just to try and keep the peace. This also is conscious or subconscious.

The controller may be parents, siblings, childhood friends, co-workers… any person who sends negative energy toward you for an extended amount of time may create an energy form to deal out punishment to you. Like with cords, the person who sent the cord may resist having it cut or otherwise removed. Any change in the usual flow may be met with resistance. The most important concept is that these cords, energy forms or ghosts should be removed and kept from taking up residence in your being again. The booth is a great way to do this.

So, to make this exercise easier, lets form the booth in a meadow. Simple yet easily imagined by most people. As you place it upon the Earth set roots from it into Mother as deep down as you can comfortably imagine. Occupy your booth and call upon your Gate Keeper. Start the exercise and be sure to give the Gate Keeper permission to remove any outside forces known or unknown. Ask and give permission to cut cords, remove any dark energy, flush your being with intense White Light and refuse to allow any disruptive energy to take form again.

Pump up the Light intensity and relax. If any movement, shift, shaking or distracting motion occurs, call out to your Gate Keeper and ask them to put a stop to it. Use the word “NOW.” “Gate Keeper! Stop this motion or movement NOW! Remove any unwanted energy from my sacred space.” You may want to send the booth roots deeper into the Earth and release the stress and tension that you just created from fear. Trust again.

Your Gate Keeper is not unreliable or inexperienced. Any unwanted action is created by you. Either through fear or mistrust. If you allow the Gate Keeper to perform their duty, there would be no distractions.

Perhaps these ideas are unfamiliar to you. Maybe having guides is an uncomfortable idea. Or this belief is not supported by your experience with organized religion. These are concepts you have to deal with in order to proceed along this path. Many people prefer the punitive, highly structured religion they are familiar with. This is all ok and it is completely your choice.

I will present to you that spirit exists. There is life after death and we continue on in an energy form. We have lived before and we will live again. We have relationships with those in spirit and those in life. We never existed as a solitary being in any form. These connections are maintained with your full knowledge and permission and if not, your spiritual health will improve if the unwanted relationship is dissolved. This is good self-care. This is how God wishes you to proceed. There are a multitude of Heavenly beings available to help. It is important to separate the genuine, Divine energy from the disruptive darker energy. Life will flow with grace and you will wonder why you didn’t release these unhealthy ties before.

Existing without ties is not scary or reckless. It is the intended way to travel your path until you go Home again. Unconstricted existence is you in purest form. As long as you are grounded to Mother Earth and God!

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