The Listening Booth

We have spoken about the Gate Keeper guide. In this post we’ll discuss using your Gate Keeper to keep you safe during prayer, meditation and any attempt to commune with spirit. I have had a significant problem over the years of either listening to my inner voice or earthbound spirits (ghosts.) It has been a constant struggle to keep my spiritual growth unhindered by errant energy.

I suggest creating a Listening Booth to keep your communication pure and legitimate. Pyramids are a spiritual shape from many ages ago and still are well known for focusing energy. The important thing is to keep even the pyramid safe from chatter that is unproductive. It is like repeatedly charging it with intense White Light and blocking unwanted energy by both the pyramid itself, the walls and using your Gate Keeper. This is creating a safe, scared space.

I meditate often. Recently I received images of those unsanctioned voices and spirit called them monkeys. I think this was simply a way to identify the specific verbal origins that are unwanted by me. Nothing against monkeys. They gave me the terms so my guides and me would understand what exactly I am referring to when asking to block energetic debris. I was also given the images of monkeys being disruptive, destructive and uncontrollable. This sums up my concerns beautifully. Being a seer, healer and earth guide leaves me wanting strict control over the information I receive. I would not appreciate providing any inaccurate information to anyone seeking my counsel. Especially as a life coach. Imagine giving an individual incorrect information about the origin and implications of behaviors that are negative to their healing and spiritual development. That would be counterproductive and it would be difficult to trust me after that.

You may use any image that resonates with you. Perhaps a phone booth, tent, circle, temple, gazebo, stone circle or whatever image creates a feeling of being safe and secure. I would be keep it moderately larger than you when you occupy it. Protecting a large setting would be far too difficult.

I will refer to the pyramid for the discussion of building and securing your booth. Envision this process as we go along. I use a four cornered base for my pyramid. Sit cross legged inside. Face yourself and assume a meditative pose or something comfortable for you. Don’t make it complicated. The more items you include will give negative energy more spaces in which to interfere. Try to begin with you alone and clothed simply.

Envision the pyramid made out of a safe and non-porous material. Use gold, platinum, a spiritual crystal such as clear quartz or perhaps use the core of the Earth. If you have meditated about being inside of Source, use that. Something you would believe completely to be indestructible. Don’t use Source if you are unfamiliar with it. As you sit there remember that you will need to renew the integrity of the material and it’s location over time. The more distracted you get the increased chance that negative energy will find a way inside of your booth. Dark entities are resourceful.

Perhaps something you are unaware of is if you are raising your vibration and seeking enlightenment, darkness will be drawn to you. The conflict inherent in the Universe will notice your Light and may want to break you back down to your previous level of functioning. That’s why daily protective exercises are important. Especially if you are ascending.

Darkness is not banished from the Universe. Without it, you wouldn’t seek the strength and intensity that you now require. You did not come to Earth to experience smooth sailing throughout life. That would teach you very little. Some darkness is charted, as you probably recognize from your own life, and darkness may be uncharted. Learning to protect yourself and your energy is essential to spiritual growth.

As you occupy your booth. Call upon your Gate Keeper. This guide is fully aware that they are your Gate Keeper and signed on in this role for you prior to incarnation. This is your “Protector” guide. It is ok if you don’t know their name. As you progress you may have a greater understanding of who they are. Envision fully enforcing your walls. Always include the top, back and bottom. Some people only focus on what they consider visible if looking in a mirror but this would leave you woefully unprotected. Work together with your Gate Keeper to make all the surfaces impenetrable. Now increase the intensity of Light in your booth. Boost the Light until no one or any thing is visible around you. Then boost the Light even more!

Ask your Gate Keeper to keep you and your booth safe. Give them permission to act on your behalf. Now it is time to invite your Master Teacher into your booth. This is the highest guide you have. Now sit quietly and be open to this beautiful being. Spend whatever time you wish in this manner. If you are unfamiliar with meditation or envisioning, you may set a smaller time frame. Stay relaxed and don’t interfere. Keep your mind from making conscious thoughts. You must not direct this session.

At intervals ask your Gate Keeper again to reinforce the strength and security of your booth. Make sure they know only them and your Master Teacher are allowed in this space. If you hear a voice, are presented with a scent or touch, make sure to invoke your Gate Keeper to keep you safe and make certain the experience is genuine.

If you receive information that is disturbing, violent or punitive, you may have darker energy in your booth. Genuine guides and angels are not aggressive or upsetting. Reinforce the strength of your booth. Pump up the Light intensity and invoke your Gate Keeper. You may also wish to leave your booth, just remember to pray for safety and protection. If this exercise works as intended, there will be no interference from the dark. Please don’t scare yourself. If you receive information remember they way you felt when you it was presented to you. Many times we overthink everything and change something beautiful and reassuring into a bad experience.

As you complete this exercise, pray for cleansing, healing and protection. Ask to accept the guidance of your guides into your conscious life. Then, allow your Master Teacher to leave and give thanks for their presence in your life. Then, allow your Gate Keeper to release the booth and continue to keep you safe throughout your day. Give thanks to them as well. Bring yourself out of this meditative state feeling refreshed and energized.

It is important to pray for protection during your daily activities, Pray to protect your car, home, family, place of employment, your community and even the community of Earth. Being grateful is also important. You will find that the more gratitude you express the better the events of your life will be. The Universe will bring more of what matches your energy to you. Being upbeat and joyful will bring more joy to you. That is the Law of Attraction. It works!

Resist your urge to feel shame, guilt or fear as you are in your booth. Dampening your energy due to past events and decisions will only disrupt your progress. Let it all go. Your guides already know everything and they do not judge. There is karma and it’s influence on your life but spiritual advancement is never halted by guides, angels, deities or other Heavenly Hosts who have signed on to walk with you in this life. If you fear any retribution, say a prayer asking for absolution at any time or even while you are in your booth. I guarantee it is not necessary but you may feel better about past experiences if you do.

There is always a chance to begin again. Always. Absolution is available even at the time of your death and that is still honored. So many times good people feel unworthy of God’s love when this is simply not true. We are all at different stages in life. Some more advanced than others, but the grace of God is always yours.

If you have concerns about your karma, please read the many posts about absolution on this site. Letting go of fear is a refreshing process. Accept all parts of you and know that your guides are open and loving. They will never turn away from you. If you feel alone and unloved it is your own insecurity. Seek the Light again and accept Divine reassurance.

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