Your Primary Guide; The Gate Keeper

We all have many spirit guides, angels, departed loved ones and ascended masters who walk this life with us. Perhaps not all at once, but certainly quite a few at given time. Some Heavenly Hosts are temporary for certain periods of time or for specific life events.

Your primary guide is someone I would suggest that you utilize as a Gate Keeper. Your primary guide is with you long term. This is the perfect being to count on for keeping you safe and protected. With all the information about cords perhaps you may feel vulnerable now. This is understandable.

To connect with your primary guide please refer to them in this term always. There will be no confusion between guides and you will always communicate with the one guide that you interact with the most. You may meditate to connect with this guide. There are many available and you may try a few to see what you feel most comfortable with. You always want to say a prayer of protection whenever communicating with spirit. Many involve White Light and connecting only with higher energies with your best and highest intent. You may say that they “come from God” but you need to realize that everything comes from God including darker energies that have since strayed from the Light. You might want to find a specific meditation or written prayer for protection which covers all bases and potential circumstances.

Once you have made that connection, say a prayer of protection then communicate with your higher guide and give him/her permission to act as your gate keeper and block any ghost or darker energy from gaining access to you. It is essential to give them permission. Without this the guide would be powerless to assist you. In fact angels, Archangels and ascended masters may also need to permission to act upon your behalf as well. You may think that this defies faith but no one is allowed to override your direction, path or journey without your permission.

The exception is in times of dire need like an accident, critical illness or any time a Heavenly Hosts may intercede to keep you from dying or suffering catastrophic injury. There are many accounts of Divine intervention at critical times, even in NDE or Near Death Experiences.

There is a difference. We all have a life chart. Many things are included in these charts which are intended to teach you and give you needed experiences. Guides, angels and ascended masters may intervene when the event is not charted. It may be something random or unexpected. If you have something catastrophic charted, they are not allowed to intervene. They may be present with you or provide comfort and reassurance. They may be able to decrease the extent of injury, illness or event but they cannot keep it from happening.

It may be hard to accept that serious loss or accidents are charted for your benefit. Always remember that when you wrote your chart you were in Heaven and truly believed that having such an experience was going to teach you valuable lessons and bring you stronger faith. I have discussed this in greater detail in posts about “perspective.” These are important ideas worth your time. Perspective has everything to do with faith, maturity and raising your vibration. Perspective also teaches you about ascension, which is the process of raising your vibration, meeting your intended goals and returning Home. It’s a beautiful reality that makes so much of what you live through worth it. Ascension is why we are here.

If you are unfamiliar with spirit communication, please use this one guide. Always work on your connection with this guide and renew your permission for him/her to act on your behalf. Never become complacent about who you are communicating with. Earthbound spirits or ghosts may try to become involved with your guidance in order to manipulate your energy. Never trust names that you are familiar with without doing protection prayers first. Lower energies may respond to names like Jesus, Mary, Abraham or any identity you may believe to be trusting.

Using your primary guide as your gate keeper will allow your truest and best friend to ensure your safety. Stay vigilant. Stay safe.

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