The Chakra Waterfall

This may answer some questions about spiritual health and well being. If the cord discussions have made you feel vulnerable, this is a good post to provide guidance.

Well Spring of God's Love


We have guided you to cleanse your being and aura. Now We will look closer at chakra health and openness. Your entire being is a symphony of energy. Darkness and barriers interfere with the health of your energy field. To open and heal the chakras, you must begin at the bottom and work your way up. To be in alignment with the Universe you must be connected to Mother Earth and God. Once you have opened and healed your chakras you will need to allow fluidity between your energy being, God above and Mother Earth below. It is a circuit of relatable energy which will replenish your health and provide you with a symbiotic relationship with the Universe.

You are not an island. You never were. You are a particle of God and the Universe. You may not currently feel this intimate relationship but this is because you have shut down some portion or all…

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