I believe that when someone is seeking spirituality, meditation is one of the first recommendations by people who have gained an increase in spiritual health.

Often, when I see a psychic/medium, one of their questions usually is if I meditate?

I found a beautiful meditation that connects you with your higher self. It is only one hour and doesn’t require anything but to listen quietly. A connection to your higher self is one of the most important steps to take in your ascension. I believe this is a good first step for some of you who are new to these ideas, and for someone who has been increasing their spirituality for a while.

Connecting to your higher self can bring untold insight to you. Your higher self may guide you more effectively and bring you closer to your true self and your life chart. This connection is invaluable.

“Activate Your Higher Mind: Unlock Your True Potential- Cleanse Self Doubt/Binaural Beats” on YouTube

The website is soundhealthsolutions.com

These meditations are available on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as well.

The first day I listened to this meditation I received valuable insight into my chart, life purpose and a cleansing of bad habit I have of inserting my own mistruths into my guidance. It was beautiful. I journaled after and felt in better alignment than I have in a long time.

Even if you are unclear what your next step is or where you are truly going, connecting with your higher self will give you valuable insight to your subconscious. This is on a level where you may benefit even if you aren’t certain about your guidance. Please give it a try!

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