The Ties That Bind…

We all create our own cords. This likely makes sense to you the more you learn about them. We send cords to loved ones and important things in our life.

You send cords to parents, children, friends and family. You also send cords to your home, auto or other belongings which you value. If you have a classic guitar that you will never part with, there is a cord. If you own something vintage that you place great emotional value on, there is another cord. A family heirloom, a trophy, an object that is significant to an event or accomplishment, there are likely more cords.

Cords are not necessary but you may find that having them is inconsequential. A cord to your expensive violin doesn’t harm anyone right? Literally that’s ok. The cords that are potentially harmful are the ones to people, whether they were created from good intentions or not. These cords are outdated and don’t really serve a purpose. They may also restrict someone from making changes in their life or any needed transitions. Your cord could be holding someone back.

As I stated, they are not needed. If your mother has a medical emergency, you will find out. If your child is involved in an accident, again, you will be notified. If someone dies, there is nothing that your cord will accomplish.

Cords are limiting. Envision having cords to 10 people in your life. That’s far more than the average marionette. How easily can you make changes or transitions with all of those cords in the way? You exist in a much better existence free of any cords. This would be considered your natural state. Imagine How many cords you have that are originating from jealous, petty people? What about someone who you struggled with as a child? There may be a cord because of a significant event or emotion but it has no purpose now. What about a cord from a loved one who wanted you to work in the family business. You selected not to and their cord could interfere with college courses, relocating, a start-up business, options for financing… Free yourself from any interference just as you may free others from a cord you may have sent out.

Some cords that affect your transitions in life are the ones you sent to your current home, vehicle, office, favorite restaurant, your best friend, a former lover or any other person or object that is not in alignment with a move or life change. Is your house sitting on the market? Do you have a cord to it? Does your partner have a cord to it? The house won’t sell if there are. In order to make changes and shift focus, you must be free of cords. It really is like a type of bondage. The most surprising fact is that cords to major objects or events may be attached to the bottom of your feet.

Who would look for them there? As I mentioned, cord cutting exercise are available. Just remember to cut all cords from your entire being. I always suggest that people focus their healing intentions on their front, back, top, bottom, inside and outside. Resist your tendency to focus only on what you see in a mirror or your minds’ eye.

As with any healing, you may say a prayer to God or any preferred Heavenly Host and ask that your cords be cut. It will help to envision yourself bathed in stunning, bright White Light. As before, send the light further into your environment and increase the intensity to as bright as you may imagine. Cords will be impacted by these 2 suggestions. Another great idea is to ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords from you with his sword and then take steps to keep them from reattaching. You may have to perform cord cutting a few times in order to make an impact. Perhaps do cord cutting on a monthly basis. Making it routine will increase the effectiveness.

Another aspect of cords is the presence of energy vampires. This is another topic to be pursued at another time. If you don’t know what an energy vampire is, do a search on this site or on the internet. This type of person drains your happiness and good health in order to feed their ego and energetic emptiness. As you become better informed, you may recognize vampires in your past or current life. This may make a lot of sense once you raise your awareness. These people are a constant drain on those around them because their cup is never overflowing, their cup is chronically empty. They have not learned to fill up with the Grace of God and the Divine. In order to feel any emotion or feelings they must steal the vital energy of people they victimize. You may in fact discover that you are an energy vampire as well. This is reversible. When you’ve cut your cords you must focus on filling up with Divine energy. Repeatedly envision your body filled to overflowing with White Light and ask your guides, angels and other Divine beings to help you maintain your own energy without resorting to syphoning the essence of others.

Your perfect state is whole, filled with clean/clear Light and energy, without cords or other energy drains. Your being may shine brightly and move freely. Maintaining cords or other binds will impact the good you may do in the name of God. Your Divine path does not allow for the weight of other’s energy slowing you down or impeding your travel.

Self-determination is true freedom.

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