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Cords are a very popular topic. Each time I post about cords people want more information. I hope you did a topic search for cords to see what has been posted previously.

Cords of little significance are thin. They may be something long forgotten or some slight that is minimal at best. It may be something that you took to be an insult, wrong doing or injury that wasn’t actually intended as an attack from that person. That makes it thin and easily removed.

A thick cord is something significant. Usually an attack which was intentional and intended to cause you harm. Perhaps an assault, longstanding conflict or even the murder of a loved one. The thickness represents the amount of emotion involved. A thicker cord may also represent ongoing animosity between you and the other person. Since energy is going both ways, this feeds the amount of negativity involved. Divorce or other type of breakup can create this thick cord since both parties have bad feelings for an extended period of time.

Again, families have thicker cords due to ongoing relationships and the potential for hurt feelings or other types of wrongdoing. These cords may even exist if no harm or foul was intended. Some people feel picked on or left out and may make more out of a family members actions then what were actually intended. This type of dwelling on conflict increases the thickness of the cord.

There is also a possibility that a one way cord could be thick as well. Someone may hold a longstanding grudge against you and have fed a cord hate and animosity for an extended period of time. This type of cord could be debilitating to you. It may cause illness, stress and extended periods of failure. What type of repercussions you feel would depend upon the thickness, color and location of the cord. Imagine the darkest black. That cord would cause a definite disruption in your well being. This would impact all of your actions in life including employment, relationships, finances and health.

How would you know that there is such a cord and that it needs to be removed permanently? A genuine psychic/medium, energy worker or other person skilled at recognizing the presence, color and location of a cord could detect it’s presence. There are exercises that will help you detach this cord and there are practitioners who could help you remove it. Find a way that works for you.

Please understand that cords are very difficult to remove, they often reattach or they may reattach in a different location then it was previously. This depends upon if the offender is intentionally sending a cord to you for reasons that they fully understand. This may surprise you but some people who may have the skills and talent as an energy worker may instead use their knowledge as a means of attacking someone. If their efforts they may reattach the cord in a different location, change the thickness to something thinner to avoid detection or hide a cord in or near a cord from a loved one. You may also have a hard time finding someone to remove the cord out of concern that the offender will attack the healer as well.

As I stated before, cords are not always from someone who intends harm. Loving family members have cords between each other with no ill will involved. Even if the cord is intended as an avenue of love, it still needs to be pulled and sent back to the sender. In this instance after the cord is removed you may send it back to your loved one and state that you thank them for their love and concern but the cord is not needed. Then, resist the reattachment of that cord. Even if you think that a cord from your loved one must be a good thing, it is not. The cord will often resist any change that you intentionally make, push you to people you no longer wish to be involved with or even pressure you with family type guilt. A cord attached to a 10 year old you could not possibly support a 30 year old you. Cords are not needed to have healthy, loving relationships. A cord free relationship accepts your wishes to change aspects of yourself and pursue avenues that loved ones may not support or approve of.

Your life is truly your own business. Cords are not needed and will often undermine your efforts to gain success, love and good health. Embrace who you are and be independent. Resist anyone’s effort to influence who you intend to be. Removing cords and keeping them from reattaching may have some truly liberating effects on how you feel and the steps you want to take for what you consider to be successful.

Envision yourself as a marionette with known or unknown strings on you. This is not as God intended.

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